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Finance and economics财经商业Global house prices全球房价Mixed messages喜忧掺杂America surges, much of Europe sinks美国突破,欧洲大部分沦陷HOUSING markets are prone to boom-and-bust cycles, with prices overshooting then undershooting sustainable levels.房屋市场倾向于陷入价格怪圈,房价急速上升然后跌至谷底。To work out whether they are over- or undervalued,The Economist uses two gauges.为了解决房价与价值不符这一问题,经济学人用了2种计量方式。One assesses affordability by comparing prices with disposable income.一种可行的方式是比较可配收入与房价水平。The other considers the case for investing in housing by comparing prices with rents.另一种定价方法考虑到了租金与房价的关系。If these ratios are higher than their historical averages property is overvalued; if they are lower it is undervalued.如果这些比率高于历史平均那么房价就过高,反之则过低。On this basis, Canada’s house prices are bubbly whereas Japan’s are undeservedly flat.通过这一方法可以看出,加拿大出现房产泡沫,而日本的房价则奇怪地维持着平稳。America’s formerly stricken market has rebounded: house prices have risen by 12.1% over the past year.而之前美国低迷的市场也有了回暖,房屋价格较前一年上升了12.1%。But the recovery still appears to be sound, since prices remain undervalued against income.但是这回暖仅仅是“似乎”,事实上根据收入水平,房价应更高。A sharp rise in mortgage rates since May, on signs that the Federal Reserve will shortly slow the pace of asset purchases, may in any case temper the boom.五月份以来,抵押率迅速上升,这标志着美联储将会立刻放缓资产购买的步伐。或许无论如何都要促使市场繁荣。Britain’s recovery is built on shakier foundations.英国市场的恢复建立在极不稳固的基础上。House-price growth has picked up in recent months to 3.9% and is likely to accelerate further, even though valuations are still overstretched.最近几月,房价上升3.9%,而且看上去这一上涨势头在未来会更加猛烈,尽管股价仍旧过高。The market is being buoyed through a subsidy scheme that lowers funding costs for mortgage lenders and through special help for low-deposit borrowers.房屋市场的好转由补贴政策撑着。该政策为抵押放贷者降低融资成本,并且通过特殊方法帮助低收入借款人。Despite favourable valuations, Japanese house prices continue to fall, though at a modest 2.2%.尽管房价处于较好的数值区间,日本房价也在持续下落,最新数据显示已下降了2.2%。The worst-performing markets are in the euro area, notably in southern Europe but also in some northern countries.欧洲市场表现最差尤其是南欧和部分北欧国家同时,The French market is also depressed.法国市场也令人失望。Valuations remain stretched in Spain even though house prices have fallen by 30% since early 2008.尽管从2008年以来西班牙房价已下跌了30%,但其定价仍旧过高。But the recent pick-up in the Irish market looks sustainable following a 49% price crash.最近数据显示,在暴跌了49%以后,爱尔兰的房屋市场还能够可持续发展。Brighter signs gleam elsewhere, especially in Germany, which avoided the pre-crisis frenzy.关于房市的好消息在其他地方有些许听闻,特别是德国。这个国家避开了之前的危机。Prices there have risen in the past year by 5.1%, which should bolster domestic demand and help support the economic recovery in the euro zone.在过去的一年里价格上涨5.1%,这能扩大国内需求并有利于欧洲地区经济恢复。 /201309/255192

Oh,I have a little story that I wanna tell you today.今天跟大家讲个小故事Its excitng and then it gets scaryand then there is a twist,but at the end,there is a message.又刺激又恐怖 还有个意想不到的结局 我是为了传达一个信息给大家And I dont want to give too much away,but at the very end,there is a dance.我不想提前透露太多 最后的最后 还有我们的每期一舞Alright,I know.Ive given too much away aly,alright.So the other day i was leaving for work,好了 我好像已经透露太多了 有天我正准备去上班and I was walking to my car,and it was raining a little bie.And it was...it was like a mist.我走去取车 下着小雨 雾蒙蒙的like a drizzle,like a...a mizzle.And I was rushing to my car,trying to hold my umbrella.毛毛雨 好吧 蒙蒙雨 我就飞奔去我的车 一边跑一边要把伞拿稳It was under my chin,while I was trying to get my keys out,cause I didnt wanna get my hair wet,我把伞夹在下巴下 手在拿车钥匙 因为我不想把头发打湿cause if this gets wet,I cant return it.and...so I was hungry and i was annoyed.要知道湿了 可是很难还原的 当时又饿 又烦躁because whenever it rains in LA, there is traffic,no one knows how to drive.