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泉州新阳光医院是私立医院吗泉州妇保医院住院部电话晋江市医院宫颈炎 And a lot of the time the question of parenthood is,父母常常面对的问题是what do we validate in our children,孩子在哪些方面值得肯定and what do we cure in them?哪些方面需要治愈?Jim Sinclair, a prominent autism activist, said,有名的自闭症专家,吉姆·辛克莱说,;When parents say I wish my child did not have autism,;当父母说 我希望我的孩子没有自闭症,what theyre really saying is I wish the child I have did not exist他们真正的意思是我希望我的孩子并不存在and I had a different, non-autistic child instead.而希望有一个没有自闭症的孩子.Read that again. This is what we hear when you mourn over our existence.听仔细了,当你们抱怨我们的存在,我们听到的就是这个意思This is what we hear when you pray for a cure --你们祈祷奇迹出现的时候,我们听到的是that your fondest wish for us你们衷心希望is that someday we will cease to be总有一天我们将不复存在and strangers you can love will move in behind our faces.;和我们长着相同面孔的陌生人将会取代我们,得到你们所有的爱Its a very extreme point of view,这是一个非常极端的观点,but it points to the reality that people engage with the life they have但它指出了一个现实,人们有自己的生活and they dont want to be cured or changed or eliminated.他们不想要被治愈,或改变或消灭They want to be whoever it is that theyve come to be.他们希望,不管是谁,都能保有与生俱来的天性One of the families I interviewed for this project为了这个项目,我采访了迪伦科莱柏德的家庭was the family of Dylan Klebold who was one of the perpetrators of the Columbine massacre.迪伦柯莱柏德是,哥伦拜恩校园惨案的罪犯之一It took a long time to persuade them to talk to me,我花了很长的时间,说他们跟我对话and once they agreed, they were so full of their story他们同意了,有太多的故事that they couldnt stop telling it.一开口就无法停下来And the first weekend I spent with them -- the first of many --我第一次和他们共度周末,后来还有许多次I recorded more than 20 hours of conversation.我录了20多个小时的谈话内容And on Sunday night, we were all exhausted.到了周日晚上,大家都精疲力竭We were sitting in the kitchen. Sue Klebold was fixing dinner.我们坐在厨房里,苏在做晚饭And I said, ;If Dylan were here now,我说,;如果现在,迪伦还在这里do you have a sense of what youd want to ask him?;你们想要问他些什么?;And his father said, ;I sure do.他的父亲说,;当然Id want to ask him what the hell he thought he was doing.;我想问问他,究竟为什么这样做;。And Sue looked at the floor, and she thought for a minute.苏望着地板,思考了一会儿And then she looked back up and said,然后抬起头来说,;I would ask him to forgive me for being his mother“我会请他原谅,我不是合格的好母亲and never knowing what was going on inside his head.;从来不知道他的脑袋里,想的是些什么”When I had dinner with her a couple of years later --几年后,我再度与她吃晚餐one of many dinners that we had together --那是我们曾经许多共同的晚餐之一she said, ;You know, when it first happened,她说,;你知道,当事情发生的时候I used to wish that I had never married, that I had never had children.我曾经希望我没有结过婚,也没有孩子If I hadnt gone to Ohio State and crossed paths with Tom,如果我没有到俄亥俄州立大学,没遇见汤姆this child wouldnt have existed and this terrible thing wouldnt have happened.这个孩子就不会存在,这可怕的惨案就不会发生But Ive come to feel that I love the children I had so much但我觉得我太爱孩子们了that I dont want to imagine a life without them.我不愿想象没有他们的生活I recognize the pain they caused to others, for which there can be no forgiveness,我承认他们对其他人造成的痛苦,是不可饶恕的but the pain they caused to me, there is,; she said.但我能宽恕他们对我造成的痛苦。;她说;So while I recognize that it would have been better for the world;所以虽然我承认,如果迪伦未曾出现在这个世界上if Dylan had never been born,世界会更美好Ive decided that it would not have been better for me.;但我认为那样对我并非更有好处I thought it was surprising how all of these families had all of these children with all of these problems,令人惊讶的是,这些家庭有这么多子女教育的问题problems that they mostly would have done anything to avoid,这些问题又是他们,常常不惜代价去避免的and that they had all found so much meaning in that experience of parenting.但她们都发现养儿育女的经验,很有意义And then I thought, all of us who have children然后我想,我们这些有孩子的人love the children we have, with their flaws.