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百色闭壳龟品种介绍种类区别伯格海角陆乌龟繁殖养殖注意事项They seem a pretty happy lot,他们看起来很高兴 and given that the cats are both solitary and territorial,考虑到猫一般是独居并有领地意识的they do seem to get on pretty well together.但他们似乎相处得很好But no-one is sure what happens beyond the cat flap.但没人知道他们离家后会发生什么Yellow#39;s Daisy. What colour is Pumpkin?黄色的是黛西 南瓜是什么颜色的Pumpkin#39;s pink. Coco is red.南瓜是粉色的 蔻蔻是红色的So while Patch roams the local neighbourhood,当帕奇在邻里闲逛的时候Duffy, Daisy, Coco, Pumpkin and Ralph达菲, 黛西, 蔻蔻, 南瓜和拉尔夫are all out at the same time and sticking very close together.同时出门并且都离得很近Which is a genuine surprise.这绝对是个惊喜Your cats are actually really interesting.你的猫猫们很有趣Down in the village, we#39;ve got lots of reports of hostility,在这个小镇里 大家报告了许多猫猫间的战争including fights, and in a multi-cat household, which you have,他们会打斗 像你这样养了很多只猫的家庭you#39;re our largest number in our study, with six cats,你有六只猫 是研究对象中数量最大的we would expect there to be quite a bit of tension,我们原以为他们之间的关系会很紧张quite a bit of using different space outside.会在家外使用不同的领地What#39;s really, really unusual is we don#39;t see that但在他们身上并没有这种情况with your cats at all.非常难得重点解释:1.seem to 似乎 ...例句:All my troubles seem to come together.我的各种问题似乎同时出现了2.lots of 许多例句:He#39;s lots of run.他很风趣。3.a bit of 一点儿的例句:It was a bit of a bore, wasn#39;t it?这有点叫人厌烦,不是吗? Article/201609/465618涿鹿县马来闭壳龟长身蛇颈龟东部箱龟棱背泥龟缅甸孔雀龟百色闭壳龟价格怎么养 ;Twenty years ago, I started to making gelato, because gelato is something make you feel happy.;“20年前,我开始制作冰淇淋。因为它能让人感到快乐。”Gianluigi Dellaccio came to America with a sweet tooth, a scooter and a dream.带着自己对甜食的喜爱,一台踏板车还有一个梦想,吉安路易吉·德拉西奥只身来到了美国。When I was 6 years old, I had this accident, and the accident, it put me in a position that I had to go swim to help my scoliosis.“6岁的时候,我遭遇了一场事故。正是因为这起事故,我不得不去游泳,从而改善自己脊柱侧弯的情况。;A water polo coach noticed him and a little more than a decade later he scored this,当时一个水球教练注意到了他,十多年后,他取得了这样的成绩,game-winning goal in a junior national championship on his way to join the Italy#39;s national team.在国家青少年锦标赛上打出了致胜一球,并顺利加入了意大利国家队。All the strength, all the dedication that I put in the sport I choose to invest it in my own life.“我决定曾在这项运动上付出了多少努力和汗水,如今就要投入多少到自己的生活中去。”The investment put Dellaccio in Germany, learning the gelato business from family there.为了全心投入自己的人生,他去了德国,从家人那里学习打理冰激凌生意。He mastered his craft in Milan where he touched gelato making at a youth jail.在米兰的一个少年监狱中,他接触到了冰激凌制作,并习得了一手好手艺。It was his first chance to use the type of authentic, gelato-making equipment that would shape his future.那是他第一次使用真正的冰激凌制作机器,为他日后的道路打下了基础。My dream was always to open a gelato shop here, in the ed States, and I started in 2006 Dolci Gelati.“我一直以来的梦想就是在美国开一家冰激凌店。终于,2006年我拥有了Dolci Gelati。”But the road to Dolci wasn#39;t easy.但这条路其实并不容易。It took Dellaccio 6 years to get a green card so he could legally work in the US.德拉西奥用了6年的时间才获得了绿卡,这之后才能在美国合法工作。And the American Dream wasn#39;t exactly what he expected.而美国梦也并不完全是他所期望的样子。It was very tough, because sometimes, you know, you have those days that you feel lonely and sad — homesick.“这一路走来真的挺难的,因为有时候,总有那么一些日子,你会觉得很孤单,很难过——特别想家。