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Buying healthy foods seems like the expensive route to take when you#39;re at the grocery store, but think about the healthcare expenses you#39;ll save in the long run.在杂货店购物的时候,购买健康食品看上去很费钱。但是要考虑一下长期内节省的医疗费用。You Will Need你需要Research调查A plan计划Coupons优惠券Bulk foods批量购买Produce in season应季农产品Generic brands一般品牌Self discipline自律Steps步骤Step 1 Make a meal plan1.制定餐饮计划Make a meal plan for a couple weeks at a time. Plan every meal for that time period so that nothing will go to waste.一次制定几周的餐饮计划。制定这段时间内每一餐的计划,这样不会造成浪费。Step 2 Look for deals2.购买特价商品Keep an eye out for sales. When staples such as rice, grains, and beans are on sale, stock up, but don#39;t buy what you won#39;t eat just because it#39;s on sale.关注促销商品。当大米,谷物和豆类促销的时候,多囤货,但是不要仅仅因为促销而购买。Step 3 Find local organic sellers3.寻找本地有机农产品卖主Find and take advantage of local farmer#39;s markets and food co-ops. The food is always fresh and often less expensive.利用当地农产品市场和食品合作社。这些食品总是新鲜的,而且通常更加便宜。Avoid oils, except Flax and extra virgin Olive oil, and add pharmaceutical grade fish oil with Omega 3 and 6 to maintain a healthy diet.避免油脂,除非是亚麻油和特级初榨橄榄油。添加富含Omega 3和Omega 6的药用级鱼油,维持健康的饮食。Step 4 Select generic4.选择一般品牌Avoid prepackaged foods, even ones that are labeled ;healthy; or ;smart; choice. Prepackaged foods almost invariably contain preservatives and white starches, and are often no less expensive than fresh foods.避免提前包装的食品,即使贴有“健康”或“明智”选择标签。提前包装的食品几乎都含有防腐剂和淀粉,而且并不比新鲜食品更便宜。Step 5 Substitute meat5.替代肉食Eliminate meat once a week and cook vegetarian meals. Use beans, eggs, and other protein-rich foods to supplement.每周一次取消肉食,用素食代替。食用蚕豆,鸡蛋和其他蛋白质丰富的食品来补充。Think about growing your own food in a backyard garden to ensure quality and freshness.可以考虑在后院花园自己种植农产品,保障品质和新鲜程度。Step 6 Eat seasonal foods6.食用应季食品Buy seasonal produce. Load up on stone fruits in the summer and apples and pomegranates in the fall.购买应季农产品。夏季多吃核果,秋季多吃苹果和石榴。Step 7 Avoid eating out7.避免外出就餐Avoid eating out by packing a lunch whenever you can.任何可能的情况下尽量避免外出就餐,自己带午餐。According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans waste around 96 billion pounds of food yearly.根据环保局调查,美国人每年浪费960亿磅食物。视频听力由。 /201311/265951什么时候人类最幸福?为了收集相关的数据,马特 科林斯沃斯设计了一款应用,追踪你的幸福指数,倾听志愿者的真实感受。结果令人惊讶:当我们全神贯注的时候最幸福。与此相反:越是走神,越是觉得不幸福。 Article/201310/262240

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It#39;s time for the ;Shoutout.; “大声喊出来”的时间到了!What country#39;s flag is this? If you think you know it, then shout it out! 这是哪个国家的国旗?如果你认为你知道,那么大声喊出来吧!Is it the flag of Turkey, Vietnam, Cuba or China? You#39;ve got three seconds, go!这面国旗是土耳其、越南、古巴还是中国的?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!China#39;s red flag features one large yellow star and four smaller yellow stars.中国的红旗上有一颗大的和四颗小的黄色星星。And this one is on the Moon. That#39;s your answer and that#39;s your shoutout.这一面国旗在月球上。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: It#39;s on the Moon because that thing that#39;s attached to in the picture is a lunar rover. 它之所以在月球上是因为它是连在图片里的月球车上的。It#39;s called the Jade Rabbit, it has six wheels, four cameras, two legs and as it digs around on the Moon, China#39;s hoping it will help the country make more of a name for itself. In space, and on earth.它叫做玉兔,它有六个轮子,四个相机,两条腿。当它在月球上四处探寻时,中国希望它能帮助国家获得更多的名声,不管是在太空中还是在地球上。 /201312/269011

