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延寿县药流需要多少钱哈尔滨哪个医院看妇科好又便宜Wealth, poverty and fragile states 富国、穷国和弱国MIFFed by misrule 劣政生怨A new category of countries mixes modest affluence with miserable governance 有点钱却又不善管制的新型国家Jul 21st 2011 | from the print edition MOST people think they know what a failed state looks like. An obvious one is Somalia, where an outbreak of famine in the south was formally acknowledged by the ed Nations this week. Help has started to trickle in after the Shabab, an Islamist militia, lifted its ban on aid agencies that it once termed anti-Muslim. In most ways the afflicted region epitomises the collapse of authority: extremists control roads and markets; the government is powerless outside the capital; outsiders provide what little assistance exists.大多数人自以为懂得何谓失败的政权。索马里就是一个典型的例子。这个星期联合国正式承认索马里南部闹饥荒。伊斯兰民兵组织Shabab解除被它称为“反伊斯兰教”的援助机构入境的禁令之后,援助终于缓缓而来。这个备受磨难的地区很大程度上体现了这个国家政权的崩塌:极端主义者控制了道路和市场;政府在首都外无能为力;外援少之又少。But not all failed or fragile states look like Somalia. This month the World Bank issued its annual list of countries by income category: rich, middle, poor. Several African countries are faring rather better than Somalia; they have graduated from poor to middle-income status. Yet strikingly, some 15 of the 56 countries on the bank’s lower-middle income list (ie, over a quarter) also appear on the list of fragile and failed states maintained by the OECD, a rich-country club. They range from Cocirc;te d’Ivoire to Yemen; the most important of them are Pakistan and Nigeria. State failure, it appears, does not necessarily go hand in hand with other human woes, such as poverty.但并非失败或脆弱的政权就该这样。这个月世界发布了一份清单:它将国家分为富裕、中等、贫穷几个级别。好几个非洲国家的状况比索马里好:它们脱离贫穷了。然而令人惊讶的是,在56个收入属于中等偏低的国家(超过四分之一的国家属于这一行列)里,大约有15个被经合组织(一个富国俱乐部)列为政权不稳。从科特迪瓦到也门都属于这一行列,其中最重要的是巴基斯坦和尼日利亚。似乎政权衰败并不总是与人类其它灾难——例如贫穷——共进退。Why should it matter that a group of countries has crossed some arbitrary line separating poor from middle-income status? Perhaps, some may say, it shows that state failure is an extremely elastic term, embracing both countries in total collapse (Somalia, Chad) and those which merely contain large ungoverned spaces. In fact, the emergence of a group of middle-income but failed or fragile states is more than a curiosity. The group—call them MIFFs—includes countries crucial to the future of west Africa and South Asia. The new state of South Sudan , which combines oil wealth with instability and underdevelopment, will surely join its ranks.为什么一些不贫穷的国家也表现出贫穷国家的一些特征呢?有人也许会说,这反映了政权衰败是一个很灵活的用语,既包括哪些完全分崩瓦解的国家(如索马里和乍得),也包括那些有大半领地处于无政府管辖的国家。确实,这些不贫穷但政权衰弱的国家的存在显得很怪。这些国家(暂且叫做MIFFs)中,有些对西非和南亚的未来发展很关键。石油为苏丹南部的新政权带来财富,但那里依旧属于欠发达地区,并且不稳定。毫无疑问,它将会加入这一行列。201108/147320哈尔滨人民医院几个月四维彩超 Mobile telecoms in America美国移动通讯业An audacious merger with a poor reception(注1)联姻大胆,反响不佳ATamp;T’s ambitious bid to reshape America’s wireless market has spooked rivals. But it faces significant hurdlesATamp;T的竞标雄心勃勃,意在重塑美国无线通讯市场,竞争对手惊慌失措。但并购也面临重大阻碍PEOPLE who enjoy poking fun at the patchy quality of ATamp;T’s mobile-phone network in America were provided with some fresh comedy material this week. “So, ATamp;T and T-Mobile are getting married. You’re all invited. But there will be no reception afterwards,” tweeted one wag after news emerged on March 20th that ATamp;T had bid a breathtaking billion for T-Mobile USA, a smaller wireless operator owned by Germany’s Deutsche Telekom.在美国,ATamp;T移动电话网络质量不稳常遭人取笑,那些以此为乐的人,本周有了新鲜笑料。3月20日,ATamp;T以390亿美元的惊人出价,竞购德国Deutsche Telekom公司旗下的小型无线通讯运营商T-Mobile USA,新闻曝光后,一条段子在Twitter上风传:“于是,ATamp;T跟T-Mobile喜结良缘。人人获邀出席。但之后却无人设宴,也无人赴宴。”Amusing as this is, the deal itself is no laughing matter. On the contrary, the proposed merger, which needs the approval of antitrust and telecoms regulators, has sparked a good deal of controversy over whether it will be good or bad for American consumers. Some members of Congress have called for a thorough review of the transaction and consumer groups have been quick to condemn it.