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襄阳市妇幼保健院治疗月经不调多少钱襄阳天和医院做孕检怎么样VOA流行美语 79: DONE WITH THAT / PAY THROUGH THE NOSE今天Michael和李华要出去买东西。李华会学到两个常用语:down with that和to pay through the nose。M: Hey, Li Hua. What do you want to do today? I don't have any special plan, so we can do whatever you want.L: 你今天没事干呀?太好了,我正想去买几件春天穿的衣。那些旧的都已经过时了。M: I'm down with that. I need to buy some new tennis shoes. My old ones are really gross. My roommate is threatening to throw them out.L: 我也注意到你的球鞋了,实在不象话,怪不得你的室友要把它扔掉呢。哎,那太好了,咱们就一块儿去买东西吧。不过,Michael,你刚才说I'm down with that。那是什么意思呀?就是你愿意去的意思吗?M: Yes, the expression "I'm down with that" means going shopping is okay with me and I'm willing to go.L: 这很有意思。那要是你问我,要不要跟你一块儿吃晚饭,我很愿意的话,我能不能说:I'm down with that?M: Yes, that would let me know that you are willing to have dinner with me. What would you say if I suggested we go to my friend's party on Saturday night.L: 你建议我们星期六晚上上你朋友家去聚会啊。嗯,那一定很好玩,我愿意去,I'm down with that。M: Right. Now, where do you want to go shopping? There are lots of places close by.L: 去哪儿买东西呀?学校附近有很多买东西的地方。去附近那个购物中心,好不好?M: Okay, that's fine with me. That mall has a shoe store and it's close. Let's go.L: Okay, I'm down with that. 我们可以搭公共汽车去,几分钟就到了。然后我们有一整天去买我们要买的东西。还可以在购物中心吃饭呢!M: Okay, I'm down with that.******L: 哎,Michael,这家店看起来真好。我们能不能进去看看呀?我肯定他们有很好的衣。M: That's Neiman-Marcus. They have nice stuff, but they're really, really expensive. You have to pay through the nose to buy even a shirt there.L: 我也猜想它们的衣一定很贵。你说要在他们这里买件衬衣就要pay through the nose? 东西贵和鼻子有什么关系呀?M: To pay through the nose is to pay a lot of money for something, usually way more than the item is worth. For instance, a shirt in a normal store costs about . However, a shirt in Neiman-Marcus easily costs !00. That's paying through the nose.L: 我懂了。To pay through the nose就是用高价买一样东西,往往要比原来的价值高很多。像普通店里一件衬衣要40美元,在他们这里就要200美元。可是,Michael, 我还是不懂,一个人的鼻子和钱有什么关系呀?M: Yeah, it is a strange expression, but that's the way it is. Do you still want to go into that store?L: 不要,不要,我不进去了。我只是个学生,没那么多钱,I can't afford to pay through the nose for things. 我啊,付不起这么高的价钱。M: I agree. I don't want to pay through the nose for anything either. It's stupid to waste so much money on something you can buy cheaper somewhere else.L: 就是呀,能够用便宜的价钱买到的东西为什么要浪费那么多钱去买呢?对了,Michael, 那什么时候我们还可以用to pay through the nose这个说法的呢?M: Well, some people are willing to pay through the nose to buy tickets to see their favorite singers.L: 噢,花好多钱买票去听他们喜欢的歌手唱歌。我就有几个朋友爱买名牌的东西。她们就愿意pay through the nose。M: I don't understand paying through the nose to eat at fancy restaurants either. Food is food. Li Hua, I'm getting hungry. Can we go eat first?L: I'm down with that. 我也有点饿了。但是,I don't want to pay through the nose.李华今天学到了两个常用语。一个是:down with that, 意思是"同意",或者是"愿意"。另一个是:to pay through the nose, 意思是"出高价买东西"。 /200602/3154襄阳四医院人流多少钱 And while a few Indonesians have recently joined ISIS,虽然最近还是有些印尼人加入伊斯兰国their number is tiny, far fewer in per capita terms than the number of Belgians.但他们的数量是非常少的,按人均来计算比比利时要少得多Try to think of one other Muslim-majority country that can say all those same things.