Fall is the time of year when the freshest produce seems to dwindle from booths at the farmers#39; market, but you can still celebrate the season with a balanced meal, including healthy fruits and vegetables.秋季似乎是农产品市场上的新鲜蔬果越来越少的季节,但是你仍然可以用平衡的饮食来庆祝这个季节,包括健康的水果和蔬菜。You Will Need你需要Root vegetables根菜类蔬菜Olive oil橄榄油Cauliflower花椰菜2 lemons2个柠檬Garlic大蒜Salt and pepper盐和胡椒粉1 lb. kielbasa1磅波兰熏肠3 tbsp. honey3汤匙蜂蜜3 tbsp. cider vinegar3汤匙苹果醋3 tbsp. yellow mustard3汤匙黄色芥末Dried onions干洋葱2 large apples2个大苹果Bosc pears黄褐色的梨Kosher salt粗盐Caramel sauce焦糖酱Pinot Noir黑皮诺Late harvest Riesling, Sauternes, or port wine刚刚收获的雷司令,苏特恩或白葡萄酒Roasting pan烤锅Skillet长柄煎锅Vegetable stock (optional)蔬菜汤料(可选)Herbs and spices (optional)香辛料(可选)Steps步骤Don#39;t drink unless you#39;re of legal age. Drink responsibly, and never drink and drive.不足合法年龄禁止饮酒。饮酒要适量,不要酒后驾车。STEP 1 Use root vegetables1.使用根菜类蔬菜Roast root vegetables, such as parsnips, carrots, turnips, zucchini, squash, and onions. Chop the vegetables, sp them in a roasting pan, drizzle them with olive oil, and bake them at 450 degrees for half an hour.烤一些根菜类蔬菜,比如防风草,胡萝卜,萝卜,西葫芦,笋瓜和洋葱。把蔬菜切碎,洒在烤锅上,滴上一些橄榄油,以450度的温度烤半个小时。You can serve roasted root vegetables plain or make them into a soup with vegetable stock and herbs and spices.可以直接享用烤蔬菜,或者和蔬菜汤料,香辛料一起做成蔬菜汤。STEP 2 Bake cauliflower2.烤花椰菜Squeeze the juice from two lemons over a skillet of cauliflower with olive oil and garlic cloves. Sprinkle with salt and pepper, and bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes.长柄煎锅上铺买花椰菜,把两个柠檬榨汁洒在上面,然后加上橄榄油和蒜瓣。洒上盐和胡椒粉,用400度的温度烤20分钟。STEP 3 Make a fall sausage main course3.制作秋季香肠为主菜Make a fall sausage entree by slicing a pound of kielbasa into a skillet, adding a sauce of 3 tablespoons each of honey, cider vinegar, and yellow mustard, and sprinkling it with dried onions. Add a couple of large, sliced apples, and simmer until the apples are tender.把1磅波兰熏肠切片,放入长柄煎锅中,分别加入3汤匙蜂蜜,3汤匙苹果醋和3汤匙黄色芥末,洒上一些干洋葱。把两个大苹果切片,放在上面,小火慢慢地烤,直到苹果变软。STEP 4 Make roasted pears4.制作烤梨Enjoy an autumnal dessert of salt-roasted pears. Cover Bosc pears, upright, with kosher salt and bake them at 350 degrees for an hour. Then brush off most of the salt and drizzle caramel sauce over them.用盐烤梨来制作秋季甜点。用粗盐把黄褐色的梨覆盖,在350度的温度下烤1个小时。然后刷掉大部分盐,洒上焦糖酱。STEP 5 Drink wine5.饮用葡萄酒Enjoy a glass of Oregon Pinot Noir with dinner and then a late harvest Riesling, Sauternes, or port with dessert. Your meal in honor of the season will fill your stomach and please your taste buds!晚餐时饮用一杯黑皮诺,然后享用刚刚收获的雷司令,苏特恩或白葡萄酒搭配甜点。这场秋季盛宴不仅让你饱餐一顿,还能让你的味蕾得到极大的满足。On the date of the autumnal equinox, day and night everywhere are of equal length, and everywhere on earth the sun rises precisely in the east and sets precisely in the west.秋分这一天,白昼和夜晚的时间一样长,地球各处的太阳都是精确地从东方升起,西方落下。视频听力译文由。 Article/201408/323574

With so many choices, it#39;s no wonder most universities give students two years to choose a major. Here are some ways to narrow it down.面临如此多的选择,毫不奇怪许多大学给学生两年的时间来选择专业。以下是缩小选择范围的一些方法。You Will Need你需要Self-awareness自我意识Goals目标The courage to stay true to yourself保持真我的勇气Steps步骤STEP 1 Think about what classes you enjoy most. What subjects do you find interesting? What do you see yourself doing in the future?1.想一下你最喜欢什么课。你对哪些学科最感兴趣?你认为自己将来应该做什么?STEP 2 Find out when your school requires that you declare a major.2.