Those days helped me to build my strength.;这些想家的日子让我变得更加努力。”Until he went to what he knew: Selling gelato from the back of an iconic Italian scooter.直到有一天,他从自己了解的东西开始做起:在一辆标志性的意大利踏板车后面推销冰激凌。;I had a cooler in the back of the Vespa with samples going to restaurants, to different restaurants to let the chef try the product.;“我在黄蜂踏板车后面放了一个装着样品的冷藏箱,然后跑去各种餐馆里面,请厨师尝一尝我的产品。”His direct marketing worked, a decade later, Gianluigi has two stores in the Washington area.终于,他的直销手段生效了。十年之后,吉安路易吉在华盛顿地区开了两家门店。He buys local when he directly employes 18 people and countless others along the supply chain.店里所需材料都是在本地购买,同时他还直接聘用了18名当地人,在供应链上也请了许多其他工人。He serves some big names, he even has a stand at Major League Baseball Park.他还为一些知名人士提供过产品。甚至在美国职业棒球大联盟公园也开设了一家门店。Once you reach a goal, you need to put another target to keep going, because if you reach one goal then you settle,“一旦你达成一个目标,就需要树立下一个来保持前进的步伐,因为如果实现一个目标之后就安于现状,that#39;s the day that you go down,;那么止步之日便是你堕落之时。”Dellaccio was a recent finalist in Chicago at the Gelato World Tour.德拉西奥最近刚刚入围意式手工冰激凌世界巡回赛的决赛。He will compete for the World#39;s Best Gelato in September 2017.2017年9月,他将为争夺“世界上最好吃的冰激凌”而战。It#39;s all part of a sweet dream -turned-reality through years of work, lots of smiles and a little scooter.经过多年的努力工作,Dellacci骑着自己的小踏板车,满脸笑意地将梦想迎进现实,而我的讲述也只是他追梦路上的一部分。Arash Arabasadi, VOA news, Washington.VOA新闻,阿拉什·阿拉巴萨第于华盛顿为您播报。 Article/201706/515550保德县黄缘盒亚洲巨龟加拉巴哥象龟锯缘龟缅甸陆龟黄头庙龟价格怎么养

绥阳县马来闭壳龟长身蛇颈龟东部箱龟棱背泥龟缅甸孔雀龟百色闭壳龟价格怎么养Because we#39;re looking at 50 cats,因为我们观察了50只猫you can start to look at a lot of different effects in the data研究数据反映了他们有许多不同之处which you just don#39;t get with a smaller study这是一个只观察五到十只动物的of five or ten animals.小型实验无法做到的So this has come together really nicely通过这样规模的实验to give a dataset that#39;s a size我们采集到的数据that you can actually make those comparisons of.足够让我们作出一系列对比And what the scientists are seeing科学家们看到的是is a community of cats that is changing.猫猫社会正在发生的改变The cat, when it goes through our cat flap,当猫猫们钻出猫洞以后exhibits some of the behaviours of its wild ancestors,会表现一些他们的野生祖先有的行为such as hunting,比如捕猎 and then it will come back through our cat flap然而他们回家以后and have a social bond with the owner and be a family pet.又会作为宠物 与主人产生互动的纽带Cats are still evolving and猫猫们依然在进化probably will still evolve into the future,可能在将来也会继续进化becoming much more pet-like animals,变得更像一只宠物and will lose some of those wild instincts并且会丧失一些野性本能because many of those things don#39;t actually serve them very well因为大部分野性本能在21世纪in the 21st century.已经不适用了Perhaps cats will become less wild and even more pet-like,猫猫们的野性可能会变少 变得更像宠物because that, it seems, is what we want them to be.因为 这正是我们想要的样子重点解释:1.go through 经历例句:He#39;s amazingly cheerful considering all that he#39;s gone through.鉴於他经历过的种种遭遇,他的乐天达观令人惊叹。2.evolve into 发展成, 进化成例句:The group gradually evolved into a political party. 这个团体逐渐演变成一个政党。3.even more 更多地; 更为 ... 地例句:She#39;s even more intelligent than her sister.她甚至比还聪明。 Article/201609/466500东部网目鸡乌龟饲养方法技术技巧 中华草龟采购信息大全养殖方法

