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电影学口语 Lesson 32:[怪物史瑞克]Ill stick with you【精片断】剪辑自《Shrek》怪物史瑞克Donkey: Can I say something to you? Listen, you was really, really something back there. Incredible!Shrek: Are you talking to --- me? Whoa!Donkey: Yes, I was talking to you. Can I tell you that you was great back there? Those guards! They thought they was all of that. Then you showed up, and bam(哄骗)! They was tripping over themselves like babes in the woods. That really made me feel good to see that.Oh, that’s great. Really.Donkey:Man, it’s good to be free. Now why don’t you go celebrate your freedom with your own friends? Hmm?Donkey: But, uh, I don’t have any friends. And I am not going out there by myself. Hey, wait a minute! I got a great idea! I’ll stick with you. You are a mean, green, fighting machine. Together we will scare the spit out of anybody that crosses us. Oh, wow! That was really scary(引起恐慌的). If you don’t mind me saying, if you don’t work, your breath certainly will get the job done, because you definitely need some Tic Tacs or something, because your breath stinks(发出臭味)! You almost burned the hair outta my nose, just like the time--, then I ate some rotten berries(浆果). I had string gases leaking out of my butt that day.Shrek: Why are you following me?【口语财富】1. Why are you following me? 老跟着我干什么?2. You was really, really something back there. 你真的了不起.3. It’s good to be free. 自由让人快乐.4. I am not going out there by myself. 我也不会自己去那里.5. I’ll stick with you. 我会和你在一起. /200604/6508Were talking about obsoleting the internal combustion engine--and do it in terms of its affordability, add skill volumes, its performance and its durability.我们打算淘汰内燃机,并在提高可购性,增加技能,提高性能和耐用性方面努力。So thats what were driving to for 2010.这就是2010年我们要傲的工作。We havent seen anything yet in our development work that says that isnt possible.目前还没发现在研发过程中有任何迹象表明我们的想法不可行。We actually think the futures going to be event-driven.我们相信未来将成为具体事件的导向。So since we cant predict the future, we want to spend a lot of our time trying to create that future.虽然我们无法预测未来,所以我们会努力花时间去创造未来。Im very, very intrigued by the fact that our cars and trucks sit idle 90 percent of the time: they Parked all around us.我们的汽车以及卡车有90%的时间是停放着的,我对如何挖掘这段时间内车子的潜能很感兴趣。Theyre usually parked within 100 feet of the people that own them.这些车就停在我们周围,停在距离他们的所有者不到100英尺的范围内。Now, if you take the power-generating capability of an automobile and you compare that to the electric grid in the ed States, the power in 4 percent of the automobiles, equals that of the electric grid of the U.S.比较汽车和美国电网的发电能力,汽车电力的四分之一相当于美国电网的供电能力。Thats a huge power-generating capability, a mobile power-generating capability.所以由此可看出汽车发电能力的强大,而且还是可移动的发电。And hydrogen and fuel cells give us that opportunity to actually use our cars and trucks when theyre parked to generate electricity for the grid.氢燃料电池让我们能够充分利用资源,即使汽车和卡车停着的时候也能发电,为电网所用。And the key to all of this is to make it affordable, to make it exciting, to get it on a pathway where theres a way to make money doing it.但最重要的是我们要让汽车物美价廉,变得令人兴奋,并且有足够的资金进行研发。And again, this is a pretty big march to take here. And a lot of people say: how do you sleep at night when youre rustling with a problem of that magnitude?要实现我们的设想还有很长的路要走。许多人担心,如果考虑这样一个巨大的工程,晚上怎么睡得着。And I tell them I sleep like a baby: I wake up crying every two hours.我告诉他们我睡觉时就像小婴儿一样,每两个小时就醒来哭一次。Actually the theme of this conference, I think, has hit on really one of the major keys to pull that off--and thats relationships and working together. Thank you very much.我认为这次研讨会的主题,实际上就是策划出关键要素,并予以实现。那就是关系网的建立与相互合作。谢谢。201705/50569940. I'd like you to... 我想请你······ 用法透视 我们都知道"I'd like to..."是"我想......"的意思,那么"I'd like you to..."也就不难理解了,它意为"我想请你......",用于你向别人提出请求。 持范例 1. I'd like you to fetch some boiled water. 我想请你去倒点开水来。 2. I'd like you to send for a doctor. 我想请你叫人找医生来。 3. I'd like you to look after my baby for a while. 我想请你照看一会儿我的孩子。 会话记忆 A: I'd like you to do me a favor. 请帮我个忙。 B: What is it? 什么事? A: Can you mail this at the post office for me? I have to go to the doctor for an appointment and I don't have enough time to go to the post office. 你能帮我去邮局发一下这个吗?我跟医生约好了,没时间去邮局 B: Sure. And I'd like you to get some cold medicine for me when you go to the doctor's. 当然。我也想请你去看医生时给我拿些感冒药 /200705/13297