不管孩子如何,我们都疼爱无比If some glorious angel suddenly descended through my living room ceiling如果带着光环的天使,突然从客厅天花板降落and offered to take away the children I have提议要带走我的孩子and give me other, better children -- more polite, funnier, nicer, smarter --还给我一个更好的孩子,更有礼貌,风趣,友善,聪明I would cling to the children I have and pray away that atrocious spectacle.我会紧抓住我自己的孩子,祈祷残忍地事情不要发生And ultimately I feel我最终明白that in the same way that we test flame-retardant pajamas in an inferno就如同我们在火焰中测试防火睡衣to ensure they wont catch fire when our child reaches across the stove,以确保孩子手伸到炉子上时不会着火so these stories of families negotiating these extreme differences这些处理特殊情况的家庭的故事reflect on the universal experience of parenting,反映了普世的育儿经验which is always that sometimes you look at your child and you think,有时候你看着孩子,心里想where did you come from?你从哪里来?It turns out that while each of these individual differences is siloed --尽管他们各自面对不同的境况there are only so many families dealing with schizophrenia,只有一些家庭有精神分裂症患者there are only so many families of children who are transgender,只有一些家庭的孩子做了变性手术there are only so many families of prodigies --只有一些家庭出现神童who also face similar challenges in many ways --在许多方面也面临着相似的挑战there are only so many families in each of those categories --每个类别也仅有一些家庭but if you start to think但如果你开始思考that the experience of negotiating difference within your family那些处理家人间分歧的经验is what people are addressing,是出现在每个人生活中的then you discover that its a nearly universal phenomenon.然后你发现这是一个普遍的现象Ironically, it turns out, that its our differences, and our negotiation of difference,讽刺的是,事实明,正是我们的不同和我们协商彼此的不同that unite us.将我们连结起来I decided to have children while I was working on this project.当我做这个项目的时候,我决定要孩子And many people were astonished and said,很多人对此感到惊奇;But how can you decide to have children;你怎么能做出要孩子的决定in the midst of studying everything that can go wrong?;当你的研究是关于不如意的,且只进行到一半?;And I said, ;Im not studying everything that can go wrong.我说,;我研究的不是那些不如意What Im studying is how much love there can be,我研究的是,有多少爱可以给予even when everything appears to be going wrong.;甚至当一切似乎,都是个错误的情况下;。201505/376674泉州市皮肤病防治院怎么走

泉州市妇保医院处女膜修复I gave this talk at Facebook not so long ago在脸谱不久前我给to about 100 employees,大约100名员工做这个演讲。and a couple hours later, there was a young woman who works there几小时后,在脸谱工作的一个年轻女性sitting outside my little desk,坐到我小桌子旁边,and she wanted to talk to me.她想和我谈谈。I said, okay, and she sat down, and we talked.我说,好,她坐了下来,我们谈了起来。And she said, ;I learned something today.她说,“我今天学了一些东西。I learned that I need to keep my hand up.;我知道我需要举起我的手。”I said, ;What do you mean?;我说,“你指什么啊?”She said, ;Well, youre giving this talk,她说,“你在讲这个话时,and you said you were going to take two more questions.你说你将会回答2个以上问题。And I had my hand up with lots of other people, and you took two more questions.我和其他一些人举起手,你回答了2个以上问题。And I put my hand down, and I noticed all the women put their hand down,我把手放下来,我注意到所有女性都把手放下来,and then you took more questions,然后你又回答了很多问题,only from the men.;仅有男性参与。”And I thought to myself,我自己想了一下,wow, if its me -- who cares about this, obviously --如果换成是我,谁会在乎这个,明显地giving this talk --做这次演讲,and during this talk, I cant even notice在这演讲中,我甚至没注意到that the mens hands are still raised,男人们的手是不是还一直举着,and the womens hands are still raised,女人们的手是不是还一直举着,how good are we我们到底有多出色,as managers of our companies and our organizations当我们作为公司和组织的经理人的时候,at seeing that the men are reaching for opportunities以及当我们作为少数,与男性竞争more than women?争取机会的时候?Weve got to get women to sit at the table.我们得让女性坐到桌子边上。Message number two:第二条:make your partner a real partner.让你的伴侣成为一个真正的合作伙伴。Ive become convinced that weve made more progress in the workforce我已经确信我们在职场than we have in the home.比起我们在家庭中起了更大的作用。The data shows this very clearly.数据也很清楚地表明这点。