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黑龙江省邮电医院生殖科哈尔滨哪家无痛人流比较好The past year has brought significant disruption to China’s financial landscape, with internet heavyweights Alibaba and Tencent leading the charge into mobile payments, deposit-like savings products, and even fully fledged banking.过去一年中,中国金融行业版图发生了巨大变化。互联网巨头阿里巴巴(Alibaba)和腾讯(Tencent)带头进入了移动付、类似吸收存款的储蓄产品,乃至成熟的业务领域。Chinese policy makers have said that internet companies can play a positive role in enhancing customer service, spurring innovation and increasing competition in financial services.中国的政策制定者曾指出,互联网公司能够在金融务领域发挥提升客户务水平、激励创新以及促进竞争等积极作用。Competition began in mid-2013 with the launch of Yu’E Bao, an online money-market fund. Run by Alibaba, the financial services affiliate of ecommerce group, the fund offers cash on demand but also provides higher interest rates than those available on bank deposits.新竞争始于2013年年中在线货币市场基金——余额宝的问世。该基金由电子商务集团阿里巴巴旗下的金融务子公司运营,向客户提供所需的现金,同时利率也比存款高。Assets under management at Yu’E Bao reached Rmb599bn (bn) by the end of 2014, making it China’s largest money-market fund.截至2014年底,余额宝管理的资产达到了5990亿元人民币(合960亿美元),成为中国最大的货币市场基金。Tencent Holdings, the gaming and social networking group, and Baidu Inc, the search provider, have also launched similar products.中国游戏和社交媒体集团腾讯控股(Tencent Holdings)以及搜索务提供商百度(Baidu Inc)也推出了类似的产品。In addition to higher yields, the money-market products have lured depositors away from traditional banks by integrating them with these companies’ mobile-payment services.除了较高的收益率之外,货币市场产品还通过与各自运营商的移动付务结合在一起,将储户从传统吸引过来。Customers can use their Yu’E Bao credit to make purchases on Alibaba’s Taobao and Tmall ecommerce platforms, as well as for paying credit card and utility bills. Alipay, Alibaba’s mobile-payment service, is also increasingly accepted at food shops.用户可以使用自己的余额宝存款在阿里巴巴的电子商务平台淘宝(Taobao)和天猫(Tmall)购物,也可以用来进行信用卡还款,缴纳公用务费。阿里巴巴的移动付务——付宝(Alipay)也被越来越多的食品店接受。Last year, taxi-hailing apps became the locus of a fierce battle for mobile-payments market share. Alibaba-backed Kuaidi Dache has vied with Tencent-backed Didi Dache for pole position. Meanwhile, Baidu haspurchased a stake in US car-hailing company Uber.去年,打车应用成为各方争夺移动付市场份额的核心战场。阿里巴巴投资的快的打车(Kuaidi Dache)与腾讯投资的滴滴打车(Didi Dache)争夺领先地位。与此同时,百度入股了美国打车软件公司优步(Uber)。Both Alibaba and Tencent spent tens of millions of dollars on hefty rebates to riders and drivers for paying taxi fares with Alipay and Tenpay, respectively, instead of cash.阿里巴巴和腾讯分别向不用现金、而使用付宝和财付通(Tenpay)结算出租车费的乘客和司机返还了数千万美元。Meanwhile, Tencent, which until recently had a minimal presence in ecommerce, has enhanced its popular WeChat instant messaging app to allow brands to sell products directly through their WeChat accounts, with payments processed by Tenpay.与此同时,直到最近都在电子商务领域占极小份额的腾讯,已经升级了其广受欢迎的即时通讯应用微信(WeChat),允许商家通过自己的微信账号直接销售产品,并通过财付通完成付。The final frontier is banking. China’s banking regulators last year approved 10 privately owned companies, including Alibaba and Tencent, to establish regional banks.最后的待开垦之地是业务领域。去年,中国业监管机构批准10家民营企业(包括阿里巴巴和腾讯)设立地区性。A joint venture led by Tencent this month became thefirst bank to start operations under the pilot. Premier Li Keqiang attended the opening ceremony for WeBank, named after WeChat.1月份,多方出资、腾讯牵头成立的深圳前海微众(WeBank,随微信之名)成为首家在上述试点计划下开业的。中国总理李克强出席了该行启动仪式。Alibaba will partner with Fosun International, one of China’s largest private conglomerates, to form Zhejiang Internet Commerce Bank this year. Other companies including an airline, a pharmaceuticals producer and an auto-parts manufacturer are also participating in the pilot project.今年,阿里巴巴将与中国最大的民营企业集团之一复星国际(Fosun International)合作筹建浙江网商(Zhejiang Internet Commerce Bank)。其他多家公司也参与了试点计划,其中包括一家航空公司、一家药企以及一家汽车零部件制造商。Policy makers want these companies to focus on lending to small, privately owned businesses and consumers, who have struggled to obtain loans from state-owned banks. There is also the potential for internet companies to draw on troves of user data to evaluate small borrowers’ credit risk.