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Remember learning about cell structure in high school biology? You probably had to memorize that the mitochondria is the part that powers the cell, kind of like a battery. Turns out, an enzyme created in the mitochondria — mitochondrial complex II — just might do the same for you skin, according to a study published this week in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology.还记得在高中生物中学习的细胞结构吗?你可能还记得线粒体是细胞供能系统的一部分,像块电池一样。根据本周皮肤学研究杂志出版的一项研究表明,线粒体内部的一种线粒体复合酶二号也和线粒体一样,对皮肤供能。As skin ages, it naturally begins to wrinkle and lose elasticity. And the cause is twofold, according to Mark Birch-Machin, lead researcher and professor of molecular dermatology at the Newcastle University Institute of Cellular Medicine in England.随着皮肤老化,它开始自然地起皱纹和失去弹性。而英国纽思卡尔大学细胞医学学院的首席研究员和教授Mark Birch-Machin表示,这其中有双重原因。Reason number one: Free radicals increase as you age, and those free radicals will degrade the skin, making it less elastic. And this part, he explains, is easily countered by slathering on antioxidant-rich products, and eating fruits and vegetables high in antioxidants. The second component, Birch-Machin says, is a decline in bioenergy, or renewable energy produced by your body. And that can be a bit more tricky to overcome.第一个原因:在你年龄渐长之际,自由基的数目也会增加。而这些自由基会使皮肤状态变差,减少它的弹性。他解释说,而这一部分的衰老可以由厚涂富含抗氧化剂的产品和食用抗氧化物含量高的蔬果抵消。Birch-Machin说,第二个原因是生物能的减退(生物能是身体自己制造的再生能源)。而要克这道难关更加困难。As you get older, your skin#39;s bioenergy declines, making it look duller and causing fine lines and sagging. In his team#39;s research, Birch-Machin found that supporting and restoring energy to the mitochondrial complex II enzyme could increase bioenergy, keeping skin wrinkle-free.当你渐渐不再年轻,你皮肤的生物能也在下降,导致皮肤看上去愈发黯淡,并且生出细纹和下垂。在他团队的研究中,Birch-Machin发现负责供给和恢复能量的线粒体复合酶二号能够增加生物能,使皮肤不会发皱。Now skincare companies are jumping at the chance to create new, mitochondrial complex II-enhancing creams and potions, the researcher notes, which means you#39;ll likely soon be able to find them in pharmacies. And the scientists, meanwhile, are looking into ways to achieve enzyme-boosting results through diet. ;We#39;ve done previous work before that shows that the diet can benefit skin,; Birch-Machin says, noting the new findings prove promising for keeping other organs healthy, ;so it#39;s potentially possible to do this from the inside out.;研究人员表示,如今护肤公司们正急切地抓住机会来开发新的线粒体复合强化酶面霜和药剂。这表明你很有可能很快就在药房里看见这些产品。同时,这些科学家正在寻找通过饮食来催化酶的方法。Birch-Machin说:;我们之前做的一些工作表明,合理饮食对皮肤有益。;这些新发现能够让其他器官也保持健康。;所以很有可能可以由外而内抵抗衰老。; /201603/429528Question: Does weight loss reverse a fatty liver?问:减肥可以逆转脂肪肝吗?Answer: The short answer is yes.答:简单的回答是:“是的”。Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, which affects about one in five adults in the ed States, is tightly linked to the obesity epidemic. There are no drugs to treat the disease, so most clinicians recommend that patients focus on lifestyle changes that produce weight loss, like diet and exercise, to improve their prognoses. Unchecked, fatty liver disease can lead to liver failure.