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焦作市人民医院祛痣多少钱郑州双眼皮做的最好的to get carried away ------ 情绪激动 英文释义To become excessively excited and active. 例句I told my brother not to get carried away every time he meets a beautiful young woman and thinks he is in love.我对我的兄弟说,不要每次见到美女就情绪激动,以为自己恋爱了。 /201610/466534郑州市中医院祛除腋臭多少钱 Scripts:Major auto stocks are all up today, US auto sales dropping in August by six-tenths of a percent. But there are bright spots. Phil LeBeau's On The Money tonight.Just when you thought the consumer took a summer vacation, the August auto sales paint a different picture. Sales for the month turned out slightly better than expected even with Ford, Chrysler and Toyota all posting declines. But the big surprise is General Motors, raising sales 5.3 percent thanks largely to greater incentives on its pickup trucks. By adding a few hundred dollars more to its truck deals, GM boosted sales by almost 15%. But aside from GM, August sales showed many would-be buyers are still holding off. As BMW CEO said on Squawk Box, there is a little more caution in the markets. Classically, the, the luxury brands have some insulation, er, and you see a turndown in the higher volume products before you do in the luxury market. So I've , to some extent, been expecting to see a, a reduction in demand.Heading into the fall, and the new year model changeovers, there is some optimism within the auto industry that perhaps a new round of cars and trucks heading into showrooms will spur new buyers. But as long as consumer confidence and the housing market are both dragging, it may be a while until auto sales take off. On the Money, Phil LeBeau, CN, Chicago.Notes:Hold off: to hesitate or waiver 200807/44109Well, early education for soon-to-be husbands and wives. More and more engaged couples are going for premarital lessons. Hey, what do you have to lose? They should learn more because maybe they can avoid a divorce. Debra Mandel is the author of "Your Boss is not Your Mother". Oh that's a relief. She's given a lot of couples advice too on how to stay together. How are you, Debra? I'm great. How are you doing?Good. I, I like this, cause I think you can never be too prepared. I'm married a very, very long time and that first year is tough for any couple, so what do you think you can learn if you go for somebody's courses? In, in the Catholic religion, you have to, but for people who wanna do it anyway, what can you learn?Well, I'm always so excited when people come to me, it, for couples' counseling before they've aly tied the knots, so that we can really help them understand a lot of the pitfalls that people get into. For one, people assume that once they're married, everything is gonna be just nice and rosy and you don't have to do anything anymore and not understanding that when that honeymoon period wears off, it could really be devastating for people if they don't have realistic expectations (I hope) about actual marriage. Yep, hoping that it never wears off that honeymoon phase. I thought this was interesting the Journal of Family Psychology says that if couples receive premarital education, they will have a 31% lower chance of divorce, do you believe that?Oh, absolutely, because when people get information, information is very helpful for people, cause too often people think that things are just gonna be magical, you don't have to do anything, but really and truly for having a great relationship, you have to put a lot of time and energy into nurturing the whole concept of a couple, you know, we need to look at ourselves as, now, we are two people joining together and every decision we make is going to affect our partner, so we need to be really aware of everything about our person that we're gonna be with. (And that's one of the...) in advance.One of the tips that you have, the other ones I saw, assess the quality of communications. Obviously, communication is key and I thought this one was great too, Debra, one of your tips. Understand your partner's family dynamics. Is this (yeah) what they say you actually marry his mother or vice versa, I guess?Yes, as, as a matter of fact, what we need to understand is whenever we're marrying a partner, we are marrying their