政策制定者希望,这些公司能专注贷款给那些难从国有获得贷款的小微民营企业和消费者。互联网公司还可以利用海量用户数据评估小额贷款人的信用风险。Even before the latest pilot, some lending had aly occurred. In September 2013, Alibaba’s microfinance arm sold 10 tranches of securitised loans to investors. The deal did not require a banking licence because microfinance companies, which do not collect deposits, are licensed separately.在这一最新试点计划启动之前,一些贷款业务已经开展。2013年9月,阿里巴巴旗下的小额贷款公司将10笔券化贷款出售给投资者。此类交易不需要执照,因为不吸收存款的小额贷款公司可以单独获得许可。 /201502/358697黑龙江省医院南岗分院做血常规检查 BEIJING (Reuters) - IBM Corp will share technology with Chinese firms and will actively help build China#39;s industry, CEO Virginia Rometty said in Beijing as she set out a strategy for one of the foreign firms hardest hit by China#39;s shifting technology policies.北京(路透社)——IBM将与中国公司共享技术,并将积极帮助中国建设科技行业。IBM是受中国的科技行业政策调整冲击最大的外国企业之一,在此情况下,IBM总裁Virginia Rometty称她制定了这一战略。IBM must help China build its IT industry rather than viewing the country solely as a sales destination or manufacturing base, Rometty said at the China Development Forum, an annual Chinese government-sponsored conference bringing together business executives and China#39;s ruling elite.Rometty在中国发展论坛上说,IBM必须帮助中国建设自己的IT行业,而不是仅仅把中国看作销售终端和制造基地。中国发展论坛是中国政府资助的年会,该会召集企业领导人和中国政府精英参加。;If you#39;re a country, as China is, of 1.3 billion people you would want an IT industry as well,; the chief executive said on Monday. ;I think some firms find that perhaps frightening. We, though, at IBM ... find that to be a great opportunity.;“如果你是一个,就像中国吧,一个13亿人口的国家,你肯定也想要有一个IT行业。”IBM总裁Rometty周一称。“有些公司可能觉得这很吓人。但是我们IBM认为这是一个极好的机会。”Rometty#39;s remarks were among the clearest acknowledgements to date by a high-ranking foreign technology executive that companies must adopt a different tack if they are to continue in China amid growing political pressure.Rometty的发言,说明外国科技公司高管层承认,如果想在中国越来越大的政治压力下继续经营,就必须采取与以前不同的策略。A number of U.S. technology companies operating in China are forming alliances with domestic operators, hoping a local partner will make it easier to operate in the increasingly tough environment for foreign businesses.几家美国科技公司与中国当地企业合作,希望在对外国企业日益严峻的经营环境中,中国的合作伙伴能够使得他们的日子好过点。China has been pushing for the use of more Chinese and less foreign-made technology, to grow its own tech sector and in response to ex-U.S. National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden#39;s leaks about U.S. cyber surveillance.中国已经在大力推进多使用国产技术,少使用外国技术,以发展自己的科技产业,也是在美国前国安局承包商爱德华斯诺登揭露美国的网络监视之后的对应措施。IBM#39;s sales in China have stabilized after a sharp drop that began in the third quarter of 2013 following Snowden#39;s revelations. The Armonk, New York-based company reported a 1 percent slide in revenue in China during the fourth quarter of 2014, compared with the prior year.2013年三季度,IBM在华销售额因斯诺登的泄密而锐减,之后保持稳定。2014年4季度,IBM在华销售较上年下滑了1%。IBM#39;s new approach allows Chinese companies to build everything from semiconductor chips and servers b ed on IBM architecture, to the software that runs on those machines.IBM的新策略允许中国公司在IBM架构上制造各类产品,包括半导体芯片、务器,以及在这些机器上运行的软件。Last week IBM said Suzhou PowerCore Technology Co will begin producing a version of IBM#39;s Power8 chip run on Chinese-made servers. Its POWER line of processors is often used for intensive calculations in fi nancial services, where Chinese banks have been required by new government regulations to use more dorr ic vendors.上周 , IBM说苏州中晟宏芯信息科技有限公司将开始生产IBM的Power8芯片,用于中国制造的务器。IMB的POWER芯片 常用于金旨务业的大量运算,而在新的政府规定下,中国的得使用更多的本国供应商。The U.S. company had aly announced a series of partnerships with Chinese vendors and now packages its database software with products from Inspur, a server hardware maker and IBM rival, and has also struck agreements with Youyou, a Beijing-based software firm.IBM已经宣布了一系列的与中国供应商的合作关系,现在则把其数据库软件和其竞争对手浪潮集团的产品打包在一起,还跟一家总部在北京的软件公司优优软件达成了协议。Other vendors are making similar efforts.其他外国企业也在作出同样的努力。SAP SE Greater China head Mark Gibbs for instance said in October the company sought to be a ;complementary player to the Chinese market; by selling its software on hardware made by Lenovo Inc and Huawei Technologies.