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抚顺市妇幼保健医院治疗前列腺疾病多少钱抚顺妇女儿童医院地址英译汉翻译赏析6段(6) -- :5:51 来源:   Dogs generally do not live more than years. But there have been a few exceptions. Good records exist several dogs which are known to have lived between and 5 years. The oldest reliable age a dog is a little beyond 9 years. It is believed that very few dogs have lived much beyond this age.  一般活不过年,但也有些例外,最佳记录是有些曾活了至5年最长寿的可靠年龄是9年多一点点,很少的会活得过这个年纪太多东洲治疗龟头炎哪家医院最好 到外资企业应聘如何准备英文简历[附模板](双语) --1 :5:39 来源:   一份出色的Resume,是向外企求职的关键之一不了解有关的常识和程式,不花费相当的心思来展示,以有纯正娴熟的英文功底,决不能获得单位的青睐在一大堆错误百出、英文表达能力低劣或平庸,毫无针对性和创造性的Resume中,你的那份若能让人眼睛一亮,成功的机会必将大大增加,以下试着结合一个具体的例子给出说明和评述Balance Sheet:  基本方法选取适当的工作后,必须看清招聘广告上所列出的每项要求,再将自己的学历、能力与兴趣逐一与之比较,作一张balance sheet.  例如,一则关于marketing management trainee和job requirement是这样写的:  We are looking a competent person to fill the captioned position:  University graduate majors in Marketing Management. Prepared to develop career in the commercial field  ——outgoing personality  ——Able to communicate with different levels  ——Good knowledge in PC operations -Proficiency in written and spoken EnglishMandarin  则你相应地考虑自己的qualification的选择和表述,如你可写(与上列各项对应):  ——University graduate with major in Marketing  ——Having actively participated in Business club‘s activities and learned ing and management  ——Good in communication with people and like a lot of out door activities know how to tackle with people from all walks of life  ——Skillful in operating Words,Excel,Lotus1--3,etc  ——Fluent in English and studied advanced level of Mandarin  这个方法的好处是可让求职者清楚了解该职位是否适合自己,而本身资料又是否切合要求,而且,明白了各项要求后,就可依据每一点在履历表上重点提出自己在该方面的强项突出卖点(selling point),将之放在最吸引别人的地方,使招聘者一眼可见,有利于present自己  工作经验的陈述  工作经验是一份resume中令招聘者相当感兴趣的一项内容,善加措词是必不可忽视的要务  刚毕业,何来工作经验?其实,客下读书时的兼职、实习、实践,以至所曾参加的一些课外活动-协助助出版学校刊物、举办活动,展览、宣传……都可算是工作经验、不过,表达起来要有针对性地展开,列出那些与所找工作有关连的项目重点介绍,必要时更可使用summary的方式,给招聘者深入的了解  下面这份材料的相关表这实在简陋呆板:  19967——19968 General Clerk, IBM  19957——19958 clerks, Manley Toy Trading  1996——1998Salesgirl,Esprit.  倘能换一种表述如:  Three years of job experience in different positions have offered me opporties to understand different job aspects.  -As a General Clerk(IBM),s clerk (Manley Toy Trading),I have learned how to prepare purchasing orders, place orders, handle ing mattery, check voucher,……also(Salesgirl, Esprin)developing the technique of sellina, serving and stocking.  岂非能更好地突出个人工作经验,吸引招聘者的注意力!  Job Objective通常,一般求者只会在履历表开端简单地写上所应征的职位-"Position Applied: Management Trainee"或"I am appling ……"其实,若懂得利用这小小空间写出自己的事业目标(job objective),能显示出你对该工作的热诚及憧憬,能令招聘者对你加倍留意  比如这个不错的例子job objective To begin as a Marketing Management Trainee, with opporty to advance to executive level and contribute to the development of firm.  英文简历样本   英文简历样本(供应届毕业生参考)Room XXX Building XXXBeijing University, Beijing 0(0) 677XXXX E-mail:_________Zeng Yun  Objective   To obtain a challenging position as software engineer with an emphasis in software design and development  Education   1997.9——00.6 Dept. Automation, Graduate School of Beijing University, M.E.  1993.9——1997.7 Dept. Automation, Beijing University, B.E.  Academic Main Courses   Mathematics:   Advanced Mathematics Probability and Statistics Linear Algebra  Engineering Mathematics Numerical Algorithm Operational Algorithm  Electronics and Computer  Circuit Principal Data Structures Digital Electronics  Artificial Intelligence Computer Local Area Network  Computer Abilities   Skilled in use of MS FrontPage, Win 95NT, Sun, Javabeans, HTML, CGI, java script, Perl, Distributed Objects, CORBA, C, C++, Project 98, Office 97, Rational RequisitePro, Process, Pascal, PLI and SQL software.  English Skills   Have a good command of both spoken and written English. Past CET-6, TOEFL: 650;GRE: 300  Scholarships and Awards   1999.3 Jia Chen Award, the top honor given by Beijing University  1998. Metal Machining Practice Award  1997. Academic Progress Award  Qualifications   General business knowledge relating to financial  Have a passion the Internet, and an abundance of common sense  她表示她保持纤纤细腰的方法是穿超压缩束身衣和吃流质食物抚顺新抚区第一医院专家预约

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抚顺新抚区第一医院收费标准Structured outlines and sculpted ms are the designer’s trademark. Nielsen says she was inspired by her father’s work as a sculptor. Blue Jasmine star Cate Blanchett responded to the piece saying: "It's obviously been a long and painful situation the family and I hope they find some resolution and peace."抚顺市石油三厂职工医院在哪里新抚人民医院在哪个区



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