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铅山县光子脱毛多少钱上饶德兴市做鼻尖整形多少钱Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. is bringing its newest ship to China in an effort to draw more revenue from the world#39;s biggest travel market. 皇家加勒比游轮有限公司(Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.)将把最新型的游轮带到中国,希望从全球最大的旅游市场分走更大一块“蛋糕”。The cruise company plans to move the Quantum of the Seas to Shanghai in 2015 from its current port in New York, said Adam Goldstein, Royal Caribbean#39;s president and chief operating officer. It will add to Royal Caribbean#39;s existing two ships in China. 皇家加勒比游轮的总裁兼首席运营长戈尔茨坦(Adam Goldstein)在采访中说,公司计划在2015年把停泊在纽约港口的顶级豪华游轮“海洋量子号”(Quantum of the Seas)迁到上海。目前皇家加勒比在中国共有两艘游轮。The ship, which has 16 decks and features attractions like simulated sky diving, can carry 4,180 guests and will sail from Shanghai to destinations in Japan and South Korea, Mr. Goldstein said in an interview. “海洋量子号”有16层甲板,可载4,180名乘客,配备模拟跳伞装置等特色游乐项目。戈尔茨坦介绍,这艘游轮将运营上海至日本、韩国等航线。 The move was prompted in part by Chinese consumers who want access to the biggest and newest offerings, he said. Quantum of the Seas has an indoor sporting complex where tourists can drive bumper cars, play table tennis and learn the trapeze. 他说,这在一定程度上是受中国消费者对更大更新游轮务的需求推动。“海洋量子号”建有室内运动场馆,游客可以开碰碰车、打乒乓球、玩“空中飞人”项目。 #39;We#39;re looking to get first-time cruisers to choose our brand,#39; Mr. Goldstein said. Associated Press皇家加勒比的顶级豪华游轮“海洋量子号”配有室内运动场馆,游客可开碰碰车、打兵乓球、玩“空中飞人”项目。戈尔茨坦说,希望首次尝试游轮旅行的人能够选择他们的品牌。China#39;s travel market is booming. Brokerage CLSA estimates that as China#39;s per capita income rises, outbound mainland tourists will reach 200 million by 2020, doubling from 2013. Chinese tourists became the world#39;s biggest travel spenders in 2012, when outlays on outbound travel swelled to 2 billion, up 40% from 2011, according to the most recent annual figures from the ed Nations World Tourism Organization. 中国旅游市场正在繁荣发展。里昂券(CLSA)估计,随着中国人均收入增加,到2020年出国旅行的中国大陆游客将达到2亿人次,较2013年增长一倍。联合国世界旅游组织(ed Nations World Tourism Organization)的最近数据显示,中国游客2012年出境游出跃居全球首位,达到1,020亿美元,较2011年增加40%。Efforts to attract China#39;s tourists are heating up, as everyone from the Hawaii Tourism Authority to Air New Zealand Ltd. executives are launching campaigns to win over the tourism dollars. Vancouver#39;s tourism office is tapping Chinese celebrities to tout trips to the Canadian city. 吸引中国游客的努力正在升温。从夏威夷观光局(Hawaii Tourism Authority)到新西兰航空(Air New Zealand Ltd.),高管们都在争相推出各种活动来争取中国游客。温哥华旅游局通过邀请中国名人来宣传当地旅游。Miami-based Royal Caribbean said sales in China have doubled over the past five years, though it won#39;t disclose specific figures. But it says the cruising market in the country is still nascent. U.S. travelers account for 52% of world-wide passengers on cruises, followed by U.K. and Ireland, with 8%, according to industry association Cruise Lines International Association. China doesn#39;t yet appear in the top 10, according to the group. 皇家加勒比游轮公司称,过去五年公司在中国市场的销售额增长了一倍,但它不愿披露具体数字。不过该公司称,中国的游轮巡游市场仍处在萌芽阶段。国际游轮协会(Cruise Lines International Association)的数据显示,全球游轮巡游市场上,52%的游客来自美国,来自英国和爱尔兰的游客占到8%,位列第二。中国尚未跻身前十。The industry has been under scrutiny in recent years. In January hundreds of passengers on Royal Caribbean#39;s Explorer of the Seas ship from New Jersey to the Caribbean were stricken with a gastrointestinal illness. The cruise operator cut short the 10-day trip. Rivals have also faced graver problems over the past couple of years, such as a tragic sinking and engine fires. 