确定一下学校要求你们何时选择专业。Try not to wait until the last minute to declare. If you put off the decision too long, it may delay your graduation.不要等到最后时刻才决定。如果做决定的时间拖得太久,可能会导致推迟毕业。STEP 3 While you#39;re deciding on a major, take classes that expose you to as many fields as possible.3.决定专业的时候,参加能够让你接触尽可能多的领域的课程。STEP 4 Think about what kind of career you want. What interests you? Is it more important to you to be well paid or fulfilled? Ideally, you won#39;t have to choose one over the other.4.思考一下你想从事哪种职业。你对什么职业感兴趣?哪种因素对你来说比较重要,高薪资还是满足感?最理想的是,你不需要在两个专业中做出艰难选择。Remember that you don#39;t always have to major in a field related to the career you eventually want to pursue.要记住,你的专业不一定与你将来想从事的职业有关联。STEP 5 When considering a certain major, talk to people who have graduated with that degree. They can tell you how it helped – or didn#39;t help – them in the real world.5.考虑某一个特定的专业的时候,跟已经从这个专业毕业的人谈一谈。他们可以告诉你这个专业能够对你起到什么样的帮助,或者在他们的职业生涯中毫无帮助。Talk to upperclassmen who are pursuing your possible major. They can tell you what the program is like.跟正在同一个专业就读的高年级学生谈一下。他们会告诉你这个专业到底是什么样子的。STEP 6 Still confused? Something in the humanities, like communications or sociology, serves as a good base for a variety of careers.6.仍然非常困惑?可以选择人文学科,比如沟通或社会学,将来可以从事许多职业。The program of majors (or concentrations) was introduced at Harvard in 1910.专业制度于1910年由哈佛大学引进。视频听力译文由。 Article/201406/304278Miguel Tejada Suspended for Adderall Use MLB star receives 105 game suspension for ADHD, sleep aid medication.Now another boy of summer busted.This time is one time MVP MG being hit with one baseball#39;s longest suspensions every for a ...using of ban substances,the stimulant ...A#39;s G has this story.This morning,39 old star Kansas city in F...MG suspended for a hundred and five games.The starting news comes after MG tested positive for ...reportedly ...tell ESPN it was to treat attention deficit disorder.And in the case of an athlete I guest it would allow them to focus more on their games,which is what every athlete really wants to do.MG also telling our sister that OKESPN,I had to addmit I have made a mistake,but I want people to understand one thing.I was not using a drug to take advantage on the field or be stronger or hit more homeruns.He said he had been taking the drug for five years and that he had medical permission from the league but that permit he says expired in April.It is a nural active agent and patients who take the drug general feel that they can not stop taking the drug.His ban comes just after Yankees#39;s third base ...three guys were suspended for 211 games.And all investigators saying he has been using performance in ...drugs since 2010.Brul left the field ...Brant got 65 game suspension.And 12 other players got 50 games penalties.It makes the fan or the person who enjoy sports wonder who is on what.MG#39;s name has aly been connected with ...allegations in the past and in fact in 2013 he was convicted of lying to congress about performance in ...drugs in baseball.This punishment comes after three seperate positive test even so MG told the ESPN he does not plan to retire but experts told us this could more be end of his areer.Such guy for the entire sport as well,G thank you. /201308/253763

