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1_10 Let’s go for a walk. Let’s go for a walk. 我们去散步吧. Let’s get exercise. . 我们去做些运动. A walk would do us good. 散步对我们有好处. Walking is great. 散步很棒. Walking is healthy. 散步有益健康. It’s the best exercise there is.散步是最好的运动. Where shall we go? 你说我们去哪里? Any place in mind? 你有没有想到任何地方? I’ll follow you anywhere. 我愿意跟你去任何地方. /200705/13653/200703/11099

  They would no longer be considered binding in time of war, 在战争时期这种协定就被认为是没有约束力的,and both sides would set to work to manufacture hydrogen bombs as soon as war broke out, 一旦战争爆发,双方就会着手制造氢弹,for if one side manufactured the bombs and the other did not, the side that manufactured them would inevitably be victorious... 因为如果一方制造氢弹而另一方不造的话,造氢弹的一方必然会取胜......I cannot believe that this is to be the end. 我无法相信结局会是这样。I would have men forget their quarrels for a moment and reflect that, if they will allow themselves to survive, 人们如果想让自己生存下去,他们就应暂时忘掉争吵,进行反省,there is every reason to expect the triumphs of the future to exceed immeasurably the triumphs of the past. 人们有千万条理由期待未来的成就极大地超过以往的成就,There lies before us, if we choose, continual progress in happiness, knowledge, and wisdom. 如果让我们选择,那么擂在我们面前的有幸福、知识和智慧的持续增长。Shall we, instead, choose death, because we cannot forget our quarrels? 我们能因为无法忘掉争吵而舍此去选择死亡吗?I appeal, as a human being to human beings: remember your humanity, and forget the rest. 作为一个人,我向所有的人呼吁:记住你们的人性,忘掉其余的一切。If you can do so, the way lies open to a new Paradise; if you cannot, nothing lies before you but universal death. 如果你们能这样做,通向一个新的天堂的路就畅通无阻;如果你们做不到这一点,摆在你们面前的就只有全世界的毁灭。201612/481839


  Well, he said, ;Cant we try a course of electroshock therapy?;“难道我们不能尝试一下点击疗法吗?”And you know why they agreed? They agreed to humor him.你知道他们为什么同意了?他们不想和他争执。They just thought, ;Well, well give a course of 10.他们想,就试10次电疗吧。And so well lose a little time. Big deal. It doesnt make any difference.;我们只是浪费点时间。反正也没有什么区别。So they gave the course of 10,所以他们给我进行了10个疗程的电击疗法,and the first -- the usual course, incidentally, was six to eight, and still is six to eight.第一个疗程通常是6-8次,现在还是6-8次Plugged me into the wires, put me to sleep, gave me the muscle relaxant.于是他们给我帖导电片,麻醉,让我肌肉松弛。Six didnt work. Seven didnt work.6次没有用,7次也没效果。Eight didnt work.8次还是没用,At nine, I noticed --到了第9次,我感觉到---and its wonderful that I could notice anything, I noticed a change.我自己能够感觉到真是太好了.我感觉到了变化。And at 10, I noticed a real change.到了第10次,我感到了真的不同。And he went back to them, and they agreed to do another 10.然后他找到其他医生们,他们同意再做10次。Again, not a single one of them这些医生中没有一个相信I think there are about seven or eight of them thought this would do any good.我想他们中大概7,8位都不信,他们认为电击没有用。They thought this was a temporary change.他们认为这只是暂时的改善。But, lo and behold, by 16, by 17,结果让大家惊讶的是到了第16,17次,there were demonstrable differences in the way I felt.我已经明显感觉到了变化。By 18 and 19, I was sleeping through the night.到了第18,19次,我已经可以安睡整晚了。And by 20, I had the sense, I really had the sense that I could overcome this,第20次完成,我真的感觉我可以战胜忧郁症,that I was now strong enough that by an act of will,我已经很坚强,可以靠意志力I could blow the obsessional thinking away.扫除强迫性思考,I could blow the depression away.告别忧郁症。