段子很有趣,但交易本身却非笑料。相反,这桩须获反垄断机构及通讯监管机构批准的并购提案,引发了多场论战,争论此次交易对美国消费者是利是弊。一些国会议员呼吁全面评估这桩交易,而多个消费者团体迅速予以谴责。Their concern is hardly surprising. America’s four largest mobile-phone operators—ATamp;T, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile USA and Sprint Nextel—aly account for 82% of the national market. Assuming the transaction goes ahead as planned, ATamp;T would add T-Mobile’s 34m customers to the 96m that it had at the end of 2010, propelling it well ahead of Verizon, its main rival.他们如此关注,并不足为奇。美国四大移动电话运营商——ATamp;T、Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile USA及Sprint Nextel,已占全美无线通讯市场的82%。去年底,ATamp;T用户达9600万,倘若交易如期进行,T-Mobile的3400万用户也收归帐下,ATamp;T就将大大领先其主要竞争对手Verizon。Critics of the deal, which ATamp;T hopes to complete within 12 months, say it will undermine efforts made many years ago to inject more competition into America’s telecoms industry. In the mid-1970s the government started investigating ATamp;T’s dominant position in fixed-line telephones, which led to the break up in 1984 of “Ma Bell” into eight pieces. Could the bid for T-Mobile be a sign that monopoly Ma is trying to return from her grave?ATamp;T希望此事一年搞定,但批评人士称,这将破坏多年前为促进美国通讯业竞争而作出的种种努力。上世纪七十年代中期,政府开始调查ATamp;T在固定电话业务上的主导地位,导致“贝尔大妈”在1984年被大卸八块。而今年这起竞购,会成为“大妈”试图起死回生的一个标志吗?201104/132568This morning on Today's Tech, "Are diamonds really a girl's best friend? ". Well, according to a new survey released by the Oxygen Network - Say goodbye to jewelry and hello to technology. In fact, 77% of women said that they would prefer a new plasma TV over that diamond solitaire necklace. An AOL's consumer advisor, Regina Lewis knows what women really want. Regina, is that really true that women want tech over diamonds? I don't think we have to… Diamonds we have to swear off diamonds any time soon (No). I think what that survey reflects in the results is that generally when you get something and you use it a lot, you are glad you got it. And the reality is we are using the stuff all day, every day. And it's making our lives easier. (Exactly) You know sometimes it's harder, depending on the technology. But tell me about this survey; it also says that, you know, electronics, of course, are becoming more appealing for their functionality. Right, it's interesting. When you ask men, men wanna know what does a gadget do, women wanna know what does it do for me. But not all women are alike and they are not in the same stage in their technology savvyness, so they're usually falling to 3 groups. The first would be Mrs. Doubtwire. So now who are they, and what kind of technology they are looking for? Well, Mrs. Doubtwire, a little slow to the games, still a little hesitant, it's a lot of people, probably now doing the email thing. ((Hold her kids at home) ) Yeah, doing the email thing, doing the google thing, if you are doing one of the things, it's digital photography. Women are the memory keepers; they actually became the biggest buyers of digital cameras in 2004 and remain so. (got a lot of) And now you are starting to see the feminine sensibility, (new cameras) yeah in the color, these are the latest greatest models for Sony CyberShot, pink, and you know (all designed for women in nice colors ) yeah, but it's great pictures, big viewing screen and then you know, you, you are not, like who's got a camera. You are lugging around the thing or you have a disposable one, so size and weight really matters. Put it in the purse (exactly) exactly, very easy to carry, all right, so the Mrs. Doubtwire is going for something like this. What about the prag, pragmatics, (Yes) or, prag, pragmatechs, pragmatechs Pragmatechs, it's the biggest group and it's women who say: Listen, I just need it to work, but you know what, if you throw in a little style I'll take it and when you mentioned. . . That's, 76% of the women you surveyed say they wanted to really work with that. Yeah, to the tune of 65 million dollars in