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Until the shock Brexit vote, the Prime Minister assumed he had another three years left in power. By late tomorrow, he and his family will be out of Downing Street.令人震惊的英国脱欧公投之前,卡梅伦以为自己还有3年任期。然而,明天晚些时候,他们一家人就得搬出唐宁街了。Discovering on the morning after the referendum that they had just weeks left in their accommodationabove No 11 Downing Street was aly a shock. Now the Camerons have been turfed out two months early, they barely have time to gather their belongings, and nowhere permanent to go immediately in London. For their three children Nancy, 12, Elwen, ten, and Florence, five, it must be an extraordinarilytraumatic and bewildering time.公投结束后的那天早晨,他们发现自己只能在唐宁街11号隔壁再居住几个星期,这已经是一大打击了。而现在,卡梅伦一家要提前两个月被踢出去,他们甚至没有时间收拾东西,也没法立刻在伦敦找到长期住所。对于这家的三个孩子——12岁的南希、10岁的艾尔文、5岁的弗洛伦斯来说,这段时间一定特别痛苦而迷茫。Though Samantha hated the fusty four-bedroom flat when they arrived in 2010, the couple spent tens of thousands in their own cash redecorating it, installing a top-of-the-range kitchen and open-plan sitting room. They have never loved it, but it has come to feel like home.尽管萨曼莎在2010年搬来这里时很讨厌这套老旧的四卧室公寓,卡梅伦夫妇还是自掏腰包拿出数十万元重新装修,配置了最高端的厨房和开放式起居室。他们从来没有爱上这房子,但它已经很有家的感觉了。Mr Cameron#39;s instinct will be to retreat to his peaceful constituency home in west Oxfordshire, a place the whole family loves. A few miles from Chipping Norton, the secluded Cotswold cottage offers far more privacy than anywhere in London, allowing them to live an almost normal life. Security is low key; they have many friends in the area and find it easy to relax. With more than a week until the school holidays, however, that won#39;t happen. The property is more than 70 miles from London, making it totally impractical for getting to school.卡梅伦先生的第一反应是搬回他的选区。在牛津郡西部,他有一处安静的居所,全家人都很喜欢。那座幽静的科兹沃尔德乡村小屋距离奇平沃顿有几英里远,比伦敦隐密得多,可以让他们过上近乎寻常老百姓的生活。低调就是安全;而且他们在那里有许多朋友,很容易放松下来。但是,学校再过一个多星期才能放假,所以他们不能搬卡。牛津郡离伦敦有70英里,住在那里天天来伦敦上学是根本不可能的。The Camerons have aly served notice on the tenants in their beloved £3.6million Notting Hill home, where they raised their late firstborn, Ivan. They had hoped it would be empty in time for them to move back in when the Prime Minister stepped down. But unfortunately the tenants are still in situ. Last month it emerged the Camerons had taken out a new mortgage on the Notting Hill property but No 10 sources deny it was to buy another home.卡梅伦夫妇在诺丁山还有一处很喜欢的住所,价值360万英镑,他们曾在那里抚养过夭折的长子伊凡。他们已经通知了那里的租户,本希望房子在新首相就任前能及时空出来。但是,很不幸,租户还没有搬走。上个月,传说卡梅伦夫妇又在诺丁山贷款买了一套房子,但是唐宁街10号的发言人否认了这种传言。Either way, where the family will live is a small matter relative to the question about what he and Samantha will do for the rest of their lives. ;The easy answer to that question is whatever Samantha wants,; according to a friend. ;David will put her first now.; Liberated from the constraints of being the wife of the premier, Samantha is now likely to step up her lucrative retail career. After a long and highly successful stint with luxury leather goods company Smythson, she is said to be planning to launch her own fashion label with her aide and stylist Isabel Spearman.无论如何,卡梅伦一家住在哪里都不会怎么影响这对夫妇接下来会做些什么。