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2019年09月17日 09:16:09 | 作者:医护爱问 | 来源:新华社
US, North Korea Hold Talks in Singapore希尔晤北韩代表希望打破谈判僵局  The top U.S. nuclear negotiator Christopher Hill has met with his North Korean counterpart in Singapore to end an impasse over talks aimed at ending North Korea's nuclear program.  美国首席核谈判代表希尔在新加坡会见了北韩首席核问题谈判代表,以化解目的在于结束北韩核项目的谈判僵局。 U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill says a meeting in Singapore with North Korea's Vice Foreign Minister Kim Kye Gwan went well and he hoped to make further announcements soon. 美国助理国务卿希尔说,在新加坡和北韩副外务相金桂冠的会谈进行得很顺利,他希望很快就宣布新的进展。South Korean media reported earlier Kim saying there had been a "considerable narrowing of differences of views." 韩国媒体稍早报道说,金桂冠表示,双方不同的观点有了可观的接近。Hill told journalists shortly before the meeting started at the U.S. embassy in Singapore he did not expect the talks to reach an agreement, but warned time is running out. 希尔在美国驻新加坡大使馆举行的会谈前不久告诉记者说,他没有期待这次会谈能达成协议,但是警告说,时间已经不多了。"We are not looking for an agreement," Hill said. "I think we are looking to have a consultation on some of the issues that have kept us apart for several months. Certainly I will be discussing the fact that we are kind of running out of time." 他说:“我们没有期待达成一个协议,我们是寻求磋商双方几个月来的分歧,但是我们警告说,时间已经不多了。”The talks have stalled since late last year, after North Korea failed to declare a full inventory of its nuclear activities and facilities as called for under a landmark deal struck in six-party talks with the ed States, China, Japan, Russia, and the two Koreas in February 2007. 六方会谈自从去年底以来一直停滞不前,当时北韩没有按照六方会谈2007年2月达成的里程碑式的协议所要求的那样,公布所有核设施的清单以及核活动。参加六方会谈的国家包括美国、中国、日本、俄罗斯、韩国和北韩。Pyongyang says it provided the list in November, but the ed States says it was incomplete. 平壤表示,它已经于去年11月提供了这个清单,但是美国说公布的项目并不完整。The ed States also wants North Korea to clear up allegations it has a secret uranium-enrichment program. 美国还希望北韩清楚解释据称它有一个秘密铀浓缩项目的事情。North Korea began disabling its main nuclear facilities last year in exchange for aid and diplomatic concessions under the six-party talks framework. 北韩去年开始实施就其核设施去功能化的行动,以此在六方会谈的框架协议中换取救援物资和外交上的让步。Hill will travel Wednesday to Beijing to meet with the heads of delegations from Japan, China, South Korea and brief the Russian ambassador to China. 星期三希尔将前往北京会见来自日本、中国、韩国代表团的首席谈判代表,向俄罗斯驻中国大使作简报。200804/34008The U.N. Security Council has expressed deep concern about the situation in the Darfur region of the Sudan, where violence has surged recently, and has called for all parties to observe a cease-fire.  联合国安理会对苏丹达尔富尔地区的局势深表担忧,最近该地区暴力活动激增。安理会呼吁所有各方遵守停火。Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin who is president of the Security Council this month, said members reiterated the need for the speedy deployment of the U.N.-African Union hybrid force known as UNAMID and underlined the importance of promoting the peace process in Darfur.  担任安理会本月轮值主席的俄罗斯驻联合国大使丘尔金说,安理会成员国重申,需要加快部署联合国和非洲联盟混合部队;成员国们还强调了促进达尔富尔地区和平进程的重要性。"The members of the Security Council expressed profound concern about the continuing complex security and humanitarian situation in Darfur," he said. "They urged in this context, all Sudanese parties to observe the cease-fire, refrain from any hostilities and respect the norms of international humanitarian law." 丘尔金说:“安理会成员国对达尔富尔安全形势和人道形势的复杂性感到深切担忧。他们敦促在这种情况下苏丹所有有关各方遵守停火,避免任何敌对行动,尊重国际人道法的准则。”The council was briefed by U.N. Assistant Secretary-General for Peacekeeping, Edmond Mulet, who warned that the recent surge in Sudanese government air strikes and rebel attacks demonstrates a lack of commitment on either side for peace talks.  联合国负责维和事务的助理秘书长穆勒在安理会做了简短汇报。他警告说,最近苏丹政府的空袭和反叛分子袭击的激增表明,和谈双方都缺少和谈的决心。"On the one hand, negotiations are required to bring this crisis to an end, but with the government intent on military action and the rebels either fighting or fragmenting, it is difficult to see an opening for political negotiations," he said. "On the other hand, a peacekeeping operation alone cannot bring security to Darfur." 穆勒说:“在一方面,结束这场危机需要谈判。但是,现在苏丹政府准备采取军事行动,而反政府力量要么在战斗,要么在搞分裂,因此很难看到政治谈判的开始;在另一方面,单纯的维和行动不能为达尔富尔带来安全。”He added that the peacekeeping operation cannot be a substitute for political engagement, and is not a tool for addressing the causes of the conflict. 他补充说,维和行动不能替代政治接触,也不是解决冲突根源的工具。The Sudanese government has been partly blamed for the latest upsurge in fighting, including a large-scale ground and air campaign aimed at reestablishing its control over parts of West Darfur under rebel control. Sudanese Ambassador Abdalmahmood Mohamad defended the strikes, saying Khartoum is protecting its people from the rebels. 