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宜昌点军区人民中妇幼保健医院看男科怎么样点军区人民中妇幼保健医院男科电话Hong Kong police have charged a 29-year-old British investment banker for the murder of two women who were found in an upscale apartment, an incident that has shocked a city known for its low homicide rates.香港警方指控一名29岁的英国投行人士谋杀两名女性,尸体在一个高档公寓单位被发现。香港是个以低谋杀率闻名的城市,这个消息震惊了全港。Police detained the former Bank of America Merrill Lynch employee on Saturday after the bodies were found in a complex in Hong Kong’s Wan Chai district, a residential area known for its nightlife and popular among bankers.在香港湾仔区一栋大楼里发现了两具女尸之后,警方上周六拘留了这位前美银美林(Bank of America Merrill Lynch)员工。湾仔区是个居民区,那里的夜生活享有盛名,吸引了很多业人士。The two women both had wounds to their necks and were understood to be sex workers of Indonesian origin.两具女尸颈部都有伤痕,据信都是来自印尼的性工作者。One of them was discovered hidden in a suitcase on the balcony of the apartment on the 31st floor, while the other was found in the living room.其中一具尸体被藏在这间31楼公寓单位阳台上的一个旅行箱里;另外一具尸体是在客厅被发现的。Hong Kong police said it had laid a holding charge against the man with two counts of murder. The suspect is set to appear before the Eastern Magistrates’ Courts on Monday, the police added in a statement.香港警方表示,已以犯有两起谋杀为由对该男子暂定控罪。警方在公告中补充称,嫌犯定于今日在东区裁判法院出庭。The detained man, who has not been named by the police, has been identified as Rurik Jutting in local media reports.警方未透露被拘男子的姓名,但当地媒体报道称,该男子是鲁里克#8226;朱坦(Rurik Jutting)。Bank of America declined to comment but people close to the bank confirmed that an employee by the same name had recently left the firm.美国(Bank of America)拒绝置评,但与该行关系密切的人士实,一名同样姓名的员工不久前离开了该行。Mr Jutting worked at the structured equity desk and only moved to Hong Kong in summer last year, according to his LinkedIn account. Before that, the Cambridge educated banker worked for Bank of America and Barclays in London.根据他的领英(LinkedIn)档案,朱坦在结构化股权部门工作,去年夏天刚刚调到香港。此前,这位毕业于剑桥(Cambridge)的家曾在伦敦的美国和巴克莱(Barclays)工作过。Britain’s Foreign Office confirmed that a British national had been arrested in Hong Kong and said it was providing consular assistance.英国外交部(Foreign Office)实,一名英国籍人士在香港被捕,外交部正在提供领事方面的协助。The police said the man had called them in the early hours of Saturday and asked them to investigate the case. They added that they had detained the man and seized a knife at the scene.香港警方表示该男子上周六清晨报警,请警方调查该案。警方补充表示已经拘留该男子,并在现场查获一把尖刀。Hong Kong, a city of 7m, had 14 homicides between January and June, according to government crime statistics.根据政府公布的犯罪统计数据,700万人口的香港今年1月至6月间发生了14起凶杀案。 /201411/340521宜昌男健医院男科咨询 宜昌治疗早泄哪个医院最好

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宜昌阳痿早泄治疗多少钱 Most millennials hate the thought of leaving a voicemail, especially when it#39;s to a love interest. Now, scientists say they have good reason.大多数千禧一代不喜欢语音留言,尤其不喜欢给喜欢的人发语音。现在,科学家说这的确有些道理。A new study has found Facebook messages and emails are more likely to get you a date than a simple phone call. This contradicts previous research that claims email and text messages can lack emotion.一项新的研究表明,与一个普通电话相比,在Facebook发信息或发邮件更可能给你带来一场约会。这种观点与之前一项研究结果相悖,该研究认为邮件和短信缺少人情味。#39;The bottom line is that email is much better when you want to convey some information that you want someone to think about,#39; said one of the authors, Alan Dennis from Indiana University. Dennis and co-author Taylor Wells, an assistant professor at California State University-Sacramento, wanted to learn more about how we respond emotionally to emails.