最近几年游轮行业受到了审查。今年1月份,皇家加勒比游轮公司的“海洋探险者号”(Explorer of the Seas)离开新泽西港口,前往加勒比海巡游,途中爆发胃肠道疾病疫情。“海洋探险者号”因此缩短了十天的行程,提前返回。过去几年,其他游轮公司面临过较为严重的问题,如悲剧性的沉船事故和引擎起火事件。Mr. Goldstein said incidents such as these have received widesp media attention but predominantly because they are so rare. 戈尔茨坦说,这类事件受到了媒体的广泛关注,但很大程度上是因为这种事情非常罕见。Royal Caribbean, which operates its namesake line and Celebrity cruises, reported in January a fourth-quarter profit of million, compared with a 3 million loss in the same period a year earlier. Revenue in the fourth quarter improved to .85 billion, up 2.7% from the same period a year earlier. 皇家加勒比游轮公司运营“皇家加勒比”、“名人”(Celebrity)等游轮品牌。该公司1月份公布,第四财季实现利润700万美元,上年同期亏损3.93亿美元。第四财季收入为18.5亿美元,同比增长2.7%。Laurie BurkittLaurie Burkitt /201404/288633上饶玉山县开个眼角多少钱 Sri Lankan couple Nisansala and Nalin tied the knot on Friday in a world-record-breaking ceremony.斯里兰卡的一对情侣Nisansala和Nalin于本周五举行了婚礼,而这场婚礼还创造了新的世界纪录。The pair beat the previous Guinness World Record holder for most number of bridesmaids at a wedding ceremony with a whopping 126 #39;maids. According to Reuters, the previous record was 96 bridesmaids at a wedding in Thailand.他们婚礼上的伴娘团队多达126人,打破前吉尼斯世界纪录,成为伴娘最多的婚礼。据路透社报道,之前的纪录由一场在泰国举办的婚礼创造,当时的伴娘人数为96人。Champi Siriwardana -- one of Sri Lanka#39;s leading wedding planners and dress designers (who also happens to be Nisansala#39;s sister-in-law) -- came up with the idea to try to break the world record.Champi Siriwardana是斯里兰卡首席婚礼策划人兼婚纱设计师,她也是新郎Nisansala的嫂子,就是她想出了要破世界纪录的主意。Twenty-five groomsmen, 20 page boys and and 23 flower girls and even First Lady Shiranthi Rajapaksa were in attendance at Nisansala and Nalin#39;s Big Day.除了126位伴娘外,他们还有25位伴郎、20个男侍童、23个女花童,甚至连斯里兰卡的第一夫人都出席了两人的婚礼。 /201311/264933When Jean Paul Gaultier announced at the beginning of the women#39;s wear season#39;s four-ring, four-week circus that this Saturday#39;s show would be his last y-to-wear collection, and that he was going to concentrate on couture and fragrance and special collaborations like costumes and interiors instead, it seemed like the end of an era.在这个辗转四城、为期四周的女装季之初,让·保罗·高缇耶(Jean Paul Gaultier)就宣布:周六的走秀将是他的最后一个成衣系列,此后他将专注于高级定制装和香水,以及戏和室内设计方面的特殊合作,感觉像是一个时代结束了。The first reaction was shock: Oh, no! How can we imagine a y-to-wear schedule without the one-time enfant terrible of French fashion — whose y-to-wear shows had been among the hottest tickets in fashion week, with editors literally fighting for entree? Even if, in recent seasons, many of those same editors (myself included) had thought (or, ahem, written) that Mr. Gaultier#39;s y-to-wear was becoming increasingly irrelevant, relying on the crutch of old ideas that may have been sensationalist 15 years ago, but now seemed achingly familiar?人们的第一反应是震惊:啊,不!我们怎能想象成衣盛事中不再有这个法国时尚曾经的淘气鬼呢——在这个时装季上,他的成衣秀的入场券最为抢手,时尚编辑们为了入场资格“大打出手”。最近几季,这些时装编辑中有许多人(包括我自己在内)也觉得高缇耶的成衣愈来愈落后于潮流,依仗的是了无新意的创意,它们放在15年前可能很轰动,今天就显得极其平庸了,尽管如此,我们还是会抢票。Then came sadness: Was this yet another example of commerce squashing creativity, with the Spanish conglomerate Puig, which bought a majority stake in Mr. Gaultier#39;s company from Hermès in 2011, bloodlessly stopping support of what had ceased to be a moneymaking endeavor? (Well, it#39;s a license business, so probably not.) Absent from the y-to-wear schedule and all the attention it draws, would Mr. Gaultier, like Christian Lacroix, another formerly famous French name that slid off the schedule on the back of falling sales and who is now concentrating on (yup) costumes and other collaborations, fade into the ether of long ago?