比如SAP大中华负责人Mark Gibbs就在去年10月说过,SAP应该成为;中国市场的替补球员;,即硬件由联想和华为生产,软件由SAP提供。Everyone that values the national security, national sovereignty of the ed States more than a ROI on an IBM investment should write to their representatives in Washington and demand a senate investigation as to this move by IBM.任何把美国国家安全和主权看作高于IBM的投资回报率的人都应该要求参议院调查IBM的这一举动It appears that Rommetty is more concerned about IBM profits IBMs failed five year plan and saving her job, than she is about the national security and sovereignty of the ed States.我看Rommetty更关心IBM的利润和她自己的位子,而不是国家安全和主权。IBM should not be allowed to bid on any government contract for development and support of any IT appl ations or systems that are critical for national defense or telecommunications, finance or utilities IT s ystems that would be attacked by China cyber-warfare during a military conflict.不应该让IBM承包任何与国防、电信、金融或者应用系统有密切关系的IT应用和IT系统开发的政府工程,在军事对抗中 ,这些领域会遭到中国的攻击。When a CEO of IBM appears in front of a group of Chinese Communist elites and describes a plan to ;share; technology with a Chines communist government that has a cyber warfare military division dedicated tc developing strategies to attacking critical U.S. infrastructure such as telecommunications, business, fin ance and utilities during a time of war, it is time to determine who the loyalties of that CEO and by ext ension IBM corporation are with.当一个IBM的CEO站在一群中共精英面前,讲述一个与中共政府“分享”技术的计划,而这个政府有一网络部队专门负责在战争时期攻击美国的重要基础设施,例如电信、企业、金融和公共设施,这就需要判断一下这个CEO和IBM公司到底效忠谁了。The Chinese Communist party and its plans for global domination or the national security of the people of the ed States of America.是效忠中共和中共统一全球的野心,还是效忠美国人民的国家安全。China will never have to wage war against the U.S.中国永远不需要对美国发动战争。American corporations like IBM are doing it for them.美国公司就像IBM都帮他们做了。IBM should not be allowed to bid on any government contract for development and support of any IT applications or systems that are critical for national defense or telecommunications, finance or utilities IT systems that would be attacked by China cyber-warfare during a military conflict...不应该让IBM承包任何与国防、电信、金融或者应用系统有密切关系的IT应用和IT系统开发的政府工程,在军事对抗中,这些领域会遭到中国的攻击。 /201503/366335The shocking thing about the papal encyclical Laudate Si is not that it was leaked in advance nor even that it embraces the idea that most emissions of greenhouse gases are the result of human activity. The thing that should shock ers is its attack on science and technology — the very tools, indeed the only tools, which offer a solution to climate change.对于教皇方济各发表的题为《赞美你》(Laudato Si)的通谕,令人震惊之处不在于它被提前泄露,甚至也不在于它持的观点,即大部分温室气体排放是人类活动的结果。应当让读者震惊的是它对科学技术的攻击,而科技恰恰是为气候变化提供解决方案的工具(其实也是唯一工具)。(上图为一名修女在梵蒂冈阅读教皇方济各的《赞美你》(Laudato Si)通谕)I am not a student of theology and therefore do not claim to understand the subtleties of the Catholic Church’s teaching on science. But since the Pope has moved outside his own natural territory and into energy policy, some response seems appropriate.我并非一名学习神学的学生,因此不能宣称理解天主教会科学教义的细枝末节。但是,既然教皇超出了自己的领地,涉足能源政策领域,我们做出一些反应似乎是合适的。From a distance, Pope Francis seems to embody decency. He is modest, frugal, concerned for the poor and hostile to the creepier side of the church hierarchy in Rome and beyond. That makes him stand out in a world of shallow and cynical “leaders”. He commands millions of followers and his words deserve to be taken seriously whether one is a Catholic or not.从远处看,教皇方济各似乎是正派的化身。他谦逊、节俭、关心贫苦大众,而且反对罗马和其他地区教会系统的阴暗面。这使他在当今世界浅薄而犬儒主义的“领导人”里脱颖而出。他号令着数以百万计的追随者,不论你是不是天主教徒,他的话都值得认真思考。But if you the encyclical there is a flaw in the argument that undermines the credibility of the whole text. It is perhaps best summed up by paragraph 110 of the document, which deserves to be ed in full:但如果你通读这则教皇通谕,就会发现其论据有一个瑕疵损害了整个文本的可信度。