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资兴市第一人民医院不孕不育科郴州包皮哪个医院比较好But if we do that once, all our clients will start asking for 20% off everything.但如果我们这么做过一次,那么所有客户就会开始要求一切打8折。No, I disagree.不,我不同意。Well be bankrupt! No, youre wrong.我们会破产! 不,你错了。Anna, maybe you should find a better way of saying you disagree with Denise.安娜,或许你应该用更好的方法表示你不同意丹尼斯说的。Im so frustrated! I cant think of the right words.我很沮丧!我找不到合适的词表达。It helps if you try phrases like: Well, Im not so sure about that...then explain why.如果你尝试这种表达会对你有帮助:我对此不确定……然后解释原因。Or start your sentence with but when you want to disagree with what has just been said.或者当你想否定刚才说的话时以“但是”为句子开始。Or, to seem more polite, you can try: I see your point, but actually I think... Ill try.或者表现得更有礼貌,你可以试着说:我明白你的意思,但事实上我认为…… 我会试试的。And dont be aggressive Anna and give your reasons too, or youll upset Denise again!不要咄咄逼人,安娜,并且给出你的理由,否则你又要让丹尼斯不安了!OK.Well, Im not so sure about that.好的。我对此不是很确定。I think it will improve our sales of lemons and make our clients happy.我认为这将提升柠檬的销量,并且让我们的客户感到满意。Happy clients will come back to buy more.感到满意的客户会再来买更多的产品。Yes, thats a good point Annabe... Anna.是的,说的好,安娜贝……安娜。 /201612/483819郴州治疗早泄的费用是多少 East Timor President Slams International Troops Over Assassination Attempt东帝汶总统批国际部队抓刺客不力  East Timor's president has criticized Australian-led forces for failing to capture the rebels who shot him outside his home in Dili last month. For the first time, Jose Ramos-Horta has described how he walked into an ambush and watched as a gunman lifted his rifle to shoot him. Mr. Ramos-Horta says that international peacekeepers were too slow in their attempts to catch his attackers.东帝汶的总统批评澳大利亚领导的国际部队没能抓获2月在首都帝力他的住宅外向他开射击的反叛分子。东帝汶总统拉莫斯.霍尔塔第一次描述了他如何走进埋伏圈,看到伏击者举向他射击的情景。霍尔塔说,国际维和部队追捕袭击者的行动过于缓慢。Jose Ramos-Horta almost died when he was shot by rebel soldiers in East Timor last month. 东帝汶总统霍尔塔2月在东帝汶受到反叛分子袭击时几乎丧生。He is now recovering from surgery in the northern Australian city of Darwin and on Friday, he spoke about the attempt on his life. Mr. Ramos-Horta says he looked into the eyes of one of his attackers as the man prepared to fire at him, and then he turned to flee before being shot.他目前正在澳大利亚北部的达尔文进行手术后的疗养,他星期五谈到了针对他的刺杀事件。霍尔塔总统说,当刺杀者准备向他开的时候,他和刺杀者之一对视了一下后转身逃跑,但还是中弹。The president says help was slow to arrive as he bled in the street outside his home. He says he believes ed Nations police had obstructed those who were trying to rescue him.东帝汶总统说,当时他躺在住宅外的街道上流血,救援人员迟迟没有赶到。他说,他相信,联合国的警察部队阻拦了那些试图抢救他的人。There was criticism, too, for international troops, whom Mr. Ramos-Horta accuses of not doing enough to keep his attackers from escaping.国际维和部队也受到批评。霍尔塔指责国际部队行动不力而让刺客潜逃。"I would say that Australian-led forces could have promptly surrounded the entire town, closing all the exits, using helicopter, sending immediately elements to my house to get the information on the ground," he said. "They would have captured them within hours, because for many hours after the attack on my house they were still in the hills around my house."霍尔塔说:“我认为,澳大利亚领导的部队完全可以迅速包围整个城市,封锁所有出口,动用直升飞机,并派遣紧急部队到我家就地了解情况。这样他们完全有可能在几个小时里内拿获犯罪分子,因为这些犯罪分子在袭击后的好几个小时仍然在我家周围的小山上。”