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哈尔滨人民医院产科医生在线哈尔滨市哪家医院看妇科好Bush Calls for Action on Economic Challenges布什吁国会采取行动振兴经济 President George Bush says the ed States faces difficult economic times - a situation made worse by congressional inaction. 美国总统布什星期二在白宫举行的记者会上说,美国正面临经济困难时期,而国会缺乏行动则使目前的经济困难进一步恶化。President Bush says he does not know whether America's sagging economic performance meets the technical definition of a recession. But he says, without a doubt, conditions are "tough" for Americans struggling with high energy prices, soaring food costs, a plummeting housing market and tight credit."Across our country, many Americans are understandably anxious about issues affecting their pocketbook: from gas and food prices to mortgage and tuition bills," Mr. Bush said.  布什总统说,他不知道美国经济疲软是否满足了经济衰退的严格定义。但是他表示,毫无疑问,目前的状况对于美国人来说确实难以招架,因为他们正面对能源价格暴涨、食品价格飙升、房屋市场狂跌和信贷市场紧缩的局面而苦苦挣扎。布什总统说:“在全国各地,很多美国人都对影响他们钱包的问题忧心忡忡:从汽油和食品价格,到房屋按揭和学杂费,不一而足。”Speaking in the White House Rose Garden, Mr. Bush said his administration has made a series of proposals to shield the American people from the worst effects of the economic turndown and to address long-term energy needs. But, he said Congress has refused to act on the proposals from extending tax cuts to expanding America's oil refinery capacity. 布什总统是在白宫玫瑰园向记者发表这番讲话的。他说,他领导的政府提出了一系列建议来保护美国人民,防止他们受到经济下滑的最恶劣的影响,解决他们长期的能源需求问题,比如,延长减税期限和扩大美国炼油厂的生产能力,然而国会却拒绝就这些建议采取行动。He was particularly critical of congressional resistance to authorizing oil exploration in a national wildlife refuge in Alaska, known as ANWAR. 他特别批评国会反对授权在阿拉斯加州的一个国家野生动植物保护区勘探石油。"Members of Congress have been vocal about foreign governments increasing their oil production, yet Congress has been just as vocal in opposition to efforts to expand our production here at home," Mr. Bush said. "They have repeatedly blocked environmentally safe exploration in ANWAR. The Department of Energy estimates that ANWAR could allow America to produce about a million additional barrels of oil every day."  布什说:“国会议员们口口声声地要求外国政府增加他们的石油产量,可是同时却又口口声声地反对在我们国内扩大石油生产。他们再三阻挠在阿拉斯加州的国家野生动植物保护区勘探石油,尽管这种勘探从环保角度来看是安全的。能源部估计,如果在阿拉斯加州的国家野生动植物保护区勘探石油,那将给美国每天增加大约一百万桶的石油。”Mr. Bush urged congressional leaders of both parties to work together and take concrete steps to address America's economic and energy needs. 布什总统敦促国会民主-共和两党的领导人相互合作,采取具体步骤,满足美国的经济和能源需求。His comments provoked a swift response from congressional Democrats, who control both legislative houses. New York Senator Charles Schumer says the president is out of touch with the American people, and late in leading the charge for action on the economy. 然而布什总统的这番话立即遭到国会民主党人的反驳。美国国会参众两院目前都在民主党的控制之下。来自纽约州的民主党参议员查尔斯.舒默说,布什总统完全脱离了美国人民,尤其是在振兴经济方面行动迟缓。"The president and the White House have repeatedly ignored repeated shots across the bow of our economy: rising foreclosures, falling home prices, withering consumer confidence, and record oil company profits," Schumer said. "None of them are being addressed." 舒默说:“总统和白宫一再忽视我国经济反复发出的信号:丧失抵押住房赎回权的人数增加,房屋价格大幅度下滑,消费者信心日益低落,石油公司的利润破记录地上升。这些问题全都没有得到处理。”On Alaskan oil drilling, Mr. Schumer said it would take years before new crude started flowing, and that the oil generated would have a negligible affect on gasoline prices. 在阿拉斯加的石油勘探问题上,舒默参议员说,新的油田投产需要很多年的时间,而那里生产的石油对于汽油价格的影响将是微乎其微的。The back-and-forth between the White House and Capitol Hill on economic matters came amid a mixed batch of U.S. financial indicators. U.S. consumer confidence now stands at a five-year low, a sign that consumer spending may slow in the months to come. Another report shows U.S. housing prices dropped in February at the fastest rate ever recorded.  