technology purchases, so if you are a technology company, that's too big a number to ignore and that's why you're gonna start to see advertising towards women, and then products like this (right), you just scream, you gotta have this, (wow) so this was debuting on the show today. I have this computer, but mine is not as wild as that. Exactly, well this is the new Sony VAIO, you probably have a black or silver one (right).It has been the case for years now. They are only gonna make 500 of these limited edition and come out later this summer (Very cool) at Sonystyle.com, but a perfect example, does everything your laptop does. For when you want it, it's like shopping for a purse now. Yes, cool, excellent, it looks great too. (Yeah) Now I mean, as a mum, you're always like taking movie s of your kids, it's really hard technology though. But these are ways that can simplify your life. Absolutely, in fact, this one simplifies your life cos it's the same computer you have but you can put it in your purse. (Hmm umm) Right? The weight thing, (Oh my God, that's fantastic) if you carry around a laptop, the novelty wears off, right? Coz they're heavy. This, you are right, you bring home the s and then you get lost in cords. Who's got the right cord? You're behind the TV in the snake pit. Now...Impossible to try to play anything you've got, right? Yeah, exactly, so we just took the , we pop up the mini DVD, this plays in any DVD player, one step, one step always wins, that's what a pragmatech likes . Very neat. OK, actually. $ 500. Alright, but of course there's that woman still that always wants to have a little bit of blink in her life. It's more than a little blink, more The tech in the city, girl. Tech in the city. They like to techessorize. This Techessorize. That's 15% of women that you surveyed (Yeah) really like to have not only the, the function but also the fashion behind the technology. Yeah, it's a statement for that, and be steal my heart, and this is the new T3, (my gosh, look at this) all in one, this, there is nothing this guy doesn't do. Oh, Geez. Email, instant messaging, surf the web and thanks to NYCPeach.com, (right) it's got Swarovski crystal diamonds. We get the idea now, what about that (7, 000 bucks) speaking of crystals and diamonds, look at that television. Flat screen TV, we've mentioned that, come way down to a price, 1800 bucks. The price doesn't matter, 10, 000 dollars (10, 000 dollar) for also, (you can get all the blink you want for that) and you know what? Coz it looks good even when it's off, so it becomes an art form. Absolutely, well, Regina Lewis, it's great, thanks so much. You are welcome200810/52593哈尔滨哪家妇科医院治疗外阴瘙痒好

黑龙江省哈尔滨市第三人民医院挂号预约Deal Close For G20 Summit Leaders Keith Graves reports from the G20 summit of world leaders in Washington DC, where Prime Minister Gordon Brown is calling for worldwide cuts in taxes and interest rates to try to rescue the global economy from a deep recession. Between them they represent 90 percent of the world's economic activity, 20 world leaders are trying to find a way to dig the global economy out of the hole. Even their host President Bush admits they can only make a start if that at the summit which kicked off last night to the White House dinner and will end after lunch today, not much time to save the world.This problem did not develop overnight and it will not be solved overnight. But with continued cooperation and determination it will be solved. And whilst they obviously agreed that something must be done and done quickly. They are whatever their final communiqué may say far from in an agreement about what. Mr. Bush is a lame duck president of a nation, blamed by some world leaders for being at the root cause of economic crisis. His successor Barrack Obama's declined the invitation to attend but whether that things are going to get worse before he moves into the White House and wisely keeping his distance from Mr. Bush.Prime