随之而来的反应是悲伤:这是否又是一个商业击垮创意的例子呢?要知道,2011年,西班牙产业集团普依格(Puig)从爱马仕手中买下了高缇耶公司的多数股份,它无情地停止持那些不能赚钱的尝试(好吧,它是一家特许公司,所以可能是否定的)。高缇耶离开了成衣走秀和它所带来的各种关注,是否会走上克里斯汀·拉克鲁瓦(Christian Lacroix)的老路,消失在过去时代的迷雾之中呢?拉克鲁瓦也曾是一个响亮的法国名字,销量下滑后离开了成衣走秀,如今专注于(这个……)戏和其他方面的合作。But then, after sitting through show after show in New York and London and Milan, I started to think perhaps we were looking at this the wrong way.但是在纽约、伦敦和米兰看了一场又一场的走秀之后,我开始觉得我们的视角或许错了。Maybe it is a much-needed public acknowledgment of a subject that has been mumbled and grumbled about in ateliers and over dinners throughout the last few weeks, as vintage this and accessible that have been regularly repackaged and presented as the Hot New Thing.就像古董或普通的东西经常被拿出来重新包装成流行的新玩意,它不再退出成衣系列的消息最近几周来成为了各工作室和餐桌上的热门话题,而他的声明是对这个话题非常有必要的公开承认。Maybe this is someone finally acting on the belief that what the cycle now demands from designers — to be creative and original about every two months — is not sustainable. Maybe it is someone making a choice, and just saying no. And he is doing it with corporate support (the corporate side of things, in fashion, often being demonized as bleeding designers dry instead of allowing them the luxury of fewer products).时装圈要求设计师每隔两个月都要有创意和创新,或许他相信这种事很难维持下去,于是终于采取了行动。或许他做了选择,对此说“不”。他的做法得到了公司的持(在时装界,公司方面经常被妖魔化为榨干设计师的鲜血,而不是允许他们享有只推出少量产品的奢侈)。After all, when Mr. Gaultier started his business in 1982, fashion was not even an industry. Designers made two collections a year. When he introduced couture in 1997, that brought his grand total of collections up to four. With men#39;s wear, it went to ... six!毕竟,当高缇耶从1982年创办自己的公司时,时装甚至还算不上工业。设计师们每年推出两个系列。1997年,他引入了高级定制概念,于是每年总共要推出四个系列。加上男装,就变成了……六个系列!Now, of course, a designer in a similar position is looking at about double that, thanks to the rise of pre-collections and occasion collections. And given that from 2003 to 2010 Mr. Gaultier was also the artistic director of Hermès women#39;s wear, you can add a few more numbers to the list.如今,由于预系列和临时系列的兴起,像他这样的设计师工作量可能要翻番。而且从2003年至2010年,高缇耶还担任爱马仕女装的艺术总监,你可以在他的工作列表上再添几项。As a result, said the designer in a letter to Women#39;s Wear Daily explaining his decision, ;Commercial constraints, as well as the frenetic pace of collections, don#39;t leave any freedom, nor the necessary time to find fresh ideas and to innovate.;其结果正如这位设计师发表在《女装日报》(Women#39;s Wear Daily),解释自己决定的信中所说:“商业的限制以及推出系列的疯狂步调让我不得自由,也没有时间去革新、寻找新的创意。”Arguably his creative famine is his own fault for having taken on so much over the years, however good the reasons seemed at the time (to support his own line; for the challenge; all of the above). But there is no greater proof of his words than his own career.认为他才思枯竭是自己造成的这样一种看法——因为这些年他负担一直太重,不管理由在当时是多么理所当然(持自己的品牌、接受挑战,或者上述全部)——是值得商榷的。不过,事实胜过雄辩。Mr. Gaultier#39;s extraordinary technical abilities and understanding of how to construct a garment, skills he learned in the ateliers of Pierre Cardin and Jean Patou, allowed him to turn fashion on its head, challenging such received notions of dress and society as where underwear belongs, that religious garb was a sacred cow, and that basics were — well, basic.