在美国,每五名成年人中就有一人患有非酒精性脂肪肝,这种疾病与肥胖的流行密切相关。目前尚没有治疗的药物,因此大多数临床医师建议患者注重改变生活方式,譬如通过节食和锻炼来减轻体重,以改善预后。脂肪肝如果不能得到控制,就会导致肝脏衰竭。In its guidelines on fatty liver disease, the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases notes that patients need to lose about 3 percent to 5 percent of their body weight to see reductions in liver fat. But the association says more weight loss — up to 10 percent — is needed to improve more severe symptoms like inflammation in the liver.美国肝病研究学会(American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases)在关于脂肪肝的指南中指出,患者需要减掉约3%到5%的体重才能减轻脂肪肝的程度。该学会还称,要想改善肝脏炎症等较为严重的症状,则需要减重更多——达体重的10%左右。Clinicians have long recommended weight loss to fatty liver patients on the assumption that it could be very helpful. But only recently have studies begun to demonstrate just how powerful losing weight can be, said Dr. Amy Kim, a hepatologist and assistant professor at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.长久以来,临床医生一直建议脂肪肝患者减肥,他们猜测这会对病情大有帮助。但直到最近才开始有研究实减肥的效果有多强大,约翰斯·霍普金斯医学院(Johns Hopkins School of Medicine)的肝脏病学家、助理教授艾米·基姆(Amy Kim)士说道。In a study published in the journal Gastroenterology in August, scientists recruited 293 patients and looked at what happened when they followed exercise and diet programs for a year. The patients all had an advanced form of fatty liver disease in which the liver becomes scarred and inflamed, known as nonalcoholic steatohepatitis, or NASH.8月发表在《胃肠病学》杂志(Gastroenterology)的一项研究中,科学家们招募了293名患者,并研究了他们在执行锻炼和节食方案一年后的变化。所有患者均患有晚期脂肪肝,肝脏伤痕累累,还存在炎症,这种情况称为非酒精性脂肪性肝炎(nonalcoholic steatohepatitis, NASH)。Among those who lost 10 percent or more of their body weight, “90 percent had resolution of NASH, and 45 percent had regression of fibrosis,” or scarring, the authors reported.作者们报告,在体重至少减轻10%的患者中,“90%出现NASH缓解,45%出现肝纤维化逆转”或瘢痕形成。“In clinic, we always say weight loss,” Dr. Kim said. “But this was a large prospective trial that confirmed that.”“在临床中,我们总是说要患者减肥,”基姆士说。“这项大型前瞻性试验实了这一理论。”“The more weight loss there is, the better the improvement,” she added.她又补充道:“减肥越多,改善越大。” /201601/420013

First there was heroin chic. Then there was poverty chic. And now comes … migrant chic? It sounds too distasteful to contemplate.先是女主角风,接下来又是饥饿风,接下来又是什么……移民风?听上去太没品味,细思恐极。Yet last week in Paris both Valentino and Junya Watanabe produced clearly African-influenced collections at a time when immigration from that continent as well as the neighboring Middle East has become the subject of controversy and existential self-questioning throughout Europe. Mr. Watanabe even held his show in the Museum of Immigration History in Paris.然而正值来自非洲与临近中东的难民成为颇具争议的话题,整个欧洲都在对此做出生死攸关的自省之际,上星期在巴黎,华伦天奴(Valentino)和渡边淳弥(Junya Watanabe)都推出了显然受非洲影响的时装,渡边淳弥的秀干脆就放在了巴黎的移民历史物馆举行。Around the same time, Norbert Baksa, a photographer, posted pictures on Instagram of a shoot he had done featuring a model wearing luxury brands against the background of a Hungarian refugee camp.与此同期,摄影师诺伯特·巴克萨(Norbert Baksa)在Instagram上贴出一张照片,上面是一个身穿奢华品牌的模特,站在匈牙利难民营前面。