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President Barack Obama has welcomed Pope Francis to the White House at the start of his trip to the USA.美国总统奥巴马欢迎教皇弗兰西斯来到白宫开始他的美国之旅。The pope was given the five-star treatment ahead of a speech on the White House lawn, which included praise for Obama’s efforts to reduce air pollution, and commitment to tackling climate change.在白宫草坪上发表演说前,教皇受到最高级别的接待。演说的内容包括赞扬奥巴马在减少空气污染、致力于解决气候变化作出的努力。Some 15,000 people gathered to welcome Francis on his first-ever visit to the US as pope.15000人聚集在一起,欢迎弗兰西斯作为教皇以来首次访问美国。“You reminded us that the Lord’s most powerful message is mercy. That means welcoming the stranger with empathy and truly open heart: from the refugee who flees war-thorn lands to the emigrant who leaved home in search of a better life,” said Obama.“你提醒我们,上帝给我们最大的启示是怜悯。这意味着我们要以同情和真正开放的心态欢迎陌生的人们,从逃离战争的难民到离开家乡寻求更好生活的移民。”奥巴马说道。The pope called on all Americans to build a truly tolerant and inclusive society.教皇呼吁所有美国人建立一个真正宽容和包容的社会。“I would like all men and women of good will in this great nation to support the efforts of the international community to protect the vulnerable in our world,” he said.“我希望这个伟大国家所有富有善意的人们都持国际社会的努力,保护世界上弱势的人们。”他说。Not all Americans have been cheered by the pope’s visit, with a number of commentators fulminating at the pope’s positions on a number of issues.并不是所有的美国人都欢迎教皇的访问,一些家斥责教皇在一些问题上的立场。译文属。 /201509/400792

Russian Su-34 bombers taking off in Syria,in the last 48 hours the airforce carried out 141 sorties.Defence Ministry spokesman General-Major Igor Konashenkov said the jets struck 472 terrorist targets.俄罗斯苏-34轰炸机从叙利亚起飞,在过去48小时内空军出动了141架次飞机。国防部发言人伊戈尔·科纳申科夫少将说,战机轰炸了472处恐怖分子目标。They included an oil refinery 50 kilometres south of Raqqa understood to be controlled by the so-called Islamic state and one of the militant group’s main financial sources.其中包括卡拉以南50公里处一被伊斯兰国控制的炼油厂,以及武装组织的主要资金来源处。The bombing missions also struck targets in Aleppo, Damascus, Idlib, Hama and Homs according to the ministry.根据政府部门表示,轰炸目标同样包括阿勒颇,大马士革,伊德利卜哈马和霍姆斯。France’s flagship aircraft carrier, Charles de Gaulle will shortly take part in air strikes against the IS group said the country’s defence minister Jean-Yves Le Drian.法国国防部部长称,戴高乐号航母不久将参加反IS组织空袭。The carrier is aly in waters off the Syrian coast. Flights from its decks will shorten the time it takes for French jets to carry out air strikes. The ship can hold up to 40 aircraft and support 100 flights a day.该航母已在叙利亚海岸附近水域中。从航母甲板上起飞将缩短法国战机空袭的时间。戴高乐号航母可以容纳40架战机,每天可以进行100次飞行。译文属。 /201511/411880

l Warned him about this family.我早就警告过他要小心这家人了l warned him about that mother. That mother, l from a mile away.我早就警告过他要小心那妈妈了 我一眼就看穿她了she had an agenda from day one.她打从一开始就不安好心眼There was a so-called rebuttal that was played,还有所谓的抗辩影片the that the Arvizo family made after the allegations had surfaced,阿维佐家族在做出那些控诉后所拍的影片in which they claim that Michael had been a father figure to this family.说迈克尔对他们全家来说 像是个父亲And they were really adamant about it on this .他们在影片中的口气很坚决And this existed.也确实有此影片And you wouldve thought that just the fact that this existed正常人应该都会认为 光是有这部影片wouldve been enough for the district attorney检方就应该to not wanna prosecute this case,不去起诉这起案子because, eventually, we would have to see this .因为最终这影片必定要播放And all of us would then have to look at this and think,我们看了不都会想What the heck is going on here? Which is exactly what happened.现在是什么状况? 结果正是这样The focus, instead, was on the defences first celebrity witness,the actor Macaulay Culkin.焦点都转移到了辩方的名人人 演员麦考利·克金The prosecution had suggested that in the early 1990s,检方在90年代初曾怀疑他也是he was one of a number of young boys whod been sexually abused by Jackson.众多被杰克逊性侵的年轻男孩之一201511/407605