就在白宫和国会就经济问题唇舌剑地相互指责的时候,新出炉的经济数据可以说是有好有坏。美国的消费者信心现在下降到五年来的最低水平,暗示在今后的几个月中,消费者出将会走缓。另外一份报告显示,美国的住房价格在2月份以前所未有的幅度下滑。On a more positive note for American consumers, oil prices receded amid reports of falling domestic demand for fossil fuels. 不过,对于美国消费者来说,也有一个积极的迹象:由于有报告说美国国内对化石燃料的需求有所减少,石油价格开始回落。 200804/37043哈尔滨阿城市妇幼保健院预约电话 Former Finnish President Martti Ahtisaari Wins Nobel Peace Prize阿赫蒂萨里荣获今年诺贝尔和平奖  Norway's Nobel committee tapped former Finnish president and peace advocate Martti Ahtisaari as this year's peace laureate. The 71-year-old politician - and his distinguished career.挪威的诺贝尔奖委员会宣布前芬兰总统及和平事业倡导者马尔蒂.阿赫蒂萨里获得今年的诺贝尔和平奖。这位政治家现年71岁,为和平事业做了杰出的工作。Norway's Nobel committee praised Martti Ahtisaari for his efforts to help secure peace in a number of conflict torn countries during his lengthy career as U.N. diplomat, Finnish president and later, peace activist with his organization, the Crisis Management Initiative.挪威诺贝尔奖委员会赞扬马尔蒂.阿赫蒂萨里在漫长的职业生涯中,作为联合国外交官、芬兰总统、以及他后来组成的“危机管理倡议”组织的和平倡导人,在一些战乱国家协助确保实现和平。Over the past 20 years, the Nobel statement said, Ahtisaari has played a prominent role in resolving serious and long-lasting conflicts in Namibia, Indonesia, Kosovo and Iraq - among other areas.诺贝尔奖委员会的声明说,在过去20年里,阿赫蒂萨里为解决纳米比亚、印度尼西亚、科索沃和伊拉克等地旷日持久的严重冲突发挥了无与伦比的作用。In an interview on Norwegian television, Ahtisaari cited peace talks in 1989-1990 in the southwestern African nation of Namibia as his greatest achievement. Those talks helped pave the way for Namibia's independence from south Africa.阿赫蒂萨里在接受挪威电视台采访时说,1989年到1990年在非洲西南部国家纳米比亚的和平谈判是自己最大的成就。那些会谈帮助铺平了纳米比亚脱离南非统治、走向独立的道路。Ahtisaari began his career as a school teacher before joining Finland's foreign ministry. He served as a ed Nations undersecretary and secretary of state for the Finnish foreign ministry before being elected president of Finland in 1994. 阿赫蒂萨里最初的职业是教师,随后他到芬兰外交部工作。他曾担任联合国副秘书长、芬兰外交部国务秘书,在1994年当选芬兰总统。Ahtisaari founded the Crisis Management Initiative in 2000. The Helsinki-based non-profit organization provides solutions for ending conflicts around the world.阿赫蒂萨里在2000年创建了“危机管理倡议”组织。这个非营利组织设在赫尔辛基,为结束世界各地的冲突提供解决途径。Former U.S. Vice-President Al Gore won last year's Nobel peace prize along with the U.N. panel on climate change for their work on raising attention to the threat of global warming.前美国副总统戈尔与联合国气候变化论坛小组一起赢得了去年的诺贝尔和平奖,因为他们让人们关注全球气候变暖形成的威胁。200810/52536'Perfect Storm' of Factors Driving Up Oil Prices, say Experts 油价为何如此高?似多种多样   Since the beginning of the decade, gasoline prices in the ed States have roughly tripled, while the global price of a barrel of oil has risen even more. The trend has inflicted pain on consumers and petroleum-dependent industries while massively boosting the fortunes of oil-producing nations and petroleum companies. Why are oil prices so high? 自从这十年开始以来,美国的汽油价格几乎翻了三倍,而全球石油价格涨得更多。这一趋势给消费者和依赖石油的产业带来痛苦的同时大大增加了产油国和石化公司的财富。为什么油价会这么高?American motorists appear to grow more dismayed every time they go to a gasoline station. The average price for a gallon of fuel rose nearly six cents in the past week alone (about 1.3 cents per liter), and is more than 50 cents higher than a year ago (about 12 cents higher per liter). 美国开车的人每次去加油站似乎变得更为沮丧。仅仅在过去一周时间里,每加仑燃油的平均价格就涨了6美分,而且比去年高出了50多美分。While consumers complain, others are pointing fingers. 消费者报怨,其他人则辩论谁该为此负责。For Ray Carbone, who heads the New York-based energy trading firm Paramount Options, the issue boils down to three words: supply and demand. He notes that the world is consuming more fossil fuel each day, led by large, rapidly developing countries like China and India, at a time when global oil production is stagnant. 