All three fashion moments featured beautiful clothing. And all three came in for different kinds of criticism. Both Valentino and Watanabe were castigated for not using enough models of color, and the former was also taken to task for the of its show notes. Mr. Baksa sparked an even angrier response, accused of glamorizing and exploiting a global trauma.这三个时尚时刻中都有漂亮衣。三个活动都招来了不同的批评。华伦天奴和渡边淳弥都被批评没有采用更多的非白人模特,还有人批评华伦天奴的走秀说明写得太幼稚。巴克萨引发了更加愤怒的回应,人们抨击他美化并且利用了这场全球性创伤。We tend to toss around the words “fashion statement” the way we toss them on a T-shirt, but how much of a statement can fashion actually make? Increasingly, such efforts — or indeed, anything that seems to touch on a political or social issue — seem to end badly, exciting a flurry of outrage on social media (some of it legitimate, some less so) that itself becomes a story.我们总喜欢反复思考“时尚宣言”,还把这些宣言印在T恤上,但时装业究竟能够真正做出多少宣言呢?这样的努力(或者说,任何试图与政治社会问题沾边的事情)似乎愈来愈倾向以糟糕的方式结局,引发社交媒体上乱哄哄的愤怒(有些愤怒是正当的,有些不那么正当),让这件事本身都能成为新闻。But what is the alternative: not to engage at all?但如果反过来,和政治、社会一点不沾边,那又会怎么样呢?As images are shared over various platforms, decontextualized and without explanation but reaching ever more consumers with ever more diverse personal politics, this has becomes a pressing question for the industry, morally and commercially.在不同平台,很多被分享的图片是没有语境和图片说明的,只是让更多消费者能够见到,他们的政见也是多种多样,这成了时装业目前非常紧迫的问题,不仅是在道德上,而且还影响到商业。The risk of giving offense, and of motivations being misconstrued, is high. According to a conversation I had with the Valentino designers Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli before their show, they were trying to challenge their own notion of beauty with beauty from other cultures, to better understand both themselves and the world around them. Fair enough, though it probably would have been better if they hadn’t fallen into the knee-jerk trap of cornrowing their models’ hair.冒犯别人的风险与动机被误解的风险都很高。我曾经挺听到华伦天奴的设计师玛利亚·格拉齐亚·基乌里(Maria Grazia Chiuri)和皮尔保罗·皮齐奥利(Pierpaolo Piccioli)在走秀之前聊天,他们试图引进其他文化中的美,挑战自身对美的定义,以此更好地理解自身,也更好地理解周围的世界。这很好,但如果他们没有不假思索地把模特的头发编成小辫子,那就更好了。The problem, said Stefano Tonchi, the editor of W, is that “images are encoded in one place for one purpose and decoded in an entirely different place, with different tools.” But while it is easy to castigate fashion for being tone-deaf, and climb on a politically correct high horse, it is possible that in the end the cause we may hurt is our own.《W》杂志主编斯蒂法诺·汤奇( Stefano Tonchi)说,问题是“图像在一个地方意味着一个意思,在另一个不同的地方,用不同的工具来解释,就有了不同的意思。”指责时装业荒腔走板,拼命想攀上政治正确的高枝可能太过轻率,有可能到最后伤害的反而是我们自己。“Fashion isn’t really about clothes,” Franca Sozzani, the editor of Italian Vogue, told me a few years ago when I interviewed her for the Financial Times. “It’s about life.” She was explaining her decision to publish an all-black-model issue in 2008, one featuring a photo shoot on a oil-strewn beach (after the BP disaster) in 2010, another dealing with domestic violence in 2014, and the outcries that followed. “We can’t always be writing about flowers and lace and aquamarine,” she said.“时装其实并不是关于衣,而是关于生活,”意大利《Vogue》的总编弗兰卡·索扎尼(Franca Sozzani)几年前曾在采访中对我说,当时我正在为《金融时报》(Financial Times)写一篇文章。