If a woman and a man work full-time如果一个女性和一个男性同时全职and have a child,并有一个小孩,the woman does twice the amount of housework the man does,女性比起男性要做两倍多家务活儿,and the woman does three times女性比起男性做了三倍多the amount of childcare the man does.照顾婴儿的事。So shes got three jobs or two jobs,所以她有了2份,3份工作,and hes got one.而他只有一份。Who do you think drops out when someone needs to be home more?当有人必须在家多干活时,谁应该留下来?The causes of this are really complicated,这个的理由实在太复杂,and I dont have time to go into them.我没有时间来讲它们。And I dont think Sunday football-watching但我也不认为周日看美式足球and general laziness is the cause.和日常的懒惰是理由。I think the cause is more complicated.我认为理由是更加复杂化的。I think, as a society,我认为,作为一个社会,we put more pressure on our boys to succeed我们总是更希望男孩子们成功,than we do on our girls.对女孩子则压力小些。I know men that stay home我知道有居家男人and work in the home to support wives with careers,呆在家里做内务持职场妻子and its hard.这很难。When I go to the Mommy-and-Me stuff当我去“妈咪和我”的培训课时,and I see the father there,我看到那里的父亲,I notice that the other mommies我留意到其他妈咪dont play with him.不愿和他相处。And thats a problem,这是个问题,because we have to make it as important a job,因为我们得把内务变成一个重要的工作because its the hardest job in the world to work inside the home,因为它是世界上最难的工作-居家工作for people of both genders,无论男人女人,if were going to even things out and let women stay in the workforce.我们只有平分了这些事,女性才可能留在职场。Studies show that households with equal earning研究表明夫妻收入相等、and equal responsibility且夫妻分担责任相当的家庭also have half the divorce rate.也有50%的离婚率。And if that wasnt good enough motivation for everyone out there,如果这数据并不那么鼓舞人,they also have more --还有更多的how shall I say this on this stage? --在这个讲台我该怎么讲呢?they know each other more in the biblical sense as well.夫妻双方对于彼此的了解,不仅是做爱这么简单。201509/397722泉州打胎去哪医院 The HP Changengine technology makes it possible to pull the process logic outside of the application. This allows customers to change the business logic without changing the application, thus dramatically speeding up how rapidly they can re-engineer their business processes. We have aly introduced two software solutions based on this technology. HP AdminFlow is a software product that automates internal administrative processes. Examples include IT service request automation, automation of travel and expense reporting, and human resource management automation. Sumitomo Life Insurance has used this solution to change hundreds of processes quickly, as they prepare for industry deregulation. HP SmartContact is the integration technology that manages multiple customer contact channels, such as telephony, the Internet, fax, and electronic mail. Blue Cross of California, a major health-insurance provider, has used this approach to create an integrated ;virtual; call center that has greatly improved the productivity of their customer-service representatives the satisfaction of their customers. We also have plans to offer a supply-chain solution based on HP Changengine. HP imaging technology is going to play a major role in E-business, making possible applications like electronic catalogs, remote medical diagnostics and insurance-claim processing, to name just a few.惠普Changengine技术可在应用程序之外处理过程逻辑。这可使客户改变业务的逻辑,而无须变更应用程序,因此大大地加快了他们重新设计其业务过程的速度。我们已推出两项基于这一技术的软件解决方案。惠普AdminFlow是一种可使内部管理过程自动化的软件产品。其例子包括IT务请求自动化、旅费报销自动化以及人力资源管理自动化。日本的Sumitomo人寿保险公司在准备解除行业管制时,就利用这一方案迅速改变了数百项过程。惠普SmartContact是一种集成技术,可用于管理多用户联系通道,例如电话、互联网、传真以及电子邮件。加利福尼亚州的一家大型的健康保险公司“蓝十字”就利用这一方式,创建了综合的“虚拟”中心,极大地提高了客户务代表的工作效率,以及客户的满意率。我们还计划推出基于惠普Changengine的供应链解决方案。惠普的成象技术将在电子业务中起到重要的作用,实现诸如电子编目、远程医疗诊断以及保险索赔处理等应用程序。 201410/338926南安人民医院哪个好

