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Leaders seek to calm Pakistan fearsThe US and Britain tried to bolster confidence in Pakistan's ability to retain control of its nuclear arsenal yesterday in the wake of an audacious weekend attack by suspected Taliban militants on the headquarters of the country's army – previously described as impregnable.Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state, said the attack on the base in Rawalpindi – close to the capital Islamabad – offered “another reminder that extremists...are increasingly threatening the authority of the state”. But she added: “We see no evidence they are going to take over.”Her comments, after a meeting with UK foreign secretary David Miliband, came as army commandoes regained control of the base in a dramatic pre-dawn raid. At least four of the attackers, three hostages and two commandoes were killed.Attackers in army uniforms struck at the headquarters in Rawalpindi on Saturday.The strike was the third major assault in a week – after bombs in Islamabad and Peshawar – in an apparent campaign to deter a planned army offensive against Taliban strongholds in the country's Waziristan region along the Afghan border.It is likely to embarrass Pakistan after a recent series of setbacks for the militants in the northern Swat valley led the government to claim it was winning the battle against the Islamist group.It will also alarm western powers that have been applying pressure on Islamabad to deal with the Islamist threat. During the battle to retake control of Swat, Pakistani leaders faced concerns from the west over militants coming precariously close to some of the country's known nuclear locations.Mr Miliband said: “In respect of the nuclear issue, there is no evidence that has been shown publicly or privately of any threat to the Pakistani nuclear facilities.” He said: “It is very important that alarmist talk is not allowed to gather pace.” /200910/86403

The Republican National Convention opened by smacking President Obama with the theme “We Built it.”此次美国共和党全国代表大会华丽开场,用“共同建设家园”的主题给了总统奥巴马一个响亮的“耳光”。To pound that message, Republicans turned to a Delaware businesswoman, Sher Valenzuela, who is also a candidate for lieutenant governor. Valenzuela and her husband built an upholstery business that now employs dozens of workers.为了传达出共和党的这一“内涵”,共和党人向一个特拉华州的商人谢尔·瓦伦苏拉求助。谢尔本人也是一位参选副州长的候选人。瓦伦苏拉和她的丈夫经营一家家具店,雇佣了几十名工人。Valenzuela presumably was picked to speak so that she could thunder at Obama for disdaining capitalism.瓦伦苏拉被选为发言人之一,这样她就能够对奥巴马蔑视资本的做法表达不满。Oops. It turns out that Valenzuela relied not only on her entrepreneurial skills but also on — yes, government help. Media Matters for America, a liberal watchdog group, documented million in loans from the Small Business Administration for Valenzuela’s company, plus million in government contracts (mostly noncompetitive ones).不过很不幸,事实表明瓦伦苏拉开公司不单依靠她的经营技巧,还有官方背景。美国媒体事务组织是一个自由的监督机构,记录了瓦伦苏拉从小型企业管理中心贷出的一笔200万美元的款项,以及一份与政府签订的1500万美元的合同(合同中的条款大部分都是排他性的)。In a presentation earlier this year, Valenzuela described government assistance as an entrepreneur’s “biggest ‘secret weapon.’ ”本年早些时候做的一个陈述中,瓦伦苏拉说政府的帮助对企业来说是“最大的‘秘密武器’”。Someone has set up a parody Web site, using the name of Valenzuela’s company, First State Manufacturing, to mock the Republican message. The site, FirstStateManufacturing.com, declares, “Thank God government was there for me.”