印第安纳大学的艾伦·丹尼斯是该研究的一位作者。他说,“最重要的是,当你想表达一些希望引起别人思考的信息时,发邮件会更适合。”另一位作者是来自加州州立大学-萨克拉门托分校的助理教授泰勒·韦尔斯,他和丹尼斯想深入了解人们对于邮件情绪上的反应。In a study of 72 teenagers, scientists found that people who sent romantic emails were more emotionally aroused and used stronger and more thoughtful language than those who left voicemails.在一项针对72个青少年的研究中,科学家发现,与语音留言的人相比,发送浪漫邮件的人会投入更多感情,使用更加强烈、意味深长的语言。The research was conducted by placing skin sensors on the subjects#39; faces to measure muscle movement associated with positive and negative emotion, and on their feet to measure arousal. Subjects were randomly chosen to do voicemail or email and to either produce a practical or a romantic message.研究通过在研究对象的脸上放置皮肤传感器检测其对于积极、消极情感的肌肉反应,在脚上放置皮肤传感器测量其兴奋度。该研究随机挑选研究对象,让他们发送实用或是浪漫的语音信息或邮件。#39;When writing romantic emails, senders consciously or subconsciously added more positive content to their messages, perhaps to compensate for the medium#39;s inability to convey vocal tone,#39; Dennis and Wells wrote in the paper. #39;Email enables senders to modify the content as messages are composed to ensure they are crafted to the needs of the situation. Voicemail lacks this feature,#39; they added. #39;A sender records a voicemail in a single take, and it can be sent or discarded and re-recorded, but not edited. [This means] senders engage with email messages longer and may think about the task more deeply than when leaving voicemails. This extra processing may increase arousal.#39;两位作者在研究报告中写道,“写浪漫邮件时,发件人有意识或下意识地在信息里添加积极的内容,或许是弥补无法传递声音的不足。”他们补充道,“发邮件时可以修改内容,保内容符合情境。而语音信息做不到这一点,发语音时,一次只能一口气说完,语音内容只能发送、舍弃或是重录,无法修改。这也意味着发邮件时投入的精力更多,相较于发语音,他们会思考得深入,这种额外的加工处理或许增加情感。”The use of email induced more arousing psychophysiological responses than voicemail, regardless of whether the message was practical or romantic. The study found the results held true for both men and women.无论是实用信息还是浪漫信息,发邮件都比发语音信息更能引起生理和心理上的反应。研究结果对男女同样适用。The findings run counter to something known as #39;media naturalness theory#39;, a commonly held evolutionary standard suggesting that the further we get away from face-to-face communications, the less natural and less effective it becomes.这些发现与所谓的“媒介自然性理论”相悖。“媒介自然性理论”是一种通常认可的发展标准,该标准认为与人交流时隔得距离越远,交流越不自然且越低效。The researchers, however, did not see much use of emoticons and emojis in their emails. Rather, they found that when writing emails, subjects took more time to choose their words carefully to make sure the language conveyed the full meaning.但是,研究者发现邮件中并没有使用太多情感符号与表情文字。他们发现实验对象会花更多时间斟酌用词,确保言尽其意。Dennis warns people against misinterpreting these findings to suggest that face-to-face meetings, personal phone calls and other direct forms of communications aren#39;t as useful.丹尼斯告诫人们不要理解错误研究发现,并不是说面对面的交流,打电话等直接沟通方式没有用。#39;If something isn#39;t really clear and you want to make sure that everyone has the same understanding of what something means, that#39;s best done in phone calls, face-to-face meetings or conferencing,#39; Dennis said.丹尼斯说,“如果有些事不清楚,而你希望确保大家都理解你想表达的意思,最好还是打电话、面对面交流,或是视频通话。”The study has been accepted for publication in the journal Computers in Human Behavior.这项研究已经获准在期刊《计算机与人类行为》发表。 /201509/399656宜昌治疗附睾炎的医院宜昌市人民中妇幼保健医院男性专科




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