文中第110段也许最透彻地反映了这一点,在这里值得被全段引用:“It can be said that many problems of today’s world stem from the tendency, at times unconscious, to make the method and aims of science and technology an epistemological paradigm which shapes the lives of individuals and the workings of society. The effects of imposing this model on reality as a whole, human and social, are seen in the deterioration of the environment, but this is just one sign of a reductionism which affects every aspect of human and social life. We have to accept that technological products are not neutral, for they create a framework which ends up conditioning lifestyles and shaping social possibilities along the lines dictated by the interests of certain powerful groups. Decisions which may seem purely instrumental are in reality decisions about the kind of society we want to build.”“可以说,当今世界的许多问题源于(经常是无意识的)这样一种倾向,即让科学技术的方法和目标成为塑造个人生活和社会运作的认识论范式。对人类和社会现实整体实施这种模式,造成的影响表现在环境恶化上,但这只是影响人类和社会生活方方面面的简化论的一个标志。我们必须承认,科技产品不是中性的,因为它们创建了一个框架,最终根据某些强大集团的利益来影响生活方式,塑造社会可能性。那些貌似纯属工具性的决定,实际上决定了我们要构建什么样的社会。”This is one among many examples of a critique of science that runs through the whole document. This must be disspiriting, to put it mildly, to the many Catholics who have been involved in research on climate change over the last 20 years and more. The very problem of climate change was identified by scientific analysis. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the IPCC, is composed of scientists whose conclusion about the causation of climate change and the associated risks if it continues unchecked have brought the issue to public attention across the world. Those scientists did not rely on prayer but on hard work, often extending the limits of what was previously known. Their work is what separates them from the deniers of climate change whose belief is based on faith rather than facts.这是贯穿整篇通谕的批判科学的许多例之一。这一定会让(说得婉转些)许多在过去20多年里参与研究气候变化的天主教徒感到沮丧。气候变化这个问题只能通过科学分析确定。联合国政府间气候变化委员会(IPCC)是由科学家们组成的,他们得出的关于气候变化因果关系及相关风险(如果再不控制)的结论,引起了全世界公众对这一课题的关注。这些科学家依靠的不是祈祷,而是严谨细致的工作,往往拓展原有知识的极限。他们的工作把他们与那些否认气候变化的人区分开来,后者的信念建立在信仰(而非事实)的基础上。Having identified the problem, what are the solutions? There is no single answer. Pope Francis repeatedly calls for a change in behaviour. That is all well and good but for many people, especially the world’s poorest, such a behavioural change can only happen if they are offered a viable alternative to burning coal or other fossil fuels. Every possible alternative I can think of comes back to science — either in the form of existing technology or scientific advances that have yet to be made. That includes electric vehicles which would reduce oil consumption, smart meters which would control and limit energy use, carbon capture and storage, clean coal technology, advanced batteries and other storage technologies, photovoltaics and advanced materials. The list could go on — and indeed fills up hundreds of pages of the latest review of Energy Technology Perspectives from the International Energy Agency.找出问题之后,解决方案是什么呢?不是唯一的。教皇方济各一再呼吁人类改变自身行为。这当然很好,但对许多人(尤其是世界上最贫穷的人群)来说,只有向他们提供一种替代燃烧煤炭或其他化石燃料的可行方案,才有可能改变他们的行为。我能想到的任何可能的替代方案,都要借助科学——不论是以现有技术的形式,还是依靠尚未成为现实的科技进步。它们包括可以减少石油消费量的电动汽车、控制并限制能源使用的智能电表、碳捕获和储存、洁净煤技术、先进电池和其他存储技术、光伏发电和先进材料。当然还有很多——在国际能源署(IEA)最新发表的《能源技术观察》(Energy Technology Perspectives)中,有几百页的篇幅描述此类技术。Scientists are advancing these technologies across the world — in companies and in universities by individuals who believe they are doing something good for the world. The encyclical undermines their efforts.世界各地企业和高校的科学家们都在推进这些技术,他们相信自己正在做对世界有益的事。教皇通谕对他们的努力没有帮助。If these efforts ceased today I do not know what could take their place. The encyclical implies that climate change is a problem of the rich world consuming too much. One can see why the US. Republicans led by Jeb Bush do not like it. But in reality, the challenge of climate change now is not focused on the US or Europe, where energy demand has stopped growing and where the carbon intensity of GDP declines year by year. The problem comes from the growing populations of south Asia and sub-Saharan Africa — areas that between them will have some 1.5bn to 2bn more citizens in 20 years’ time than they do today. Every citizen needs energy and, although many will subsist on less than they need, tens of millions will become consumers of commercial supplies of coal and oil which will generate more and more emissions. Unless, that is, science can offer a lower-cost alternative.