卡蓬是设在纽约的能源交易公司负责人。对于他来说,这个问题的根源就是三个词:供应与需求。他指出,世界每天在消费更多石化油,消费最多的是迅速发展中的大国如中国和印度,而此时的世界石油产量处于停滞状态。"The demand numbers coming out of Asia, although slower than a year or two ago, have certainly put into the fore [shown] that the U.S. is not the big, big driver in demand that it used to be," Carbone said. "And that seems to be what people are having trouble coming to grips with, I think." 他说:“来自亚洲的需求数字尽管比一、两年前增长减缓了,可是肯定显示出美国不像过去一样是个大的需求者。我想,这好像是人们不好对付的。”Despite rising oil consumption, the world's largest oil cartel, OPEC, has resisted calls to boost production. But OPEC officials are offering no apologies, and scoff at the theory that inadequate supply to meet rising demand lies at the heart of today's elevated oil prices. OPEC Secretary General Abdullah al-Badri. 尽管石油消费在增长,世界最大的石油卡特尔--石油输出国组织欧佩克却抵制提高生产的呼声。这个组织官员非但没有表示歉意,反而嘲笑有关今天油价上涨关键在于供应不足无法满足上涨需求的理论。"The price has nothing to do with supply and demand," he said. "Other factors affect the price. OPEC will not hesitate to increase production if we think the higher price is because of a shortage of oil in the market. But we are confident that it is not a shortage of oil; it is something else." 欧佩克秘书长巴德里说:“价格与供应和需求无关。其他因素影响价格。如果我们认为油价更高是因为市场上的油短缺就会毫不犹豫提高产量。但是我们有信心并不是油短缺,而是别的问题。”Who is right in this debate, the energy traders or OPEC? 在这场辩论中,谁说的对?是能源交易人士还是石油输出国组织?They both are, according to Steve Hanke, professor of applied economics at Johns Hopkins University and a senior fellow at the Washington-based Cato Institute. Hanke says, without a doubt, current demand for oil exceeds supply. 约翰霍普金斯大学应用经济学教授和华盛顿的卡托研究所的高级研究员汉克认为,他们说的都对。汉克说,毫无疑问,现有的石油需求超过了供应。"We really had a surge in demand, and a lot of this occurred as a result of rapid world growth," he said. "World growth has been increasing at a fairly high rate in the last three or four years. And to some extent it has been energy-intensive in use, because we have had a fairly large increase in the middle class in a lot of these developing countries." 他说:“我们的确需求有增加。许多是由于世界快速增长所导致的。在过去三或四年里,世界增长速度相当高。而且在某种程度上,增长是以能源集中使用的形式,因为在许多发展中国家,中产阶级有相当大的增加。”But other factors contribute as well. Hanke says amid uncertainty and volatility in global stock markets, many investors have poured money into commodities such as oil. This trend, combined with investor assumptions that oil prices will remain high, have helped boost prices further, which has in turn fed more investor speculation in the market. 但是,其他因素也起作用。汉克说,面对全球股市不确定和动荡,许多投资人将资金投入石油等商品,这一趋势加上投资人预期石油价格将保持在高价位,促使价格进一步上升,从而导致市场上更多投资人投机。Hanke says the weak U.S. dollar does not help matters. 汉克说,美元贬值对问题不会有帮助作用。"Twenty-five percent of the increase in oil prices is strictly due to the fact that the dollar has gone down by 25 percent, because oil all over the world is priced in dollars," he said. 他说:“油价上涨的25%严格意义上在于美元贬值了25%,因为世界石油价格是按美元计算。”Taken together, Hanke says, these and other factors have made for a "perfect storm" that relentlessly drives up oil prices with no end in sight. 汉克说,这些因素和其他因素合起来造就了一场不断推动油价涨不到头的“完美的风暴”。What can be done about it? Hanke says oil prices would moderate if supply were increased and world demand leveled off or subsided. He says prices would also be lower if oil-producing nations reversed the trend towards state monopoly control of their petroleum sectors, if the U.S. government stopped stockpiling emergency oil for its Strategic Petroleum Reserve program, or if the U.S. dollar were to strengthen. 