Minister Brown is trying to impose his ideas on the summit, lobbying for support with fellow leaders.I’m determined to do everything in my power to make sure that the economy move forward in such a way that people with homes could be more secure, that people with small businesses can get the cash flow that they need and people can be less worried about the effect on jobs. This is my undivided attention. I’m determined we do everything in our part to do the right things. And whilst some leaders including President Bush have reservations about the prime minister’s plans for more cross border regulations to keep international financial institutions on the strait and narrow. One thing they do seem to agree upon is that it's going to get worse before it gets better. Caise Graves Sky News WashingtonKeith Graves在华盛顿的20国领导人峰会上发回报道,英国首相布朗呼吁世界范围内削减税率和利率,来使世界经济免于进一步的衰退。他们代表了全世界90%的经济实体,20国领导人试图寻找一个解决方案来拯救全球经济。虽然东道主布什总统承认,峰会从昨天晚上白宫的晚宴开始,到今天中午的午餐就会结束,对于拯救世界经济来说时间有点仓促,但是可以开一个头。这个问题不是一夜之间形成的,也不是一夜之间可以解决的。但是只要团结协作,决心坚定,就一定能够解决。当时他们一致同意,必须尽快采取措施。但是他们远远没有达到公报上所说对某项计划达成完全一致。布什总统是这个国家无用的领导人。他被有些国家的领导人认为是世界经济危机的根源。他的下一任总统奥巴马拒绝参加这次峰会。但是至于他入主白宫,明智的和布什保持距离之后形势会不会恶化就不得而知了。布朗努力阐述他的观点,试图游说他国领导人。我决定尽能力所及的一切努力来确保经济向前发展,使得有家的人更安全,做生意的人有他们需要的流动资金,人们不再为工作担忧。这是我唯一关注的问题。我认为我们应该尽职尽责,采取正确的措施。当时包括布什在内地一些领导人对布朗所提出的越境调控来保国际金融环境稳定的计划都有所保留。他们唯一达成共识的是形势将会恶化。200811/56559哈尔滨市一院在那个区 Business Bulletin The latest in business news with the CNN.com business bulletinToday's closing bell marked the end of the first quarter on Wall Street.And as Stephanie Elam reports from our Business desk in New York. It wasn't a good one, was it Steph?No, no, it wasn't, Reggie. And I hate to say that 'cause I feel like I always start over the negative news but it's the case on this one, it just was not a good first quarter. During the 3 months of 2008, the market was driven lower by the housing crisis then there was that credit crunch and growing fears of a recession. So for the quarter, the DOW Industrials fell more than 7%, NASDAQ lost about twice as much and the broader Samp;P 500 lost nearly 10%. Now also impressuring the markets this quarter were rising oil prices. However, today, erase, oil actually erased much of those gains, tumbling 4 dollars to settle at 1.58.So, to take a look at the stock markets from today, look at those numbers, here we go. The DOW, on the upside, by 46 points at 12262, gain of little more than a third of a percent. NASDAQ, up 17 points at 2279 and that is a gain of about 3 quarters and the Samp;P 500 up a little more than 0.5%, Reggie.This next story is interesting to me. Because it goes to the heart of the matter, where these companies now see the money, because people are kind of maxing out their credit cards, then they have to obviously find a new market, and that new market, it's the young, right?Oh yeah, I don't know if this, this. Maybe this didn’t happen when you were in college. But when I was there, there were definitely tables and (Oh please, free T-shirt) get a free T shirt, sign up for a credit card. Why was that so exciting?And it, kids got... Why was that exciting? I have no idea. But it was exciting. People love getting it.Maybe I'm old now, because a T-shirt doesn't excite me. But I remember back in the day, people were pretty excited about the T-shirt. But this is in fact the new trend here. Not new, but a bigging, a growing trend here, it's a bigger trend. Some credit companies might see college kids as their golden goose. A study released by US Public Interests Research Group shows that 76% of students say credit cards have been marketed to them on their college campuses. The companies often set up tables on or near campus and lure students with free gifts like those T-shirts and frisbees and candy and pizza. All things you don't need probably at that age. And in some cases, even iPods. And all you have to do is fill out an application. There are about a dozen states that have restrictions on