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淮安阳痿治疗多少钱英国女性:为了钱不离婚They may have promised to have and to hold for richer and for poorer.But wives are most interested in the richer part.In a British study of married men and women, the majority of wives - 59 per cent - said they would divorce immediately if their future economic security was assured.The survey also found more than half of husbands thought their marriage was "loveless".And among both sexes, more than one in ten wished they had wed someone else.Responding to the astonishing results, relationship experts warned couples to avoid getting stuckin a rut- or risk the trauma of divorce.The survey of 2,000 adults revealed that 12 per cent would stay in an unhappy relationship just for an easy life.Almost 30 per cent said they were staying in a doomed marriage to save themselves going through a massive upheaval.Thirty-seven per cent said they were staying for the sake of the children.Almost a third of those polled were concerned they would be left with absolutely nothing if they walked out on their marriage.And 30 per cent of men said they were scared that they would have to leave without their children.The survey was commissioned by solicitors Seddons after a rush of divorce applications in the first week of the new year.Overall, 12 per cent said they were in a loveless relationship and more than a third (35 per cent) believed their marriage would turn stale in the near future.A shocking 56 per cent admitted they were not completely happy in their relationship - and more than half said they had considered splitting from their partner.A spokesman for the marriage counselling service-Relate said: "It's so easy for married couples to get stuck in a rut once the realities of paying the bills and getting the children's breakfast sets in."Relationships inevitably change over time. Divorce impacts on every single area of a person's life. Dividing up the family home, pets and everything they own is just part of the process." 他们一定都立下过婚誓:无论贫富贵贱,一生相随。不过妻子们还是更愿意在“富贵”的时候相随。英国一项对已婚男女的调查表明,多数女性(59%)表示如果以后在经济上能得到保障,她们会马上离婚。另外,调查发现,超过一半的男性认为自己的婚姻“无爱”。超过十分之一的男性和女性觉得自己找错了人。针对这些令人惊讶的调查结果,婚姻问题专家提醒已婚夫妇不要陷入生活的陈规,也不要冒险离婚。该项调查共有两千名成年人参加,结果显示,12%的受访者表示,为了过上“安逸”的生活,他们愿意忍受不幸福的婚姻。近30%的人称他们为了度过难关,正在忍受不幸福的婚姻。37%的受访者称不离婚是为了孩子。近三分之一的受访者担心离婚后会一无所有。30%的男性害怕失去孩子。该调查由希登斯律师事务所委托开展,该机构在新年后的第一周内收到了大量的离婚申请。总体来看,12%的人说自己正在经受无爱婚姻的折磨,超过三分之一(35%)的人认为婚姻的正在慢慢减退。多达56%的人承认婚后生活并不十分开心,超过一半的人考虑过与对方分开。Relate婚姻咨询务机构的发言人说:“对于已婚夫妇而言,一旦付账单和给孩子做早餐等家庭琐事成为每天的现实,两个人便很容易陷入‘陈规’。”“久而久之,两人的感情必然发生变化。离婚会对个人生活的方方面面产生影响。分家、分宠物、分财产仅是其中的一部分。” /200803/32061淮安治疗前列腺囊肿的医院 Shanghai police said they are investigating reports of six foreign tourists drunkenly urinating on a low barrier on an elevated road in full view of traffic on Saturday afternoon. The driver of the bus carrying them told police the men forced him to stop and nearly caused an accident. Police started investigation after a picture of the men urinating on the North-South Elevated Road was posted online yesterday morning, causing indignation on the Internet. ;They were urinating on the road and laughing, and all of them are foreigners,; said a witness surnamed Huang, who took the picture and posted it.近日,一则关于老外在高架上集体小便的微引发网友热议。上海警方3月25日回应称,目前市公安局交警总队高架队已经查找到这辆大巴车,并将依法定程序对此事开展调查。网友公布的照片显示,一辆大巴车停靠在高架上,大巴车旁正在小便的共有6人,均为年轻男性,而从体貌特征看很容易辨别是外国人。记者发现,大巴车开着双跳灯停靠在右边的隔离墩旁。微发布后,立即引发网友热议。新民网记者了解到,事发路段为于南北高架共和新路立交附近。上海警方今天回应称,目前市公安局交警总队高架队已经找到这辆大巴车,并将依法定程序对此事开展调查。 /201303/232080江苏省淮安市第二人民医院治疗膀胱炎多少钱

金湖县流产打胎多少钱 In Spain different set of gift-giving traditions exists. The holiday season extends to Jan. 6, known as Three Kings Day or the Epiphany.1 It is not until Three Kings Day that Spanish children receive their gifts. On the eve of the Epiphany, children set out a pair of shoes to be filled with treats2 by the Three Kings. Usually, three plates of food and three glasses of wine are left out for the visitors, and the waiting shoes are often stuffed with straw for the camels the Magi ride.3   Although gifts are not given until Three Kings Day, the Spanish still celebrate on Christmas Day. One of the most important Christmas traditions is the construction of the Nativity scene, which depicts the stable Christ was born in, complete with parents, angels and animals.4 These scenes are often elaborate and require a good deal of materials and craftsmanship.5 The need for building materials gave rise to6 another Spanish tradition: the Christmas market. These outdoor markets consist of a series of booths7 set up on streets and in squares. The booths sell everything from ornaments and small gifts to figures and building materials for the Nativity scenes.  The Spanish have a number of unique dishes that are traditionally served on Christmas. While some serve turkey, the worldwide favorite, many prefer a distinctly Spanish . This meal would consist of almond8 soup followed by seafood. For desert, a candy called marzipan9 is served. Marzipan is made from almonds, eggs and sugars.  Notes:  1. extend: 延续;Three Kings Day: 三圣节,又称Epiphany(主显节),基督教纪念耶稣向世人显现的节日,通常在每年1月6日。  2. treat: 好东西。  3. 通常,三盘食物和三杯酒是为招待三位访客特意留下的,准备(装礼物)的鞋子中一般都会填满稻草以供东方三士所骑的骆驼食用。Magi: 东方三士,为《圣经》中人物,指向初生的耶稣朝拜献礼的东方三圣,下文中提到的the Three Wisemen与此同义。  4. Nativity scene: 也作Nativity play,圣诞剧,关于耶稣诞生的戏剧,通常由儿童在圣诞节期间演出;depict: 描述;stable: 马厩,根据《圣经》记载,耶稣诞生在马厩中。  5. elaborate: 精心计划或制作的;craftsmanship: 技能,技术。  6. give rise to: 引起,导致。  7. booth: 货摊,摊位。  8. almond: 杏仁。 /200803/29063淮安人流哪种最安全淮安哪个医院治疗前列腺增生最权威



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