对这个问题,有什么措施呢?汉克说,如果增加供应和世界需求不变或者减少,油价会出现缓和。他说,如果产油国遏制国家垄断控制石油部门这个趋势,如果美国政府停止储存紧急用石油的战略石油储备项目,或者如果美元价值加强,价格还会更低。For that last suggestion to become reality, however, U.S. interest rates would likely have to rise, something America's central bank is unlikely to tolerate so long as the U.S. economy remains weak. Ironically, many economists blame America's anemic economic performance, in part, on higher fuel prices. 然而, 要让最后这个建议变成现实,美国利率将可能必须上升。只要美国经济仍然脆弱,美国的中央就不可能接受这么做。具有讽刺意味的是,许多经济学者将美国经济呈现停滞的部分原因归咎于油价上涨。 200804/36464哈尔滨打胎做的好的医院

哈尔滨做微创宫颈糜烂大约多少钱Formalities for Customs Clearance通关手续A:What are you planning to do after your graduation from college?A:大学毕业了之后你打算做什么工作啊?B:Professor Wang.to be honest I do not have interests in my major now. I am quite interested in knowledge about customs. I prefer to become a civil servant in the customs field. Thats why I came to your lecture.B:王老师,老实说,我不喜欢我目前的专业,我对海关的知识非常感兴趣。毕业之后我更想成为一名海关部门的公务员。这也是我来上您的课的原因。A:Thats a fantastic idea. To be a civil servant is very lofty and you can make your contribution to the country as well as the people.A:这个想法很不错啊。当公务员是非常圣神的,你可以为国家和人民做出你自己的贡献。B:Thank you. But I am just interested in it. Actually I have little knowledge about this field. Could you supervise me a little bit?B:谢谢老师,但是我只是感兴趣而已,对海关的知识却是知之甚少。您能稍微指导我一下吗 ?A:Of course. ld love to. What exactly would you like to know?A:当然可以,我非常乐意。你想了解些什么呢?B:I am especially keen on the customs clearance. Could you please first tell me the definition of customs clearance?B:我对海关通关尤其感兴趣,首先您能给我讲讲通关的概念吗?A:Yes.sure. It refers to the act that the people in charge of the inbound or outbound vehicles.consignors and their agents .or the owners of the items make a declaration to the customs about applying for the formalities for their import. export cargoes or items. And it also refers to the whole process in which the customs officers audit. inspect. collect duty, approve import or export of the documents and the cargo provided by the consignors.A:当然可以。海关对发货商呈交的单和申请进出口货物、物品依法进行审核、查验、征收税费、批准进出口的全过程。通关是指进出境运输工具的负责人、货物收发货人及其代理人、物品的所有人向海关申请办理进出口货物、物品手续。B:Thats the account for it. Then what are the official formalities in terms of customs clearance?B:原来如此啊。那么,海关通关的官方手续都有哪些啊?A:The inbound or outbound passengers have to enter or depart from the place where a customs office is located so that their personal possessions and belongings can be supervised and managed by the customs oflice. Passengers ought to make declaration in accordance with the regulations. Except for the exemptions from inspections. the personal possessions and belongings of passengers must be examined and released by the Customs. Passengers who bring articles which have to be declared ought to hand in the China Customs Declaration Form for Incoming Outgoing. Passengers or the declaration document the customs specifies to the declaration counterA:进出境旅客行李物品必须通过设有海关的地点进境或出境,接受海关监管。旅客应按规定向海关申报。除法规规定免验者外,进出境旅客行李物品应交由海关规定查验放行,旅客进出境携有需向海关申报的物品,应在申报台前向海递交 《中华人民共和国海关进出境旅游行李物品申报单》或海关规定的申报单,按规定如实申报其行李物品,报请海关办理物品进境或出境手续。B:Amazing. There are so many regulations and stipulations.I never thought it that way before.I seems that being a customs ofticer is not an easy task. It is very challenging. I must study harder to make myself qualified for the post. Then I have one more question. On what basic principle is it based for customs officers CO inspect the passengers luggage and articles?B:真是不可思议、竟然有这么多的规章制度,我以前从来没有想过,看来当一名海关部门的公务员可不是一件容易的差事,是很有挑战性的。我必须更加努力才使白已有资格成为一名合格的海关公务员?