高缇耶非凡的技术能力和对制作衣的理解,以及他在皮尔·卡丹(Pierre Cardin)和让·巴杜(Jean Patou)的工作室学来的技巧,让他可以彻底改变时尚潮流,挑战装和社会的即成概念,诸如内衣的穿法,宗教装神圣不可触碰的观念,以及基本款装就是……基本的。But such ideas, worked through as completely and elegantly as they were on his runways, have not appeared in a very long time. Instead we got gimmicky guest appearances by paparazzi magnets like the stripper Dita Von Teese and the drag performer Conchita Wurst, this year#39;s Eurovision winner.这些观念虽然曾在他的秀台上得以完整与优雅的体现,却很久没有出现了。相反,他让脱衣舞娘蒂塔·冯·提斯(Dita Von Teese)和今年Eurovision的获奖者、异装演员肯奇塔·沃斯特(Conchita Wurst)这些八卦小报的宠儿们做奇怪的客串亮相。So, whether closing his y-to-wear business was Mr. Gaultier#39;s idea or not — Ralph Toledano, head of the Puig fashion division, said it was the designer#39;s decision, and given that Puig owns both Paco Rabanne and Nina Ricci, two houses that survived for decades on perfume alone before being restarted as y-to-wear brands, you can understand why they might think this O.K. — the fact is, in taking himself off the schedule, Mr. Gaultier is putting the issue on the table.所以,不管关掉成衣公司是不是高缇耶本人的主意——普依格时装部门的主管拉尔夫·托勒达诺(Ralph Toledano)说这是高缇耶自己的主意,普依格还拥有帕高·拉巴纳(Paco Rabanne)和莲娜丽兹(Nina Ricci)这两个品牌,它们都是在香水界生存了几十年后转为成衣品牌的,所以你可以理解,为什么普依格觉得高缇耶关掉公司也不要紧——事实就是,通过退出成衣界,高缇耶把问题摆在了桌面上。And for the first time, it is not there because of a crisis like John Galliano#39;s implosion at Dior in 2011 or Alexander McQueen#39;s suicide in 2010, occasions that caused momentary soul-searching in the industry, but because of a conscious, articulated decision.这一次的事不像2011年约翰·加利亚诺(John Galliano)在迪奥期间搞出的危机,或是2010年亚历山大·麦昆(Alexander McQueen)的自杀,那些事件在业界引起过片刻的深思, 高缇耶的放弃是出于深思熟虑,这在业界还是第一次。The question now is whether the step back from y-to-wear will make any obvious difference. If Mr. Gaultier can retrieve the magic of his earlier years in his couture shows — which once upon a time transformed my understanding of how clothes could transcend their antecedents (a couture fitting that involved a long evening dress that began in the form of a knit French marinière, but ended in gently wafting ostrich feathers is forever imprinted on my mind) — then the fashion world, which loves nothing more than rediscovering genius (or should I say ;Genius!;) will once again hold him up as an example. Perhaps even one worth following.如今的问题是,他离开成衣界是否会造成显著的改变。如果高缇耶可以重新得到他早年那些定制时装秀上的魔法——那些时装秀曾经改变了我对时装可以如何超越先例的理解(比如有这样一套定制装,包括一件晚礼,上身是针织的法式蓝白条纹,裙摆是飘飘荡荡的鸵鸟毛,它深深铭刻在我的心中)——时装界最喜欢的就是回归的天才(我是不是应该说“天才!”),那么他一旦归来,是否又会被树为典范呢?或许这也值得关注。If it doesn#39;t, of course, then as is its wont, fashion will blink, and move on.当然,如果他不能再找回那些魔法,时装界也会像它一贯以来的那样,眨眨眼睛,继续往前走。We will have to wait until next January to find out which situation proves true. But in the meantime, one thing is sure: come his spring swan song this week, Mr. Gaultier#39;s show will once again be the one to see. Mr. Toledano says they have aly been getting urgent phone calls from all over the world demanding tickets.我们会等到明年一月,来看看究竟是哪种情况。但是与此同时,有一件事是确定的:这个星期,来看他的春夏季天鹅之歌吧。高缇耶的走秀值得一看。托勒达诺说,全世界想要票的人都忙着给他打电话。Bring your elbow pads, and get y to push.戴上护肘,准备去抢票吧。 /201410/335079上饶自体脂肪丰脸