苏丹政府被谴责是造成最近冲突增加的部分原因,苏丹政府发动的袭击包括大规模的地面和空中行动,旨在夺回对反叛分子控制的达尔富尔西部地区的控制。苏丹大使穆罕默德为袭击做辩护,他说,喀土穆是在保护他们的人民不受到叛乱分子的袭击。"We are doing the responsibility any state should do when confronted with a rebellion activities, attacks on civilians," he said. "These attacks will continue. These attacks will continue as long as the rebels are threatening the people, are killing the people." 穆罕默德说:“我们所做的是任何国家在面对叛乱活动袭击平民时都会负担的责任。这些袭击还会继续。只要叛乱分子威胁人民杀害人民,这些袭击就会继续。”The council urged all parties to refrain from violence, and Ambassador Churkin, speaking in his national capacity, said Moscow has raised the subject of sanctions against parties that are blocking the peace process.  安理会敦促各方不要采取暴力行动。丘尔金大使代表俄罗斯表示,莫斯科已经提出对阻碍和平进程的各方进行制裁。More than 9,000 international military and police personnel are in Darfur. The ed Nations says in the coming weeks several more units will deploy, including an Egyptian transport unit, a Nigerian medical unit as well as regular troops from Egypt and Ethiopia. 在达尔富尔有将近9千多名国际军队和警方人员。联合国说,在未来几个星期内还将派遣更多的单位,这其中包括一个埃及的运输单位、一个尼日利亚的医疗单位以及来自埃及和埃塞俄比亚的正规军队。Deployment of troops has been slowed by Sudanese objections to the composition of the force and also by a lack of equipment, such as helicopters. The ed Nations hopes to have 26,000 troops and police on the ground in Darfur. 因为苏丹政府反对维和部队的组成,再加上设备短缺,军队部署被拖延。短缺的设备包括直升飞机等。联合国希望在达尔富尔的地面部队和警察能够达到2万6千多名。200803/30136Last Tuesday, The Ten O'Clock News looked at serious allegations made in the B's Panorama program about the Football Premiership. Three football agents claimed the Bolton manager Sam Allardyce has taken illegal payments, he's firmly denied the claims. Adam Parsons reports.Sam Allardyce arrived at Walsall tonight with some problems ahead of him, not so much the challenge of inspiring his Bolton team in the Cup game, but the fact he was about to be accused of corruption. In tonight’s Panorama program, three football agents, each of them filmed secretly, separately claimed Allardyce accepted illegal payments, known in football as “bungs”.First was Teni Yerima, an agent based in France.I tell you with Sam Allardyce it's wonderful. You can do everything with him.Yerima now says he made up his comments.Charles Collymore was the second agent filmed commenting on Allardyce.It might be that I give Sam a call and say, “Listen, I got something. You wanna hear about this, 'cause he likes a deal. Collymore too, claims he fabricated his comments.Peter Harrison was the third and best-known agent shown. He was filmed saying that he bribes Allardyce by offering to pay money to his son Craig, also an agent. His son, who’s thirty, I say. “Listen Sam, we'll give Craig some money,”Okay.And, and he'll say, “Yeah, okay, we’ll do a, we’ll do a deal”Allardyce was not the only manager implicated by the B’s research. Eighteen past and present Premiership managers, not all of them identified in tonight’s program, were named as corrupt by people who had dealt with them directly. So, what is a bung? Well, let’s say, this football manager wants to sign a new contract with this player. He will do it by contacting the player’s agent and they'll discuss the terms of the deal. The agent will then have to ask for fee for his part in fixing up the new contract but an unscrupulous manager will only sanction that if he gets a slice of the fee for himself, and that secret, illegal payment is known as a “bung”.Tonight's investigation did sp into other areas though.This is Frank Arnesen, the man in charge of youth football at Chelsea. He was filmed proposing a deal to sign a 15-year-old registered with another club, an illegal approach known in football as “tapping up”.150,000 pounds, sp in three years, and we can do it like a royalty bonus and this and this, spilt it up in salary. We can talk about that. Chelsea denied that Arnesen's meeting broke any official regulations.Tonight Bolton's fans were able to celebrate victory, while Allardyce told the B he'd never requested or received a bung. Yet, football is now facing some awkward questions, ones it will finally have to confront.New Words and Expressionspanorama n.全景:包括周围所有区域的全部画景,详尽的描述;综合评述;概观:一系列事件的印象Football Premiership 英格兰足球超级联赛fabricate vt.制作, 构成, 捏造, 伪造, 虚构unscrupulous adj.肆无忌惮的, 无道德的, 不谨慎的 200805/39453Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf is calling for a "harmonious coalition" in the new national assembly, which is now dominated by opposition parties. Mr. Musharraf's plea for unity follows opposition calls for him to step down. 