Australian Defense Minister Joel Fitzgibbon says that overall, Mr. Ramos-Horta was complimentary about the effort to protect him and his country. The defense minister noted that Mr. Ramos-Horta had acknowledged that the foreign troops can not act without coordinating with officials from the East Timor government or the ed Nations office there.澳大利亚的国防部长费兹吉本说,总的来说,霍尔塔总统对澳大利亚向他和他的国家提供的保护是满意的。这位国防部长还指出,霍尔塔总统曾经表示,国际维和部队在没有东帝汶政府或当地联合国官员的协调下不能采取任何行动。In addition, Fitzgibbon says, given the gravity of his injuries, the president could not objectively judge whether the response from peacekeepers was timely.Despite the criticism, Jose Ramos-Horta has been full of praise for Australian soldiers whose donated blood helped to save his life. 尽管提出了批评,但是霍尔塔总统仍然赞扬了为他献血挽救他生命的澳大利亚军人。The ambush was the work of rebels led by a former military police chief, Alfredo Reinado. He was killed in the attack but his key lieutenants escaped into the mountains that surround East Timor's capital, Dili.对霍尔塔的伏击是前军警领导人雷纳多领导的反叛分子所为。雷纳多在伏击中被打死,但是他的副手逃进了首都东帝汶周围的山区。So far eight fugitives have surrendered, and the hunt for others continues. 到目前为止,已经有8名逃犯自首,捉拿其余逃犯的行动仍在进行。The attack on Mr. Ramos-Horta coincided with an ambush on the home of Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao, who escaped unharmed.当袭击霍尔塔总统的同时,总理古斯芒的住家附近也发生了伏击行动,而古斯芒安然脱险。Clashes between army mutineers and units loyal to the East Timor government in 2006 prompted Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Portugal to send peacekeeping forces. 2006年,军队叛乱分子和效忠东帝汶政府的部队之间的冲突导致澳大利亚、新西兰、马来西亚和葡萄牙向东帝汶派遣了维和部队。Reinforcements sent since the February attacked have boosted Australia's contingent to about 1,100 soldiers and police officers. The assassination attempts in February on the tiny country's most senior leaders have highlighted East Timor's volatility six years after independence from Indonesia. 发生在2月的针对这个小国的最高领导人的刺杀阴谋显示,东帝汶从印尼取得独立的6年后,局面仍然动荡不安。200803/32674Zimbabwe's Ruling Party Loses its Majority in Parliament津官方结果显示执政党失去多数票  Zimbabwe's ruling ZANU-PF party has lost its majority in parliament according to the latest official result from the Zimbabwe Election Commission. This news follows an earlier announcement from the opposition Movement for Democratic Change that it believes its candidate, Morgan Tsvangirai, has won more than 50 percent of the vote in the presidential race. 津巴布韦选举委员会公布的最新官方结果显示,津巴布韦执政党津巴布韦非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线失去了在议会的多数。在这个消息公布之前,反对党争取民主变革运动宣布,它相信自己的领导人茨万吉拉伊在总统竞选中赢得50%以上的选票。The Zimbabwe Election Commission's latest results indicate that the MDC and its allies will have an historic, small, parliamentary majority. ZANU-PF has held the majority in parliament since independence from Britain in 1980.  津巴布韦选举委员会公布的最新结果显示,争取民主变革运动及其联盟将在议会中占有具有历史意义和微弱的多数。自从津巴布韦1980年脱离英国独立以来,津巴布韦非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线一直在议会中占多数。But this news was pre-empted by the opposition Movement for Democratic Change, which in a media conference announced that its tally, which it says coincides with that of the independent Zimbabwe Election Support Network, shows that its presidential candidate Tsvangirai got 50.3 percent of the vote. So far there is no official tally of votes cast in the race for president. 