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  • NASA Spacesuit Malfunction Delays Space Station RepairsAn issue with the life support system has astronauts worried.The busy week ahead on the international space station, astronauts are gearing up for another dangerous space work to finish fixing that broken cooling system. But first, they have a serious wardrobe malfunction to take care of. A#39;s Mike explains.In a crippled international space station, a successful Christmas eve spacewalk will be the best gift of all for the six astronauts on board.Station, Houston with you, hope everybody had a good day.A Saturday spacewalk brought them half-way to that goal. American spackwalkers R and Mike removed a broken 780 pounds coolant pump whose failure jeopardize the operation of the space station.Don#39;t let they go, that#39;s a stocking stuffer.But a malfunction in astronaout#39;s M suit.My toes are quite cold. forced the postponement of a second spacewalk scheduled to complete the repairs.We want to dry that suit out overnight.For the second spacewalk in a row, water in the spacesuit was an issue. Just to be safe, the astronauts would use a back-up suit.It#39;s their life-support system, so somebody on the ground, the team on the ground is making a big plan to put that new suit together.This is the suit they are wearing, behind the glass in the display of the Johnsoon Space center. At 35 years old, it could be a museum piece, but NASA always facing budget constraints must make old things work.We#39;ve done over 11700 hours of spacewalking, so I think it was just a small blip in the road that just happen to catch us.And so NASA and the astronauts on board the space station have this Christmas hope that those aging space suits are gifts that keep on giving. /201401/271182。
  • 在委内瑞拉加拉加斯市中心,立着一座45层高的烂尾楼—“大卫楼”。但是8年后,人们开始搬入这座楼。摄影师伊万·巴恩通过介绍大卫楼里面的住家,尼日利亚的河上城市和中国的窑洞村庄,向观众展示人们是如何在最不可能的环境下建造房子。精美的照片使人赞叹着人类在任何角落里伟大的生存和建设家园的能力。 Article/201406/304581。
  • 影制作人 Penelope Jagessar Chaffer对她在怀期间面临的化学制品很好奇。它们会不会影响她未出生的宝宝?她让科学家Tyrone Hayes简要介绍他研究很深的课题:阿特拉津,一种用于玉米上的除虫剂。Hayes是一位两栖动物专家,他对阿特拉津持批评态度,因为它对青蛙的发育有明显的 Article/201312/267697。
  • Today in History: Tuesday, April 02, 2013历史上的今天:2013年4月2日On April 2, 2005, Pope John Paul II, who helped topple communism in Europe, died in his Vatican apartment at age 84.2005年4月2日,曾帮助推翻欧洲共产主义的教皇约翰·保罗二世在梵蒂冈自己所在的公寓去世,享年84岁。1513Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon landed in Florida.1513年,西班牙探险家胡安·庞塞德利昂踏上佛罗里达州。1805Author Hans Christian Andersen was born in Odense, Denmark.1805年,作家汉斯·克里斯蒂安·安徒生在丹麦欧登塞出生。1860The first Italian Parliament met at Turin.1860年,意大利首次会议在都灵召开。1865Confederate President Jefferson Davis and most of his Cabinet fled the Confederate capital of Richmond, Va.1865年,美利坚联盟国杰斐逊·戴维斯和他大部分内阁成员逃离弗吉尼亚州里士满邦联首府。1917President Woodrow Wilson asked Congress to declare war against Germany, saying, ;The world must be made safe for democracy.;1917年,伍德罗·威尔逊总统要求国会对德宣战,称要“建立一个安全的民主世界”。 1968The science-fiction film ;2001: A Space Odyssey; had its world premiere in Washington, D.C.1968年,科幻电影《2001:太空漫游》在华盛顿特区举行了全球首映。1982Argentina seized the disputed Falkland Islands from Britain.1982年,阿根廷从英国手中占领了有争议的福克兰群岛。1992Mob boss John Gotti was convicted in New York of murder and racketeering.1992年,黑帮老大约翰·戈蒂在纽约被指控谋杀和敲诈勒索罪。2002Israel seized control of Bethlehem; Palestinian gunmen forced their way into the Church of the Nativity, the traditional birthplace of Jesus, beginning a 39-day standoff.2002年,以色列占领伯利恒;巴勒斯坦手强行进入耶稣的诞生地-圣诞教堂,开始长达39天的对峙。2007The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are air pollutants under the Clean Air Act.2007年,最高法院以5-4的投票规定二氧化碳和其它温室气体是空气污染物,纳入《清洁空气法》。2013Highly radioactive water leaked into the sea from a crack at Japan#39;s stricken nuclear power plant.2013年,日本受灾核电站出现裂缝,导致高放射性水泄漏到海里。本节目属 /201304/233287。
  • Commercial air fresheners just make your home smell like a public restroom, but there is a simple—and natural—way to keep your house smelling sweet for weeks.商业化的空气清新剂只会让你的家闻上去像公共卫生间一样,但是有一个简单天然的方法可以让你的房间几周内都闻上去非常甜美。You Will Need你需要2 cinnamon sticks2根肉桂棒2 tbsp. ground cloves2汤匙丁香粉Piece of cheesecloth at least 6; square一块至少6平方英寸的粗棉布Some string一些绳子A small saucepan一个小平底锅4 c. water4杯水A decorative bowl一个装饰碗And dried fruit peels and flower petals such as rose or lavender干水果皮和花瓣,例如玫瑰花或薰衣草Whole spices like cardamom and star anise整颗的香料,例如豆蔻和八角茴香Steps步骤STEP 1 Make bundle1.制作成包Tie the cinnamon sticks and cloves together in the cheesecloth to create a spice bundle.把肉桂棒和丁香粉一起绑在粗棉布中,形成一个香料包。If you like, add whole spices like cardamom or star anise to your bundle.如果你喜欢的话,可以向香料包中添加整颗的香料,例如豆蔻或八角茴香。STEP 2 Put bundle in pot2.放入锅中Drop the bundle into a saucepan containing four cups of water.把香料包放入装有四杯水的平底锅中。STEP 3 Simmer3.小火煮Bring the water to a boil. Reduce the heat and simmer gently for an hour and a half. Your home will fill with fragrance as the steam dissipates.将水煮沸。小火慢煮一个半小时。随着蒸汽蔓延,家中会充满香气。Be sure to check the water level periodically. Add more water if it threatens to dry up--you don#39;t want a scorched smell.定时检查水量。如果水快干了,及时加水,否则锅会烧焦。STEP 4 Remove bundle4.取出香料包Carefully remove the hot spice bundle from the saucepan, and allow it to cool.小心地从平底锅中取出热香料包,冷却。STEP 5 Put spices in bowl5.向碗里添加香料Turn the spices out of the cheesecloth into a decorative bowl.将粗棉布中的香料取出来,倒入装饰碗中。STEP 6 Add peels and petals6.添加果皮和花瓣Add dried fruit peels and flower petals to the bowl and mix them in with the spices.向碗里加入干果皮和花瓣,与香料混合均匀。Dry your own peels and petals by leaving a thin layer of them in a sunny spot for several weeks.可以自己晒制干果皮和花瓣,在有阳光的地方散开薄薄的一层,晒几个星期就可以了。STEP 7 Enjoy fragrance7.享受香味Place the bowl in your bedroom, bath, or living room--and enjoy the natural fragrance for weeks!把这个碗放在卧室,浴室或客厅中,几周的时间内都可以享受这种自然的香味!视频听力译文由。 Article/201405/294974。
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