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One loved-up couple was disappointed to see that an otherwise cute vacation photo had been ruined by a kid with bad timing in the background。一对爱的如痴如醉的情侣看到他们原本美妙的假期照被个小孩子毁了,不由大失所望——那个小孩不合时宜地闯入了照片背景。So the man decided to turn to the internet for help, sharing the original snap on Imgur, along with a plea for photo-editing whizzes to clean it up and remove the offending photobomber。于是男方决定向网络求助,他把原图发到Imgur上,同时恳请修图达人清理背景、除去恼人糟心的乱入者。And plenty of people on the internet were happy to offer their services - though none of them were willing to give the couple exactly what they wanted, opting to edit a number of comical characters and scenes into the background of their snap, rather than just remove the young boy。好多网友很乐意献计献策出手相助——尽管没有一个乐意满足那对情侣的真实所需,网友们选择编辑的时候在照片背景中加入好多搞笑角色,而非仅仅去除那个小男孩。Some users complied - but didn#39;t stop there. Photo-editors who removed the child then added a dog hovering nearby, a hairy shirtless man, and a boat captain fleeing from a sinking ship。有些用户做了修改,但不就此罢手。有些照片编辑把小孩去除了,但加了条小在一旁流连,或是添上多毛膀爷,还有企图弃沉船而逃的船长。As the man didn#39;t explicitly say to remove the volleyball as well as the boy, one Imgur user removed the boy but replaced him with a professional volleyball player, diving for the ball。由于该男子没有明确表示要去除排球的同时一同去除掉小男孩,一个Imgur用户把男孩移走了,但换了个职业排球运动员上阵,鱼跃飞扑向球。After removing the ball, one user positioned the lunging child to look like he is holding up a small version of the Leaning Tower of Pisa。移走排球后,一个用户按好男孩的位置,让他看上去像是正抵住一个小版的比萨斜塔。Other people ignored the man#39;s request to remove the child altogether, instead adding more to the picture or otherwise altering it。其他人索性无视男子去除男孩的请求,对照片又添油加醋,还有些变着法改动照片。Plenty of people complied - but added new elements like an octopus playing with the boy#39;s volleyball。好多人作了编辑,但加入了新元素,比如玩小男孩排球的章鱼。But while the two lovebirds may not have been thrilled with the results, they sure are entertaining。尽管对这对爱侣而言,修图结果谈不上振奋人心,但也绝对算得上大众。 /201508/395104

An undergraduate at New Jersey Institute of Technology made his own plastic braces using a 3D printer, US of materials, and they actually worked.新泽西理工大学的一名本科生用一台3D打印机以及60美元的材料为自己制作了塑料牙箍,而且这些牙箍确实有效。Amos Dudley had braces in middle school, but he didn#39;t wear a retainer like he was supposed to, so his teeth slowly shifted back. He didn#39;t want to shell out thousands of dollars for a whole new round of braces, so the digital-design major decided to make his own.阿莫斯·达德利中学的时候就戴上了牙箍,但他没有按要求戴固位体,所以他的牙齿逐渐后移。他不想花上千美元去做一套新牙箍,所以这位主修数字化设计的大学生就决定自己做牙箍。The process wasn#39;t exactly easy. He had to research orthodontic procedures and plot the route of his successive braces, so his teeth would move in the right way.制作牙箍的过程并不简单。他必须研究牙齿矫正的步骤,绘制好相继更换的牙箍的制作方法,这样他的牙齿才会以恰当的方式长回去。But once that was done, all it took was fabricating a series of models out of relatively inexpensive plastic, and then following through on wearing them.不过一旦完成以上步骤,需要做的就是用相对便宜的塑料制作一系列模型,然后就可以戴上了。And it was worth it for Dudley, whose smile turned out looking remarkable.对达德利而言,这很值得,他的微笑也变得十分明显。Here is the process he went through:以下是他制作牙箍的过程:First he took a mold of his teeth with alginate powder. ;These molds are very precise, and capture an amazing amount of detail,; he writes.首先他用海藻酸盐粉末制作了一个牙齿模具。“这些模具很精密,捕捉了大量的细节,”他写道。;I put the mold upside down in a yogurt container, and then filled it with liquid Permastone,; he writes.“我把模具倒置于盛酸奶的容器中,然后用液态的仿石材料填满容器,”他写道。;When it came out, I simply broke off the top to reveal the casting, and used a razor blade to smooth out the surrounding area.;“做成之后,我只是敲碎顶部,露出铸模,然而用一把剃须刀片把四周刮平。”Now he had a better sense of what was going on with his teeth.如今他对他的牙齿矫正过程有了更好的了解。The picture below shows the ;steps;, all 3D-printed out. ;Labeling the pieces is critical,; he advises. ;They look virtually identical.;下面这张照片展示了“牙齿矫正的步骤”,所有的都是3D打印出来的。“贴标签很重要,”他建议道。“因为它们看上去几乎一样。” /201705/509956