And Ive never forgotten -- I never will forget我永远也不会忘记standing in the kitchen of the unit,站在疗养院的厨房,it was a Sunday morning in January of 1974,1974年1月的星期天早上,standing in the kitchen by myself and thinking, ;Ive got the strength now to do this.;我独自站在厨房,心想”我现在有康复的力量了。“It was as though those tightly coiled wires in my head had been disconnected and I could think clearly.好像在我头脑中紧紧纠结着的电路被拆除了,我思路清晰。But I need a formula. I need some thing to say to myself when I begin thinking obsessionally, obsessively.但我需要一个方法。需要提醒我自己,以防我陷入强迫性思考Well, the Gilbert and Sullivan fans in this room在座的吉尔伯特和沙利文的粉丝们will remember ;Ruddigore,; and they will remember Mad Margaret,会记得歌剧Ruddy Gore和疯狂玛格丽特and they will remember that she was married to a fellow named Sir Despard Murgatroyd.会记得她嫁给一个名叫德斯帕特爵士And she used to go nuts, every five minutes or so in the play,她在剧中差不多每5分钟都会发狂and he said to her, ;We must have a word to bring you back to reality,他对她说,“我们得有个密语把你拉回现实”and the word, my dear, will be Basingstoke.;亲爱的,我们就定“贝辛斯托克”吧So every time she got a little nuts, he would say, ;Basingstoke!;所以每次她有点发狂时,他就说:“贝辛斯托克!”And she would say, ;Basingstoke, it is.;她就回答说,“是的,贝辛斯托克。”And she would be fine for a little while.她就能好一段时间。Well, you know, Im from the Bronx. I cant say ;Basingstoke.;好吧,你知道,我来自布朗克斯,我不能说;贝辛斯托克;But I had something better. And it was very simple.我有更好的主意,非常简单It was, ;Ah, fuck it!;就是:;诶呀,去他的!;Much better than ;Basingstoke,; at least for me.比贝辛斯托克好多了,至少对于我来说。And it worked -- my God, it worked.这真的管用,天呀.Every time I would begin thinking obsessionally --每次我开始强迫性思维时again, once more, after 20 shock treatments I would say, ;Ah, fuck it.;在历经20次电疗之后,我都说;哎呀,去他的!;201604/436046

  VOA流行美语 55: ALREADY / ONE TO TALK今天Michael和李华到了一家中餐馆吃饭,二人正在点菜。李华学到了两个词儿:aly和one to talk。L: 啊,我的天啊,我饿死了。这菜单上每一个菜我都爱吃。M: OK, just order something aly!L: Michael, 你说什么?我什么菜都还没点,连务生都还没来呢,你怎么就说"aly"呢?M: No, no, Li Hua, I said, "Order something aly!" I meant that you should hurry up.L: 噢,所以,你在这儿用了"aly",就是叫我快一点啊。可是你把这个字用在句子的最后面,这种用法好奇怪哟!M: When we say "aly" at the end of a sentence, sometimes we are showing that we are impatient, that we want somebody to stop waiting and to do something.L: 噢,我懂了。你能不能再给我举个例子啊?M: OK. Remember when we were stopped at a light earlier today? The car in front of me didn't move when the light turned green, so I yelled -- "Come on, move aly!"L: 嗯,我懂了,我懂了,这个习惯用语很简单嘛。M: Yeah? Well, go ahead! Make a sentence aly!L: O.K. 你不是老是说那个叫Cindy的女孩儿有多可爱吗? So come on, ask her out aly!M: Um, well, the sentence is correct, but I don't really know Cindy that well. I'm a little shy around girls, you know.L: 管他呢,你怕什么? Just talk to her aly!M: Well, actually I've talked to her before, but I was really nervous. I did get her phone number. I told her I might call her if I missed class and needed to borrow her notes.L: 啊,你已经有她的电话号码啦!那你还等什么?要是她肯把电话号码给你,她对你一定有兴趣的。 Call her aly!M: All right! All right! Shut up aly! I'll call her.L: 嘿, Michael,我是要帮你的忙啊!你干嘛跟我发脾气?M: I'm sorry, Li Hua. I shouldn't have told you to shut up. Hey, the waiter is coming. I'm hungry. Go ahead and choose something aly!L: 嗯,我想我要点宫爆鸡丁。******L: 嗨,Michael, 你知不知道有的时候你可真无礼啊。