但是,在这个消息公布前,反对党争取民主变革运动抢先发布了消息。在一个媒体会议上,这个党宣布它的点票结果显示,总统候选人茨万吉拉伊赢得50.3%的选票。这个党表示,它的点票结果和独立的津巴布韦选举持网络的点票结果相同。目前官方还没有公布总统选举的点票结果。If the MDC tally of the presidential race is correct, this would mean that Tsvangirai has won an outright victory over the 84-year-old incumbent, President Robert Mugabe.  如果民主变革运动的总统选举点票结果是准确的,这将意味着茨万吉拉伊超过84岁的现任总统穆加贝,赢得彻底胜利。MDC Secretary General Tendai Biti says this means there should be no need for a run-off in the presidential race which would have to take place in 21 days from when the result is officially announced. But he said Tsvangirai would be willing to contest a run-off, if the Commission insists one is required. 争取民主变革运动的秘书长比提说,这意味着没有必要在正式选举结果公布21天后举行总统决选。但是比提说,如果选举委员会坚持认为有必要进行决选,茨万吉拉伊将愿意参加。"A runoff in 21 days," said Biti. "That is what the law says. If that is the case, without prejudice to our position this party will contest the runoff, but we would have hoped for a situation that there will be a conceding of the result for a number of reasons, and the number of reasons being that it is unlikely that the people's will, will in any way be reversed in that run-off. If anything, there will actually be an embarrassing margin in favor of the opposition in the runoff. There is no question about that.  比提说:“在21天后进行决选是法律规定的。如果是这样的话,在不歧视我们的立场的情况下,争取民主变革运动将参加决选。但是我们希望出于一些原因,选举结果得到承认。这些原因是人民在决选中不可能逆转他们的意愿。如果有什么的话,决选实际上会出现令人尴尬的有利于反对派的差距。这是毫无疑问的。”Biti said he hopes President Mugabe will realize that any run-off would deliver him a smashing defeat. 比提说,他希望穆加贝总统认识到,任何决选都会让他遭到惨败。He adds that the party's assessment of the election results are based on actual votes cast, counted and verified by the Zimbabwe Election Commission at each individual polling station. But he notes that there are some outstanding results which have not yet been released. 比提补充说,他的党对选举结果的评估是基于实际投出的选票。投出的选票由津巴布韦选举委员会在每个投票站清点和核实。但是他指出,还有一些重要的结果没有公布。Political analysts say the margins are so narrow that the MDC might be forced to accept a run-off because disputes about even one or two voting stations could significantly change the overall percentages. 政治分析人士说,选举结果差距很小,争取民主变革运动可能要被迫接受决选,因为哪怕是涉及一个或两个投票站的争议也可能极大的改变整个比例。Biti said the margin of error was very small, adding that his party has aly called for verification of the officially announced results at some polling stations because of discrepancies with its own records. 比提说,误差范围非常小。他补充说,因为与他的党的点票结果不符,他的党已经呼吁核实一些投票站正式公布的结果。Meanwhile the ruling ZANU-PF has described the MDC's tally of the presidential race as "wishful". Party spokesman Bright Matonga said no party could decide the winner but suggested ZANU-PF has accepted there might be a run-off for the presidential election.  与此同时,执政党津巴布韦非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线称争取民主变革运动对总统竞选的点票结果是“一厢情愿。”这个阵线的发言人马通加说,没有党派可以决定谁赢得了选举。但是马通加暗示说,他的党已经接受了可能要进行总统决选的事实。The elections last Saturday were for four contests, the presidency, parliament, senate and local government.  上个星期六举行了四场选举,包括总统、众议院、参议院和地方政府的选举。200804/33225郴州东方治疗前列腺炎多少钱