巴基斯坦总统穆沙拉夫呼吁在新的议会中成立“和谐联盟”。目前反对党派已经获得对新的国民议会的主导权。穆沙拉夫在反对党派要求他下台之后,发出了团结的呼吁。In his most extensive comments on the election since his party was soundly defeated, President Musharraf praised the gains of opposition parties, saying the results strengthened moderate forces in Pakistan.  在穆沙拉夫所属的政党在选举中惨败之后,他发表了他对这次选举的一次最冗长的。穆沙拉夫在中对反对党派在议会选举中的获胜表示赞扬。他说,选举结果使得巴基斯坦国内的温和势力增强。But while the president has issued several conciliatory statements calling for unity in the new government, opposition leaders and even members of his own party predict a coming political clash.  但是,就在穆沙拉夫发表呼吁新政府内谋求团结的和解性声明的同时,反对派的领导人预测政治冲突即将到来,甚至穆沙拉夫本人所属的党派的成员也做出这样的预测。Sheikh Rashid Ahmad is an ally of Mr. Musharraf who after winning election to parliament six times since 1985, suffered his first defeat on Monday. Speaking at a news conference in Islamabad, Rashid Ahmad suggested the incoming assembly's tenure could be the shortest in Pakistan's history. 拉希德.艾哈迈德是穆沙拉夫的盟友。自从1985年以来,艾哈迈德曾经6度赢得巴基斯坦国民议会的席位。但是他在这个星期一的国民议会选举中首次遭遇失败。艾哈迈德在伊斯兰堡举行的记者会上表示,即将来临的巴基斯坦新议会议员的任期可能是巴基斯坦历史上最短的任期。"I have said aly that President Musharraf wants to continue with this parliament.," said Ahmad. "But there are some people who don't want to do this. What will be the result? I don't know." 艾哈迈德说:“我已经说过穆沙拉夫要继续同这个议会合作。可是有些人不愿意这样作。最后会出现什么结果,我不知道。”Lawmakers could try to impeach the president, but Mr. Musharraf also has power to dismiss parliament. Either scenario would throw the country's politics back into turmoil.  议员们可能设法弹劾总统。反过来,穆沙拉夫也有权力解散议会。这两种情况中的任何一种情况发生都会使得巴基斯坦政治陷入混乱。Meanwhile, election observers raised concerns about the fairness of the vote. European Union observers said pro-Musharraf parties unfairly benefited during election campaigning.  与此同时,选举的观察人士就这次投票的公平性表达了他们的关切。欧盟的观察家表示,在选举前的竞选活动中亲穆沙拉夫的党派不公平地获得利益。American observers also had concerns about the bans of election rallies and the crackdown on the news media.  美国观察家也对巴基斯坦当局禁止选举集会、压制新闻媒体表达关切。穆迪曾经担任过美国国会议员。他是这次巴基斯坦选举的观察员。"The pre-election situation made it extremely difficult but we think the Pakistani people showed they are absolutely determined to express themselves and we think on Election Day, they were able to do that," said Jim Moody, an election monitor and former U.S. congressman. 穆迪说:“选前的情况十分艰巨,但是我认为巴基斯坦人民展示了表达意愿的坚定决心。我认为他们在选举日做到了这一点。”U.S. Senator John Kerry, who spoke to reporters in New Delhi after visiting Islamabad earlier in the week, said despite problems before the polls, Mr. Musharraf had gracefully accepted his party's defeat in the vote. 美国参议员克里这个星期初访问了伊斯兰堡,他在新德里对记者说,尽管投票前出现问题,可是穆沙拉夫却心平气和地接受了他所属的党派在这次选举中失败的结果。"Imperfect as it was, it nevertheless produced a result that is credible and has held his government accountable," said Kerry. 克里说:“虽然这次选举有瑕疵,可是选举的结果是可信的。而且这次选举明巴基斯坦政府兑现了它的承诺。”Final results in the national assembly election are still not in. The Pakistan People's Party is in the lead with some 87 seats followed by Nawaz Sharif's Pakistan Muslim League with 66 seats. Mr. Musharraf's party is in third with 38 seats. Most of the remainder of the 268 contested seats are held by smaller parties or independent candidates.  巴基斯坦国民议会选举最后的结果还没有公布。国民议会一共有268个议席。目前结果显示,巴基斯坦人民党领先,获得大约87个议席。巴基斯坦穆斯林联盟(谢里夫派)位居第二,获得66个议席。穆沙拉夫的党派名列第三,获得38个议席。而剩下的议席由小党派和独立候选人获得。200802/27659

Now it's not a disability but a way of life. That's how some people with autism are challenging the conventional view. As new research suggests as many as one in fifty-eight children may have the condition. Now autistic people are using the Internet to fight for their rights to be accepted as they are, rather than be treated or cured. Jenny Clainman reports.Who's got a bank account. Everybody got a bank account?Truly, yes. Yep.At this workshop in Surrey, people with autism are learning social skills that will give them the confidence to participate in everyday society. Autism is a developmental disability which affects the way a person communicates and relates to people around them. The National Autistic Society runs workshops like this so that autistic people can deal with the non-autistic world. But some people with autism are saying they shouldn't have to fit in with mainstream society. They claim that autism is just a different way of being, rather than a disorder to be treated and cured, and say they shouldn't have to change for all benefit. Amanda Baggs is an autistic campaigner from Vermont. She is profoundly autistic and can only communicate with words by using a computer. Amanda posted this