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Greece’s premier accused European leaders of attempting to “blackmailGreek voters, just hours after apparently holding out an olive branch to the country’s creditors by accepting most of the terms of the economic reform plan they had tabled last weekend.希腊总理指责欧洲领导人试图“要挟”希腊选民,而在那几小时前,这位希腊领导人貌似向该国的债权人伸出了橄榄枝,接受了后者在上周末拿出的经济改革计划的大部分条款。Eurozone officials said they were baffled by the mixed messages from Athens, which this week missed a 1.5bn payment to the International Monetary Fund and was forced to impose capital controls to avert a financial meltdown.欧元区官员们表示,他们对雅典方面发出的混杂信息感到困惑。本周希腊未能如期向国际货币基金组织(IMF)偿还15亿欧元,还被迫实行资本管制以避免金融瘫痪。In a televised address, Alexis Tsipras urged his countrymen to vote No in a referendum on whether they should accept tough terms for bailout aid, and accused EU leaders of threatening to drive Greece out of the euro. He called EU leaders “extremist conservative forceswho had forced the shutdown of Greece’s banks “because the government decided to give people a say亚历克西#8226;齐普拉斯(Alexis Tsipras,见上图)发表电视讲话,敦促国民在针对应不应该接受严苛条件以换取纾困援助的全民公投中投出反对票,并指责欧盟领导人威胁要把希腊赶出欧元区。他把欧盟领导人称为“极端保守势力”,正是他们迫使希腊的关门,“就因为政府决定让人民有一个表态机会”。“The sirens of destruction are blackmailing you to say Yes to everything without any prospect of exiting the crisis,Mr Tsipras said.“诱人走向毁灭的海妖们在要挟你们,要你们在毫无希望摆脱危机的情况下接受一切,”齐普拉斯表示。The prime minister’s hardline speech, which some eurozone officials saw as a declaration of impending Grexit, came despite a major climbdown just hours earlier. In a letter sent to Greece’s creditors he accepted most of the terms of the earlier bailout.希腊总理措辞强硬的讲话被某些欧元区官员视为该国即将退出欧元区的宣告,而就在几小时前,齐普拉斯曾摆出明显退让的姿态。他致函希腊的债权人,接受了早前纾困方案的大部分条款。But the letter was given short shrift by eurozone officials. They said that the remaining concessions that Mr Tsipras was seeking were “not a handful of minor changes and the letter could not form the basis of the new 29.1bn bailout programme Athens now seeks.但这封信遭到欧元区官员的冷落。他们说,齐普拉斯所寻求的其余让步“并不是少量小改动”,这封信也不能构成雅典方面现在寻求91亿欧元新纾困计划的基础。The divergent views from Athens come just as policy makers at the European Central Bank gathered to consider whether to raise the heat on Greece and its banks by restricting their access to emergency loans.雅典方面发表矛盾言论之际,欧洲央行(ECB)的政策制定者正开会讨论要不要对希腊及该国加大压力,限制它们获取紧急贷款的能力。Because Greece’s bailout has expired, Athens must now negotiate a new programme with its creditors, which officials said made Mr Tsiprasnew concessions part of a process that may now take weeks. “This is certainly a more complicated situation to resolve than it would have been if we had reached agreement on the previous programme,said Valdis Dombrovskis, the European Commission vice-president in charge of eurozone issues.由于希腊原有的纾困计划已经期满,雅典方面现在必须与债权人谈判达成一个新纾困计划。官员们表示,这使齐普拉斯提出的新让步构成一个可能持续数周的过程的一部分。“相比我们就原计划达成协议,这肯定是一个更加复杂的情形,不容易解决,”欧盟委员会(European Commission)负责欧元区政策的副主席瓦尔蒂#8226;东布罗夫斯基Valdis Dombrovskis)表示。After a teleconference of eurozone finance ministers to discuss Mr Tsiprasnew proposals, Jeroen Dijsselbloem, the eurogroup chair, said creditors would cut off talks at all levels until after the referendum.欧元区各国财长召开电话会议讨论齐普拉斯的新提议之后,欧元集团主席杰#8226;迪塞尔布洛姆(Jeroen Dijsselbloem)表示,债权人将中断各级谈判,等到公投之后再说。Even if Mr Tsipras makes further concessions, his advocacy for a No vote and the belittling of Greece’s creditors has caused significant bad blood that many believe cannot now be overcome.即使齐普拉斯做出进一步的让步,但他呼吁希腊选民在公投中投出反对票,还对希腊的债权人出言不逊,这些举动都引发了严重反感,很多人相信,这种反感现在无法消除。Despite the confusion, markets were relatively upbeat. The FTSE Eurofirst 300 was up 1.6 per cent after falling 4.1 per cent over the previous two days, and Germany’s Dax jumped 2.2 per cent.尽管形势混乱,但市场相对乐观。富时Eurofirst 300(FTSE Eurofirst 300)在前两日下跌4.1%之后,昨日上.6%,德国DAX指数跃升2.2%。来 /201507/383930。

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