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桑日县印度星龟密西西比红耳龟黄头侧颈龟东部网目鸡龟价格怎么养济源市印度棱背龟佛罗里达红肚龟黄腿象龟中部锦龟安南龟海龟扁头长颈龟价格怎么养固始县印度星龟密西西比红耳龟黄头侧颈龟东部网目鸡龟价格怎么养 Second, how do we make technology work for us, and not against us especially when it comes to solving urgent challenges like climate change?第二,我们如何让技术为我们务,而不是与我们对抗——尤其是面临气候变化这样急需应对的挑战的时候?Third, how do we keep America safe and lead the world without becoming its policeman?第三,我们如何保障美国的安全,同时,在不充当世界警察的前提下,引领整个世界?And finally, how can we make our politics reflect whats best in us, and not whats worst?最后,我们如何制定政策,使其反映出美国的好,而不是美国的恶?Let me start with the economy, and a basic fact: the ed States of America, right now, has the strongest, most durable economy in the world.我先说说经济,基本的事实是这样的:现在,在全球范围内,美国经济是最为强大且坚固的。Were in the middle of the longest streak of private-sector job creation in history.纵观历史,我们现在处于私营部门连续创造就业机会最长的一段时期中。More than 14 million new jobs; the strongest two years of job growth since the 90s; an unemployment rate cut in half.我们创造了逾1400万个新的就业岗位;这是自20世纪90年代以来就业增长最为强劲的两年;失业率下降了一半。Our auto industry just had its best year ever.汽车行业也创造了最辉煌的一年。Thats just part of a manufacturing surge that has created nearly 900,000 new jobs in the past six years.在过去的六年里,制造业创造了将近90万个新的就业岗位。And weve done all this while cutting our deficits by almost three-quarters.而且,我们在取得这些成绩的同时,还将赤字减少了近四分之三。Anyone claiming that Americas economy is in decline is peddling fiction.任何声称美国经济正在衰落的说法都是在传播虚构事实。201601/424261So we humans have an extraordinary potential for goodness,but also an immense power to do harm. 人类为善的潜力没有尽头,但为恶的能力也不可小觑。Any tool can be used to build or to destroy.任何工具,在人类手里都可用于行善, 也都可用于作恶。That all depends on our motivation.这完全取决于我们内心的动机。Therefore, it is all the more important to foster an altruistic motivation rather than a selfish one.因此,心怀利他精神,而不是自私的念头,比什么都重要。So now we indeed are facing many challenges in our times.当今世界我们确实面临着太多挑战。Those could be personal challenges.其中有我们自身的挑战,Our own mind can be our best friend or our worst enemy.我们的思想可以是我们最善良的朋友, 也可以是最危险的敌人;Theres also societal challenges:也有社会层面的挑战:poverty in the midst of plenty, inequalities, conflict, injustice.贫富分布不均、不平等、战乱、不公平;And then there are the new challenges, which we dont expect.还有很多尚未料到的新的挑战。Ten thousand years ago, there were about five million human beings on Earth.一万年前,地球上只有大概五百万人。Whatever they could do,无论那时的人做了什么,the Earths resilience would soon heal human activities.地球的恢复力都会让人类的影响消于无形。After the Industrial and Technological Revolutions,thats not the same anymore. 自工业技术革命开始以来,这种情况就不复存在了。We are now the major agent of impact on our Earth.人类成为了破坏地球最主要的因素。We enter the Anthropocene, the era of human beings.我们迎来了人类纪,即人类的纪元。So in a way, if we were to say we need to continue this endless growth,endless use of material resources, 从某种角度来看, 如果我们持续这种无节制的发展,持续不断地消耗资源,its like if this man was saying and I heard a former head of state, I wont mention who, saying Five years ago, we were at the edge of the precipice.我们就会像这位,我从一位前国家元首那听来的, 我不会说是谁—说的这样,五年前,我们站在悬崖边,Today we made a big step forward.今天我们又跨出了一大步。So this edge is the same that has been defined by scientists as the planetary boundaries.这个悬崖边,就是科学家们定义的地球限度。And within those boundaries, they can carry a number of factors.在限度以内—这个限度是由多种因素决定的—We can still prosper, humanity can still prosper for 150,000 years if we keep the same stability of climate as in the Holocene for the last 10,000 years.我们仍然可以繁荣发展,如果维持曾经持续了一万年的 全新纪的环境稳定性,人类可以再发展十五万年。But this depends on choosing a voluntary simplicity,growing qualitatively, not quantitatively.但这决定于我们的选择,要自发地求简、求质,而不是求数量。So in 1900, as you can see, we were well within the limits of safety.在二十世纪初,你们能看到, 我们还处在安全的限度以内。Now, in 1950 came the great acceleration.到二十世纪五十年代, 社会的发展速度有了极大提升。Now hold your breath, not too long, to imagine what comes next.请屏住呼吸,快速想一下, 接下来会发生什么吧。Now we have vastly overrun some of the planetary boundaries.如今我们在很多方面大幅超出地球限度。Just to take biodiversity, at the current rate,以生物多样性来说吧,按现有速度,by 2050, 30 percent of all species on Earth will have disappeared.到2050年,地球上30%的物种将会消失。Even if we keep their DNA in some fridge, thats not going to be reversible.即便我们冷藏其DNA,消失的物种也不能复原。So here I am sitting in front of a 7,000-meter-high, 21,000-foot glacier in Bhutan.照片中的我坐在不丹境内七千米高, 也就是两万一千英尺高的冰川前。At the Third Pole, 2,000 glaciers are melting fast, faster than the Arctic.在第三极点,两千米高的冰川在迅速融化, 速度比北极融化的还要快。So what can we do in that situation?这种情况下我们能做些什么呢?Well, however complex politically, economically, scientifically the question of the environment is,it simply boils down to a question of altruism versus selfishness.环境问题尽管充斥着政治、经济、学术等诸多因素,但可以归结为一点:是利他,还是利己。Im a Marxist of the Groucho tendency.我是格劳乔马克思主义者。Groucho Marx said, ;Why should I care about future generations?格劳乔马克思说过, 我为什么要为后代考虑呢?What have they ever done for me?他们为我做过什么吗?201503/365173芮城县花龟亚达伯拉象龟金头闭壳龟黑颈乌龟金钱龟大头乌龟价格怎么养