有人建立了一个模仿瓦伦苏拉风格的网站,使用“瓦伦苏拉的公司,全国第一的制造商”这个名字来嘲笑共和党的漏洞。这个网站宣布,“谢天谢地,还有政府给我撑腰。”In short, the Republicans are inadvertently underscoring the point that President Obama was expressing in his “ you didn’t build that” comment in July. Obama noted then that “if you’ve been successful, you didn’t get there on your own.” He pointed to public investments in roads and bridges that enable businesses to flourish, and then he inelegantly added, “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that.”简而言之,共和党人无意中强调了奥巴马总统在7月发表的“所建立的这些不是你个人的功劳。”奥巴马接着指出说:“如果你成功了,这也不是你一个人的功劳。”他指出,在建设道路和桥梁上的公共投资,让一部分商人大发横财。然后他不那么优雅地补充说,“如果你有一份事业,那并不是你自己建立的。”Fox News erupted in outrage, selectively editing the clip to confirm Republican prejudices that Obama doesn’t understand the private sector. This fits into the Republican narrative that business executives are heroic job creators when they aren’t held back by regulations and taxes imposed by quasi-socialist Muslims born in Kenya.对于总统的发言,福克斯新闻机构表达了愤怒,他们有选择地剪辑了总统发言,以使公众信任共和党的偏见:总统对私人经济一窍不通。这与共和党之前的宣言如出一辙,他们认为业务经理之类的创造工作岗位的人是英雄,比在肯尼亚出生然后驾临美国、强加给美国人规则和税收的总统要高尚的多。Democrats tried to highlight a flaw in that narrative when they released a new ad pointing to Mitt Romney’s outsourcing of jobs and telling him, “You didn’t build that — you destroyed it.”民主党人新发布了一个广告,直指米特·罗姆尼的工作外包往事,并传达“你没有创造工作——而是毁了它”的消息。民主党人试图用这样的方式来强调共和党党代会主题中的错误。 /201209/198260



  Kim Lee could hardly contain her emotions in the auditorium at Capital Normal University on Nov. 25, where she had eloquently shared her story of bravery with students just a few seconds prior. Staring at the signatures and blessings on heart-shaped greeting cards presented to her by students in an ornamental box, Kim Lee burst into tears. Following an interim of silence, audience members passed a box of tissues to her seat.11月25日,在首师大的会议厅内,仅仅几秒之前,金bull;李还在和学生们分享着她的勇敢和辩才,而现在她却无法抑制自己的情感。看着那一片片由学生呈上的,装在装饰盒中写着签名和祝福的心型贺卡,金bull;李不禁哭了。全场顿时安静下来,席间的听众将一盒纸巾递到了她的座位上。Life has turned upside down for Lee in the past few months since her celebrity husband Li Yang, the magnate founder of Crazy English language training centers, knocked her to the floor, slamming her in the face in front of their three-year-old daughter. Pushed over the limit, she called police and posted pictures of her swollen forehead and bruised legs on Weibo (China#39;s equivalent to Twitter).在过去的几个月间,生活变得一团糟。李的名人丈夫,疯狂英语的泰斗级创始人,李阳,将她甩到地上,并在他们三岁女儿的面前,扇她巴掌。忍无可忍之下,她报了警,并将她肿起的额头和淤青的双腿拍成照片,传到微(中国的Twitter)上。The photos shocked netizens all over the country, who largely knew Li as the educator who invented the iconic ;yelling; strategy to memorize English phrases and sentences.举国的网友看到照片后大为震惊,在他们眼里,李阳就是那个发明了标志性的;喊英语,记词句;的教育家。In the media circus that ensued following the allegations, Lee found, as a victim, she had no more advantage than her husband. In a TV interview, Li claimed his American wife and the children from their marriage were part of an experiment conducted for his career in English teaching and cross-cultural communication. He also argued that the controversy stemmed from Lee#39;s misunderstandings of Chinese culture, which have led some to believe that he expected his wife to accept the violence and remain silent.在控诉之后,媒体蜂拥而至,然而,李发现,作为一个受害者,她与她的丈夫相比,没有任何优势。在一次电视采访中,李阳声称,在他的这次婚姻中,他的美国妻子和孩子是他进行英语教学与跨文化交流试验的一部分。他还争论到,他们之间的争议源于李对于中国文化的误解。这引得一些人认为李阳希望自己的妻子在遭受家暴后保持沉默。In her Weibo, Lee said she could not bear her husband using the media spotlight as an opportunity for self-promotion, which she said hurt her even deeper than her physical injuries.