她解释自己如何决定在2008年发行了一期全用黑人模特的杂志;2010年英国石油公司漏油事件之后,为何刊登了一幅在一处被石油污染的海滩上拍摄的大照片;2014年的一期杂志为何讨论国内暴力问题,以及其后的强烈抗议。“我们不能总写花朵、蕾丝和海蓝宝石。”There is a long tradition in the industry of creating beautiful images of expensive finery by situating it in poverty-stricken areas. Recently Marie Claire and W showcased fashion shoots in Havana, the former in its September issue, with a model in Prada, Balmain and Givenchy posed against the backdrop of gritty street life. American Vogue took Kate Moss to Vietnam to photograph her in evening gowns in rice paddies in 1996.这个行业有一个悠久的传统,就是把昂贵优美的物品放在贫瘠的地方,制造出美丽的图片。最近,《Marie Claire》和《W》都在哈瓦那拍了时装照片,《Marie Claire》把图片用在9月刊,是身穿普拉达、巴尔曼和纪梵希的模特,她们身后是贫困的街景。1996年,美国《Vogue》让凯特·斯(Kate Moss)去越南拍照,图中她身穿晚礼,站在稻田之中。Designers have likewise been using sartorial semiology as a transformative variable in collections, including Jean Paul Gaultier’s 1993 Hasidic show, Hussein Chalayan’s 1997 chador collection and John Galliano’s “homeless” Dior couture in 2000. Vivienne Westwood and Katharine Hamnett have always overtly used their work to express their convictions.设计师用缝纫符号学作为时装中变革的语汇,比如让·保罗·高缇耶(Jean Paul Gaultier)1993年的Hasidic系列、侯赛因·卡拉扬(Hussein Chalayan)1997年的罩袍系列,以及约翰·加利亚诺(John Galliano)2000年为迪奥高定推出的“无家可归”系列。薇薇安·韦斯特伍德(Vivienne Westwood)和凯瑟琳·哈玛尼特(Katharine Hamnett)总是公然使用作品来表达她们自己的观点。Was this a frivolous response to serious problems: cultural appropriation of the worst kind? Or was it an industry’s legitimate effort to deal with real-world problems in the context of its own skill sets? Possibly a bit of both. But each time, there was protest. And each time, the clothes moved the needle of understanding a little bit.对于那些严肃的问题,这是否是一个轻率的回答,是否是一种最糟糕的文化挪用?又或者是这个行业在自身能力范围之内,对现实世界的问题所作出的正当努力?或者二者都有一点。但是每一次,抗议都会出现。每一次,“衣”都能促进一点点理解。Often the best fashion is about transgression. It challenges convention. At its most basic level, that’s how we got women in pants and in miniskirts, all of which horrified plenty of viewers back in the day. It is uncomfortable. Think of Rick Owens’s human backpacks. It takes risks. Otherwise, as Mr. Tonchi said, “like any art form, it becomes propaganda.” Otherwise it risks irrelevance. Otherwise it’s just clothes.通常,最好的时装都是关于触动禁忌的,它挑战着权威。在最基本的层次,女人是怎样开始穿上裤子和迷你裙,在过去也曾经令不少旁观者大为恐惧。它令人不适。想一想瑞克·欧文斯(Rick Owens)搞的身背活人,它是有风险的。此外,正如汤奇所说,“和任何艺术形式一样,时装业也变成了操控宣传。”否则它就要冒不为人知的风险,否则它就仅仅是衣而已。The point of fashion is to reflect the world around it, a world often filled with ugliness and disharmony. Ask any museum curator why costume belongs in the institution, and the answer is that it is historical record: It reflects society at a given moment in time.时装的关键在于反映周围的世界,一个充满丑陋与不和谐的世界。去问问任何物馆的馆长,为什么装属于他们的收藏范畴,他们会说,装记载着历史:它反映特定时期内的社会风貌。Indeed, according to Ms. Sozzani, fashion has the ability, and the responsibility, to use its role to highlight the issues; to force them into the public conversation. In this view, not acknowledging the income disparity that is today’s reality (to take one example) is even more bizarre than using a glossy magazine as a conduit to discussion. If a magazine editorial can drive that point home in a unspoken way, why not?