如果这些努力今天止步,我想不出还有什么可以替代它们。教皇通谕暗示,气候变化是发达国家消费过多的问题。我们可以理解,为什么以杰布#8226;布什(Jeb Bush)为首的美国共和党人士不喜欢它。但实际上,如今气候变化挑战的焦点并不在美国或欧洲,因为美欧的能源需求已停止增长,其国内生产总值(GDP)的碳排放强度也在逐年下降。问题在于南亚以及撒哈拉以南非洲地区的人口增长——这两个地区的人口将在未来20年增加约15亿至20亿。每个公民都需要能源,虽然很多人得不到足够的能源,只能勉强维生,但至少数千万人将成为商业化煤炭和石油供应的消费者,从而导致越来越多的排放——除非科学可以提供一种低成本的替代品。The Pope calls for a change in behaviour. He is right. But the change should not just come from those who consume too much and who give no care to the environmental impact of their actions. Real change should start with a shift in the mindset of those who remain trapped in the belief that the products of science and technology must always be bad. Knowledge and the ability to apply that knowledge to meet human needs can be positive in every sense.教皇呼吁人类改变自己的行为。他说的没错。但这种改变不应仅来自那些目前消费过多、而且对自身行为的环境影响毫不关心的人群。真正的改变应当始于另一个人群,这些人必须改变科技产品一定不好的老观念。知识,以及应用知识满足人类需求的能力,无论在什么意义上都是积极的。 /201506/382767哈尔滨市妇产医院的具体地址

清河林区人民医院妇产科生孩子检查怎么样SAN FRANCISCO — On a day when Apple showed off lots of new devices, the iPhone was still the star of the show.旧金山— 苹果公司(Apple)在发布会上展示了大量的新设备,但iPhone仍是其中的明星。Timothy D. Cook, Apple’s chief executive, presented the latest version of the company’s iPhone on Wednesday, along with several revamped devices in an event in the spacious Bill Graham Civic Auditorium.本周三,在比尔·格雷厄姆市政礼堂宽敞的大厅里,苹果首席执行官蒂莫西· D·库克(Timothy D. Cook)展示了最新版iPhone,以及其他几款升级设备。Mr. Cook called the new phones, “the most advanced smartphones in the world.”库克称新iPhone是“世界上最先进的智能手机”。Apple executives demonstrated most of the anticipated new features of the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, including an upgraded, 12-megapixel camera and a new capability called 3D Touch. It can sense how hard a user is pressing a button, allowing for easier access to different s and information. It also gives users “tactile feedback” when they touch their screens. Pressure-sensitive touch screens are aly available on the Apple Watch and the new MacBook.苹果高管演示了iPhone 6S及6S Plus的新功能,其中大多在外界的预期之中,包括升级的1200万像素摄像头,以及名为3D Touch的三维触控新功能。它能感知用户按下按钮的力度有多大,可以更方便地打开各种菜单,获得不同信息。当用户触碰屏幕时,它还可以提供“触觉反馈”。Apple Watch和新的MacBook已经在使用对压力敏感的触摸屏。The new iPhones will also come in a new rose gold finish, with a new glass that company describes as the strongest in the industry.新 iPhone会推出一款新的玫瑰金配色,还配备了新的玻璃屏。苹果称之为业内最坚固的玻璃屏。The touch ID sensor has been upgraded and the phone will feature iOS 9, the newest version of Apple’s mobile operating system.新iPhone还升级了Touch ID传感器,并将搭载苹果移动操作系统的最新版本iOS9。The new iPhone 6S will cost 9 and the iPhone 6S Plus will cost 9 with a phone contract. Prices for previous versions of the iPhone will drop by 0.新iPhone 6S合约价为199美元(约合人民币1300元),iPhone 6S Plus合约价299美元。老款 iPhone将降价100美元。Apple introduced its own payment plan called Apple Care Plus. Starting at a month, customers can upgrade their phones every year if they buy them through Apple. The new phones will be available in 12 countries, including the ed States, on Sept. 25. They will be available for pre-order starting Sept. 12.苹果还推出了公司自己的付款方案Apple Care Plus。用户如果通过苹果购买iPhone,每年可以获得升级,而此项务的起步价是每月32美元。新iPhone将于9月25日在包括美国在内的12个国家推出。预购时间将从9月12日开始。When Apple unveils its latest iPhones each September, investors closely watch changes to the device in the hope they will be enough to draw in new or repeat buyers. The iPhone, which was first sold in 2007, accounted for 56 percent of the company’s sales in fiscal 2014, making it far and away Apple’s most important product.每年9月苹果推出最新款iPhone时,投资者都会密切关注升级状况,希望它们足以吸引新老买家。iPhone最初上市是在2007年,到了2014财政年度,它对苹果总销售额的贡献达56%,无疑是公司最重要的产品。Thanks to the first iteration of the larger-screen iPhone 6 that hit shelves last year, Apple’s fourth quarter of fiscal 2014, when the company had an billion profit, was the most profitable quarter ever for a publicly traded company.