A few handy tricks can turn your school cell into a cozy suite.几个简便的小窍门可以让你的学校宿舍变成温馨的套房。You Will Need你需要A dorm room宿舍房间An agreeable dorm mate欣然同意的室友And some money一些钱Steps步骤Step 1 Investigate dorm room1.调查宿舍Investigate dorm specifics before you spend any money. What furniture is provided? What items are prohibited, like certain kinds of lamps or electrical appliances?花钱之前调查宿舍细节。里面有哪些家具?哪些物品禁止使用?例如某种台灯或电器设备?Step 2 Buy reversible comforter2.购买被子Buy a reversible comforter that is machine-washable and has a color or pattern that hides dirt.购买能够用洗衣机洗涤,颜色和花色比较耐脏的被子。Most dorm room beds are extra long, so purchase bedding accordingly.许多宿舍的床是加长的,所以购买相应的寝具。Step 3 Buy large floor pillows3.购买大靠枕Buy a few large floor pillows for propping yourself up in bed and to provide seating for guests.购买几个大靠枕,回到宿舍后可以舒地窝在里面,客人也有地方坐。Step 4 Raise bed w/ cinderblocks4.把床升高Raise your bed with cinderblocks to create storage space underneath.用一些圆柱体把床升高,这样床底下就多了一些空间来存放物品。Step 5 Hit local thrift shops5.造访当地旧货铺Hit a couple of local thrift shops for deep discounts on scatter rugs that will warm up a cold institutional floor.走访当地几个旧货铺,购买一些便宜的毯子,温暖冰冷的地板。Check out secondhand stores for old-fashioned hard suitcases, which can be stacked to create an end or coffee table while storing off-season clothing or bedding.在二手物品商店购买一些旧款的质地较硬的行李箱,既可以当咖啡桌,又可以存放过季的衣或寝具。Step 6 Buy a shoe bag6.购买鞋袋Buy a shoe bag in a color that complements your comforter and hang it on the wall near your desk. The pockets make great storage spots for small items.购买欲整个房间颜色相称的鞋袋,挂在桌子附近的墙壁上。上面的袋子可以用于存放较小的零碎物品。Step 7 String holiday lights7.挂节日灯String holiday lights around the room for a year-round festive feel.在房间周围挂上节日灯,一整年都有节日气氛。视频听力由。 Article/201310/259710Thailand Clashes Kill Four As PM ChargedThousands of police begin clearing anti-government protesters from sites in Bangkok they have been occupying for weeks.新闻背景:泰国警方18日出动2.5万警力,前往首都曼谷多个被反政府示威者占领的地点进行清场。警方在清理路障时,与示威者爆发冲突,造成最少4死64伤,死者包括一名警员。警方成功夺回能源部办公大楼,搜获大量武器,并逮捕逾百人,是示威爆发3个多月来,最多人被捕的一次行动。警方称,他们采取和平手段清场期间,遭示威者以M79手榴弹和开袭击,但有报道指警方最先开引发冲突。冲突爆发后,警员发射催泪弹和橡胶子弹,示威者持还击,现场非常混乱。有示威者指控警员使用实弹,但政府否认。示威者指控总理英拉同身为其兄的前总理他信的裙带关系和腐败行径,并宣称他信使用纳税者的钱进行民粹主义补贴和轻松贷款,这些做法使得他赢得了人口众多的北部和东北部地区民众的认可。 Tensions in Bangkok has been mounting for months. The icon? This eruption of violent clashes. Police were tasked with clearing protesters from roaring government buildings. The demonstrators refused to back down. Tens of tear gas fueled the chaos. Police say they were thrown by the protesters, then came the gunfire. The police were forced to take cover, then retreat. Reports suggest there are big fatalities and injuries on both sides. These protesters have been blocking access to state officers since late last year. The government led by caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has strong support from the provinces. But protesters mostly from the capital claim she#39;s corrupt. They say she#39;s paving a way for her brother Thaksin Shinawatra to return from exile and build a family dynasty to hold hard for decades. Yingluck held a snap election earlier this month. But the opposition boycotted it and in some areas even prevented voting. It#39;s been impossible to form a new government as the political and economic deadlock continues. As for who controls the streets, that battle is still being fought.Michael Blair, Sky news. /201402/277054

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