M: I'm rude? You're one to talk, Li Hua!L: 哎,你说我什么,Michael?你要是还在生气的话,我现在就走了。M: Please, calm down Li Hua. I said, "You're one to talk." I meant that you shouldn't say I am rude when you yourself are rude.L: 好了,我知道有的时候我也很粗鲁啦。所以,Michael,你说:You're one to talk,是不是就是说我们俩都半斤八两,我不用说你,其实我自己也是很粗鲁的?M: That's right. When you told me I can be rude, I thought that that was rude. So I said, "You're one to talk!" That means, you have the same problem, so you shouldn't criticize me.L: 噢,我懂了,其实我也不是要对你那么粗鲁。我只是替你担心,因为你老是说你很寂寞,可是你又不肯主动去找女孩子,你太害羞了。M: I'm shy? You're one to talk! What about you? You are always too shy to meet new guys.L: Well, 在中国,女孩子本来就不会主动去约男孩子的嘛!总是男的要去找女的。M: That's not a good excuse. I think you're just too picky.L: 什么?你说我太挑剔?You're one to talk! 你自己不也老是说你碰不到既聪明又有教养的女孩?你这不也自以为是吗?M: I'm too proud of myself? You're one to talk! You wouldn't even consider going out with a guy if he didn't have a Master's degree.L: 好了,好了,Michael, 我们不要再吵了,反正也吵不出什么道理来。M: Yeah, sorry, let's just forget about it. Hey look, our food is here.L: So eat aly! 咱们早该吃了。MC: 各位听众,李华今天和Michael一起在餐馆点菜的时候,学到了两个美国用语的用法。Aly用在命令式句子的后面时,相当于普通话里面常说的:"早该如何如何"的意思。You're one to talk!则相当于"你竟然敢说这话,我们俩都半斤八两"的意思。 /200602/3130So many others you see, theyre just wonderful. Its lovely to know theyre concerned, you know.还有其他好多人,他们都很棒。得知他们(对会上讨论的这些问题)非常关注,我很高兴And -- oh, I saw Goldie Hawn. Oh, Goldie Hawn. I love her, too; shes wonderful. Yeah.噢对,我还见到了戈尔迪霍恩。噢天哪,戈尔迪霍恩,我太喜欢她了,她真的很棒,是的You know, shes only half Jewish. Did you know that about her?她只有一半的犹太血统。你知道这件事吗Yeah. But even so, a wonderful talent.是的,但是即使这样,她还是非常有天赋的And I -- you know, when I saw her, such a wonderful feeling. Yeah, shes lovely.而我,当我见到她的时候,我感觉太棒了。是的,她真是太可爱了But anyway, I should have started by saying just how lucky I feel.好了话说回来,我应该先讲讲我感觉多么幸运Its such an eye-opening experience to be here.这里真是令我大开眼界Youre all so responsible for this world that we live in today.对于我们生存的这个世界,你们承担着如此重大的责任You know, I couldnt have dreamed of such a thing as a young girl.要知道,当我还是小姑娘的时候,这样的事情简直是不可想像的And youve all made these advancements happen in such a short time -- youre all so young.而你们在这么短的时间里实现了所有这些进步和发展,而且你们都如此年轻You know, your parents must be very proud.你们的父母一定为你们感到非常骄傲But I -- I also appreciate the diversity that you have here. I noticed its very multicultural.而且我也非常喜欢这里的多样性。我发现这里汇集了多元文化You know, when youre standing up here, you can see all the different people.当你站在这里的时候,你能见到各种各样的人Its like a rainbow. Its okay to say rainbow. Yeah.这就像是一道虹。对,没错,用”虹“这个词完全没有问题I just -- I cant keep up with whether you can say, you know, the different things.其实我总是反应不过来,不知道什么词能用什么词不能用What are you allowed to say or not say? I just -- I dont want to offend anybody. You know.什么话能说,什么话不能说。要知道,我真是不想冒犯任何人But anyway, you know, I just think that to be here with all of you accomplished young people好吧,不管怎样,我只是觉得,跟你们在一起,跟你们这些年轻人在一起literally, some of you, the architects building our brighter future. You know, its heartening to me.而且你们当中有些是建筑师,就是要搭建我们更美好的未来的。跟你们在一起让我振奋不已Even though, quite frankly, some of your presentations are horrifying, absolutely horrifying. Its true. Its true.虽然,老实说,你们有些人做的演讲非常可怕,绝对令人震惊。