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Leni Sinclairs camera captured the music scene of Detroit in the 60s and 70s even as she played a seminal role in the growing countercultural movement in Southeast Michigan.Sinclair was born in Konigsberg, East Germany, and escaped to West Germany three years before the Berlin Wall was erected. She was 18 when she emigrated to America in 1959, settling with relatives in Detroit. Sinclair photographed musicians from John Coltrane and the MC5 to Iggy Pop, Janis Joplin, Bob Marley and many, many more.She and her then-husband, John Sinclair, helped to found the White Panther Party, later the Rainbow Peoples Party. They fought against the Vietnam War and racism, and worked to legalize marijuana and reform the prison system.Now Sinclair has been named the 2016 Kresge Eminent Artist. She becomes the eighth artist to receive the ,000 award in recognition of her contributions to the art, culture, and people of Detroit.Sinclair tells us she was overwhelmed when the Kresge Foundation designated her the 2016 Eminent Artist.;In my mind Im still the little girl running around barefoot on the farm, and here Im getting an award as one of the eminent artists of Detroit,; she says. ;Its very flattering and I just feel totally honored and humbled by this.;Kresge Foundation President and CEO Rip Rapson said of her, ;Leni Sinclair both contributed to the social changes of the 1960s and 70s and documented the movements fleeting moments for posterity.; Sinclair tells us documenting and preserving history was basically her intention from the very beginning.;I came to this country from another place, so Im really not a native. So I looked at what was going on around me with a little bit foreign eyes, and what I saw happening in front of me was just all so important to me, I just, you know, I was lucky I had a camera so I could take some pictures,; she says.She tells us she wanted to document her life in America to share with her family back home in Germany.;I wanted to share my life, and this award from the Kresge Foundation is just the topping of it all. Now I can show off I made something of myself in America,; Sinclair says with a laugh.Sinclair tells us that becoming a photographer was never the plan. She says she only ended up buying a camera because ;there was really nothing else that was of any value to buy in East Germany.; Her only desire at the time was to simply document her life, but the hobby evolved into something more.The Kresge Foundation notes that Sinclair ;captured a pivotal era in American history when art and politics intertwined.; But Sinclair tells us that even after all this time, art and politics are as tightly wound as ever.;I think artists always are political. I think most artists become artists because they have something to say,; she tells us. ;I was involved in organizing things and I always documented what I helped organize, and I always had one foot inside and one foot outside. I sometimes refer to myself as the participant observer. I observed the scene, but I also was part of it.;Sinclair became involved in Southeast Michigans growing countercultural movement in the early 60s, when she joined the Students for a Democratic Society as a student at Wayne State University. She tells us she admired people like Tom Hayden and others involved in the civil rights movement.;So I was radical,; she says. ;Thats what they called us, we were radical.;When she met John Sinclair, she says radicalism took on a new tone.;It did not involve going to meetings and demonstrating with placards and stuff, it involved working and creating a whole new society that we could feel comfortable in. And of course that included being against wars and against racism and against poverty.;Sinclairs collection has been said to now include some 100,000 photos, but she tells us that number is a little deceiving.;For instance, I have a proof sheet, a contact sheet, of my pictures of Jimi Hendrix, and really only one came out real nice,; she says. ;I have 100,000 negatives and slides probably, but God only knows how many of those are good and usable and good