So this is my niece. Her name is Yahli. She is nine months old.这是我的侄女。她叫Yahli。她只有九个月大。Her mum is a doctor, and her dad is a lawyer.她妈妈是一名医生,爸爸是一名律师。By the time Yahli goes to college,等到Yahli上大学的时候,the jobs her parents do are going to look dramatically different.像她父母这样的工作将面目全非。In 2013, researchers at Oxford University did a study on the future of work.2013年,牛津大学的研究人员做了一项关于未来就业的研究。They concluded that almost one in every two jobs have a high risk of being automated by machines.他们得出结论:差不多将近一半的工作都有被机器自动化取代的危险。Machine learning is the technology thats responsible for most of this disruption.而机器学习应对这种颠覆负主要责任。Its the most powerful branch of artificial intelligence.它是人工智能最强大的分。It allows machines to learn from data and mimic some of the things that humans can do.允许机器从现有数据中学习并模仿人类的所作所为。My company, Kaggle, operates on the cutting edge of machine learning.我的公司Kaggle专注于尖端的机器学习。We bring together hundreds of thousands of experts to solve important problems for industry and academia.我们召集了成千上万的专家,正为工业和学术界寻找重要问题的。This gives us a unique perspective on what machines can do,因此,我们可以从独特的视角来观察,what they cant do and what jobs they might automate or threaten.机器可以做什么,不可以做什么,哪些工作可以被自动化或受到威胁。Machine learning started making its way into industry in the early 90s.机器学习是在90年代初进入人们的视野。It started with relatively simple tasks.一开始,它只是执行一些相对简单的任务。It started with things like assessing credit risk from loan applications,像评估贷款申请的信用风险,sorting the mail by ing handwritten characters from zip codes.通过识别手写的邮政编码来检索邮件。Over the past few years, we have made dramatic breakthroughs.在过去几年里,我们取得了突破性进展。Machine learning is now capable of far, far more complex tasks.现在,机器学习可以完成非常复杂的任务。201612/482107突破口语之情景对话(8):It's just a couple of minutes几分钟就到了8. It’s just a couple of minutes.几分钟就到了A: Hello. Excuse me. Do you know if there's a Commercial Bank around here? B: Yes, go straight along Beijing Road and turn right. A: Straight on, and turn right. Is it far? B: No, it's just a couple of minutes. A: Thanks very much. B: You're welcome. 译文:A: 你好,打扰一下。你知道这附近有商业吗?B: 知道。沿着北京路一直往前走,然后右转。A: 一直往前走,转右。远吗?B: 不远,只要几分钟就够了。A: 太谢谢你了。B: 不客气。注解 :1) a couple of : 几个 /200708/16429英语会话800句 70 /200609/9369

Now, this nice picture shows a thought-balloon, a thought-bubble.好了,这张图展示的是一个“思维泡泡”。I think everybody understands what that means.我想大家都知道这是什么意思。Thats supposed to exhibit the stream of consciousness.它展示了意识流。This is my favorite picture of consciousness thats ever been done.这是到目前,我最喜欢的展示意识的图片。Its a Saul Steinberg of course -- it was a New Yorker cover.它是Saul Steinberg的作品——是《纽约客》的一幅封面图片。And this fellow here is looking at the painting by Braque.这个人是在看Braque的画。That reminds him of the word baroque, barrack, bark, poodle,让他想起了巴洛克、兵营、树皮、狮毛Suzanne R. -- hes off to the races.Suzanne R. 精正要开始。Theres a wonderful stream of consciousness here这是个极好的意识流and if you follow it along, you learn a lot about this man.如果你一直跟下去,你可以了解这个男人很多事情What I particularly like about this picture, too,我还特别喜欢这个图片里边is that Steinberg has rendered the guy Steinberg in this sort of pointillist style.把整个人渲染成一种点画风格Which reminds us, as Rod Brooks was saying yesterday:这让我们想起,Rod Brooks昨天所说的:what we are, what each of us is -- what you are, what I am --我们是什么,我们每个人是什么——你是什么,我是什么——is approximately 100 trillion little cellular robots.是将近一万亿亿的小细胞机器人。Thats what were made of.那就是我们的组成成分。No other ingredients at all. Were just made of cells, about 100 trillion of them.没有任何其他成分。我们就是细胞组成的,约一万亿亿个。Not a single one of those cells is conscious;这些细胞中没有任何一个有意识,not a single one of those cells knows who you are, or cares.没有一个知道你是谁,或者在乎这个。Somehow, we have to explain从某种意义上,我们需要解释how when you put together teams, armies, battalions of hundreds of millions of little robotic unconscious cells我们如何把数队,数军,数营的成百百亿的无意识细胞机器not so different really from a bacterium, each one of them the result is this. I mean, just look at it.他们每个都与细菌没有多大区别,组合成了这个。我的意思是,就看一下。The content -- theres color, theres ideas, theres memories, theres history.这些内容——有颜色、有想法、有回忆,有历史。And somehow all that content of consciousness is accomplished by the busy activity of those hoards of neurons.从某种意义上,这些意识的内容是由那些聚集的神经元的繁忙活动完成的。How is that possible? Many people just think it isnt possible at all.这怎么可能呢?很多人认为这一点可能性都没有。