真的,真的201611/476829美国习惯用语-第96讲:basket caseall washed up 今天我们要给大家介绍两个表示毫无希望的习惯用语。我们要讲的第一个常用语是:basket case。 Basket的意思就是“篮子”。比如说,要是一个人在一次事故中失去了四肢,他就变得毫无能力来料理自己的生活,只能让人们把他放在一只篮子里抬来抬去。这种毫无能力和希望的情景就是basket case的意思。Basket case经常被用来形容那些很穷的国家,它们的人民饥寒交迫,毫无希望。有的时候,basket case也是指那些老是亏钱,即将倒闭的企业。我们来举个例子吧: 例句-1: "I'm really worried--our company is losing so much money these days that if things don't get better in the next two months we'll be a basket case and have to go out of business." 这个人说:“我真是非常担心,我们公司这些日子亏损了那么多钱,要是在今后两个月里情况没有好转的话,我们就彻底没有希望,只好倒闭了。” Basket case也可以用半开玩笑的口气来指个别人,就像下面这个人。他正在找工作,刚刚到一个公司去面谈回来: 例句-2: "They made me wait so long for the interview that I was a basket case by the time I finally got called in. I've never been so nervous! I stammered, I stuttered--I almost couldn't remember my own name." 这人说:“他们让我等了很久才和我面谈。等到他们叫我进去的时候,我根本就不行了。我从来没有这样紧张过,结结巴巴地说不出话来,差一点连自己的名字都忘了。” 下面我们要讲的一个习惯用语是:all washed up。大家都知道,wash就是洗东西的“洗”。但是,all washed up的意思是彻底完蛋,和乾净不乾净毫无关系。下面这位女士在和她说另一个他们都认识的朋友: 例句-3: "Did you hear that Gloria's marriage is all washed up? She found her husband was seeing another woman, so she packed up, took the kids and moved out. Now she's suing for divorce" 她说:“你听说了没有,格洛里亚的婚姻是彻底完蛋了。她发现她的丈夫有外遇,因此她收拾起自己的东西,带着孩子搬出去了。现在,她向法院提出要离婚呢!” 下面这个例子是关于一个染上恶习、到最后破坏自己生活的人: 例句-4: "That man over there used to be one of the best players in baseball. But then he started drinking, turned into an alcoholic, and just two years later he was all washed up." 这句话的意思是:“那边那个人以前是最好的棒球运动员之一。但是,后来他开始喝酒,逐渐酗酒成习。这样,只过了两年,他的棒球生涯也就完蛋了。” 以上我们讲了两个习惯用语,它们是:basket case和all washed up。Basket case是毫无希望的境地;all washed up是彻底完蛋的意思。 「美国习惯用语」第九十六课就讲到这里。欢迎下次再一起来学习美国习惯用语。再见。 /200601/3051

  Im a gamer, so I like to have goals. I like special missions and secret objectives.我是一个游戏玩家,因此我喜欢得分。我喜欢特殊的使命和神秘的目标。So heres my special mission for this talk:因此,我这次演讲的特殊使命是:Im going to try to increase the life span of every single person in this room by seven and a half minutes.我将尽力为这个大厅里的每个人延长七分半钟寿命。Literally, you will live seven and a half minutes longer than you would have otherwise, just because you watched this talk.的确,你将比你原来多活七分半钟就只因为你来看了这个演讲。Some of you are looking a little bit skeptical.恩,你们有些人看起来有些怀疑。Thats okay, because check it out — I have math to prove that it is possible.没关系,看一看吧,我做了算数去明它是有可能的。It wont make much sense now. Ill explain it all later,现在,听起来不符合常理我过一会解释,just pay attention to the number at the bottom: +7.68245837 minutes.只要注意一下最下方的数字:加上7.68245837分钟。That will be my gift to you if Im successful in my mission.如果我成功完成我的使命这七分钟将是我给你们的礼物。Now, you have a secret mission too.现在,你也有一个秘密的使命。Your mission is to figure out how you want to spend your extra seven and a half minutes.你的使命是想想怎么花掉这多余的七分半钟。And I think you should do something unusual with them, because these are bonus minutes.我认为你应该用这点时间做点不寻常的事,因为这是本不属于你意外的收获。You werent going to have them anyway.你在其他地方可能都难以得到。Now, because Im a game designer, you might be thinking to yourself,现在因为我是一个游戏设计师,你可能正在想,I know what she wants us to do with those minutes, she wants us to spend them playing games.我知道她想我们在这几分钟里做啥,她想让我们花时间玩游戏。Now this is a totally reasonable assumption,就现在而言,这是一个完全合理的假设。given that I have made quite a habit of encouraging people to spend more time playing games.就大家知道的而言,我习惯鼓励大家多花时间去玩游戏,For example, in my first TED Talk,比如说,在我第一次的TED Talk时,I did propose that we should spend 21 billion hours a week, as a planet, playing games.我建议每个星期全球花两百一十亿个小时去打。201706/512735乐宁外教口语天天练No.103Don't be sad, keep your chin up.keep your chin up意为 keep hope and be positive。Don't be sad, keep your chin up.keep your chin up意为 keep hope and be positive。译文:别难过,决不要气馁。谢谢收听,明天继续^^ /200701/10054