enough to save.;Sinclair is confident that the ,000 award from the Kresge Foundation will go a long way to making as many of her photos publicly available as possible, and shes thankful the award came when it did.;This award … its like a light at the end of the tunnel. I can see where maybe I will get done at least most of the stuff that needs to be done and that only I can do before I pass or before my memory fades,; she says. ;It couldnt come a minute too soon … because every year I might forget a few more of the names or people I used to know, so its just perfect. Its just, for me, its just like a divine interference that its happening to me at this point in my life, you know?;Leni Sinclair is the 2016 Kresge Eminent Artist. Along with the ,000 award, the honor includes an artist monograph that will chronicle her life and portfolio. It will be released later this year. 201602/425359Its the best way I can describe it.Its on tonight. And if you havent been watching,这是我能想到的最贴切的形容了 今晚就会播 如果你还没看过And youre like, ;I cant watch it now,Because I didnt watch in the beginning.;别说;我现在没法看 因为我没从头开始看;之类的Ill catch you up on everything that happened so far.我能告诉你目前为止节目中都发生了些什么Chris is dead sexy.His smile, oh,Its like panty dropper.克里斯性感爆了 他的微笑简直是 让人欲火焚身I want to hang it up for you today.Im in Illinois actually. so pretty close to you.为了你 我今天要戴着这个 我在伊利诺斯州 跟你很近耶Oh my goodness. Okay.Bring on the weirdoes.I remmed my head into the brick wall.天啊 什么稀奇古怪的人都来了 我都抓狂得撞墙了Can I ask you a quick question? - Absolutely.能问个小问题吗 -当然Do you inseminate hogs?Do you believe in aliens?你捐精子吗 你相信有外星人吗And we see like a body come in And we were screaming and its Chris.我们看见了一个人影 然后就各种乱叫 结果发现是克里斯Dont be weirded out.Im only kind of a stalker.Dont use that.别太吃惊 我只是个跟踪者 别把这个播出去When Ashley told me that she was a virgin,当阿什利告诉我她是个处女的时候I was like Seriously?Like- Im so jealous.我就想 真的假的 我好嫉妒啊Like, I cant even use that, cause I have a kid.因为我孩子 我不能用处女这个词She was drunk tonight. She was drunk yesterday.她昨天就喝得烂醉 今天晚上又醉了She was drunk the day before. Shes gonna be drunk tomorrow.她前天也是一样 她明天肯定还会去买醉I dont know how. I dont know.Oh my god.我真的不知道该怎么办 我的天啊 /201512/416151

A member of the group abba is opening up an abba-themed restaurant,阿巴合唱团的一名成员 将开一家阿巴主题的餐厅where you sing and dance along with the waiters.顾客可以跟务员一起唱歌跳舞Its being called a great place to take that special someone and finally tell them youre gay.餐馆叫做最适合带你的心上人去告诉他们你是同性恋的地方I have to mention this,recently the church of England voted to allow women to become bishops,我得说一句 最近英格兰教会投票允许女性当选主教and just last monday the church appointed its first female senior bishop to the bishopric of Gloucester.上周一 教会任命了首位女性主教 她将在格洛斯特主教辖区担任大主教Wait,wait a minute.Did you say bishopric?Yes,bishopric.等等 你说主教辖区吗 是啊 主教辖区The territory a bishop across is called a bishopric.一个主教所负责的地域叫做主教辖区So this woman has a bishopric now?Thats right,andy.那么这个女人现在有个主教辖区了 是啊 安迪Is it a large bishopric?I think so.Could a catholic woman have a bishopric?这个主教辖区很大吗 应该是的 天主教女人能有主教辖区吗No,in the catholic church only men have bishoprics.不行 天主教只有男人才有主教辖区So,no matter how good she is a catholic woman cant get her hands on a bishopric?那么不管一位女性天主教徒多好 都是不能掌握一个主教辖区的Thats right andy,all the bishopric in the catholic church have to have a man on top of them.是啊 安迪 天主教的主教辖区都得有男人掌管But in England a lady can grap a bishopric and hang on to it for the rest of her life.但在英国 女人可以拿到一个主教辖区 而且可以执掌终生201610/474379

I have to say, I never thought they would name the new Detroit River bridge after hockey legend Gordie Howe.Weve been calling it the New International Trade Crossing so long it was at first hard to think of it as anything else.Originally, planners called it the DRIC, for Detroit River International Crossing, a dful name that sounded like post-nasal drip.If you had asked me a week ago if the bridge should be named after a sports figure, Im sure I would have said no. But naming it after a cultural icon does make sense.And theres no man who better symbolizes the best of the partnership between the U.S. and Canada than Gordie Howe, the greatest hockey player of his time, if not ever.Howe was born in Saskatchewan , but began playing for the Detroit Red Wings