credit card marketing on campuses. But the report shows that the companies have become more aggressive, often calling or even emailing students, but it's not just the credit card companies that are to be blame here. Many colleges' webs, actually partner with the banks to issue code-branded credit cards or ID cards that double as debit cards .Some schools defend these partnerships as a way to offset cuts in state funding, Reggie. But obviously, I remember at my school they were just off campus but still everyone walked by themselves. So there was easy access.Oh really? They weren't off campus at mine. They were right in the student center!Like Hello!Yeah, come spend money. I mean, you know that, obviously kids don't really have a lot of money when they are in college. Or most kids don't. So why are the credit cards companies going after with such gusto, these college students.Well yeah they may not have a lot of money but they do have a lot of wants, and probably need at that age too. So there’s money to be made. And you know, a lot of these college students usually don't have financial ties, meaning that once they set out signing up for a credit cards through a certain bank, it's more likely they will go back to the same provider when they need a car loan or savings loan. So it kind of engenders some sort of loyalty, Reggie.I, well, I think that's, in my case, that was true actually .They got me right in the beginningAnd you probably still have that frisbee up the other wall. And that T-shirt somewhere!Yeah!Well , let's talk about there was a major deal that was announced today in the music world that gives a company that actually have not really had its hands in that much, prior to this, it really gives them a lot of power.Oh yeah, Irish rock band U2 has agreed to a twelve-year contract with concert promoter Live Nation. The move gives Live Nation control of U2's concerts, their merchandise and U2 website and fan-club. Live Nation which operates more than 100 concert venues around the country is ending its relationship with Ticket Master at the end of the year in order to compete with the ticket giant. Over the past few years, Live Nation has actually acquired several companies which run websites and create merchandise for artists. And last year, it signed a 10-year, 120 million-dollar deal with the Material Girl. That’s right Madonna was the one they got on there.Yeah so I mean everyone's jumping on the Live Nation bandwagon. I'm so glad that you wanna talk about Madonna.Ha, I always find a way to throw in some pop for you, Reggie.Thank you so much, yeah, I am listening to the new single I heard it's good, I haven't heard it yet.You gotta get it.But there's probably a different discussion that we will have to have somewhere else.Ok, could you work it into some business report this week? We'll get to that.OK I'll work on it.Alright, thanks Stephanie, see you later.Bye! Reggie!01/60673黑龙江中医药大学附属第二医院在线咨询

克东县处女膜修复手术多少钱苏珊大妈受邀为总统奥巴马献唱时间苏珊大妈一炮而红,美国总统奥巴马夫妇两度邀请她去白宫演唱。Britain's Got Talent star Susan Boyle has been invited to sing for President Barack Obama at the White House as part of Independence Day celebrations on July 4, according to her brother.“英国达人”明星苏珊#8226;波伊尔的哥哥称,苏珊日前已受邀前往白宫参加七月四日美国独立日庆祝活动,并为奥巴马献唱。She is said to be looking forward to the Washington event despite her admission to a Priory clinic suffering from physical and mental exhaustion.据称,尽管苏珊已经因身心俱疲前往普莱奥利医院接受治疗,但她对华盛顿之行十分期待。Simon Cowell, producer of the series, has telephoned the spinster at the treatment facility to promise he will support her "unconditionally" whatever she decides to do after losing in the final to dance act Diversity.苏珊在决赛中输给“万象”舞蹈组合。“英国达人”节目制片人西蒙#8226;考威尔致电正在接受治疗的苏珊,保不管她做出任何决定,他都将“无条件地”持。Her White House invitation is the second from the Obamas after she was asked to attend a dinner in May but was too busy to attend.这已经是奥巴马夫妇第二次邀请苏珊前往白宫了,之前她曾受邀于五月前去赴宴,但由于太忙而无法参加。