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ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20)Red is the color that matches your fiery personality, so use it as your main shade in all your outfits, and spice up your hairstyle with some red hair extensions. Your cheekbones are your best feature, and earrings, especially hoops, help show them off. You look stylish in hats of all kinds, from berets to panamas.白羊:炽热的红色很衬白羊座热情似火的个性,用它作为你全套行头的主色调是再好不过了。头发也可以配以红色来提亮。你的颧骨长得很漂亮,要是配上适合的耳环一定非常有型。此外,各种款式的帽子,如贝蕾帽或是巴拿马风格的帽子也会让整个人看上去很时髦。 /201106/141595“阿汤嫂”当选2007年度最时尚明星Katie Holmes has been voted the Most Stylish Star of 2007.The stunning actress, who is married to Tom Cruise, has topped a poll conducted by America's OK! magazine to find the most fashionable celebrity.In recent months, Katie has transformed herself from her tomboy Dawson's Creek character Joey Potter into a sleek fashionista who is never uncomfortable on the red carpet.One OK! writer said: "Katie Holmes has matured from teen queen into a pillar of fashion. This year her style was developed and fine-tuned so much so that she came to be viewed in the same realm as legends like Jackie O, helping her cruise beyond the shadow of her husband and into an iconic realm of her own."Katie was closely followed in second place by Grey's Anatomy star Katherine Heigl thanks to her "natural and timeless beauty."Gwen Stefani - who is renowned for her unique sense of style and has found success with her own fashion line L.A.M.B - came third, while 33-year-old supermodel Kate Moss took fourth spot.Pop star Rihanna, whose single Umbrella has topped music charts for quite a few weeks, rounded off the top five.America's OK! magazine's Most Stylish Stars of 2007:1. Katie Holmes2. Katherine Heigl3. Gwen Stefani4. Kate Moss5. Rihanna6. The Olsen twins7. Jennifer Lopez8. Rachel Bilson9. Diane Kruger10. Dita Von Teese 凯蒂#8226;赫尔姆斯被评为“2007年最时尚明星”。在美国《OK!》杂志开展的一项“最时尚名人”的评选活动中,汤姆·克鲁斯的爱妻、魅力影星凯蒂·赫尔姆斯荣登榜首。近几个月来,凯蒂一改其在《恋爱时代》中的“假小子”乔伊#8226;波特的形象,成为红地毯上最引人注目的时尚达人。《OK!》杂志的一名编辑说:“凯蒂#8226;赫尔姆斯已从一名少女天后成长为一位时尚明星。这一年来,她的时尚品位大大提升,逐渐被人们视为杰奎琳式的时尚人物,这也使她走出了老公汤姆#8226;克鲁斯的光芒,并开始树立起自己的特有风格。”紧随凯蒂之后的是《格雷医生》的主演凯瑟琳#8226;海格尔,她以“自然与经典之美”受到青睐。以个人独特风格而著称的格温#8226;斯坦芬妮名列第三,她创办的L.A.M.B时尚品牌大获成功;超级名模凯特#8226;丝位居第四。流行新星蕾哈娜名列第五,她的单曲《雨伞》连续数周蝉联流行歌曲榜冠军。《OK!》杂志2007年最时尚明星排行榜:1、 凯蒂#8226;赫尔姆斯2、 凯瑟琳#8226;海格尔3、 格温#8226;斯坦芬妮4、 凯特#8226;丝5、 蕾哈娜6、 奥尔森孪生7、 珍妮弗#8226;洛佩兹8、 蕾切尔#8226;比尔森9、 黛安#8226;克鲁格10、 蒂塔#8226;范#8226;迪丝 /200803/31801There has been a lot of research done on the significance of food combining when we eat. Many believe that our stomach is designed to only digest food correctly one food type at a time or eating foods together that are compatible with each other. This is because each food type requires a different enzyme to digest them. Eating the correct food combinations will help your body digest food optimally so that you are getting all the nutrients that are in the food.What is it?Food combining is eating foods together that require the same enzymes for digestion. From a scientific standpoint, we know that in order for meats to be broken down, an acidic environment in the stomach is needed. If you drink milk with your meal, which is alkaline, that neutralizes the stomach environment and can hinder proper digestion of the meat.Think about all of the people that experience indigestion. It is now so common that it is