因为在洛杉矶一下雨就堵车 所有人都好像不会开车了I mean there could be a teardrop in the road,即使是泪滴在马路上and everything comes to a standstill anyway,so I was aobut to take another step,大家也因此一动不动 总之 当时我正准备向前走and all of a sudden, I looked down and guess what I saw.当时 我往下一看 你们猜我看到了什么Guess,nope.Guess,nope.Wrong,nope,nope.猜猜 不是 猜猜 不是 错了 不是不是It was a snail so I looked down,Anyone? No ,snail.是只蜗牛 我往下一看 有人猜对没 是蜗牛Anyway,so it was like an inch away from me.当时这只蜗牛离我大概一英尺的样子I almost stepped on that snail.And thats the scary part.我差点踩到它了 这就是我之前说的恐怖的地方And then literally,it stopped me in my tracks.There I was a Hollywood glamour queen in a big rush to get home.真的 它就挡在路中间 一个好莱坞万人迷皇后匆匆要回家And theres a creature just trying to cross the parking lot.一个生物也在努力穿越停车场And it was going like,you know,at a ...snails pace,and yes,which i totally get now.当然 是以它的蜗牛速度 我现在终于明白蜗牛有多慢了And as silly as it sounds,It was the perfect reminder that we all need to slow down.尽管听起来很慢 这只蜗牛是在提醒我们生活需要减速It was a slimy disgusting reminder.尽管是提醒滑滑的看起来有点恶心But still,we are always in a rush,going from home to work and work to dinner and dinner to disco tax.但 我们确实 一直都是匆匆忙忙的 从家里 到办公室 从办公室到餐桌 从餐厅到夜店 一个不少And me,being in a rush,almost ended this poor snails life.而我这个匆匆忙忙的人 差点就踩死了这只可怜的蜗牛I mean,he was probably trying to get home to his snail family.搞不好她也是在回家的路上And his snail kids are waiting at the door,when is daddy coming home?蜗牛宝宝都在等他 爸爸什么时候回来When is daddy coming home?爸爸什么时候回来And the snail wife is probably in the kitchen,making some type of risotto,which to me is very bland.而蜗牛太太可能在厨房忙 准备意大利烩饭 瑞然我觉得那很没味But thats what she wants to make.Let her make it.但“她”很喜欢 让“她”去把Anyway,every night she is trying to make something special.总之 她费尽心思想让每个夜晚都特别一点And at this point ,she wonders why,cause by the time everybody sits down to eat.但是 她难过的是 当大家坐下里吃饭的时候Half the family is texting on their shell phones.Anyway,back to the story.大多拿着“壳”机发短信 好了 继续讲故事Here comes the twist.So there I was in the parking lot.意想不到的结局来了 当时我站在停车场Looking down at the snail.He was scared,he was tucked into his shell,try to protect himself.低头看着蜗牛 它好害怕 整个身子都缩进壳里 试图保护自己So I bent down slowly to pick him upand to move him to safety.所以我就弯腰把它捡起来 把它放在安全的地方去And thats when i realized it was a rock.Thats the twist.然后我就发现 其实他是块石头 大家都想不到But to focus on that would be getting away from the point,费了那么多心思 其实是想告诉大家the point is we need to slow down.We need to see what we are doing affects everything around us.我们的生活需要减速 需要关注我们所做的事情对周围的影响We need to pay attention to all the beauty in the world,Whether its a snail or a rock.去发现世界更多的美好 不管是只蜗牛还是石头And this now is the part where I dance.然后现在就到跳舞时间了注:EllenShow中英字幕来源于:艾伦秀字幕组 /201311/263678

Cyber-security网络安全The internet of things (to be hacked)(或将遭遇黑客的)物联网Hooking up gadgets to the web promises huge. But security must not be an afterthought将各种东西交联到互联网上似乎前景极大,但首先应该考虑到安全问题。CYBER-SECURITY is now part of all our lives. “Patches” and other security updates arrive for phones, tablets and PCs. Consultants remind us all not to open unknown files or plug unfamiliar memory sticks into our computers. The bosses of some Western firms throw away phones and laptops after they have been to China assuming they have been hacked. And yet, as our special report this week points out, digital walls keep on being breached. Last year more than 800m digital records, such as credit- and debit-card details, were pinched or lost, more than three times as many as in 2012. According to a recent estimate by the Centre for Strategic and International Studies, a think-tank, the cost to the global economy of cybercrime and online industrial espionage stands at 445 billion a year—about as much as the GDP of Austria.如今,网路安全与我们每个人息息相关。手机、平板电脑以及个人电脑上的各种“补丁”以及其他的安全更新应运而生。安全顾问提醒我们不要打开未知文件或将陌生的记忆棒连接到自己的电脑上。一些西方公司的老板如果在中国遭遇黑客,他们就会将手机跟笔记本电脑扔掉。正如本周的特别报道中指出的,数字墙正遭受着源源不断的攻击。去年,诸如信用卡和借记卡记录在内的超过800m的数字文件被删除或丢失,是2012年的三倍之多。