去年推出的第一代大屏iPhone 6,帮助苹果在2014财年第四季度赚取了180亿美元的利润,创下了上市公司历史上最高单季盈利的记录。“Investors have been rewarded by assuming Apple can continually push the envelope on what a phone and the company can do,” said Michael A. Sansoterra, the chief investment officer at Silvant Capital Management, which owns Apple stock.“一些投资者觉得苹果可以不断推进iPhone和公司的境界,他们也一直在获得回报,”Silvant资本管理公司首席投资官迈克尔·A·桑索特拉(Michael A. Sansoterra)说。这家公司持有苹果股份。But meeting those expectations is becoming a bigger challenge. In its most recent quarter, Apple posted quarterly revenue of .6 billion and a .7 billion profit; iPhone revenue was up 59 percent from the previous year. But those results still fell short of Wall Street estimates, and Apple’s share price tumbled 4 percent in the following day of trading.但是,达到这些期望的难度也在与日俱增。上个季度,苹果公司的营收为496亿美元,利润为107亿美元,iPhone带来的营收同比增长了59%。但这样的业绩仍低于华尔街预期,苹果公司的股价在接下来的那个交易日下跌了4%。Mr. Cook also presented a new, beefed-up Apple TV, which represents the company’s most ambitious effort yet to become the focal point of home entertainment systems. Apple TV aly streams s and music. Now it is set to offer up games, shopping and travel tools, and user-generated content like live streaming through an expanded array of apps.库克还在发布会上展示了加强版的新款Apple TV。这款产品代表着苹果公司为成为家庭系统的中心而进行的最为进取的努力。Apple TV已具备播放视频和音乐流媒体的功能,现在将通过扩容的应用来提供视频游戏、购物和旅游工具,以及用户生成的实时流媒体等内容。“Our vision for TV is simple,” Mr. Cook said. “We believe the future of television is apps.“我们对TV的设想很简单,”库克说。“我们相信电视的未来就是应用。”The new version of Apple TV also includes a remote control that could be used as a game controller. The product now comes with a higher price tag that starts at 9, up from , indicating that the company is betting that consumers will think all of the new bells and whistles are worth the higher price.新款Apple TV还包括一个遥控器,可以用来操控视频游戏。新产品的起售价从之前的69美元提至149美元。这表明苹果确信,消费者会认为所有这些新功能对得起更高的价钱。Apple also introduced a new iPad Pro tablet device, which Mr. Cook called “the most capable” tablet the company has ever created. With a larger screen and optional keyboard (a feature aly found in other tablet devices, like the Microsoft Surface), it becomes a device that’s more useful for the creation of content rather than simply the consumption of content.苹果还推出了新款平板设备iPad Pro。它被库克称为公司开发的“功能最强大的”平板。这款设备屏幕变大了,并配备了可选键盘(其他一些平板设备,如微软的Surface已具备这一功能),变得更有利于内容生成,而不是单一的内容消费。“It makes sense for Apple to reveal a new keyboard along with new, larger-screen iPads with faster processors,” said Toni Sacconaghi, an analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein amp; Company. “The message being that Apple is trying to push the iPad to be more of a PC replacement, a converged device of a tablet notebook that has broader computing powers.”“苹果推出新键盘和处理器更快的新款大屏iPad是情理之中的事,”桑福德·C·伯恩斯坦公司(Sanford C. Bernstein amp; Company)的分析师托尼·萨克纳吉(Toni Sacconaghi)说。“它传达的讯息是,苹果正在尝试推动iPad成为更像替代个人电脑的产品,一款平板笔记本的聚合体,拥有更强大的计算能力。Mr. Sacconaghi added that Apple had long rejected the idea that it would create such a device, but that some of the pieces were aly in place. The iPad now runs Microsoft Office software and has a faster processor so it can handle more complex computing tasks.萨克纳吉还表示,长期以来,苹果一直没有采纳推出这样一款设备的主意,但实际上,其中的一些元素已经有了。iPad现在可以运行微软(Microsoft)的Office软件,处理器也更快,能处理更复杂的计算任务。Apple’s senior vice president of operations, Jeff Williams, also talked about improvements to the Apple Watch, including a spate of new apps including Facebook Messenger and Airstrip, a health care app that lets doctors coordinate patient care and monitor health data.苹果负责运营的高级副总裁杰夫·威廉斯(Jeff Williams)还宣讲了对Apple Watch的改进,包括新涌现出的Facebook Messenger和Airstrip等应用。Airstrip是一款健康应用,可以让医生协调对病人的照护,并监测健康数据。Drawing all of these devices together is Apple’s voice assistant technology, called Siri, with improved search capabilities that were prominently displayed throughout the event, especially on the new Apple TV.把所有这些设备联系在一起的是苹果的语音助手技术Siri。