我还有一个问题,海关官员是基于什么样的基本原则来对旅客的行李物品进行检查的呢?A:The basic principle the customs uses to examine the luggage and arlicles of the passengers is for personal use and in reasonable quantities. to stipulate different scope and different duty limitations for difterent passengers belongings.A:海关验收进出境旅客行李物品,以自用合理数量为原则,对不同类型的旅客行李物品规定不同的范嗣和征收税限量或限值。B:I get it. Thank you so much. I understand that there is still a long way for me to go if I want to become a competent civil servant in the customs.B:我明白了,非常感谢您王老师。我明白了一点,我要想成为一名合格的海关公务员还有很多知识要学习。A:I can see that you are a very promising student. I have full confidence in you that you will make your dream come true.A:你是个很有前途的学生。我很看好你,你的梦想也一定会实现的。 /201602/426427哈尔滨子宫肌瘤治疗哪家好 Iran Announces Installation of More Centrifuges at Uranium Enrichment Plant伊朗扩大浓缩铀项目招致美国抨击  ed States and is expected to deepen the political rift between Iran and the West.  伊朗总统艾哈迈迪内贾德星期二宣布,伊朗正在一个浓缩铀工厂安装六千个新的离心机。这项宣布招致美国的猛烈批评,估计这会加深伊朗和西方世界的政治裂痕。 President Ahmadinejad announced that Tehran is expanding its nuclear enrichment program at the Natanz nuclear plant by installing 6,000 new uranium enrichment centrifuges there. 艾哈迈迪内贾德总统宣布,德黑兰正在扩大纳坦兹核电厂的核浓缩项目,在那里安装六千个新的浓缩铀离心机。The Iranian president said the new phase began on Tuesday.  他说,扩建工程星期二已经开始。Last year, Iran announced that it had successfully installed, and was operating, 3,000 centrifuges at Natanz. 去年,伊朗宣布在纳坦兹成功地安装了三千个离心机,并已开始运行。Uranium gas is enriched in cascades of centrifuges linked together. The result can be low-grade fuel used for generating electricity, or higher-grade fuel appropriate for nuclear weapons.Speaking to a crowd near the nuclear power station in the city of Bushehr, Mahmoud Jafarai, a plant official, confirmed that Iran is moving ahead with nuclear enrichment. 布什尔市核电站的一名官员贾法里在核设施附近对听众发表的演说中,实了伊朗在铀浓缩方面进行了新的扩展。The Bushehr plant is being built by Russia. But although the uranium for the plant is being enriched in Russia, Jafari told the crowd that Iran has reached an irreversible point in nuclear technology and that Western pressure will only strengthen Iran in defending its national interest.  布什尔核电站是俄罗斯建设的。虽然用于这个发电厂的金属铀在俄罗斯进行浓缩,但是贾法里对听众说,伊朗在核技术方面已经到达了一个不可逆转的起点,西方的压力只能加强伊朗捍卫国家利益的决心。The crowd responded with cheers chanting, "Nuclear energy is our absolute right." 听众爆发出欢呼声,不断高呼“核能是我们的绝对权利”。Following Mr. Ahmadinejad's announcement on Tuesday, the French foreign minister told reporters in Paris that the international community must consider toughened sanctions if Iran does not address concerns about its nuclear program. 星期二艾哈迈迪内贾德总统发布声明以后,法国外长在巴黎告诉媒体说,如果伊朗不就外界对其核项目的关切作出回应,国际社会必须考虑对伊朗实施严厉的制裁措施。In Washington, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said she is unable to substantiate Iran's claims. 在华盛顿,国务卿赖斯说,她无法实伊朗的宣称是否属实。"I don't think that the underlying situation has changed which is that Iran faces three separate U.N. Security Council resolutions," she said. "Iran faces continued isolation in the international community." 赖斯说:“我认为局势没有变化,也就是说,伊朗仍面临联合国安理会的三项决议案。伊朗仍然在国际社会中面对持续的孤立”。The ed Nations Security Council has aly passed three sets of sanctions against Iran for refusing to halt its enrichment program.  联合国安理会已经通过了三套针对伊朗的制裁措施,因为伊朗拒绝停止其浓缩铀项目。Iran has long defended what it claims is its right to enrich uranium and says its nuclear program is strictly for peaceful energy purposes. 伊朗长期以来一直辩护说,浓缩铀是它的权利,并表示,伊朗的核项目完全是出于和平的能源目的。But the ed States believes that Iran is working to develop a nuclear weapon.  但是美国认为,伊朗在努力发展核武器。Iran says it hopes to install some 54,000 centrifuges at Natanz. 伊朗表示,希望在纳坦兹核电厂安装大约五万四千个离心机。 200804/34005肇州县人流价格

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