entire family, because they have had relationships with their family all the way since they were born and so those people are usually going to have an impact on how your partner behaves and thinks and their ideas and their values. You need to be comfortable with your partner's family and if you are not comfortable with certain members of that family, you need to make peace with that and talk that through and that's why communication is so important cause people need to be able to understand their differences, to communicate with empathy, with compassion for each other and really be able to listen to each other and not talk over each other. Debra Mandel, author of "Your Boss is not Your Mother". Great advice. Thanks so much.Thank you so much. (That's so easy, just do whatever your like at once )Sounds easy. I... 200809/51011济源市做脱毛手术多少钱

南阳市中心医院减肥瘦身多少钱The deal is done."What a bloody hell! I'm Rupert Murdoch, the billionaire tyrant, and this is my newspaper!""If you are Rupert Murdoch, prove it!" "Hi, Rupert!" "e,oh."It's official, media-baron Rupert Murdoch has bought the Wall Street Journal. Adding it to the news Corp. media monopoly that now spans over 175 news papers worldwide as film studios, internet-holdings like My Space, Satellite TV and Cable, Magazines, and publishing. Begging a question “what's next?” As companies like news cooperation are now pushing the FCC to allow them to get even bigger.He is the propriety, what the marketer thought was the chastity. What it comes to money and power, he’s carnivorous, all-appetite and no taste, killing anything in his path.And while he’s promised not to interfere in the journal’s editorial policy he’s made that promise before like when he took over the New York Post, and radically transformed it into a conservative junk news tabloid. He also promised not to make changes to the Times of London. "There will be no fundamental change in the characteristics." But former editors there are saying Murdoch complained that too many of their stories had a e left-wing bent, and even called one of their correspondents a e une “Commie”. He broke his promises then. Why should we believe him now, especially given his fox news networks idea of fair and balanced? “Vicious far-lest website called DailyKos, one of the worst examples of hatred America has to offer.”Free press founder Robert McChesney says the growth of big media monopolies like news Corp. have directly paralleled the decline of journalism in America with less local and international coverage, fewer points of view and slashed budgets for real investigative reporting.Our whole constitution rests on having a free press, it’s the premise, it’s the unstated premise of the whole project. If we don’t have any foreign citizens, we all, every word in our constitution is meaningless. If you don’t know your privileges, your rights, if you aren’t aware of what’s going on, we have to have a press system. It's our duty, not our right to build a free press, and the foundation of a free press of doing that is healthy journalism. Instead, media barons like Murdoch have shifted \ over to a recipe for cheep but highly-profitable Junk news. And it’s not just news crop.The problem isn’t just Rupert Murdoch. His pursuit of the Wall Street Journal is the latest in the cascading series of merges, buyouts and other financial legitimate that are making a shipwreck of Journalism.Public-minded newspapers are being dumped by their owner for walls of cash or crippled by cost cutting while their broadcasting cousins race to the bottom. Murdoch is just the predator of the reality. And now Rupert Murdoch and other media predators are pushing the FCC to change the rules, allowing them to own even more newspapers, radio and television stations in the same market.But you can fight back and help to stop Murdoch's next media take over at freepress.net/murdoch200807/43258郑州/整容医院那家激光做的好 But despite the Mongol's attempts to master siege warfare, the Chinese were still much more advanced in their military technology. They responded by filling bombs with crude oil, molten metal, chemicals and excrement. Despite the ferocious bombardment, Genghis Khan ordered his men to advance to the walls. Once again, Chinese prisoners were in the front line. As the city fell, the Chinese commander had just one option. Genghis Khan was so confident of victory that he left his army to capture the city. His final command to his generals was to fulfill his prophecy. He ordered total annihilation. molten: melted, liquefied by heatexcrement: waste discharged from the body, fecesannihilation: destruction, ruin; extinction, extermination200809/50120南阳市祛斑多少钱