苹果对其搜索功能进行了改进,并在整场发布会上进行了突出的展示,特别是在新款Apple TV上。Befitting the Graham auditorium’s history as a music venue, the Apple event also featured a performance from the pop band OneRepublic.苹果的此次发布活动还有流行乐队OneRepublic的表演,呼应了格雷厄姆礼堂作为音乐厅的历史。 /201509/398127黑龙江省第一医院妇产科建卡要多少钱 If you want a smartwatch to make travel easier, Apple Watch is hard to beat. But what about all those Android competitors? There are too many to list here, including models from Sony and Samsung. Still, after taking Apple Watch for a test run several weeks ago, I gave a few popular watches for Android users a whirl (one nimble contender, Pebble, is compatible with both Android and iOS devices).如果你想买块智能手表,让旅行变得更方便,苹果手表可能是最好的选择。不过,那些安卓竞争者呢?它们的种类太多了,无法在这里一一列举,包括索尼(Sony)和三星(Samsung)的多种款式。不过,几周前,我试用苹果手表之后,也试了试几款流行的安卓手表(其中一个灵活的竞争产品是Pebble,它既能在安卓系统使用,也能在苹果的iOS系统中使用)。Apple Watch, among the newest additions to the smartwatch market, raised the bar in terms of intuitiveness and elegant functionality. And its travel apps are perhaps the most useful to date. But of course, not everyone wants an Apple. Below, a look at three popular Android options, and the pros and cons for travelers.苹果手表是智能手表市场的最新产品之一,它提高了直觉性和优雅功能性的标准。它的旅行应用程序可能是目前最有用的。但话又说回来了,并非所有人都想要苹果产品。下面我研究了三款流行的安卓产品,并分析了各自的优劣。Pebble and Pebble TimePebble和Pebble TimeFrom for Pebble; 9 for TimePebble,99美元起;Time,199美元STYLE With its colorless display and retro push buttons on the side of the face — which, in an age of touch screens, is a refreshingly uncomplicated way to navigate — the boxy Pebble calls to mind the watch David Hasselhoff used to summon his talking car in “Knight Rider.” It doesn’t have a touch screen, and its “e-paper” display (it’s easy to in sunlight) isn’t as crisp as others. But you’re not buying this (or any smartwatch) for looks. Like Crocs, it’s about utility. Besides, the company’s second-generation watch, which is being rolled out as I type, is, well, cute. One model of the new Pebble Time, with a gleaming white silicone band and color display, has a sporty Swatch-like look made for summer.外观:四四方方的Pebble让人想起了《霹雳游侠》(Knight Rider)中大卫·哈塞尔霍夫(David Hasselhoff)召唤自己会说话的汽车时用的那块手表。它的显示屏不是色的,表盘旁边设有古董按钮。在触摸屏时代,这个按钮倒是清爽的简单操作方式。这款手表没有触摸屏,它的“电子纸”显示屏(在阳光下看得很清楚)不像其他手表那么明快。不过你买它(或任何智能手表)不是为了外观。像Crocs的鞋子一样,重要的是实用性。另外,该公司正推出的第二代手表I型(I type)比较好看。新Pebble Time的其中一款拥有闪亮的白色硅胶表带和色显示屏,外形像斯沃琪(Swatch)夏季运动款手表。TRAVEL APPS Unlike its competitors, Pebble can go days without charging. It’s also water-resistant. You can shower with it on or go surfing or swimming. However, the first generation can hold only eight apps at a time. On iOS you’ll find versions of some travel apps such as Yelp, but many standard apps are not available. There’s no Hotel Tonight or Expedia, for example. So I branched out and tried Toilet Finder, an app that alerted me to nearby bathrooms— or tried to.旅行应用程序:跟它的竞争对手不同,Pebble好几天都不用充电。它还防水。你能戴着它洗澡、冲浪或游泳。不过,第一代只能安装八个应用程序。在iOS系统中,你能找到一些旅行应用程序,比如Yelp,但是很多常见应用程序都没有。例如,没有Hotel Tonight和Expedia。所以我稍微扩大范围,试了试Toilet Finder,这个应用程序能提醒我附近有厕所。NAVIGATION If you want directions on your Pebble, you need to load an app. The most helpful iOS app I tried was PebbleNav, but you have to enter your destination on a companion app that lives on your phone. It’s only after doing this that Pebble comes to life with turn-by-turn directions. An added step, yes, though after setting it up you can put away your phone and just glance at the watch’s detailed turn-by-turn directions, something that’s missing from a number of competitors.导航:如果你想用Pebble指路,你需要下载一个应用程序。我试过的最有用的iOS应用程序是PebbleNav,但是你必须在手机的配套应用程序上输入目的地,然后Pebble才能激活,一步一步指路。是的,它是多了一个步骤,不过,设定好之后,你可以把手机收起来,只看手表上的详细指引就行——有好几个竞争对手的产品都没有这个功能。PROS An affordable watch for those who want to texts and see what’s nearby, especially households where there are both iOS and Android devices. It’s water-resistant, has a long battery life and is well-sized for small wrists.优点:这款手表价格实惠,适合那些想用手表看短信或了解附近设施的人,特别是家里既有iOS又有Android产品的人。它防水,电池使用时间长,非常适合手腕细的人。