seen as a normal fact of life. We spend in excess of 2 billion dollars a year on antacids (substances which counter stomach acidity). Wouldn’t it be better if instead of having to choke down an antacid all you needed to do was eat foods the right way? Eating the correct food combinations can help end indigestion and improve health and vitality because you will be getting the proper nutrients out of your food.A Brief History of Food CombiningThe idea of food combining for optimal nutrition was introduced in 1911 by William Howard Hay. Food combining was based on the current ideas of that time as far as the requirement of alkalinity to digest food the proper way in the stomach whilst taking into consideration the pH of the food you are eating.This then lead to a need for a classification system of foods, and this was created by Herbert M Shelton. His classification system looked at food and grouped it together by the nutrients that each food produced. This broke foods up into three groups, those that are considered “neutral”, those that are carbohydrates and those that are proteins. Herbert M. Shelton went as far as to recommend that you eat proteins and carbohydrates at different meals.How It WorksEach type of food is digested differently. They each require different enzymes and different environments to be digested properly. It is equally important that different foods digest at different rates. Combining food incorrectly can cancel out the specific needs of those foods for proper digestion.For example, it has aly been stated that meats/flesh foods or more appropriately proteins require an acidic environment. As stated enjoying a glass of milk with your steak dinner has just cancelled out the acidic environment due to the neutralizing effects of milk. The same goes for fruits as they produce an alkaline secretion when digested which will also neutralize the acidic environment needed for digestion of proteins.Noting the rate of digestion of food is also important. Take the example of fruits, which digest quickly and combining them with foods that take longer to digest, such as the proteins can cause the fruits to ferment. So when you are eating fruits you will want to combine those with starches or carbohydrates, both of which digest quickly. Vegetables and fruits both require different enzymes for digestion and these enzymes also tend to cancel each other out.Proper combination of like foods or compatible foods will aid in proper digestion and optimal health. Do not go over board though and focus on eating only one food or one type of food because that is just as bad for the digestive system. Variety and proper combination is key.What Have Results Shown?The results show that proper food combining does help decrease indigestion and improve overall health. Your body is getting the nutrients that it is meant to get from the food that you are consuming. You will notice that you feel “lighter” and have more energy. Food combining has also been shown to help those recovering from eating disorders. The proper combination of foods is easier on the stomach.As with any theory, the food combination theory and practice has its share of critics. The complaints aren’t due to science, but due more to the fact that they consider food combining to be a boring way to eat after awhile.How to Get Started with Food CombiningPay attention to your food. Know what category each food that you eat falls into, protein, carbohydrate or neutral. Once you know what food falls in what category you can easily follow the following simple steps:# Make sure that you eat all kinds of citrus fruits, leafy veggies, eggs, fish and meats so that you can safely avoid any nutrient deficiencies. Notice there is no mention of carbohydrates, they are an “eat only if you have to” food.