马来闭壳龟养殖技术方法吃什么The trend in data storage is even more impressive. In the early 80s, the standard unit of computer storage, one mega-byte, or one million bytes of information, cost about 100 dollars. Today, it is 10 cents. In two years, it will cost 2 cents. 数据存储技术的发展趋势更是令人瞠目。八十年代初期,一个标准单位的计算机存储能力,即 1MB,或者说 1 百万字节,售价是 100 美元,而现在却只要 10 美分,两年内还将降到 2 美分。These gains are driven by continuous advances in how we pack information into smaller and smaller spaces. 这种结果是在技术不断进步的推动下产生的,我们可以把信息存储到越来越小的空间。If the US Library of Congress could shrink its collections of 17 million books by the same factor we just discussed, it could replace 800 kilometers of shelf space with less than 40 meters of space. 如果把这种技术用到美国国会图书馆的 1700 百万册存书上,其书架长度将由 800 公里变成不到 40 米。These advances are going to continue and accelerate the rate microprocessors, storage, communications, memory, and all the other engines that are propelling this industry or continue to lead to the products of the faster, smaller, and less expensive, just as they have for 30 years. 这种进步将继续下去,并且会加速微处理器、存储设备、通信、内存以及所有其它正在推动信息产业前进的“发动机”式的产品的发展,或者会继续创造出更快、更小、更便宜的产品。过去 30 年的情况就是如此。But as we stand here today, the opening of CeBIT, we are on the threshold of a very important change and the evolution of this industry. 然而当我们今天站在这里,出席 CeBIT 的开幕式的时候,我们面对的是一场业界非常重要的变化和革命。In many ways, this industry, a very emitory industry, is about to play out in its most important dimension. That is because the technology has become so powerful and so pervasive that its future impact on people and governments and all institutions will dwarf what has happened today.在很多方面,信息产业将成为最重要的产业。这是因为信息技术已经变得如此强大、如此普遍,以致于未来它对人们、政府和各个机构的影响将使目前发生的事相形见绌。201312/267718金钱龟养殖技术方法吃什么 吉佛.图利,探索训练营的创始人,向我们阐述了应该让孩子去做的五件“危险”的事情。这是来自于2007年TED大学的一个演讲。201506/377775靴脚陆乌龟能活多少年多少钱一只2019

金头闭壳龟怎么养图片批发价格 Mr. president校长先生I have the high honor to present Mr. Sean Combs我很荣幸为你介绍肖恩·库姆斯先生to receive at your hand the honorary degree of doctor of humanities请你亲手将人文学荣誉士学位授予他Sean Combs肖恩·库姆斯dynamic groundbreaking global entrepreneur活力四射的全球开拓性企业家creative, visionary, dedicated humanitarian and innovative philanthropist具有创造力 想象力和奉献精神的人道主义者和慈善家Your supreme commitment to excellence你追求卓越的精神品质servant leadership and a solid work ethic造福大众的领袖气质 以及扎实肯干的道德信念have propelled you to the forefront of the world of business for over two decades让你在过去二十年间引领着世界经营的最前沿And now as the chairman, chief executive officer and founder of the Combs Enterprises现在 你作为库姆斯公司的主席 首席执行官和创始人one of the preeminent groups of companies and brands world wide在全球建立了杰出的公司和品牌Recently named one of the most influential people in the world最近 时代周刊和CNN都将你by both Time magazine and CNN评为世界上最具影响力的人物之一your renowned reputation as a master of brand builder作为品牌塑造者 你在业内具有崇高声誉pop culture icon and advocate for youth education and entrepreneurship你是流行文化的标志 是年轻人教育和创业的倡导者is one of your stellar hallmarks你是流行文化的标志 是年轻人教育和创业的倡导者Your unique lives work today你的独特生命轨迹为现如今树立了典范and vital contributions to America and the global community对美国和全球的社区都可谓贡献卓著epitomized the cherished core values of the Capstone你体现出了霍华德大学的核心价值leadership, excellence, truth and service领导 卓越 真理和务It is with immense respect and outmost pride我非常尊敬和自豪地that we honor you, a true son of Howard请你这位真正的霍华德之子on a historic occasion of our 146 commencement as convocation orator在学校第146届毕业典礼这一历史性事件上 担任演讲者and name you, a beloved son of the Capstone我们正式承认你这位霍华德之子as we confer upon you the degree of doctor of humanities honoris causa并授予你人文学荣誉士学位Congratulations Dr. Combs祝贺库姆斯士201412/350142印度棱背乌龟采购信息大全养殖方法加拉巴哥象乌龟精品幼犬鬼多少钱一只




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