CONS Frequent fliers and road warriors who have come to rely on an arsenal of travel apps (and Google Maps) will miss them.缺点:经常旅行的人会想念他们已经非常依赖的各种旅行应用程序(和谷歌地图)。LG Watch Urbane (Android Wear)LG城市手表(LG Watch Urbane,适配安卓系统)About 0约350美元STYLE This watch may be chunky, and the stitched leather strap may be slightly stiff, but it looks like the real thing (that is until you start talking into it).外观:这款手表可能看起来有些笨重,它的缝制皮表带可能有点硬,但它看起来很智能(直到你开始对它讲话才会发现它也没那么智能)。TRAVEL APPS You primarily use this smartwatch by saying “O.K., Google” and then asking for directions to, say, a museum, or instructing the watch to send a text or an email or jot down a note. When I lifted my wrist and spoke aloud, “O.K., Google, how do you say ‘table for two’ in French?,” up popped the words: “table pour deux ‘table for two in French’ ” Neat. (Though this wasn’t quite so smooth when there was a lot of ambient noise and the watch couldn’t hear me.) As with all smartwatches, popular travel apps are pared down or must be used in conjunction with the phone. For instance, to call up an American Airlines boarding pass, the watch told me I first had to view it on my smartphone.旅行应用程序:这款智能手表的主要使用方法是,先说“好的,谷歌”,然后询问去往某个目的地(比如物馆)的路线,或者命令手表发短信、发邮件或记笔记。当我抬起手腕,大声说“好的,谷歌,怎么用法语说‘两人桌位’”时,手表上跳出这些字:“table pour deux (法语两人桌位)”。棒极了(不过,当周围噪音很大、手表听不清我讲话时就没这么顺畅了)。和所有的智能手表一样,很多热门旅行应用程序都不能用,或者必须和手机协同使用。例如,我命令手表显示美国航空公司(American Airlines)的登机牌,它告诉我,必须先在智能手机上查看。NAVIGATION Google Maps makes navigation on this watch among the best to be found on a wrist. Ask for directions and up pops an arrow indicating which direction to begin driving or walking, along with the number of miles you should keep heading in that direction.导航:谷歌地图让这款手表的导航成为你能在手腕上找到的最好的导航方式之一。你问路之后,手表上会跳出一个箭头,指示开始往哪个方向开车或行走,以及你要接着往那个方向走多少英里。PROS Good navigation, voice-activated search and the ability to send texts and emails from your wrist make this a handy digital companion on the road.优点:导航优良,能声控激活搜索,能发送短信和邮件,这些优点让它成为旅行途中的便捷数码伴侣。CONS Apps that many travelers have come to rely on are not functional enough to be useful solely on the watch. And transitioning between activities takes some getting used to.缺点:很多旅行者所依赖的应用程序不能在这款手表上单独使用。不同活动之间的切换需要时间适应。MOTO 360 (Android Wear)托罗拉360(MOTO 360,适配安卓系统)From 9.99149.99美元起STYLE The fat, round face of the Moto 360 felt as weighty as an antique pocket watch, though the oversize color touch-screen face makes for easier ing. And you can customize, choosing from several bands and faces with the company’s “Moto Maker” at motorola.com.外形:托罗拉360圆乎乎的表盘感觉像古董怀表一样沉重,不过它的超大色触摸屏更易查看。你能在motorola.com网站上通过该公司的Moto Maker选择自己喜欢的表带和表盘。TRAVEL APPS Like the LG Urbane, you talk to this smartwatch by saying “O.K., Google” and then making a request. When I asked it to send an email it instantly asked “To whom?” When I asked for directions to the nearest gas station, it brought up choices from Mobil and Exxon. You can load a travel app such as Orbitz, but tap the icon and, as with the Urbane, you’ll be directed to your phone to fully use it.旅行应用程序:和LG城市手表一样,你能对着这款智能手表说“好的,谷歌”,然后开始下命令。我让它发邮件时,它马上问道:“给谁发?”我询问最近的加油站时,它显示出美孚(Mobil)和埃克森(Exxon)的几家加油站。你能装载旅行应用程序,比如Orbitz,但是点击图标后,你会得到指示,需要搭配手机才能完全使用,这一点跟LG城市手表一样。NAVIGATION After asking the watch to navigate to Union Square, New York, it showed me an arrow and the direction to set out. More detailed directions, including a map with turn-by-turn voice directions, appeared on my phone. Even if I were just planning to use Google Maps on my phone, it was still faster to ask the watch and allow it to instantly display a map and fire up navigation.导航:我要求这款手表把我导航到纽约联合广场(Union Square),它显示出箭头和出发方向。更详细的导航出现在我的手机上,包括带有逐步声音导航的地图。尽管我本来就打算使用手机上的谷歌地图,但是询问手表、让它立刻显示出地图并开始导航,还是更快一些。PROS Good navigation and effective voice-activated search from a watch that’s less than half the price of the Urbane.优点:导航良好,声控激活搜索高效,价格不到LG城市智能手表的一半。CONS The travel apps are pared down; you’re better off using most of them on your phone.缺点:很多旅行应用程序不能使用;大部分程序在手机上使用更好。 /201506/379287哈尔滨维多利亚医院好不好

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