上饶男士整形生意兴隆:wish your business success大吉大利:wish you good fortune and every success龙马精神:may you be as energetic as a dragon and a horse恭喜发财:may prosperity be with you年年有余:may you always get more than you wish for新年新气象:as the New Year begins, let us also start a new万事如意:hope everything goes your way岁岁平安:may you start safe and sound all year round财源广进:may a river of gold flow into your pocket一帆风顺:wish you every success名列前茅:always come first in examinations鹏程万里:have a bright future风调雨顺:timely wind and rain bring good harvest国泰民安:wish our country flourishes and people live in peace /201401/274339上饶铅山县垫鼻子多少钱 As if motherhood wasn#39;t stressful enough, a competition has been launched in China to find the #39;hottest mum.#39;近日新浪微推出了第一届“辣妈大赛”,仿佛当妈没什么压力似的。Dozens of photos of potential winners were sent into Weibo after the search started.比赛开始后,有充分获奖潜质的辣妈们便往微上传了不少照片。But some of the mothers look so similar to their daughters that it is difficult to tell them apart and instead they look like sisters.但有的辣妈们和女儿看起来似乎年龄相仿,很难辨别出哪个是妈妈哪个是女儿,反倒看起来像是。This is partly due to the heavy filters put on the photos which blurs out any features associated with aging, but also due to the age of some of the mothers.部分原因是照片上滤镜的大量使用,使得人们看不出年龄的痕迹。但也有部分辣妈的年纪确实甚小。Some of the mothers are seen in #39;natural shots#39; posing with their daughters as they walk along the street or dine out in a cafe.也有辣妈和女儿一同出镜,拍摄得较为自然,包括母女一同上街或是去咖啡馆进餐。But some of them are more contrived and look as they though have been taken in a professional studio.但还有一些照片则经过了修饰,看起来像是在专业摄影店拍摄的。It is not clear what the prize is yet or whether the title of #39;hottest mum#39; is enough for potential winners.“辣妈大赛”的奖品目前尚不清楚,但恐怕仅有“辣妈”的称号对于众多可能获奖者来说是不够的吧。 /201312/269577上饶韩美医院点痣多少钱

上饶德兴市玻尿酸隆鼻多少钱 Break-ups are never easy. Whether you were “just dating” or married, with or without kids, it hurts when a relationship ends. To spend time grieving is perfectly natural and healthy but there comes a time when your heart yearns to be healed.分手从来就不是一件容易的事。不论你只是约约会或是已经结了婚,也不论有没有孩子,当一段关系结束的时候,它总是伤人的。为了结束的感情难过这很正常,但这时也是你的心灵需要治愈的时候。The following 5 steps can help you begin down that path of healing.以下5个步骤帮助你开始这条愈合之路。1. It’s Not About You—Really, It’s Not不是你的问题,真的不是你的错You know that old saying “it’s not you, it’s me”? While we usually think of it as a cop-out, a way for someone to spare our feelings, the reality is that it is actually true. People act a certain way, make certain decisions, and choose to life their life a certain way because of their own desires and needs; not because of us.你知道那句古话“不是你的错,是我的错”吗?通常我们认为这种说法是一种逃避,也是一种舒缓我们感受的方式,而事实上这说法确实是对的。人们以特定的方式表现,做出特定的决定,选择他们想要的方式生活,因为他们有自己的欲望和需要,而不是因为我们!When someone is a jerk, or says something nasty, or leaves you, it is because of something going on inside of them. Please know that I am not excluding the influence of your own behavior that may have precipitated the break-up, but it comes down to the fact that your ex left because of their reactions and feelings surrounding that event and it may have been the right choice for them.当某人变成了个混蛋,说了难听的话,或是离开了你,那是因为他们内心起了变化。请明白我不是要排除你自己行为带来的影响,这些行为可能也触发了分手的发生,但事实可以归结为你的前任离开你是因为他们对待事情的反应和感受有了变化,而这样做对他们来说也许是一个正确的选择。Once a relationship ends, you can’t go back and change things no matter how much you want to, so it’s best to stop beating yourself up about the past. Forgive yourself for your part in the break up, learn lessons from it, and try not to take it personally. Realize that you are perfect just the way you are and there is someone out there who will agree.当一段关系结束,无论你有多想,你都回不去了,也改变不了任何事,所以关于过去,最好就是停止自责。宽容自己,从中吸取教训,尽量不要独自忍受痛苦。要知道以自己的方式做,你就是完美的,总有一个人会欣赏你这样的方式。2. This Too Shall Pass这一切都会过去I know it doesn’t seem like it now, but the pain will go away.我知道现在你不这么想,但疼痛总会消失。