湘南学院医院男科大夫Zimbabwe Opposition Holds Out for Second Mediator in Talks津反对党主席推迟签署开谈协议  Morgan Tsvangirai, the founding president of Zimbabwe's opposition Movement for Democratic Change, has put on hold a preliminary agreement that would pave the way for formal talks with President Robert Mugabe's ZANU-PF. 津巴布韦反对党“争取民主变革运动”的创始人兼主席茨万吉拉伊推迟签署一个初步协议。这个协议将为反对党跟津巴布韦总统穆加贝的“非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线”举行正式会谈铺平道路。Morgan Tsvangirai is holding out for the appointment of a second mediator appointed by the African Union to work alongside South African President Thabo Mbeki who is acting as mediator during formal negotiations with Mr. Mugabe's ZANU-PF. Mr. Mbeki was last year mandated by the Southern African Development Community to mediate talks between the MDC and ZANU-PF. 茨万吉拉伊坚持让非洲联盟指定第二位调停人,跟第一位调停人、南非总统姆贝基一道为津巴布韦反对党跟执政党“非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线”的正式会谈进行斡旋。去年,南部非洲发展共同体授权姆贝基充当“争取民主变革运动”和“非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线”之间的调停人。An African diplomat close to the preparatory talks told VOA that Tsvangirai believes that the chairperson of the African Union Commission, Jean Ping, promised to appoint a second mediator. He says Tsvangirai expects this appointment to be announced following a meeting Friday between Ping and Mr. Mbeki in Pretoria. 一位了解预备会谈详情的非洲外交官对美国之音记者说,茨万吉拉伊认为,非洲联盟委员会主席让.平保指定第二位调停人。他说,茨万吉拉伊期望这一任命在让.平跟姆贝基星期五在比勒陀利亚会谈之后宣布。But the African diplomat tells VOA that the African Union has made no such commitment, that the decision of the AU summit last month to endorse the mediation of Mr.. Mbeki as mandated by the Southern Africa Development Community, still stands. 不过,这位非洲外交官对美国之音说,非洲联盟并没有做出这样的承诺,而且上个月非盟首脑会议做出的持“南部非洲发展共同体”授权姆贝基做为调停人的决定仍然有效。The preparatory talks are expected to produce a preliminary agreement which will govern formal negotiations between both factions of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change and ZANU-PF. 预计,预备性会谈将产生一项初步协议,用于指导津巴布韦反对党“争取民主变革运动”和执政党“非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线”之间的正式会谈。In addition the agreement is expected to include, at Tsvangirai's request, an interim commitment on the cessation of violence during formal talks. Despite the fact that violent attacks against opposition supporters have decreased, they still occur. Just this week a large funeral was held for an MDC driver who was brutally tortured before being killed. 此外,应茨万吉拉伊的要求,这项初步协议预计还包括在举行正式会谈期间停止暴力的临时承诺。尽管针对反对党持者的暴力袭击已经减少,但是仍然时有发生。就在这个星期,反对党持者为“争取民主变革运动”的一位司机举行了大规模葬礼。这个司机在被杀害之前受到残酷折磨。When formal talks get under way they are likely to focus on the establishment of a transitional Government of National y and the positions in that government of opposition leaders, including Morgan Tsvangirai. 在正式会谈举行期间,双方可能会把重点放在建立民主团结过渡政府以及茨万吉拉伊等反对党领导人在过渡政府里的位置等问题上。The MDC holds the view that Tsvangirai should head any transitional government, while President Mugabe wants the MDC to recognize his re-election as president of Zimbabwe in a controversial election last month which was boycotted by the MDC. “争取民主变革运动”认为,茨万吉拉伊应该担任过渡政府的领袖,而穆加贝希望“争取民主变革运动”承认他在上个月有争议的选举中再次当选了津巴布韦总统。“争取民主变革运动”抵制了那次选举的决选。Analysts say that any formal agreements will have to win the support of the security establishment in Zimbabwe, which is widely believed to be the power behind Mr. Mugabe.  分析人士认为,任何正式协议都必须赢得津巴布韦安全机构的持。人们普遍认为,津巴布韦安全机构是穆加贝依靠的力量。