泉州药流的医院那个好Second, how do we make technology work for us, and not against us especially when it comes to solving urgent challenges like climate change?第二,我们如何让技术为我们务,而不是与我们对抗——尤其是面临气候变化这样急需应对的挑战的时候?Third, how do we keep America safe and lead the world without becoming its policeman?第三,我们如何保障美国的安全,同时,在不充当世界警察的前提下,引领整个世界?And finally, how can we make our politics reflect whats best in us, and not whats worst?最后,我们如何制定政策,使其反映出美国的好,而不是美国的恶?Let me start with the economy, and a basic fact: the ed States of America, right now, has the strongest, most durable economy in the world.我先说说经济,基本的事实是这样的:现在,在全球范围内,美国经济是最为强大且坚固的。Were in the middle of the longest streak of private-sector job creation in history.纵观历史,我们现在处于私营部门连续创造就业机会最长的一段时期中。More than 14 million new jobs; the strongest two years of job growth since the 90s; an unemployment rate cut in half.我们创造了逾1400万个新的就业岗位;这是自20世纪90年代以来就业增长最为强劲的两年;失业率下降了一半。Our auto industry just had its best year ever.汽车行业也创造了最辉煌的一年。Thats just part of a manufacturing surge that has created nearly 900,000 new jobs in the past six years.在过去的六年里,制造业创造了将近90万个新的就业岗位。And weve done all this while cutting our deficits by almost three-quarters.而且,我们在取得这些成绩的同时,还将赤字减少了近四分之三。Anyone claiming that Americas economy is in decline is peddling fiction.任何声称美国经济正在衰落的说法都是在传播虚构事实。201601/424261 Good morning. It is a great honor to return to IIT and celebrate together. I would like to thank President Anderson for his kind invitation and all of you for your warm welcome. I would also like to thank all faculty members who have done so much to bring us here today.Let me start with a full disclosure of my highly personal interest in today’s ceremony.I am the proud mother of one of the 2,591 graduates whose accomplishments are being recognized today. As an immensely proud mom, I would like to extend a special welcome to all families and friends who are joining this wonderful commencement exercise. This is a joyous moment for all of us.Today the center of our universe is right here in Chicago, on the Ed Glancy Field. Today you – the graduates of this great university – have the right to feel like the new masters of the academic universe.Hard work, boundless energy, relentless curiosity, and incredible talent: these are some of the qualities that helped you achieve success in the classroom. These are the qualities that you can now bring to bear on some of the world’s most exciting challenges. The world is not short of that!In other words, after writing the prologue, you are now y to draft your own 21st-century legacies in engineering, architecture, business, design, law, and science and technology. What an incredible privilege, what a great responsibility!Of course, many of you aly know that the line from college to career is unlikely to be perfectly straight. There will almost certainly be plenty of twists and turns, ups and downs and bumps along your way.But many of you will also realize that your starting point could hardly be better. And this is why we are here today – to celebrate the beginning of your journey, the starting point of a new adventure. It is a day of hope. It is a day of promise. It is a day of joy – for all of us.With this in mind, I would like to talk about three things that could help along the journey:First, reinventing yourself and welcoming change and risks.Second, standing up for your values and ideas.Third, encouraging transformational change in others.If you will indulge me, I would like to introduce these points by briefly recounting personal experiences that have shaped my life. Of course, my experiences may not be the ultimate nuggets of wisdom. But as Mark Twain once said: “It is better to have old second-hand diamonds than none at all.”201507/388165石狮人民医院治疗子宫肌瘤好吗泉州妇科医院



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