# You do not want to combine any pure fats with high starches in one meal. In other words, that baked potato with butter and sour cream is out the window.# Avoid combining acids such as citrus, vinegar and buttermilk with any high starch at one meal.# High starches should also not be combined with any high proteins.Fats can be eaten with proteins and acids.# Foods such as meat, fish, fowl and eggs should be eaten one serving of each per day or two servings of one per day with a fat.# Eat buttermilk, cheese and other dairy: Having two glasses of organic milk or two and half ounces of cheese per day.# Have two servings a day of raw, low starch fruits and raw green and yellow vegetables a day. 有许多关于我们所吃食物搭配的重要性进行的研究。许多人认为我们的胃天生只能一次完全地消化一种食物或者吃些互相兼容的食物。 这是因为每种食物需要不同种类的酶来消化。正确的食物搭配饮食能帮你最佳地消化食物,使你得到食物中各种营养。食物搭配是什么?食物搭配是所吃的食物需要相同的一种酶来分解消化。 从科学的观点来看,我们知道为了使肉得到消化,需要胃中的酸性条件。如果你在吃饭的时候喝了牛奶,牛奶是碱性的,这样就会中和胃中酸性条件,妨碍对肉完全消化。想一想每个人消化不良的经历。现在这种情况在实际生活中很常见。我们每年要花费超过20个亿在制酸剂上(制酸剂是可以调节胃酸)。如果非得咽下一颗制酸剂,那么合理的膳食有什么不好吗?正确的食物搭配可以帮助解决消化不良,改善健康,提高生命力,因为从食物中你能获取了适当的营养。食物搭配简史食物搭配吸收最佳营养的观点是由威廉·霍华德·海伊在1911年提出的。食物搭配是以当时流行的观点为依据——就胃中碱性的要求以适当的方式消化食物,同时考虑到所吃食物的PH值。这样就导致对食物分类的需要,并由赫伯特米谢尔顿创立。他的分类类系统是看看食物,并按照营养分组。这样把食物分成了三组,“中性”食物,碳水化合物食物以及蛋白质食物。赫伯米谢尔顿到了建议在不同餐中吃蛋白质食物和碳水化合物食物的地步。如何运转每种食物消化不同。他们需要不同的酶和不同的环境下进行完全消化。不同的食物以不同的速度消化也是同等重要。错误的食物搭配能消除消化食物的具体要求。比如,已经说过肉/肉类食物或者更多的蛋白质食物需要一个酸性的条件。像描述的那样在牛排晚餐上喝一杯牛奶,就会由于牛奶的中性作用消除了酸性的条件。同样的道理适应于水果,当消化时他们会产生碱性分泌物同样会中和蛋白质食物消化需要的酸性条件。注意食物消化的速度同样重要。以水果为例, 消化速度快,把他们与需要较长时间消化的食物进行搭配,比如蛋白质食物会引起水果的发酵。 所以当你吃水果时,你应该和含淀粉类食物,碳水化合物食物搭配,二者消化的速度都很快。 水果和蔬菜都需要不同的酶来消化,这些酶也会互相消除。相似食物和兼容食物的适当搭配将有助于完全消化,达到最佳的健康状态。不要把注意力只放到对一种,一类食物上,因为这样会对消化系统不利。 多样性和恰当的搭配是关键。结果怎样?结果显示合理的食物搭配的确能帮助减轻消化不良和改善整体的健康。身体正在获取营养意味着是从你正在消化的食物中获取。你会注意到你感觉“更轻”,而且更有力了。 食物搭配也显示能对饮食紊乱的人有帮助。合理的食物搭配也容易对胃。像其他任何理论一样,食物搭配的理论和实践也引起些批评。抱怨不是来自科学,而是他们考虑不久将引起饮食繁琐的事实。如何进行食物搭配注意你的食物。知道你所吃的每种食物的分类,蛋白质食物,碳水化合物食物或中性食物。 一旦你知道食物属于哪一类,你将很容易按照如下步骤进行:# 确定你吃各种柑橘类水果,叶类蔬菜,鸡蛋,鱼和肉,以至于你可以安全避免任何的营养不足。注意没有涉及碳水化合物的食物,他们是一种“如果不得不吃的”的食物。# 你不能在一餐中将任何的纯脂肪类食物和高淀粉食物一起搭配。 换句话说,烤土豆配上黄油,酸奶油可以扔出窗外了。# 避免把酸类食物,比如柑橘,食醋和白脱牛奶与高淀粉类食物搭配在一餐中。# 高淀粉食物也不应该与任何高蛋白食物搭配。# 脂肪类可以和蛋白质类和酸类食物搭配。# 像肉,鱼,禽类和鸡蛋食物应该每天一餐或者和脂肪搭配一天两餐。# 吃白脱牛奶,奶酪或者其他奶制品:# 每天喝两杯有机牛奶和半盎司的奶露。# 纯天然,低淀粉食物每天两餐 ,并且每天吃纯天然绿色和黄色蔬菜。 /200806/43071

摘要:一项调查显示,大约51%的年轻女性希望通过手术来改善容貌,三分之一已经是12号尺码(英式,相当于大号)的妇女仍然认为自己过胖,几乎半数受访女性表示,她们曾放弃一餐来减肥,而8%的人曾通过让自己呕吐来减肥。Some 51% of young women would have surgery to improve their looks and a third of those who are a size 12 thinkthey are overweight, a survey suggests.B Radio 1's Newsbeat asked 25,000 people, mostly aged 17 to 34, how they felt about their bodies.Almost half the women surveyed said they had skipped a meal to lose weight, while 8% had made themselves sick.Eating disorder experts said it was "sad but not surprising" that young people felt and acted in such ways.The survey found two thirds of those who are size 14 also thought they were overweight or fat.Even with the celebrity emphasis on being size zero (UK size