在她的微中,李表示她无法接受丈夫利用媒体的聚光灯做自我的宣传。她说,比起那些身体上的伤痕,这对她的伤害更深。;I#39;m American and Yang is Chinese that is not the problem, the problem is violence,; Lee said.;我是美国人,李阳是中国人,这不是问题的所在。真正的问题是暴力,;李说道。;If I can help to change the concepts that domestic violence is #39;common, acceptable, should not be disclosed, the fault of the wife, and part of Chinese culture#39;, then I feel both honored and obligated to do so,; Lee said in an email to the Beijing Fan Bao Culture Development Co. Ltd, a anti-domestic violence organization in Beijing. ;Domestic violence is not culture. Domestic violence is a crime.;;如果我能帮助改变关于家暴一些概念,如家暴是lsquo;寻常的,可接受的,是不可外扬的,是妻子的错误,是中国文化的一部分rsquo;,那么我会为此自豪,并知使命重大,;李在给北京帆葆文化公司的一封电子邮件中写道。该公司是北京一家反对家庭暴力的组织。;家暴不是文化,家暴是犯罪。; /201112/163637

  Women with low literacy suffer disproportionately more than men, encountering more difficulties in finding a well-paying job and being twice as likely to end up in the group of lowest wage earners, a study released on Wednesday said.周三发布的一项研究称,文化程度低的女性比那些文化程度低的男性吃的亏更大,在寻求高薪工作的过程中会遇到更多困难,而且进入最低收入阶层的几率是男性的两倍。Analysis by the Institute for Women#39;s Policy Research (IWPR) found women at all levels of literacy tend to earn less than men, but it#39;s at the lowest literacy levels that the wage gap between genders is most striking.女性政策研究所分析发现,各个文化层次的女性收入一般都比相同文化程度的男性要低,在文化水平最低的人群中,男女收入差距最大。Women with low literacy are twice as likely as men at the same skill level to be among the lowest earners, bringing in 0 a week or less, the report said.报告称,文化程度低的女性成为最低收入者(每周工资不超过300美元)的几率是同一文化水平的男性的两倍。;Because women start off so low in terms of wages, having higher literacy and more skills really makes a big difference,; said Kevin Miller, a senior research associate at IWPR and co-author of the study.该机构高级助理研究员、本研究的共同作者凯文bull;米勒说,;因为女性工资的起点太低,提高文化水平和技能确实有重大意义。;Women need to go further in their training and education level to earn the same as men, Miller said.米勒称,要和男性挣得一样多,女性需要进一步的培训和教育。The analysis was based on 2003 National Assessment of Adult Literacy surveys, the most recent data available, and focused on ing skills, not writing and numeric literacy. That data was collected from a nationally representative sample of 19,714 people aged 16 and older, living in households or prisons.这份基于现有的最新数据;;2003年国家成人读写能力评估调查的分析报告更注重阅读技能而非写作和算术能力。该报告收集了来自全国具有代表性的1.97万人的数据,这些人都年满16岁,有住在家中的,也有坐牢的。Data showed about one-third of American adults have low literacy levels, and more than 36 percent of men and 33 percent of women fall into that category, the institute said.数据显示,约三分之一的美国成年人文化程度低。该研究所称,文化程度低的男性占男性总数的36%以上,女性占33%。 /201202/170807

  On a brisk day in mid-October, Nobel prizewinner for literature Mo Yan#39;s 62-year-old brother, Guan Moxin, stands outside their childhood home in Ping#39;an village, Shandong coastal province, posing for photographs with a steady stream of brightly dressed tourists. He smiles as a teenage girl in a pink sweater puts her hand on his shoulder and flashes a peace sign at the camera.在10月中旬生机勃勃的一天,诺贝尔奖文学奖得主莫言62岁的哥哥管谟欣,站在山东沿海省份平安村他们童年的家门口,摆着姿势与源源不断穿着鲜艳的游客一起照相。当一个穿粉红色毛衣的少女把手放在他的肩上,他微笑着,在相机一闪的时候他轻轻地叹了口气。;Everybody wants to understand what Mo Yan#39;s life used to be like, when we were young,; says Guan, leading a small crowd inside the abandoned house to a dusty room where Mo, now 57, was married. A broken antique radio – a wedding gift, Guan says – sits on a crumbling concrete bed, untouched for decades.