郑州大学第三附属医院激光去痘多少钱ADB Forecasts Solid Growth for Asia in 2008报告:亚洲经济今年仍会强劲增长  The Asian Development Bank says while Asia will not be immune to the global slowdown, economies in the region will continue to see solid growth in 2008. But the bank warns in its annual outlook that inflation in the region will jump this year.  亚洲开发星期三报告说,亚洲经济体受全球经济减速影响不大,2008年会继续保持强劲增长。但是亚银同时警告说,今年本地区的通货膨胀预计会进一步恶化。In 2007, Asia posted the highest growth in almost two decades, with regional economies expanding by 8.7 percent on average. The Asian Development Bank predicts that this year, growth will ease to 7.6 percent, as a result of the slowdown in large industrialized economies as well as surging food and fuel prices and a credit crisis in global financial hubs. 2007年,亚洲地区取得了20多年来最快的经济增长,整个地区的平均增长率高达8.7%。亚洲开发预测,2008年亚洲地区的增长率将降低到7.6%,主要原因是工业化大国经济发展减速,再加上食品和燃料价格暴涨,以及世界主要金融市场遭受信贷危机。But Ifzal Ali, the ADB's chief economist, says this year's predicted growth rate is still solid and only slightly below the average of the past five years. He spoke Wednesday in Hong Kong, where the bank unveiled its annual Asian Development Outlook. 伊弗扎尔.阿里是亚洲开发的首席经济学家。他指出,亚洲地区今年的经济增长仍然是强劲的,只是跟过去五年相比略微降低。阿里在香港公布亚银的《亚洲开发展望》年度报告的时候说:"Growth will remain solid because domestic conditions continue to be favorable. The policy environment is generally positiv," he said.. "Productivity growth linked to economic modernization and structural transformation that we have witnessed in the last five years and which have barreled Asia forward are likely to continue." “由于各国的国内状况依然有利,所以经济增长将保持强劲。政策环境总的来看是积极的。过去五年来我们看到,跟经济现代化密切关联的生产力增长以及结构性转变推动亚洲经济不断进步,这种情况看来会继续下去。”But risks remain. The ADB warns that inflation in the region will accelerate and could reach a 10-year high in 2008. In China, for example, inflation aly has reached an 11-year high of 11.7 percent in February. The Bank is worried about the social and political impact of higher prices for food and other essential commodities, as they mainly affect Asia's poor. 尽管如此,风险却仍然存在。亚洲开发警告说,亚洲地区的通货膨胀将加速恶化,有可能在2008年达到10年来的最高水平。比如,在中国,通货膨胀率已经在今年2月达到11.7%,那是过去11年来的最高点。亚洲开发担心,食品和其他生活必需品价格持续攀升,亚洲穷人所受的影响最大,有可能引起社会动乱和政治动乱。Many Asian governments subsidize or control prices of some items to protect consumers and prevent social tensions. The ADB says that Indonesia, for example, spends more on fuel subsidies than on public health and education combined. Ali says these practices put fiscal health at risk, so governments need to rethink them.  亚洲地区的很多政府目前都在通过补贴和控制某些商品的价格来保护消费者,防止社会局势紧张。亚洲开发指出,印度尼西亚现在花在燃料补贴方面的资金已经超过了公共卫生和教育经费的总和。阿里认为,这种做法势必给公众的健康带来风险,因此,对于财政补贴,各国政府还需要三思而行。"We need very quickly exit strategies for subsidies and administrative prices in developing Asia and replace them with targeted cash transfers for the really needy," he said. 阿他说:“亚洲的发展中国家需要尽快放弃补贴和价格控制等做法,取而代之的应该是目标明确地资助那些真正需要帮助的人们。”The annual report warned that Asian economies need to address labor issues to fuel long-term growth. The report notes that many countries in the region have large populations of unemployed young adults, and that at the same time, these economies face shortages of the skilled workers needed for development.  亚洲开发的年度报告还警告说,亚洲经济体要保持长期的增长,需要解决劳工问题。亚银指出,亚洲很多国家失业的年轻人很多,可是这些国家却同时面临技术工人短缺的局面。The ADB says governments need to do more to educate young workers and help them find jobs. The report says otherwise, countries will lose out for decades on the talent and productivity of these young adults. 亚洲开发说,各国政府需要做出更大的努力来为青年工人提供教育和培训,帮助他们找到工作。否则的话,在今后的几十年里,这些国家将由于年轻人缺乏才能和生产力而功败垂成。In addition, the report urged countries in Asia to make it easier for migrant workers to move about the region, to help fill gaps in labor supplies. 此外,亚洲开发还敦促亚洲各国让流动工人在各地区之间更加容易地流动,以弥补不同地区之间在劳动力供应方面的差距。200804/33227 郑州治疗鞍鼻哪家医院好河南附属医院祛疤痕多少钱



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