Chinas economic slowdown benefits global economy中国经济增长放缓对全球影响巨大Zhu Min, managing director of the International Monetary Fund, said in a recent speech that Chinas economic slowdown is a result of policy adjustments, which in the long run could benefit the global economy.国际货币基金组织总裁朱民在最近的一次演讲中谈到中国经济放缓是政策调整的结果,而且从长远看此举有益于全球经济。Meanwhile, Zhu also gave some reasons for the growth slowdown in China, saying the governments regulations in the credit market and property market are two main drivers.同时朱民也提到了一些增长放缓的原因,他表示政府在信贷及地产市场的调控是两个主要因素。201501/355092

A few years ago, the scale of this network这个网络非常复杂was graphically illustrated by a chance accident.一次神奇的事故形象地说明了这一点In 1992, a freighter hit a storm in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.1992年1月10日,一艘货轮在太平洋中间遭遇了一场暴风雨的袭击Containers of plastic bath toys were swept overboard.装着塑料玩具的集装箱掉进了海里29,000 plastic toys were now adrift in the ocean.现在有29000多个塑料鸭子正在太平洋里游荡The moment they hit the water,它们掉进水里的那一刻the toys joined a series of powerful ocean currents塑料鸭子就被卷入了一系列强大的海洋洋流which scattered them in different directions.将它们分散到不同的方向Since then, theyve travelled over 17,000 miles,从那时开始它们游荡了超过17000英里and washed up in places as far afield as Hawaii and Alaska.在遥远的夏威夷登陆了 甚至阿拉斯加They even crossed the frozen Arctic, to the Atlantic,他们甚至越过冰冻的北极进入了大西洋where they came ashore on the coast of Scotland.在苏格兰海岸登陆The ducks epicjourney vividly reveals the complex system of currents你知道,这些坚强的小塑料鸭子 生动地揭示了复杂的洋流系统that connect all the oceans together.连接了所有的海洋These currents are vital to life.洋流对于地球上的生命来说至关重要They carry nutrients and oxygen around the worlds oceans.它们可以带来滋养生命的养分和氧气201511/411198

After the devastation of the plague, a rebirth.瘟疫的毁灭性打击之后 是重获的新生We have works of art, works of architecture,palaces, schools, academies.艺术作品 建筑作品 宫殿 学校 学会All of the human arts flourish where banking flourishes.人类所有的艺术繁盛之地都是兴盛之地They were buying collections for themselves,but they were meant for eternity.他们购买收藏品珍藏 但其意味着永恒5000 miles away,China is on the brink of its own rebirth.五千英里外 中国正欲复兴A key, a deadly new invention.一项致命的新发明诞生For a century and a half, the Mongols have ruled China.蒙古人统治中原已一个半世纪之久But the plague has killed millions,Loosening their grip on power.但是因瘟疫而致死的有数以百万人 让他们放松了对权力的控制1356, outside Nanjing.A gang of three plots a revolution.1356年 南京城外 三人结伙密谋了一场叛变Their leader: Zhu Yuanzhang.他们的领导者是朱元璋Born dirt poor, orphaned by the plague.他出生贫寒 瘟疫夺走了他的家人Zhu Yuanzhang was a peasant.朱元璋原来是一名农民He was an ordinary man,but he had extraordinary drive.是一个普通的老百姓 但是他受尽生活的艰辛His men call themselves the Red Turbans.他的手下称自己为红巾军Peasants turned rebels.The people have nothing to eat.农民发动了起义 人们没有食物可吃And when a rebel leader comes along and says,当起义军召集大家并宣布;Drive out the Mongols,;theres universal enthusiasm.;赶走蒙古人;时 群情激昂201601/419222

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