Flaws in Apple#39;s iOS operating system have been discovered that made it possible to install spyware on a target#39;s device merely by getting them to click on a link.日前,在苹果iOS操作系统中,仅仅通过让用户点击一个链接就可以在目标设备上安装间谍软件的漏洞已被发现。The discovery was made after a human rights lawyer alerted security researchers to unsolicited text messages he had received. They discovered three previously unknown flaws within Apple#39;s code.该漏洞发现的起因是一名人权律师向安全研究人员报告称,他收到了来路不明的短信。安全研究人员在苹果的代码中发现了三个之前没有查明的漏洞。Apple has since released a software update that addresses the problem.自该问题被爆出后,苹果已经发布了一版软件更新来解决这个问题。The two security firms involved, Citizen Lab and Lookout, said they had held back details of the discovery until the fix had been issued.据发现漏洞的两家安全公司“公民实验室”和“瞭望台”表示,在苹果发布修复补丁之前,他们一直保守着发现的细节没有泄密。The lawyer, Ahmed Mansoor, received the text messages on 10 and 11 August. The texts promised to reveal ;secrets; about people allegedly being tortured in the ed Arab Emirates (UAE)#39;s jails if he tapped the links.涉事律师阿姆哈德·曼苏尔分别在8月10日和11日收到了不明短信。这些短信保说,如果曼苏尔点击链接,就可以知道关押在阿联酋监狱中的人被折磨的“秘密”。Had he done so, Citizen Lab says, his iPhone 6 would have been ;jailbroken;, meaning unauthorised software could have been installed.公民实验室方面表示,如果曼苏尔这样做了的话,他的iPhone 6就会被“越狱”,这就意味着未经授权的软件可以安装在他的手机中。;Once infected, Mansoor#39;s phone would have become a digital spy in his pocket, capable of employing his iPhone#39;s camera and microphone to snoop on activity in the vicinity of the device, recording his WhatsApp and Viber calls, logging messages sent in mobile chat apps, and tracking his movements,; said Citizen Lab.公民实验室表示:“一旦感染上病毒,曼苏尔的手机就会变成一个装在他口袋里的电子间谍,可以用iPhone的摄像头和麦克风来窥探发生在设备周围的活动,记录下他的WhatsApp和Viber calls,获取手机聊天软件发送的信息,并且跟踪他的行动。”The researchers say they believe the spyware involved was created by NSO Group, an Israeli ;cyber-war; company.研究人员们表示,他们认为本案的间谍软件是由以色列“网络战争”公司NSO组织开发的。;It is the most sophisticated spyware package we#39;ve seen,; said Lookout. ;It takes advantage of how integrated mobile devices are in our lives and the combination of features only available on mobile - always connected (wi-fi, 3G/4G), voice communications, camera, email, messaging, GPS, passwords, and contact lists.;瞭望台表示:“这是我们见过的最精密的间谍软件包。它利用了手机在我们生活中被密集使用这一特性、以及只有在手机上才有的特征组合--经常连接(wifi,3G/4G网络)、语音通信、相机、电子邮件、短信、GPS、密码和联系人列表。NSO has issued a statement acknowledging that it makes technology used to ;combat terror and crime; but said it had no knowledge of any particular incidents and made no reference to the specific spyware involved.NSO方面已经发表了一份声明,承认他们用技术来“打击恐怖和犯罪”,但是也表示他们不知晓任何特定事件,也没有参与到任何特别的间谍软件中来。 /201609/464296