  英语日常口语 36:Test results本单元是关于考试结果的对话John:How did you do in the economics test Helen? Helen: I failed miserably.John: Oh poor you! I got 98%. Didn't want to get a perfect score. Might have looked a bit suspicious, given me recent track record. Bet you wished you'd sneaked a peek at the answers when you had your chance.Helen: Oh I don't ... John: You're a fool! It was the easiest bit of photocopying I've ever done.Prof. Lewis: John, Helen hello! John: Oh good morning Professor Lewis. I was just saying how much I've been enjoying your lectures recently. Prof. Lewis: Oh really? Helen, I think it's about time we had a little chat, don't you? Come to my office later and make an appointment, OK?Vocabulary:(词汇)me recent track record:my performance or achievements in the last few months or years (note in some regional accents 'me' is used instead of 'my' 我最近几个月或几年的表现或成就to sneak a peek (informal):to look at something quickly and furtively 偷瞄本单元的语言点是现在完成时态,现在完成时一般是动作发生在过去,强调对现在产生的影响,请看下面的解释和例句。The present perfectThe uses:(用法)We can use the present perfect to:1. talk about a past action that has a result in the present: For example, 'She has gone for a break'. She isn't in the room now because she left the room for her break some time before now.2. tell recent news:For example, 'The Prime Minister has died'.3. talk about a period of time which started in the past and which continues up to the present:For example, 'It was the easiest bit of photocopying I've ever done.'.If we refer to the time when Helen and John sat their exam, then we use the past simple.How did you do in the test?I failed miserably. The form:(句型)The present perfect has two parts - the main verb and the auxiliary verb. For information about the form of the present perfect, see language point The Present Perfect in Episode – Emergency.Been and gone:These two verbs are related to the verb 'go' Both are used in the present perfect but they have different meanings:She has been to Japan (some time in the her life but she isn't in Japan just now).They have gone to Japan (and they are still in Japan, they haven't come back yet).Adverbs of time:(时间副词)There are some adverbs of time that are commonly used with the present perfect.Ever - In the entire time from the minute the speaker was born until the present momentThis is the most delicious cake I've ever eaten.Just - This means it happened recently, not a long time agoShe's just gone for a break.Never - This means it has not happened, not even onceShe's never eaten Polish food. Aly - This emphasises that something has happened before nowShe's aly made an appointment to see the professor. The adverb goes between the auxiliary verb and the main verb.Other time expresssions:(其他表达方式)There are some time expressions that are commonly used with the present perfect:recentlysince Christmas/New Year since breakfast/lunch-time for a long time/ages so far in the last few days/months/years /200707/16041


