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  • Mrs Peng has prepared a whole selection of different cuts彭太太准备了来自她家所养的猪身上of their own pork which shes boiled for 30 minutes,不同部位的猪肉 并烹调了30分钟and before I cook, she wants在我开始烹饪之前to show me some classic home-style dishes,她想向我展示一些经典的家常菜starting with a much-prized cold salad.首先是一道很珍贵的凉拌菜Its funny, isnt it? Because back in England,很有意思 不是吗 在英国pigs ear is probably the cheapest thing猪耳大概是最便宜的东西了because people dont want因为人们往往都不愿意吃that and actually discard it, or make it一般都直接把它们丢掉into dog food, but here,或者是制成粮its really prized and the most expensive part.但在这里 猪耳很珍贵 是猪身上最贵的部分Shes got some baby spring onions.她切了一些青葱Before it can be eaten, the pigs ear salad在食用之前 这些猪耳needs to soak for a couple of hours in the spicy dressing,需要在辣酱中腌渍几个小时which is, of course,那些辣酱made with chillies and Sichuan flower pepper.是由辣椒和花椒制成的From all the activity, it looks like Im in for从各种准备活动来看more than the simple supper I was expecting.这顿饭似乎远远不止是便饭那么简单With typical Chinese hospitality,遵照传统中式的待客之道Mrs Peng is preparing us a feast彭太太正为我们准备一场using every part of the pig.由猪的各个部位组成的盛宴She said this is like a bridge, a bridge pork rib.她说这像一座桥 一座猪肋骨桥Its a really wonderful way of steaming here,这种烹蒸方式极妙shes just put water at the base,她在底下倒一些水and then put a plate over the top.然后把盘子放在上面Their woks amazing.他们的锅太神奇了For her next dish,作为第二道菜Mrs Peng is making another local speciality,彭太太准备了另一种当地特色cherry pork made with soy sauce, and a mix of caramelised sugar由酱油 焦糖 和少许的醋共同烹制的and a touch of vinegar.樱桃肉Its juicy, really tender and very sweet.鲜嫩多汁 甜而不腻201508/394011。
  • Heres a question: Why is my phone so full of ;other; stuff? And how can I get rid of it?你是否遇到过这样的问题:为什么我手机里充满了“其它”东西?我该怎样处理呢?This isnt as big of a problem on Android devices because — for one thing — most of those phones still have an option for users to expand their memory with a microSD card.在Android设备上这不是什么大问题,一方面因为大多数人可以选择在手机上安装microSD卡扩展内存。iPhones, on the other hand, have a more finite amount of space, making storage availability more of an issue.但另一方面苹果手机却空间有限,使得存储可用性成为一个问题。First things first: On iPhones, go to your settings. Tap ;General,; then ;Storage amp; iCloud Usage,; and under the top ;Storage; heading, tap ;Manage Storage.; This list shows you how much space every app on your phone uses up.首先:进入iPhone设置页面。点击;General;,然后进入;Storage amp; iCloud Usage;,在;Storage;的下点击;Manage Storage;。此列表显示你手机上每个应用占了多少空间。Most peoples ;Photos amp; Camera; category will take up the most space. If thats the case for you, back up your photos and delete as many as you can stomach. Once those are selected and deleted, go to the ;Albums; view inside the pre-installed ;Photos; app and clear out your ;Recently Deleted; album.大多数人的“;Photos amp; Camera; 类别占用了最多的空间。如果你是这样的情况,备份你的照片并竟可能的删除没用的照片。一旦被选中和删除,前往预先安装的;Photos; 程序的;Albums; ,清除你;Recently Deleted;的相册。There are a bunch of ways to back up your media, outside of just plugging your phone into your computer.有许多方法备份你的媒体资料,你要做的只是把你的手机插入电脑。Apps like Google Photos and IceCream do the job nicely. And another obvious choice actually comes preloaded onto your phone: iCloud.像Google Photos和IceCream的应用程序非常好用。另一个明显的选择就是预装在手机里的iCloud。Plus if you use iCloud and youre running iOS 9, the phones software will actually ;thin; the apps on your device to help free up even more space.如果你使用iCloud并运行iOS 9系统,手机软件将减少设备上的应用程序来释放更多的空间。Now, back to that ;other; stuff dilemma. Both Android and iOS build up app cache and other unnecessary files. You can delete these temporary files to make more space.现在回到“其它”东西的困境上。Android和iOS会建立App缓存和其他不必要的文件。你可以删除这些临时文件获得更多空间。And if your phones ;other; category is extremely large, that might actually be the result of a software hiccup. If youre seeing this issue, youre better off resetting your phone to factory settings. Just be sure to back up first.如果你手机的“其它”类别非常大,可能是一个软件出现了问题。如果你遇到了这种情况,最好恢复出厂设置。确保首先做好备份。译文属。201511/411281。
  • A shooting at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California Wednesday has left 14 people dead and 17 wounded.周三美国加州圣贝纳迪诺内陆地区中心发生击事件,造成14人死亡17人受伤。The Inland Regional Center serves people of all ages with developmental disabilities. According to the non-profits website, more than 30,000 residents from San Bernardino and Riverside counties are cared for at the center on a daily basis.内陆地区中心务于各年龄段有发育障碍的人。据非盈利网站宣布,每天有三万多名来自圣贝纳迪诺和佛赛德县的居民在中心接受照料。You will see clients coming in and out. Theres a lot of support systems that happen there, support groups. Small children who are at the ages of two and three years old go there to get diagnosed with a disability.你会看到患者来来往往。那里有很多持系统,持小组。年龄在两岁和三岁患有残疾的孩子去那里就诊。That three-story building also houses a library and a conference center.三楼还建了一个图书馆和会议中心。According to KCAL, the San Bernardino County Department of Public Health was holding a banquet in the conference center when the gunfire rang out.根据KCAL报道,当声响起时圣贝纳迪诺公共卫生部门正在会议中心举行宴会。An employee inside the building at the time of the shooting texted her father this: Shooting at my work, people shot. In the office waiting for cops...pray for us.击发生时建筑内的一名员工给她爸爸发了短信:我工作的地方发生了击,有人被击中。在办公室里等待警察的救援,为我们祈祷。So far theres no word on a possible motive as to why this building was targeted.就袭击该栋建筑的动机目前还没有解释。译文属。201512/413995。
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