“每个人都想了解莫言过去的生活是怎样的,当我们年轻的时候,”管谟新,带着一小群人从一间废弃的房子进入一间尘土飞扬的房间,这里是现年57岁的莫言曾经结婚的地方。一个旧古董收音机是结婚礼物,管谟欣坐在一张几十年未碰过的摇摇欲坠的混凝土床上说道。Ping#39;an, population 800, may soon be hard-pressed to maintain its rustic charm. Authorities in Gaomi, the municipality that administers Ping#39;an, plans to build a #163;67m ;Mo Yan Culture Experience; theme park around the writer#39;s old home, according to the Beijing News.有着800人口的平安可能将很难保持其质朴的魅力。根据北京新闻,管理平安的高密市政府,计划在这位作家旧居周围建造6700万英镑的“莫言文化体验之旅”的主题公园。The plan adds a touch of avarice to the range of reactions with which China has received Mo#39;s Nobel victory. The author has worked with the Chinese Communist party for decades – many outspoken dissidents were outraged by the award. For many ordinary Chinese, however, the prize was a sign that China#39;s cultural influence may now rival its economic clout. For Gaomi city officials, it could prove to be a goldmine.该计划给中国得知莫言获诺贝尔奖之后的一系列反应增添了一丝贪婪的意味。这位作家已经与中国共产党合作了几十年 – 许多直言不讳的异议者被这个奖项给激怒了。然而,对于许多普通中国人来说,这个奖项成了中国文化影响力可能现在正与其经济影响力相媲美的标志。对高密市官员来说,它可能被明是一个金矿。Inspired by Mo#39;s 1997 novel Red Sorghum, which Zhang Yimou adapted into an award-winning film, the government also plans to create a Red Sorghum Culture and Experience Zone in Ping#39;an. Although villagers counter that they stopped growing the cereal in the 1980s, the government is reportedly planning to pay local farmers to plant 1,600 acres (650 hectares) of the unprofitable crop.受莫言1997年的小说《红高粱》,即张艺谋改编的一个获奖电影的启发,政府还计划在平安创建“红高粱”文化体验区。虽然村民们反驳说他们在20世纪80年代就已经停止了种植高粱,据报道,政府计划付当地农民种植1600亩(650公顷)的非经济作物。The director of the Gaomi press centre, Wang Youzhi, told the official Xinhua news agency that the theme park was more a ;vision; than a concrete plan. ;Although the idea sounds promising, we have yet to take the whole situation into consideration,; he says, adding that ;this might be the regulatory commission#39;s long-term plan over five or 10 years.;高密市新闻中心主任王有志告诉新华社说,主题公园相比于具体的计划来说更是一个“愿景”。他说:“虽然这个想法听起来很有前景,但我们还没有全盘考虑,”他补充说:“这可能是监督管委会的一个5年或10年的长期计划。”However, a large-scale tourism project in Gaomi remains unsurprising, analysts claim. According to Tao Ran, an economics professor at Renmin University in Beijing, local governments often borrow massive sums of money from state-owned banks to finance expensive development projects, hoping that they will drive up the value of local property.然而,分析人士称在高密市的大型旅游项目仍然不吃惊。据北京中国人民大学的经济学教授陶然说,地方政府往往从国有借用大量的金钱付昂贵的开发项目,希望其将推动当地的产业价值。;If you go to almost any Chinese county or city, you#39;ll see that they#39;re building new cities, new industrial parks, and new theme parks every day,; he says.“如果你去到中国任何一个乡村或城市,你会看到他们每天都在建设新的城市、新的工业园区以及新的主题公园,”他说。Mo#39;s brother, neighbours, and 90-year-old father say they had not heard of plans for a theme park. ;It#39;s impossible that the government here would spend so much money on such a surface thing,; Guan says. Mo, who was born Guan Moye – his pen name means ;don#39;t speak; – could not be reached for comment.莫言的兄弟、邻居以及90岁的老父亲说,他们没有听说过主题公园的计划。 “这里的政府不可能花这么多钱在这种表面的东西上,”管谟欣说。莫言原名管谟业,他的笔名意思是“不要说话”,即不要发表。Gaomi residents are intensely proud of their Nobel laureate, whom they fondly refer to as ;Teacher Mo Yan;. Long red banners congratulating Mo hang from the sides of concrete homes along major thoroughfares.高密市居民以诺贝尔文学奖得主而强烈自豪,他们深情地称之为“莫言老师”。沿主要街道两侧的混凝土房屋边上拉着长长的红色横幅以祝贺莫言获奖。In Ping#39;an, the atmosphere is still more celebratory than soul-searching.在平安,氛围是庆祝而不是灵魂追寻。