They think, ;No, there cant be any sort of naturalistic explanation of consciousness.;他们觉得,“不,不可能有任何对意识的科学的解释。”This is a lovely book by a friend of mine named Lee Siegel,这是一本由我朋友Lee Siegel写的可爱的书,whos a professor of religion, actually, at the University of Hawaii,他是夏威夷大学的宗教方向教授,and hes an expert magician, and an expert on the street magic of India,而且还是个魔术专家,是印度街头魔术的专家,which is what this book is about, ;Net of Magic.;也就是这本书的内容,“魔术的网。”And theres a passage in it which I would love to share with you.我要与你们分享里面的一篇文章。It speaks so eloquently to the problem.这些话在这个问题上说的真是太好了。;Im writing a book on magic, I explain, and Im asked, Real magic?“‘我在写一本关于魔术的书,’我解释道,然后我又被问道,‘真正的魔术?’By real magic, people mean miracles, thaumaturgical acts, and supernatural powers.真正的魔术,人们指的是奇迹、魔法,以及超自然力量。No, I answer. Conjuring tricks, not real magic.‘不’,我回应道。‘变戏法而已,不是真正的魔术。’Real magic, in other words, refers to the magic that is not real;真正的魔术,换句话来说,指的是那些并不真实可行的魔法,while the magic that is real, that can actually be done, is not real magic.;而那些真实可行的魔术,又不是真正的魔法。”201607/454865Hi, Im Senator Tom Cotton and Im proud to represent Arkansas in the ed States Senate. We live in a dangerous world – and the dangers are ever increasing, particularly from radical Islamic terror. The attacks in Brussels, Paris, San Bernardino, and across the world make this all too clear. Americans are understandably fearful about their safety and security. But President Obama wants us to chill out. He believes overreaction to terrorism is a graver threat than terrorism itself. He minimizes the threat of terror attacks, even as these savages cut off the heads of Americans and inspire or direct radicals to blow themselves up in public places. Thats why President Obama went to a baseball game and did the Wave with Cubas dictator even as Americans were missing and murdered in the Brussels attack. The president defended this decision by comparing himself to Big Papi, the Red Sox star who defiantly took the field after the Boston Marathon bombings. Big Papi is a great player, but his job is to hit homeruns. The presidents job is to keep America safe, and that requires leading from the front, not sitting in the stands. Also, President Obama reportedly likes to point out that more Americans die each year from bathtub falls and car accidents than from terrorism. Maybe so. But bathtub falls arent sping an apocalyptic ideology and car crashes cant be weaponized against American cities. These arent communication mistakes by the president; theyre a feature, not a bug, of his foreign policy. And no conversation about his failed, weak policy toward radical Islam is complete without the dangerous consequences of his nuclear agreement with Iran, a country that killed hundreds of American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan and still chants Death to America this day. That deal hardly deserves the name – never fully disclosed, never signed, and never approved as a treaty by Congress. The presidents deal gave the worlds worst state sponsor of terrorism access to more than 0 billion dollars, 24-days notice before inspections, and a vast nuclear program that Iran can easily use to build a nuclear weapon. In return, the ayatollahs gave us the proverbial sleeves off their vest. Even worse, the presidents concessions continue. Iran has kidnaped our sailors, taken Americans hostages, sponsored terror plots against U.S. allies, fueled conflicts in Syria and Yemen, and even launched ballistic missiles inscribed with Israel must be wiped out. The ayatollahs have continued this reign of terror because they know President Obama is desperate to preserve his deal. And the presidents response? More concessions. He ransomed American hostages for another .7 billion. Hes refused to condemn and punish Irans ballistic-missile tests as violations of UN resolutions. Hes freed seven convicted Iranian criminals and dismissed arrest warrants against 14 Iranian fugitives. And now, the president may grant Iran access to the dollar, which would declare it truly open for business. This parade of concessions must stop. And if the Obama Administration wont act, the Congress – under Republican leadership – will. Later this year, we will renew the Iran Sanctions Act to ensure