想想看还有哪个以穆斯林为主的国家能够做到这些In 2014, I went to Indonesia to ask its current president,2014年,我到印尼去采访了现任总统a soft-spoken technocrat named Joko Widodo,一个说话温柔的专家型官员,叫做佐科·维多多;Why is Indonesia thriving when so many other Muslim states are dying?;“为什么在其它众多穆斯林国家走向衰退时印尼却能保持繁荣?”;Well, what we realized,; he told me,“嗯,我们意识到,”他告诉我;is that to deal with extremism, we needed to deal with inequality first.;“要想打击恐怖主义,我们首先需要消除不平等。”See, Indonesias religious parties, like similar parties elsewhere,瞧,印尼的宗教政党像其它类似的政党一样had tended to focus on things like reducing poverty and cutting corruption.趋向于聚焦在减少贫困和腐败的问题上So thats what Joko and his predecessors did too, thereby stealing the Islamists thunder.佐科和他的前任们做的另一件事,就是降低伊斯兰主义的影响。They also cracked down hard on terrorism,他们还强力打击了恐怖主义but Indonesias democrats have learned a key lesson from the dark years of dictatorship,但是印尼的民主人士从独裁统治的黑暗岁月里也学到了一个很重要的教训namely that repression only creates more extremism.即压制只会造就更多的恐怖主义。So they waged their war with extraordinary delicacy.因此他们非常精密地发动了他们的战争。They used the police instead of the army.他们使用警察而不是军队They only detained suspects if they had enough evidence. They held public trials.他们只在有足够据的情况下才拘留嫌犯。他们实行公开审判。They even sent liberal imams into the jails to persuade the jihadists that terror is un-Islamic.他们甚至还派开明的阿訇去监狱劝说圣战主义者,告诉他们恐怖活动是反伊斯兰的And all of this paid off in spectacular fashion,所有的这些获得了巨大的回报creating the kind of country that was unimaginable 20 years ago.创造了一个20年前无法想象得到的国家。So at this point, my optimism should, I hope, be starting to make a bit more sense.因此在这一点上,我的乐观应该,我希望,开始变得更加有意义了。201706/513016襄阳人民医院男科早泄

襄阳市职业病防治医院治疗妇科疾病多少钱宜城市人民医院人民医院地址 My Lords and Members of the House of Commons,My government will use the opportunity of a strengthening economy to deliver security for working people, to increase life chances for the most disadvantaged and to strengthen national defences.My ministers will continue to bring the public finances under control so that Britain lives within its means, and to move to a higher wage and lower welfare economy where work is rewarded.To support the economic recovery, and to create jobs and more apprenticeships, legislation will be introduced to ensure Britain has the infrastructure that businesses need to grow.Measures will be brought forward to create the right for every household to access high speed broadband.Legislation will be introduced to improve Britains competitiveness and make the ed Kingdom a world leader in the digital economy.My ministers will ensure the ed Kingdom is at the forefront of technology for new forms of transport, including autonomous and electric vehicles.To sp economic prosperity, my government will continue to support the development of a Northern Powerhouse.In England, further powers will be devolved to directly elected mayors, including powers governing local bus services.Legislation will also allow local authorities to retain business rates, giving them more freedom to invest in local communities.My government will support aspiration and promote home ownership through its commitment to build a million new homes.Following last weeks Anti-Corruption Summit in London, legislation will be introduced to tackle corruption, money laundering and tax evasion.My government will continue work to deliver NHS services over 7 days of the week in England. Legislation will be introduced to ensure that overseas visitors pay for the health treatment they receive at public expense.201606/451966襄阳477医院人流多少钱