据战略和国家问题研究中心—一个智库—最新评估称,全球经济网络犯罪和网络工业间谍活动一年耗资为4450亿美元,将近奥地利的GDP。Now a new phase in this contest is emerging: “the internet of things”. This involves embedding miniature computers in objects and connecting them to the internet using wireless technology. Cisco, a technology company, predicts that 50 billion connected devices will be in circulation by the end of the decade, up from 11 billion last year. Web-connected cars and smart appliances in homes are becoming more common, as are medical devices that can be monitored by doctors many miles from their patients. Tech companies are splurging cash: witness Googles punt on driverless cars and the 3.2 billion it has spent buying Nest, a maker of smart thermostats.如今,这场对抗的新阶段正在形成——即物联网。包括将微型计算器嵌入物体中并利用无线技术将他们连入互联网。思科技术公司预测,在去年110亿的基础上,2020年底以前将有500亿连接装置处于流通。联网汽车和智能家电以及能供医生远距离监控病人的医疗装置越来越普遍。科技公司斥巨资于此,例如谷歌投资无人驾驶汽车并花费32亿美元收购智能恒温器公司Nest。Such connectivity offers many advantages, from being able to adjust your houses heating when you are in the office to alerting your doctor that your insulin level has risen. But it also gives malicious hackers an easy way to burrow deeper into peoples lives. The small, embedded computers at the centre of the internet of things do not have as much processing power or memory as, say, a smartphone, so security software on them tends to be rudimentary. There have aly been instances of nefarious types taking control of webcams, televisions and even a fridge, which was roped into a network of computers pumping out e-mail spam. And security researchers have found ways of hacking into some kinds of medical devices and cars, though this still requires specialist knowledge and kit. The wireless heart monitor of Dick Cheney, Americas former vice-president, was modified to stop remote assassination attempts.这样连通性提供了许多好处,例如当你在办公室就能够调节房子的供暖设备,又或是在你的胰岛素水平上升时提醒医生。但同时它也使得恶意黑客们很容易就深入挖掘到人们的生活。物联网中心的小型嵌入式计算机没有像只能手机那样的多处理能力或内存,所以往往需要安全软件。已经有通过网络群发垃圾邮件控制摄像头、电视甚至冰箱的例子。尽管需要专业的知识和装备,安全研究人员仍发现一些侵入某些医疗设备和汽车的方法。美国前副总统迪克·切尼的无线心脏监视器就是通过修改来停止远程暗杀的。Beware the fridge in Ealing当心伊林的冰箱For the companies building the internet of things, its vulnerability could be costly. The tactic of pumping out new software as fast as possible and then issuing patches later to fix flaws in the code may be tolerable if all that is lost is data, but if it involves personal safety, consumers will be less tolerant. In order to avoid lurid headlines about cars crashing, insulin overdoses and houses burning, tech firms will surely have to embrace higher standards. Just as with computers and phones, there will be more passwords and more updates, though that may make the internet of things less easy to use—a blow for a business based on making life more convenient.对于构建物联网的公司而言,计算机的漏洞可能会使其付出巨大代价。如果只是丢失了数据,尽快推出新的软件然后发布补丁修复代码中的缺陷这一策略是可以被接受,但如果涉及到人身安全,消费者将不会那么宽容了。为了避免关于撞车、胰岛素过量以及房屋失火等耸人听闻的标题,科技公司必将执行更高的标准。就像电脑和电话,物联网将会需要更多的密码和更新,尽管使用上不再方便,但这是为了使生活有更多的便利。For governments, the temptation will be to panic and do too much. They should make clear that web-connected gadgets are covered by existing safety laws and existing product-liability regimes: last year Japans Toyota was successfully sued for installing malfunctioning, but not web-connected, software. Wrongdoers should be punished, but the best prompt for securing the internet of things is competition. Either tech firms will find ways to make web-connected gadgets more dependable, or people will decide they can live without them. Who needs a smart fridge anyway?对于政府来说,这种诱惑是危与机并存的。他们理应明确上网设备是由现有的安全法律、现有的产品责任制度所涵盖。去年日本丰田成功起诉了安装故障而不是网络连接或软件。违法者应该受到惩罚,但保障物联网的最好方式是竞争。是科技公司设法使上网设备更可靠,还是人们决定他们生活中是否应该依赖于此?到底是谁需要一个智能冰箱呢? /201407/312742

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