that the ed States can reimpose tough sanctions on Iran when it violates the nuclear deal. Weve introduced the Iran Ballistic Missile Sanctions Act, which will punish the ayatollahs for developing a missile that can reach the ed States with a nuclear warhead. Weve introduced the Iran Terrorism and Human Rights Sanctions Act to punish Irans support for terrorism and domestic oppression. And if the president grants Iran access to the U.S. dollar in financial transactions, we will take appropriate action. Republicans understand, unlike the president, that we do not and cannot have shared values with the radical, terror-sponsoring regime in Iran any more than we can with the Islamic State. The right strategy against the threat of radical Islam is to confront this radical ideology and defeat it on the battlefield before it grows larger and stronger, or obtains nuclear weapons. That may sound simplistic to the president, but to most Americans it sounds simply like the defense of our nation and our people.201604/439991In every work that I create, I write messages with my style of Arabic calligraphy.在我创作的每一样作品中,我都用阿拉伯的书法风格写要旨I make sure those messages are relevant to the place where I am painting我确保这些信息与作画的地区有关联but have this universal dimension, so anybody around the world can relate to it.通过这么一个普遍的维度,使全世界的人都能理解So for Manshiyat Naser, I decided to write in Arabic the words of St. Athanasius of Alexandria,对于曼斯亚特·纳赛尔,我决定将亚他那修的名言转换为阿拉伯语a Coptic bishop from the third century, who said:他是来自第三世纪的科普特主教,他说过:which means in English, ;Anyone who wants to see the sunlight clearly needs to wipe his eyes first.;英文意思是:“任何一个想清楚看到阳光的人,都需要先擦亮自己眼睛。”It was really important for me that the community felt connected to the words.找到能对这个社区感到共鸣的名言对我来说十分重要And for me this e was perfectly reflecting the spirit of the project.对我个人而言,这句话十分完美地传达了项目的精神So Father Samaan blessed the project, and his approval brought all the residents on board.因此,神父Sammaan认可了我的项目,有了他的批准,其他的居民也加入了进来Hundreds of liters of paint, a dozen blue manual lifts, several trips back and forth to Cairo,数百升的油漆和一些蓝色手动升降机,几次往返开罗a strong and solid team from France, North Africa, Middle East and the US,一个来自法国,北非,中东和美国的强大团队and after a year of planning and logistics, there we are,在经过了一年的规划和筹备后开始了行动my team and some members from the local community我的团队和一些来自当地社区的人员creating a piece that will sp over 50 buildings,正在建造一个将蔓延50多座建筑的艺术品some filling up the space of the calligraphy that I trace with colors.一些有美术字体的空白处,我填充上了颜色Here some blue, there some yellow, there some orange.这里用蓝色,那里用黄色,再那边一些橙色Some others carrying some sand bags and putting them on the top of the buildings to hold those manual lifts,还有一部分人拿来沙袋放在楼顶上用来固定住手动升降机and some others assembling and disassembling those same lifts and moving them around the different buildings.其余的人负责组装拆卸升降机,并将它们带到每一座建筑201611/477765

即学即用英语会话词典D部分:指出错误进入《即学即用英语会话词典文本》下载页面即学即用英语会话词典这部词典着眼日常生活、学习、工作等语言环境,囊括了当今美国最最简洁、最地道的日常口语表达方式。本词典获得2002年全国优秀畅销书奖 /200707/15585Hi Well, its nice to be back at Princeton I find it difficult to believe that its been almost 11 years 嗨 很高兴能回到普林斯顿 很难相信我离校赴华盛顿任职Since I departed these halls for Washington I wrote recently to inquire about the status of my leave from the university and the letter I got back began 已经11年了 我最近写信打听学校在我离开后的状况 结果回信开头就说;Regrettably, Princeton receives many more qualified applicants for faculty positions than we can accommodate; ill extend my best wishes to the seniors later ;很遗憾 普林斯顿收到了很多出色求职者的求职信; ;但学校职位有限; 我稍后再献上对毕业生的美好祝愿But first I want to congratulate the parents and families sitting out on the lawn As a parent myself I know that putting your kid through college these days is no walk in the park 首先我要恭喜的是 坐在外面草地上的家长和家人们 身为人父 我深知供子女读完大学并非易事Some years ago I had a colleague who sent three kids through Princeton even though neither he nor his wife attended this university He and his spouse were very proud of that accomplishment as they should have been 几年前我有一位同事 他将其三个子女送往普林斯顿 尽管他们夫妇都没有就读过这所大学 他们夫妇俩对这一成就深感自豪 他们也理应自豪But my colleague also used to say that, from a financial perspective the experience was like buying a new Cadillac every year and then driving it off a cliff 但我同事曾讲过 从财政角度看 这就像每年买一辆凯迪拉克 然后开下悬崖201605/445852

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