Allow yourself to really feel your feelings—wallow in them if you want—and know that they are temporary. Sometimes it’s good to think back to another time in your life where you felt broken, and then realize that it did, indeed, get better. This will too. If you have faith that these feelings will pass, that you will feel better someday, that day will arrive much sooner.让自己真正地体会感受,如果你想,你可以沉浸其中。但要清楚它们只是暂时的。有时回想过去你心痛的那一刻,然后意识到它确实会变好,这样的回想也是有好处的。如果你相信这些感觉也会过去,终有一天你也会变好,那么这一天就会来得早很多。3. Forgive amp;Pray原谅和祈祷You may be feeling some very negative emotions towards your ex, such as anger, resentment, and frustration, but harboring these feelings is only hurting one person—you. In order to save yourself, you need to forgive your ex. Now, I don’t mean you have to call them up and tell them they are forgiven (although you can if you want to), you just need to forgive them in your heart.对你的前任,也许你的内心充满了很多消极情绪,比如生气、怨恨和失望,但是怀着这些情绪只会伤害到一个人,就是你。为了拯救自己,你需要原谅你的前任。在这里,我不是说你要打电话给他们说你原谅他们了(当然如果你想的话,你可以这么做),你只需要在心里原谅他们就可以了。I have found that praying for that person helps with being able to forgive them and move on. Pray for their happiness and continued health and mean it when you say it. You should feel your anger and resentment getting less and less if you continue this practice. Doing this has the added benefit of showing yourself what a good person you really are. Hey, you even pray for those that hurt you, so you must be a loving, generous person who deserves love.我发现为那个人祈祷能帮助我们原谅他们并使自己继续前进。为他们的幸福和健康祈祷,当你说这些的时候,要认真地说。如果你保持练习,你应该感觉到愤怒和怨恨在变得越来越少。这样做还有其它好处,就是向别人展示你真的是一个很好的人。不是吧,你竟然祝福那些伤害你的人?你一定是个有爱心又慷慨的人,值得很多人爱慕。4. Live Life One Day at a Time珍惜每一天Concentrate on today, and focus on the present moment. It’s said that worry is like a rocking chair: it keeps you busy, but doesn’t get you anywhere. It’s time to stop worrying about the future and notice where you are today. Don’t worry about your sister’s wedding in 6 months and the fact that now you don’t have a date. Don’t worry about what will happen if you see him around town with another girl—just live for today, the rest will take care of itself. Be present for all the gifts the universe is trying to give you today.专注今天,专注当前。烦恼就像一把摇椅:它让你忙碌,但又让你原地踏步。是时候了,停止担忧未来,留意一下今天你在哪里。不要担心6个月后你就要结婚了,而现在的你连一个约会对象都没有。不要担心如果你在镇上看到他和另一个女孩在一起会发生什么。只为今天而活,其余的自会如常。今天这个世界给你的全部礼物就是当下。5. It’s All About Progress这些全是进步Life is hard: if it wasn’t, we would all be perfect people living in a perfect world. Give yourself kudos for any and all progress you make, since anytime you are able to move in a forward direction, that is worth celebrating. Keep track of all the progress you have made by keeping a journal of all your successes. Then, when you feel that you are going backwards, through it and you will realize just how far you have come.生活是艰难的,如果不是,那我们就是生活在一个完美世界里的完美的人。要表扬自己取得的任何进步,因为不论什么时候你都走在前进的道路上,这是值得庆祝的。要在日志本里记录你所有的成功,以此来记录你所取得的进步。然后当你觉得退步了,再读一遍,你就会意识到自己走了有多远。Final Thought最后的想法Healing your heart is really about healing your whole self, so be sure to take this opportunity to delve deeper into who you are and what you want. Start by appreciating the lessons you learned from the past, being present in the here and now, and using your power to create the future you want.治愈你的心,其实就是在治愈你整个人,因而一定要抓住这次机会深刻了解你是怎样的人,以及你想要什么。治愈之路始于感谢那些你从过去的经历中学到的教训;始于专注当下;始于发挥你的力量去创造你想要的未来。 /201310/262824上饶县治疗腋臭多少钱上饶县妇幼保健人民中医院打溶脂针多少钱



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