four), fewer than one in a hundred of those surveyed said they were that size.Given the choice of ultra-skinny, thin and curvaceous, both men and women rated a curvy Martine McCutcheon as having the best body.Half of the women questioned said there was "lots they would change" about their bodies--and more than 10% "hated" what they looked like.Many people said they were trying to change their looks.More than 20% of female respondents said that they were on a diet, compared with fewer than 10% of men.And more than 50% of female respondents said they would consider having plastic surgery, compared with less than a quarter of men.Breast enlargement was the most popular operation for women, while liposuction was the next most popular.Liposuction and nose jobs were the most common choices for men.The online survey found that even younger people had concerns over their looks.More than half of girls aged 12 to 16 felt that their body image either stops them from getting a boyfriend or from relaxing in a relationship.Young men also appear to feel the pressure to look good.About 20% of those in their early 20s said that they have taken protein supplements in a bid to help themselves bulk up, compared with 11% of over 35s.And when asked to rate photos of differently shaped male bodies, almost 80% of men and 65% of women favoured a very muscular physique.A spokeswoman for Beating Eating Disorders said there were an estimated 1.1 million people in the UK with eating disorders."Research says that typical age of onset for an eating disorder is 14 to 25. Young people are affected by many issues at this present time with issues such as exams, bullying, family pressures. /200904/68213

多的情人节创意Take some time to think about unusual and memorable ways to say, "I love you" on Valentine's Day. You will many men circling around the greeting card section right before Valentine's Day, looking for a card for their loved one. This is so typical for Valentine's Day. If you want to spice it up a bit, buy the card early and send it out to Kissimmee, Florida or even Loving, New Mexico with a self addressed stamped envelope and present her with a card with a postmark that says it all.If you think about love and making memories, you can come up with many creative Valentine's Day ideas for making the day special. If you do not want to go out for the night, you might think about making a special dinner with candle lights and rent a violinist to serenade you during your and after dinner drinks. If you really want to make it special, you might even find a company that rents electric fireplaces and have one delivered and set up for added warmth and romance. You can enjoy a night in front of the fireplace after the violinist leaves.There are many creative Valentine's Day ideas that will leave both of you with cherished memories. Rent a hot tub and place it outside. You can sit in a hot tub sipping your favorite glass of wine. If you live in an area where it is cold outside, do not worry, you will stay very warm in the hot tub. If it happens to snow, this could be even more enjoyable. If wine is not your choice, try some champagne, strawberries on a little tray set up outside the hot tub within reaching distance.Creative Valentine's Day ideas that are unique and memorable are endless. Think with the heart and you will come up with something unique. If you have