Independent analyst Chris Maroleng tells VOA the mediator will have to find a way to reassure this group that they will not be held accountable for their actions by a future transitional government. 独立分析人士克里斯.马罗利恩对美国之音说,调停人必须找到一种方式,让安全机构放心,未来的过渡政府不会让他们为自己的行为承担责任。"I believe it is the insecurity that is felt by these elements in the state security apparatus that has created a behavior in them which makes them active spoilers when faced with the prospects of change. Because they might feel that the cost involved in a transition would result in a loss of status, a loss of access, and indeed possible prosecution if a transition is to occur," said Maroleng. 马罗利恩说:“我认为,国家安全机构一些人的不安全感使他们在面对未来的改变时成为积极的破坏者。因为,他们可能觉得变革会导致地位的丧失,权限的丧生,而且一旦发生变革,还可能受到起诉。”It is possible that if, following his meeting with Mr. Mbeki, the African Union's Jean Ping is able to reassure Morgan Tsvangirai that Mr. Mbeki can manage the mediaiton on his own, the signing of the preliminary agreement could take place within days. If so, formal talks may get under way as early as next week. 非盟的让.平跟姆贝基会晤之后,假如他能够让茨万吉拉伊相信姆贝基自己就能协调好双方的正式会谈,那么这项初步协议就会在几天之内签署。这样的话,正式会谈最早可能在下星期举行。200807/44266郴州包皮环切手术的价格 Former Finnish President Martti Ahtisaari Wins Nobel Peace Prize阿赫蒂萨里荣获今年诺贝尔和平奖  Norway's Nobel committee tapped former Finnish president and peace advocate Martti Ahtisaari as this year's peace laureate. The 71-year-old politician - and his distinguished career.挪威的诺贝尔奖委员会宣布前芬兰总统及和平事业倡导者马尔蒂.阿赫蒂萨里获得今年的诺贝尔和平奖。这位政治家现年71岁,为和平事业做了杰出的工作。Norway's Nobel committee praised Martti Ahtisaari for his efforts to help secure peace in a number of conflict torn countries during his lengthy career as U.N. diplomat, Finnish president and later, peace activist with his organization, the Crisis Management Initiative.挪威诺贝尔奖委员会赞扬马尔蒂.阿赫蒂萨里在漫长的职业生涯中,作为联合国外交官、芬兰总统、以及他后来组成的“危机管理倡议”组织的和平倡导人,在一些战乱国家协助确保实现和平。Over the past 20 years, the Nobel statement said, Ahtisaari has played a prominent role in resolving serious and long-lasting conflicts in Namibia, Indonesia, Kosovo and Iraq - among other areas.诺贝尔奖委员会的声明说,在过去20年里,阿赫蒂萨里为解决纳米比亚、印度尼西亚、科索沃和伊拉克等地旷日持久的严重冲突发挥了无与伦比的作用。In an interview on Norwegian television, Ahtisaari cited peace talks in 1989-1990 in the southwestern African nation of Namibia as his greatest achievement. Those talks helped pave the way for Namibia's independence from south Africa.阿赫蒂萨里在接受挪威电视台采访时说,1989年到1990年在非洲西南部国家纳米比亚的和平谈判是自己最大的成就。那些会谈帮助铺平了纳米比亚脱离南非统治、走向独立的道路。Ahtisaari began his career as a school teacher before joining Finland's foreign ministry. He served as a ed Nations undersecretary and secretary of state for the Finnish foreign ministry before being elected president of Finland in 1994. 阿赫蒂萨里最初的职业是教师,随后他到芬兰外交部工作。他曾担任联合国副秘书长、芬兰外交部国务秘书,在1994年当选芬兰总统。Ahtisaari founded the Crisis Management Initiative in 2000. The Helsinki-based non-profit organization provides solutions for ending conflicts around the world.阿赫蒂萨里在2000年创建了“危机管理倡议”组织。这个非营利组织设在赫尔辛基,为结束世界各地的冲突提供解决途径。Former U.S. Vice-President Al Gore won last year's Nobel peace prize along with the U.N. panel on climate change for their work on raising attention to the threat of global warming.前美国副总统戈尔与联合国气候变化论坛小组一起赢得了去年的诺贝尔和平奖,因为他们让人们关注全球气候变暖形成的威胁。200810/52536郴州妇幼保健医院治疗早泄多少钱

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