Mo#39;s father says that Mo does not come back home often, but when he does, ;we just talk about what#39;s happening in our home – how the tomatoes are growing, that type of thing.; Inside the house, faded family pictures hang on newspaper-covered walls; outside, his courtyard overflows with shucked corn, the fruits of a good harvest.莫言父亲说,莫言并不经常回家,但是,当他回来时,“我们只是谈论我们家发生的事情,如西红柿长的怎么样这种类型的事情。”屋内,褪色的家庭照挂在贴满报纸的墙上,屋外院子里因丰收而装满了剥皮的玉米、水果。Although Guan says that he has never his son#39;s books, he is proud of Mo#39;s achievements. ;We#39;re all just happy,; he says. ;Very, very happy.;尽管管老爷子说他从来没有看过他儿子的书,但他为莫言的成就感到自豪。 “我们都只是很高兴,”他说。 “非常,非常高兴。” /201210/205798



  Julia Gillard#39;s office wants answers following suggestions that taxpayer-funded translators used the internet to prepare the Chinese version of the Prime Minister#39;s Asian white paper.近日,澳大利亚总理茱莉亚#8226;吉拉德发布《亚洲世纪白皮书》,然而有人指出,翻译们拿着纳税人付的薪水,用互联网将其翻译成中文,导致错误频出。总理办公室正等待调查结果。One critic said it looked like the job was done using the Google Translate website.一位批评人士指出,中文版的翻译是用“谷歌翻译”网站做出的。Ms Gillard released the Australia in the Asian Century paper last month, urging schools and universities to embrace Asian language lessons.吉拉德上月发布了《亚洲世纪白皮书》,敦促中小学和大学开设中文语言课程。But the Chinese (simplified) version of the paper contained broken sentences, grammar and syntax errors, inappropriate vocabulary and incomprehensible expressions, leading many to question how it was prepared. Some English words were translated without preserving the original meaning, regarded as an amateur mistake.但白皮书的简体中文版里出现了断句、语法和句法错误、用词不当和表达混乱等问题,因此很多人对翻译是如何进行的提出质疑。一些英文词语的翻译完全失去了原意,属于业余水平的错误。In the translation of the executive summary, the last line referring to a ;highly skilled workforce; was translated into a word meaning ;an army of labour;.在内容提要中,最后一行提到“高技术劳动力”,翻译出来的却是“劳动大军”。A reference to ;world-beating actions; became ;only one in the world;. And on page 18, a reference to pathways was translated to ;leading peak;有一句原文是“震撼世界的举措”,中文版翻译成了“世间唯一”。在第18页,“途径”被翻译为“顶峰”One Chinese national studying in Australia, who asked not to be named, told The Sunday Telegraph: ;It#39;s kind of unbelievable. I was y to cry when I it. It just looked like they asked some random uni student to translate.一位不愿透露姓名的中国留学生对《星期日电讯报》说:“简直难以置信。看得我都要哭了。看起来他们是随便找了个大学生来翻译。”;It is reasonable to suspect that the person who translated this white paper relied heavily on Google Translate, not their Asian language skills.;“我有理由怀疑,翻译这份白皮书的人严重依赖谷歌翻译网站进行翻译,而非运用他们自己的亚洲语言水平。”;Upon a quick review of the Chinese version, it was found to be able and understandable, although there was room for improvement, especially in the choice of word/terms,; a spokesman from the Confucius Institute at the University of Western Australia said.西澳大学孔子学院的一名发言人说:“我大概看了一下白皮书的中文版,虽然存在改进的空间,特别是在选词措辞上面还有问题,但还是可以看懂的。”;In general, it is understandable. #39;Simplified#39; refers to the version of Chinese characters versus traditional characters.;“总体来看还是可以看懂的。”简体中文是对应繁体中文而言。A spokeswoman for the Prime Minister said the translation was done by a service accredited by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters.澳大利亚总理的一名女发言人表示,白皮书中文版翻译工作由澳大利亚翻译资格认可局认可的翻译机构完成。;We have asked the translator to review the examples provided. If there are issues with any of the translations they will be fixed,; the spokeswoman said.她说:“我们已经要求翻译对以上问题进行检查。如果翻译上有任何问题,都将进行修改。” /201211/209888



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