The 48-year-old, who has suffered mild learning difficulties as a result of being deprived of oxygen at birth, has been the subject of concern that she has been exploited by the Britain's Got Talent series. Early ratings results suggest the final episode on Saturday May 30 was the biggest-rating television programme on any channel since England played in the Euro 2004 football tournament, attracting 17.3 million viewers.现年48岁的苏珊出生时因为缺氧而患上了轻微的学习障碍症,在参加"英国达人"节目后,她一度精疲力尽,因此成为人们关注的焦点。之前的收视率调查显示,今年5月30日(周六)进行的决赛吸引了1730万观众,是自2004年有英格兰队参战的欧洲杯足球锦标赛以来,英国所有频道播出节目中收视率最高的。Boyle's brother John, 59, told the reporters: "Susan has been invited to the celebrations at the White House with the president. So as you can see, her dream is still very much alive. In fact, it's only just starting.波伊尔的哥哥、现年59岁的约翰在接受记者采访时说:"苏珊被邀请去白宫和总统一起参加庆祝活动,所以你看,她的梦想仍有可能实现,事实上,她的美梦才刚刚开始。""Susan is exhausted. It's no surprise - she has gone from a small town in West Lothian to being famous around the world.“苏珊累得筋疲力尽,这并不奇怪,她从西洛锡安的一个小镇一跃红遍全球。”"She's been battered non-stop for the last seven weeks and it has taken its toll. But she'll be looking forward now to the Fourth of July."“她在过去七周连轴转,因此累倒了。但她现在非常期待七月四日的到来。”Despite the invitation there are fears the singer may not appear in public for some time. A spokeswoman for show producers Talkback Thames said it was too early to say whether Boyle would be able to join the live stage tour of the show this month.尽管受到邀请,人们仍担心这位"歌星"在今后一段时间内无法公开露面。Talkback Thames制片公司的一位女发言人称,现在还无法确定波伊尔能否参加本月举行的现场巡演。Cowell has offered to ignore her contractual obligation to take part in the tour. Susan's other brother Gerry, 55, said Boyle was aly recovering well. He said: "She was exhausted when we spoke on Sunday but she sounds a lot better today, a bit happier and more like herself.考威尔称苏珊可以不履行合同约定的参加巡演的义务。苏珊的另一位哥哥、现年55岁的杰瑞称,波伊尔康复得不错。他说:"我们上周日通话时她还很疲惫,但今天听起来好多了,她更高兴,也更像她自己了。"06/74766 7岁小男孩的母亲癫痫病发作,他没有惊慌,而是及时拨打急救电话,救了母亲一命。Well, a life saving corpora, seven-year-old boy in Brooklyn, his mom was having a seizure but he knew exactly what to do. He called 911 to get help and calmly helped guide emergency crews to his house. Eyewitness reporter Stacey Sager has this story.Lets give him a round of applause. The citys fire department today giving Drew Champagnie far more than a round of applause. They made the seven-year-old hero a Junior EMT at a special ceremony after he made the 911 call yesterday here in Brooklyn and saved his mothers life. And it wasnt easy.;Shes still shaking...;;OK, hold on, honey, hold on...;Drews mom was having a seizure, but still, he tried to keep calm.;Is it Apartment 2?;;Apartment 2.;;Apartment 2, OK.;Having the composure to remember all the important information and then sum. Drews home phone number, his address,his school, his fathers cellphone number, he had it all, unlike most of us.And even though Drew is a soft spoken third grader and only four feet tall, his character speaks volume in his calls, he still wants to go to school.;...well whos going to take me to school?;;Lets help mommy first, and then we will find someone to take you to school, OK?;The focus on the other end of the phone couldnt have been more impressed as they hanging there with him.;Come here as fast as you can, OK?;;OK, no problem, sweetie, theres an ambulance thats on its way, OK? Im going to stay on the phone with you, OK?;;OK.;My hair stand up cause Im just then shocked. Hes just awesome....and protective according to his mother whos still recovering today.;He told me this morning, dont do anything, relax.;The fire commissioner says all of us can learn something from Drew: valuable information to review with our own children in case of an emergency.Meanwhile, today, he repeated his new oath of office: ;I promise to be the best junior EMT that I can be.;Something telling all of us he aly has.In downtown Brooklyn, Im Stacey Sager, channel 7, Eyewitness news.201110/156198哈尔滨省中心医院客服中心哈尔滨比较好的打胎医院



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