on YouTube to show up the assumptions non-autistic people make when they see people with severe autism.The way I naturally think and respond to things looks and feels so different from standard concepts or even visualization that some people do not consider it thought at all. But it's a way of thinking in its own right. However the thinking of people like me is only taken seriously, if we learn your language.Amanda's is a YouTube hit. 300,000 people have seen it since she posted it in January.It is only when I type something in your language that you refer to me as having communication. I would like to honestly know how many people if you met me on the street, would believe I wrote this.Amanda uses the virtual online universe "Second Life" to meet up with other autistic activists. They call their group the Autistic Liberation Front. Amanda is proud of her autism. In a world where you can choose to be whatever you what to be, she has spent months giving her avatar the same ticks and mannerisms that she has in real life. New research says that as many as one in fifty-eight people in the UK are born with autism. The Autistic Liberation Front fear that as science increasingly understands the causes of autism, this may lead to prenatal genetic engineering and selective abortion, which they brand as genocide.I tend to liken it to it to Martin Luther King in the sort of Black Pride's Movement.Joshua Muggleton is 17, and has Asperger's Syndrome, a high functioning form of autism. He has his own blog and recognizes how the Internet has empowered autistic people. The Internet has been to the autistic community what sign language has been to the deaf community, a channel of communication that allows them to speak for themselves.What I and l and a few other people tend to use, is the word disability which basically, is about, is not disability, it’s a difference of ability. I am happy being who I am. If I was cured, I wouldn’t be who I am. I know a lot of my friends who are Asperger's autistic who wouldn't want to be cured of their autism and their uniqueness, just fit in with society's norms.But the National Autistic Society worries about the implications of redefining autism as a cultural difference rather than a disorder. There is a real concern that if it is seen as just a personality trait, extreme shyness, a different way of functioning, then individuals won't be able to get the support and the help that they need so badly. It takes the emphasis away from their very complex needs and the fact that they need funding they need support and they need assistance to be able to live the sort of life that most of us would, would expect.The people who look most set to benefit from the autistic rights movement are those who have constant access to the Internet. Autistic Liberation may mean that people with autism become dependent on computers for their freedom. But for campaigners like Amanda who spend most of their waking hours online, it's a prize worth paying to be understood on their own terms.200805/39710

Wild Europe - Genesis 肇始之初- 14Despite this enormous flood, the Mediterranean took more than a century to refill. But what is more amazing is that this process of drying and flooding has happened not just once, but possibly ten times. With this flooding 5. 5 million years ago, Europe's southern borders had now taken shape--the final act in the genesis of the continent. A chain of incredible events has shaped Europe during its long and dynamic history. It's a history that's written across the face of this unique continent; a story that began billions of years ago south of the equator and which charts an incredible journey across the face of the globe. The diversity of Europe's landscapes today reflects the changing conditions encountered along the way. Each has left a unique fingerprint on the small but incredibly complex continent. For aeons, the birth of Europe had been driven by geological events, but now a new and different force was destined to shape the land. Two million years ago, Europe's climate spiraled out of control. Temperatures plummeted. Consumed by glaciers, the continent would now be plunged into one of the most extreme eras in its history. The great Ice Ages were on their way.words and expressionsaeon:An indefinitely long period of time; an age.极长的时期;永世also:eonspiral: To take a spiral form or course.用螺旋形形式或路径plummet: To decline suddenly and steeply:骤降,爆跌:突然和大幅度地降低:200809/47729

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