  网络社交英语口语 57:你大概不记得我了 SCENE① C 隔天 唐打电话给柔丝,电话中 Don: Hi, Rose, this is Don. You probably don't remember me.唐: 嗨,柔丝,我是唐。你大概不记得我了。 Rose: Don. You're Herb's friend. We met at your bar.柔丝: 唐,你是赫伯的朋友嘛。我们在你的酒吧里见过。 Don: Right. Well, Herb just got a promotion. He's moving to Hsinchu.唐: 没错。嗯,赫伯刚升官。他要搬到新竹去了。 Rose: Oh, um, uhh...good for him.柔丝: 哦,……他这样不错啊。 Don: So I'm having a surprise 1) farewell party for him. Please come!唐: 所以我要偷偷帮他办个欢送会。请务必要来! Rose: When is it?柔丝: 什么时候? Don: It's next Friday at 8:00 p.m., at my bar. Bring friends if you want.唐: 下周五晚上八点,在我的酒吧里。假如你愿意的话,可以带朋友来。 语言详解 A: I hate to say farewell, but my plane is about to take off. 我最恨说再见,不过我的飞机快要起飞了。 B: See you next year! 明年见! 【probably 大概】 probably表示大概,是常见的口语。如: A: I lost my wallet. 我的皮夹丢了。B: Retrace your steps, and you'll probably find it. 循原路找回去,八成就能找到了。 A: We waited at the border for an hour. 我们在边界上等了一个小时。B: That's probably due to newly tightened security. 那或许是因为最近安检比较严。 1) farewell (a.) 送别的 /200708/16825

  Merry Christmas everybody!大家圣诞快乐!One of the best parts of the holiday season is spending time with the special people in your life.节日中最棒的就是和你生命中特别的人在一起。And for me, that means getting some help from my best friend for our annual Christmas Weekly Address.对我来说,这意味着在我们每年的圣诞节每周演讲中获得我最棒朋友的帮助。Given how our first Christmas Weekly Address went, I realized that Barack needed all the help he could get.想到我们第一次圣诞节每周演讲如何完成的,我就知道了,贝拉克需要他能获得的所有帮助。This is our first Christmas in the White House.这是我们在白宫的第一个圣诞节。Celebrating the holidays in the White House over these past eight years has been a true privilege.在过去8年里能在白宫庆祝节日,是真正的特权。Weve been able to welcome over half a million guests…我们能够欢迎大约500万的客人…our outstanding pastry chefs have baked 200,000 holiday cookies…我们杰出的面点师烘焙了200,000片的节日饼干…and Barack has treated the American people to countless dad jokes.The great jokes. Not so funny.贝拉克也给了人们无数的冷笑话。精的笑话。并不是很好笑。Although a few got a…Frosty reception.虽然一些…受到了冷遇。This years White House holiday theme is ;The Gift of the Holidays,;今年白宫的节日主题是;节日的礼物;,and our decorations reflect some of our greatest gifts as a nation from our incredible military families, to the life-changing impact of a great education.我们的装饰反应了一些我们国家最伟大的礼物从我们杰出的军属家庭,到伟大教育正在改变其生活的人们。201701/485940

  网络社交英语口语 41:怕会失望吗? SCENE① B 柔丝家 Rose: I'm really busy.柔丝: 我真的很忙。 Sue: Are you afraid to listen to it?苏: 你不敢听吗? Rose: No, of course not.柔丝: 当然不会。 Sue: Afraid of being 1) disappointed?苏: 怕会失望吗? Rose: I..., I don't really care.柔丝: 我……,我才不在意。 Sue: What's it called?苏: 曲名是什么? Rose: "The Rose."柔丝: “柔丝” 。 语言详解 A: I'm really counting on you. 我真的都靠你了。 B: I won't disappoint you. 我不会让你失望。 【be afraid to+动词/be afraid of+名词】 这个句型经常用到,但要注意“to+动词、of+名词”的用法。 A: What do you do if you’re afraid of the dark? 假如你怕黑要怎么办?B: Get a night light. 弄盏小夜灯。 1) disappointed (a.) 失望的 /200708/16781

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