a family with small children, you might want to give each other a break. Hire a nanny to care for the children out of the house for the day, have a maid service come in and clean the house, then have a chef come to your home and prepare a scrumptious Valentine's Day dinner.Coming up with unique ideas for Valentine's Day is more intriguing than most imagine. Most of the time, when you think about something to do for that special Valentine's Day, it makes you feel warm inside just planning the events. The feeling is one you will remember forever. 如果要你花点时间想想什么是不同凡响经久难的忘情人节表白方式,你可能会想到许多男士挤在贺卡卖区为所爱的人选卡片的场面,这自然是最有代表性的情人节场景。如果你想加点花样,那就早点买好卡片,把它发到基希米,佛罗里达,甚至浓情的新墨西哥,别忘了信封上要写回邮地址,这样,你的她就能收到一个带着远方邮戳的卡片,而那个邮戳会让她明白你所有的努力。如果你想要滋润爱情,或者留下难忘的回忆,那么你可以考虑借鉴一下形形色色的情人节创意来让你的这一天变得与众不同。如果你不想晚上活动,那么不妨来一次别致的烛光晚餐,还要请位琴师,以便在优雅的小夜曲中与她共进晚餐并在餐后浪漫地举杯谈心。如果你还觉不够,也可以找家租借公司租个电壁炉来增添温馨和浪漫的氛围。待琴师离去,你们就可以在壁炉旁过上一个难忘的夜晚。有许许多多情人节创意可以给你们留下二人世界的珍贵回忆。比如租一套热水浴设备安置在室外,就可以坐在浴桶里悠然地品一杯最爱的果酒。如果住在天气比较冷的地方就更好了,而且不用担心,浴桶里相当温暖了,如果赶上下雪,那真是情趣十足,不喜欢酒品,那就来杯香槟助兴,还要再在浴桶边备碟草莓。独具匠心的情人节创意不胜枚举,用心去想,你也会想出好点子来。如果你家里已经有小孩子了,那就让大家都放松一回,去雇个保姆来带孩子出去玩上一天,再找个家政务员帮忙打扫房间,最后请位大厨到你家里精心调配一桌佳肴,然后你们就可以享受一顿丰盛的情人节大餐了。去捕捉独特的情人节创意灵感本身就妙趣横生,超乎想象。其实,当你真心想为这个节日做些什么的时候,那一刻,你会发觉,仅仅是这个准备的过程就会让你感到从心底里生出的温暖,因为这是一种可能永远铭记的感动。 /200803/31798

Saturday February 26, 20112011年2月26日,星期六Every now and then I'll see a runner doing something so crazy or ridiculously hard during a run that it makes me think, "Wow, my run is easy compared to THAT!" This happened a couple of weeks ago when I was running with my team in New York's Central Park and we spotted a guy running while dragging a tire that was attached to a rope around his waist. We saw him and his Michelin several times during our run, so he was definitely doing significant mileage with the tire, not just 100-meter sprints.我常常能天到,有些跑步者在途中做着疯狂的或是可以说是可笑的自找苦吃的事情。这让我意识到,“噢,与这些人相比,我的跑步是不是太安逸了呀。”那是两星期前,正与同伴们在纽约中央公园跑步,我们发现一个腰上系着绳子拽着轮胎跑的人。我们一边跑一边看。他淡定地拽着轮胎跑了数英里,而非只有百米左右的短跑。Races, especially marathons, tend to bring out the most adventurous runners because they know they'll have a bigger audience for their crazy antics. Beyond costumed runners, I've seen people who have juggled, yo-yoed, and carried a pizza box on the palm of their hand through an entire marathon. (Those were three different people - not one person doing all of that at once.) I'm always grateful for the little extra boost that these crazy runners give me when I see them. Because, really, who wants to admit that they got beat by the guy who ran the entire race backwards?竞赛中,尤其是马拉松运动中,往往能出现最大胆的跑步者。因为他们知道,在这样的运动中疯狂而古怪的行为能得到更多的观众。不仅仅是穿着奇装异的跑步者,我曾经见到有表演杂耍的、玩溜溜球的、还有手掌上托着比萨盒跑马拉松全程的人。(这是三个不同的跑步者,这些活可不是一个人同时能干的。)这些疯狂的跑步者给了我莫名的激励,我永怀感激。 What are some crazy things you've seen or done on the run?有谁愿意承认它的心被倒着跑完全程的跑步者所征呢?It's almost March, which means spring weather should be right around the corner. But some parts of the U.S. are still experiencing cold and blustery weather, so runners are still spending lots of time on the tmill. If you're really bored with indoor running, finding some new running tunes may help. Check out other runners' favorite running songs and get fellow runners pumped up for their runs by adding a few of your own.已近三月,春风即将吹遍大地。但是美国的部分地区还在经受着严寒与狂风,因此还有相当一段时间,奔跑者们要在跑步机上度过。如果你已经厌倦了室内跑步,找些新歌也许会有帮助。淘一淘其它人奔跑时最喜欢的歌曲,与同伴们分享你的经验,让他们对奔跑充满期望。 /201103/127162

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