when he was 18, right after World War II. He played professional hockey for more years and in more decades than any other player in history.He had many qualities one hopes the new bridge will have: Longevity, endurance, resilience. He was an extremely graceful player who could fight with the best of them, and was never above taking an opponent out with a hard check into the boards.There were many times when it seemed as if Ambassador Bridge owner Matty Moroun was on the brink of killing the new bridge to preserve his monopoly over heavy trade.Howe, too, had his share of problems.Early in his career, in 1950, his skull was badly fractured during a playoff game with Toronto. They had to operate to relieve pressure on his brain, and he very nearly died. But he returned to lead the league in scoring the next year.After a quarter century with the Red Wings, he retired due to a wrist injury.Later, he had surgery, joined a newly formed team, and played alongside his son Mark, who became an NHL star in his own right. Recent years have been difficult for Gordie Howe.His beloved wife Colleen died six years ago after a long struggle with a disease that was something like dementia. Gordie, now 87, and a veteran of many injuries, has dementia himself.Seven months ago, he suffered a major stroke, and we were told to expect the worst. But he went to Mexico for experimental stem cell treatment, and it seems to have worked amazingly.Were told he has gained twenty pounds, can play ;driveway hockey; with his grandkids, and has at least some flashes of lucidity.Anne Jarvis of the Windsor Star reports that when his son Murray told him the new bridge would be named for him, Gordie Howe reportedly said ;that sounds pretty good to me.; Actually, it seems to sound pretty good to everyone.Well, maybe not to Matty Moroun, who is still fighting a last-ditch effort to stop the bridge. His job, however, just got harder. After all, you can take on an anonymous concept called ;DRIC; or even New International Trade Crossing.Fighting Gordie Howe, however, is something else again. It always was. Heres hoping he is with us long enough to be in the first car driven over the new bridge. Somehow, that would just seem right.Jack Lessenberry is Michigan Radios political analyst. Views expressed in his essays are his own and do not necessarily reflect those of Michigan Radio, its management or the station licensee, The University of Michigan.201505/375480Thank you so much for that.Thank you.That was mostly good.谢谢大家 谢谢 基本上挺好的At the end it was weird I thought.Just random woos I find disturbing.最后面有点怪怪的 就那么零星的呼喊 有点闹心Many of my relationships are weird at the end,yes.我很多的恋情到最后都很怪的I can believe that.Start out good.Welcome to tonights show.One of our best ever.不难想象 起初挺好的 欢迎到今晚节目现场 我们最棒的一期了Dont laugh at that.Its possible.One in 800 shot I would easily say.别笑啊 这是有可能的 至少有八百分之一的可能Much to talk about.The NBA playoffs are under way.Or as the lakers call it,time to golf!很多可聊 NBA季后赛即将到来 湖人队管这叫 该打高尔夫了Clearly some laker fans here.Theyre just glaring at me right now.显然有湖人球迷到场 他们正怒气冲冲地瞪着我呢Now,youre what the big story is right now,Bruce Jenner.Bruce Jenner is the big story,yeah.现在的大新闻是布鲁斯·詹纳 布鲁斯·詹纳是热门新闻How many saw his interview?I think 8 billion people watched that interview,yeah,8 billion,yeah.多少人看了他的采访 好像是80亿人 80亿人看了他的采访In last weeks interview,Bruce Jenner said hes a woman who is transitioning his body from male to female and hes also a conservative Republican.在上周的采访中 布鲁斯·詹纳说他是正在将身体从男性转变为女性的女人 而且他还是保守派共和党人Thats what he said,yeah.Bruce said he looks foward to bashing Obamacare as soon as he finishes using it.他是这么说的 布鲁斯说他很期待抨击奥巴马医保 不过得等他用完了再说What else is going on?It was reported one in four Americans didnt exercise at all this past year.Didnt exercise at all.还有什么 据报道四分之一的美国人去年一年根本没锻炼过 根本没锻炼过When he heard this,Chris Christie said hey,maybe I could be president.I could lead these people.听到这消息后 克里斯·克里斯蒂说 或许我能当上总统 这样的人民我可以领导啊A lot of people here applauded when I said dont exercise at all.我刚刚说根本没锻炼时好多人鼓掌了People that brought their own popcorn to a talk show taping.他们自带了爆米花 来录制脱口秀201608/462775

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