Making our skies blue again蓝天保卫战Effectively strengthening environmental protection, we will make our skies blue again.加大生态环境保护治理力度,坚决打好蓝天保卫战。Faster progress in work to improve environment, particularly air quality, is what people are desperately hoping for, and is critical to sustainable development. We must adopt well-designed policies, tackle both symptoms and root causes, and take tough steps to make the grade in responding to the people.加快改善生态环境特别是空气质量,是人民群众的迫切愿望,是可持续发展的内在要求。必须科学施策、标本兼治、铁腕治理,努力向人民群众交出合格答卷。Tackling smog is down to every last one of us, and success depends on action and commitment. As long as the whole of our society keeps trying, we will have more and more blue skies with each passing year.治理雾霾人人有责,贵在行动、成在坚持。全社会不懈努力,蓝天必定会一年比一年多起来。Taking a path that leads to both economic development and environmental improvement经济发展与环境改善双赢之路Pollution control and environmental protection are important to both the health of our people and sustainable development, so we must work hard moving forward and resolve to take a path that leads to both economic development and environmental improvement.治理污染、保护环境,事关人民群众健康和可持续发展,必须强力推进,下决心走出一条经济发展与环境改善双赢之路。Every one of us has an obligation to protect the environment -- we call on every member of society to act and contribute to the building of a Beautiful China.保护环境,人人有责。每一个社会成员都要自觉行动起来,为建设美丽中国贡献力量。Fighting to win the battle of conserving energy, reducing emissions, and improving the environment打好节能减排和环境治理攻坚战Environmental pollution is a blight on people#39;s quality of life and a trouble that weighs on their hearts. We must fight it with all our might.环境污染是民生之患、民心之痛,要铁腕治理。We must strictly enforce environmental laws and regulations; crack down on those guilty of creating illegal emissions and ensure they pay a heavy price for such offenses; and hold those who allow illegal emissions to account, punishing them accordingly.我们一定要严格环境执法,对偷排偷放者出重拳,让其付出沉重的代价;对姑息纵容者严问责,使其受到应有的处罚。Building China into a beautiful homeland with a sound ecological environment努力建设生态文明的美好家园Fostering a sound ecological environment is vital for people#39;s lives and the future of our nation. Smog is affecting larger parts of China and environmental pollution has become a major problem, which is nature#39;s red-light warning against the model of inefficient and blind development. We must strengthen protection of the ecological environment and resolve to take forceful measures to complete this challenging task.生态文明建设关系人民生活,关乎民族未来。雾霾天气范围扩大,环境污染矛盾突出,是大自然向粗放发展方式亮起的红灯。必须加强生态环境保护,下决心用硬措施完成硬任务。Green, circular, and low-carbon development绿色发展、循环发展、低碳发展The state of the ecological environment affects the level of people#39;s wellbeing and also posterity and the future of our nation. We should adhere to the basic state policy of conserving resources and protecting the environment and endeavor to promote green, circular, and low-carbon development.生态环境关系人民福祉,关乎子孙后代和民族未来。要坚持节约资源和保护环境的基本国策,着力推进绿色发展、循环发展、低碳发展。 /201703/496366

An artist#39;s impression of the more than 100 million pieces of debris in orbit around the Earth (AFP Photo/)想象图:超过一亿个太空垃圾碎片环绕着地球轨道(法新社图片)Tokyo (AFP) - An experimental Japanese mission to clear #39;space junk#39; or rubbish from the Earth#39;s orbit has ended in failure, officials said Monday, in an embarassment for Tokyo.东京(法新社)- 本周一,日本官员尴尬的宣布,日本一项实验性质、旨在清理地球轨道上的“太空垃圾”的行动,以失败告终。Over 100 million pieces of garbage are thought to be whizzing around the planet, including cast-off equipment from old satellites and bits of rocket, which experts say could pose risks for future space exploration.通常认为地球周围有超过一亿片垃圾,包括旧卫星上遗弃的设备和火箭碎片。专家认为这会对将来的太空探索带来风险。Scientists at the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) were trying to test an electrodynamic #39;tether#39; -- created with the help of a fishing net company -- to slow down the orbiting rubbish and bring it into a lower orbit.日本宇宙航空研究开发机构的科学家试图测试一种电动“缆绳”——由一家渔网公司协助开发——来降低环绕地球的垃圾的速度,把它们带到更低的轨道上。The hope was that the clutter -- built up after more than five decades of human space exploration -- would eventually enter the Earth#39;s atmosphere and burn up harmlessly before it had a chance to crash into the planet.然后希望这些在过去超过五十年的人类空间探索中形成的混乱,能最终返回地球大气层,并在有机会撞击地球前无害的烧毁。The 700-metre (2,300-foot) long tether -- made from thin wires of stainless steel and aluminium -- was due to be extended out from a cargo ship launched in December carrying supplies for astronauts at the International Space Station.这条七百米长的缆绳,由不锈钢和铝制细网构成,预定从一艘去年12月发射的、为国际空间站的宇航员们带去补给的飞船上展开。Problems arose quickly, however, and technicians tried for days to remedy the situation but only had a one-week window to carry out the mission before the vessel reentered the Earth#39;s atmosphere before dawn on Monday.然而问题很快出现,技术人员花了几天时间试图修正状况,但是他们只有一周的时间窗口来执行这次行动,之后飞船就要在周一黎明前重返地球大气层了。;We believe the tether did not get released;, leading researcher Koichi Inoue told reporters.“我们认为缆绳没有展开”,首席研究员Koichi Inoue告诉记者。;It is certainly disappointing that we ended the mission without completing one of the main objectives,; he said.“这肯定很令人失望,我们只能在还未达成目标的情况下就结束这次任务,”他说。The disappointment is the latest failure to hit JAXA and comes just weeks after the agency had to abort a mission that sought to use a mini-rocket to send a satellite into orbit.祸不单行,日本宇宙航空研究开发机构几周前使用一个超小火箭来发射卫星到轨道的计划也流产了。The agency also abandoned a pricey ultra-high-tech satellite launched in February last year to search for X-rays emanating from black holes and galaxy clusters after losing contact with the spacecraft.该机构因为宇宙飞行器失联,也放弃了去年2月发射的一枚耗资巨大的超~高科技卫星来搜寻从黑洞和星系团中散发出来的X射线的计划。 /201702/490772

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