湖北医药学院附属襄阳医院做b超多少钱Dear Dave,亲爱的戴夫,This is in memory of an anniversary — the anniversary of October 27th, 1943, when I first heard you singing in North Africa.这封信是为了纪念我们一周年,纪念1943年10月27日,我第一次在北非听见你的歌声。That song brings memories of the happiest times Ive ever known.这首歌带给了我此生最美好的回忆。Memories of a GI show troop — curtains made from barrage balloons — spotlights made from cocoa cans — rehearsals that ran late into the evenings — and a handsome boy with a wonderful tenor voice.那时我们在进行军队表演,把拦截气球用作窗帘,把可可罐用做聚光灯,排一直持续到深夜,还有那个歌声悦耳的帅气男孩。Opening night at a theatre in Canastel — perhaps a bit too much muscatel, and someone who understood.在纳斯特尔剧院的首演,我可能有点喝多了,才发现原来有人懂我。Exciting days playing in the beautiful and stately Municipal Opera House in Oran — a misunderstanding — an understanding in the wings just before opening chorus.在奥兰美丽庄严的市歌剧院演出的那些日子,在开场合唱前我们有了误会,但又马上和好。Drinks at ;Coq dor; — dinner at the ;Auberge; — a ring and a promise given.在Coq dor把酒言欢,在客栈共进晚餐,随后你向我求婚。The show 1st Armoured — muscatel, scotch, wine — someone who had to be carried from the truck and put to bed in his tent.有一次,我们去看了《第一装甲》这场戏剧,喝了很多酒,我需要把你从卡车上背下来,把你送回帐篷里睡觉。A night of pouring rain and two very soaked GIs beneath a solitary tree on an African plain.还有那一晚,大雨倾盆,我们俩全身湿透躲在非洲平原一棵孤零零的树下。A borrowed French convertible — a warm sulphur spring, the cool Mediterranean, and a picnic of ;rations; and hot cokes.有一次,我们借了一辆法式敞篷车,去泡硫磺温泉,享受地中海的清凉,“定量”的野餐和热可乐。Two lieutenants who were smart enough to know the score, but not smart enough to realize that we wanted to be alone.两个聪明的中尉了解我们的关系,但却不知道我们不希望被打扰。201705/511830 NO.4What’s Cooking 《感恩节晚宴》 在一位美国人的家中,大家都在忙碌着准备感恩节盛宴。电话铃响,正在大学读书的大儿子吉米打来电话。电话旁的幼子赶忙抓起电话。父亲从他手中接过电话。开头免不了例行的几句寒暄。你知道打英文电话开始应该说些什么了吗?单词通缉令1. disgrace vt.使耻辱;使失体面2. condom n.避套Joey: I got it. Father: I got it. Hello? Hey, Jimmy, how are you? Hey, hey, it’s Jimmy.Jimmy: Is everything all right?Father: Fine. Listen, how’s everything at school?Jimmy: Everything’s good. I was just thinking about you guys is all. I’m sorry I cannot come home today, school’s just crazy.Father: Oh, you’re a good boy. Jimmy, listen, your mom wants to talk to you.Mother: Jimmy.Jimmy: Mom, hey, Happy Thanksgiving.Mother: Jimmy, you have to talk to Jenny. She has 1)disgraced the family.Jimmy: What’s going on?Mother: Jimmy, Jenny gives 2)condoms out to girls.Jimmy: I don’t know, Mom. Let me talk to her.Mother: Jenny, Jenny, Jimmy wants to talk to you. You see, she doesn’t listen to us. You have to talk to her. Oh, my God…(The food in the kitchen gets burned, she hurried to take care of the mess, leaves Jimmy behind.)Jimmy: Ma, Ma?Joey: Hi, Jimmy, Happy Thanksgiving.Jimmy: Wait. Joey, let me talk to Mom. Joey…(Joey hangs up.)乔伊:我来听。父亲:我来听。你好?嗨,吉米,你好吗?嗨,嗨,是吉米。吉米:家里好吗?父亲:很好,听着,学校里好吗?吉米:都很好,没别的,我正想你们大家。对不起,今天我不能回家,学校里太忙了。父亲:噢,你真是个好孩子,吉米,你妈妈要和你说话。母亲:吉米。吉米:妈妈,嗨,感恩节快乐。母亲:吉米,你必须和杰妮谈谈。她让全家人丢尽了脸。吉米:什么事?母亲:吉米,杰妮给女孩子们发避套。吉米:我不知道啊,妈妈,让我和她说。母亲:杰妮,杰妮,吉米要和你说话。你看,她不听我们的话。你一定要找她谈。哦,我的天……(厨房里的食物烧焦了,她急忙赶去照应,留下吉米在电话的另一头。)吉米:妈妈,妈妈?乔伊:嗨,吉米,感恩节快乐。吉米:等等,乔伊,让我和妈妈说话。乔伊……(乔伊挂上了电话。) /200603/5392襄樊市中医院看男科好吗襄阳第四医院男科专家



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