一位朋友说:“这个问题好说,主要看萨曼莎想怎么样,戴维会把她的意愿放在首位。”如今,萨曼莎终于从首相夫人的种种束缚中解放出来,很可能会继续她利润丰厚的零售事业。她曾在豪华皮具公司斯迈森工作过很长时间,事业非常成功。据说,萨曼莎打算和她的助手兼造型设计师伊莎贝尔·斯皮尔曼一起开创自己的时尚品牌。As for the children, sooner or later, they are likely to move schools. Currently at a state secondary in Westminster, Nancy can now be educated privately, without it creating a big fuss. But the Camerons will need to decide whether to put her through even more upheaval by enrolling her in a new school. Elwen, who along with Florence is currently at a Kensington primary, is thought to be down for a prep school in south west London.至于孩子们,他们可能或早或晚都面临转学的命运。目前,南希就读于威斯敏斯特的一所公立中学,可以私密地接受教育,不会遇到什么混乱局面。但是,卡梅伦夫妇需要决定是否让她转入新的学校,如果转学她的人生就会发生重大变化。艾尔文和佛洛伦斯现在就读于肯辛顿的一所小学,大家认为他们俩可能要转到伦敦西南的一所预科学校。What of Cameron himself? He loves being MP for Witney, where he has a comfortable majority. He has said he plans to continue in the role. Though he could continue as a backbencher for decades, it#39;s likely he will step down in 2020 in favour of a seat in the Lords. Friends expect him to emulate former prime minister John Major, taking on a couple of low-key but lucrative non-executive corporate roles, and maybe a job on the international stage.那么,卡梅伦自己呢?他喜欢在威特尼作议员,在那里他会非常舒适,因为大多数人都持他,他说过想继续那份工作。尽管卡梅伦可以再当几十年的后座议员,但很可能他会在2020年离职竞争上议院的席位。朋友们希望他学学前首相约翰·梅杰,到企业里担任一两个低调多金的非领导职务,也许还可以到国际舞台上找份工作。 /201607/454086

US public relations firm Ogilvy And Mather identified 12 emerging markets that will be key to middle-class consumer growth over the next decade - showing a shift to South Asia as the epicenter of future middle-class growth, according to its new report released Tuesday.美国公关公司奥美在周二发布的最新报告中确定了12个新兴市场,它们将是未来10年中产消费者增长的关键市场,预示着未来中产阶级增长的中心地带将转移至南亚。The South Asian markets focus principally on India, but include Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Indonesia and the Philippines. The vast arc of future growth extends up to China, and to Egypt, Nigeria, Mexico and Brazil in the other direction.南亚市场的中心主要在印度,但也包括巴基斯坦、孟加拉国、缅甸、印度尼西亚和菲律宾,一端延伸到中国,另一端则拓展到埃及、尼日利亚、墨西哥和巴西,它们在地图上连出了一条未来增长的巨大弧线。In the next 10 years, these 12 markets will be the source of the next billion middle-class consumers, Ogilvy And Mather said. They will create a critical tipping point as the middle class moves from a minority to the majority of the local population in many of these markets.奥美称,未来10年,这12个市场将涌现出10亿新的中产消费者。在这些市场当中,随着中产阶级的人数在当地人口中从少数变为多数,他们将会创造出一个关键的转折点。;The research shows the world as it will be in the not-too-distant future. A billion new middle-class members will literally change its shape.; said Miles Young, chairman and CEO of Ogilvy And Mather.奥美董事长兼首席执行官杨名皓称:“该研究呈现了世界市场在不太遥远的未来的样子,10亿新生中产阶层将确实地改变世界格局。”;Most Western businesses simply are not used to thinking this way. This means finding a new lexicon of growth, as the phrase #39;emerging market#39; now doesn#39;t fully describe the new realities.;“大多数西方企业根本就不习惯这样的思维方式。这意味着要找到一个新的描述增长的词汇,因为“新兴市场”这个短语现在并没有完全描述现在新的实际情况。”;These new dynamics are particularly relevant to China and Chinese businesses,; Young said.杨名皓表示,这些新变化对中国及中国企业尤其重要。 /201609/464309

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