如索扎尼女士所说,时装业确实有这个能力与责任,利用自身扮演的角色,去引发人们对社会问题进行关注,迫使它们进入公众讨论。这样看来,不承认收入差异这个当今的现实(举个例子),甚至比使用时尚杂志作为讨论社会问题的导体还要怪异。如果一本杂志的主编都可以通过无言的方式把这个问题阐释清楚,为什么不呢?Fashion is often labeled escapism and, the theory goes, should provide that service to those who want to dream of gorgeousness rather than prejudice. In refusing to play that role, designers and photographers are often seen as overstepping their bounds. The assumption is that fashion can’t understand, or doesn’t understand, the implications of what it is doing.时装通常被人贴上“逃避现实”的标签,而且这个理论还说,它应该为那些华丽的梦想务,而不是为偏见务。许多设计师与摄影师拒绝扮演这个角色,他们看上去经常走出自己的边界。这种假定是,时装并不、也没有能力去理解自己所做的事引发什么样的后果。This is exacerbated when we receive images without attached explanation. Because then it is up to us to decide whether to give the protagonist the benefit of the doubt, or to assume the worst. It’s possible that some designers are after a cheap shock and not a deeper comment. But it’s also worth examining our own rush to judgment and what lies at its core.当我们看到没有解释的图像时,就更加恶化了这种局面。因为在这种情况下,就需要我们来解释是否对图片事件中的主角进行善意的怀疑,或者报以最大恶意的揣测。有可能有些设计师是想哗众取宠。但我们自己也需要警惕自己急着下论断的冲动,需要对事件的内核进行三思。This is not to absolve designers and stylists and photographers (and critics) from culpability for their choices. All of us have to be aware of the new global reality in which we operate. Stakeholders need to be considered. Everybody needs to be held accountable for their own mistakes. But one of the benefits of a for-profit industry is that it can be.这并不是说设计师、造型师、摄影师(以及家)就用不着对自己的选择负责了。我们都需要了解我们自己正在应对的全球现实问题,需要考虑利益相关者。所有人都要为自己的错误负责任。但是时装业这个高利润的行业有这样一个好处,就是它确实有能力承担责任。Otherwise, what are we left with? A future lined in camel coats.否则我们还剩下什么?未来的一条骆驼毛大衣生产线吗。Not that there’s anything wrong with camels, you understand. That’s not what I meant at all …不是说骆驼有什么不对,你懂的,我根本就不是这个意思…… /201510/405231



  A British woman has baked the world#39;s most expensive cake which has so many precious gems it is worth 48.5 million。英国一女子烤出了世界上最贵的蛋糕,价值4850万英镑,因为蛋糕上有许多贵重的宝石。It is made up of some 4000 rare stones including a 5.2 carat pink diamond a 6.4 yellow diamond。蛋糕上有4000颗稀世宝石,其中包括了一颗5.2克拉的粉色钻石和一颗6.4克拉的黄色钻石。In total the massive cake weighs some 70 stone - the same as a fully grown grizzly bear。这个巨型蛋糕重70英石,跟一只成年灰熊一样重。 Miss Wingham was commissioned to make the cake by a wealthy client in the UAE, whose name has not been revealed。威汉是受一阿拉伯富豪所托制作这个蛋糕的,这个富豪的名字没有被公开。The cake itself is not even the focus of the project; instead it is to showcase the stones that will be given to the client#39;s daughter to mark her birthday and her engagement。该计划的重点其实不是蛋糕本身,而是陈列其上的宝石。这些宝石是客户送给他女儿的礼物,用来庆祝她的生日和订婚。The front row, which includes Miss Wintour, all have edible designer handbags and are carrying smartphones and tablets。坐在第一排的人,包括温图尔,都带着可以吃的名牌手提包,手上也都拿着智能手机和平板电脑。 In total there are 15 five carat white diamonds, 76 two carat black diamonds and 62 two carat white diamonds。蛋糕上总共有15颗5克拉的白钻石、76颗2克拉的黑钻石和62颗2克拉的白钻石。The runway is adorned with 400 one carat diamonds, 75 three carat white diamonds and 75 three carat black diamonds。走道上装饰有400颗1克拉的钻石、75颗3克拉的白钻石和75颗3克拉的黑钻石。Every piece of the cake was hand sculpted by Miss Wingham who put in the equivalent of 45 days pulling it together from conception to completion。蛋糕的每一部分都是由威汉手工雕制的,她从构思到完成制作足足花了45天。 /201509/399355




  Chinese company SinoFortone Group pledged on Wednesday to invest 100 million pounds (156 U.S. dollars) in the London Paramount Entertainment Resort, a new theme park at Kent county.中国合资企业中富集团周三承诺,将会投资1亿英镑(1亿5600万美元)在美国肯特郡新建伦敦派拉蒙主题度假村The Paramount resort, including hotels, restaurants and bars as well as themed rides and shows, costs a total of 3.2 billion pounds and is expected to open in 2021.派拉蒙度假游乐场包括宾馆,饭店和酒吧还有相关主题设施和表演,预计总花费将达到32亿英镑,并且预期在2021年营业;The resort combines the best of Hollywood through Paramount Pictures, the best of British through the involvement of the B and Aardman Animations and now the best of Chinese construction expertise through SinoFortone Group,; said Nigel Spray, head of principal investments and advisory at Kleinwort Benson.德累斯登的首席投资与咨询顾问Nigel Spray表示:“这将是派拉蒙影视,英国广播公司和阿德曼动画公司与中富集团联手打造的具有美国好莱坞、英国以及中国的建筑风格及特色的游乐园”It is reported that SinoFortone Group is a joint venture between Hong Kong-based Sinolinks Group and Liaoning Fortone Group.据相关报道,中富集团是香港百仕达集团和辽宁富通集团共同建立的 /201510/406324。


  A store that sells sugar-roasted chestnuts is facing a fine of 200,000 yuan (,500) after advertising its products as ;the best; in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province.浙江杭州的一家糖炒栗子店因宣传自己为“杭州最优秀”,将面临20万元(约30500美金)的罚款。Law enforcement personnel said the store had violated the country#39;s Advertising Law and relevant regulations when it used ;the best; or ;the most; in its advertising.执法人员表示,该商铺号称“最优秀”,违反了国家广告法不得使用 “最高级”、“最佳”等用语的规定。Fang Linfu, boss of the Hangzhou Fanglinfu Sugar-Roasted Chestnut Store, said he was shocked when he received the fine on Jan 8. The ticket was written by the marketing supervision administration of the city#39;s Xihu district. Fang, 46, said he refused to accept it.杭州方林富糖炒板栗店的老板方林富说,1月8日当他收到这张由西湖区市场监督开出的罚款单时,感到很震惊。46岁的方老板表示,他拒绝接受处罚。Fang said he has been using ;the best products; in promotions and advertising for more than 15 years, and no one has questioned him or asked him to stop using such words in all that time.方老板说,他用“最好的产品”来促销和宣传,已经有15年的时间了,从没有人质疑过他,或是要求他停用这样的字眼。Fang said he used the words to promote his products because he thought they really were the best in the city. He has been roasting and selling sugar-roasted chestnuts for more than two decades and his products are well-known.他说,之所以用“最”这个字来宣传,是因为他觉得他的产品确实是杭州最好的。他已经炒栗子卖栗子20多年了,他的栗子远近闻名。When Fang refused to accept the fine, the marketing supervision administration agreed to hold a public hearing. ;But they didn#39;t tell me when the hearing will be held,; Fang said, adding that his business license would be revoked if he refused to pay the fine.因方老板拒绝接受罚款,市场监督管理部门同意举行公开听会。“但他们并没有告诉我何时举行听会。”方老板补充说。如果他拒不缴交罚款,那么他的营业执照将会被撤销。 /201601/423387


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