怀来县佛州甜甜圈龟辐射陆龟齿缘龟三线闭壳龟真鳄龟蛇颈龟价格怎么养Pros and Cons: Going to Disneyland in China老外去上海迪士尼的利与弊Tonight we#39;re gonna be taking a look at the pros and cons of going to Disneyland in China. You hear about this?今晚我们要来看去中国迪士尼的利与弊。你知道这件事吗?Yes.知道。This is big news. I love theme parks. Disney just unveiled their newest theme park opening next June in Shanghai. This is the first one ever in the country. So let#39;s take a look at the pros and cons of going to Disneyland in China. Here we go.这可是条大新闻。我爱主题乐园。迪士尼刚公开他们明年六月在上海开幕的最新主题乐园。这是中国首座。所以我们来看看去中国迪士尼的利与弊吧。开始。Pro: It#39;s a park built for kids. Con: It#39;s a park built ;by; kids. Now that#39;s intriguing! I was like... one way to do it.利:这是座建给孩子的乐园。弊:这是座“由”孩子建的乐园。那倒有趣了!我会说……这也是一种方法啦。Someone#39;s gotta build it.总得有人去盖。What#39;re you doing? Get back to work!你在干嘛?滚回去工作!I don#39;t work here!我不在这工作啊!Oh, sorry! I thought you#39;re my foreman.噢,抱歉!我以为你是我的工头。No, I#39;m just a kid.不是,我只是个小孩。Pro: It#39;s just like what you#39;d find in America. Con: Because it#39;s made in China. There you go. That#39;s where—most things are.利:中国迪士尼里的东西就像美国的一样。弊:因为是中国制造的。没错。那是——大部分的东西都是。Stems home—makes you feel like you#39;re at home.源自家乡——让你觉得宾至如归。Pro: Going home with a popular souvenir. Con: A smog mask with mouse ears. So that#39;s it. That#39;s...that#39;s cute.利:带着热门伴手礼回家。弊:一个有老鼠耳朵的防尘口罩。就是这样。那……那蛮妙的。Yeah, that#39;s cute.嗯,满可爱的。Yeah.对啊。Makes you feel like you were there.让你觉得像置身中国一样。Exactly.没错。Pro: You can buy merchandise with fun, pretend money. Con: Or as that#39;s known in China, ;American dollars.; So, that#39;s good. There you go. It#39;s cute. It#39;s cute. Yeah, it#39;s cute. Play with it.利:你可以用有趣的玩具钞买东西。弊:或在中国称作“美金”。所以,很好啊。给你。这真可爱。好可爱。没错,好可爱。拿去玩吧。Oh, look at it! George Washington.噢,你看!华盛顿耶。Pro: Seeing Donald Duck. Con: Hanging upside down in a butcher#39;s window. Hey, don#39;t...利:看见唐老鸭。弊:被倒挂在肉贩的橱窗里。嘿,不要这样……Culture! It#39;s cultural! It#39;s called Peking duck.文化!那是文化!那叫北京烤鸭。Yeah, culture...对啊,文化……Who are we to judge? We don#39;t judge!我们凭什么?我们不去批判的!Yeah! It#39;s actually quite delicious.对啊!烤鸭其实满好吃的。Yeah, it is.对,真的。How rare...how rare is it?这几分……这几分熟啊?Help me...help me... Oh my God!救救我……救救我……噢我的天啊!Hey! What are you doing?嘿!你在做什么?Get out of here!滚出去!What are you doing?你在做什么?Why is there a talking giant mouse here?这里怎么有一只会说话的大老鼠?Hey man, let#39;s kill him!嘿老兄,来杀了他吧!This is what happens when you legalize drugs.这就是让毒品合法化的情况。I saw a talking dog...我看见一只会说话的……Pro: Seeing a sign with the same Chinese symbols as your tattoo. Con: Realizing your tattoo doesn#39;t mean ;Inner Strength,; it means ;Restrooms This Way.; How would I know? I don#39;t speak Chinese, dude!利:看见和自己刺的中文一样的标志。弊:发现你的刺青图案不是“内在力量”的意思,而是指“内急走这边”。我哪会知道?老兄,我又不会说中文!Yeah! I don#39;t it.对啊!我看不懂。I find...I find inner peace when I go to the restroom.我找……我去厕所的时候会找到心灵平静。Yeah! Exactly. And outer peace.没错!完全正确。还有外在的平静。Yes.对。Pro...利……Number two symbol...大号的标志……Oh...no, no, no. Stop! I#39;m flushed, I#39;m flushed.噢……不不不。停!我冷静不下来、我冷静不下来了。Pro: Traveling all the way to China to go to Disneyland. Con: Because your Ashley Madison account got hacked and you need to lay low for a while. Like, gotta get out of here. Do what you gotta do.利:千里迢迢跑到中国去迪士尼。弊:因为你的偷吃帐号(注)被骇了,所以你需要低调一阵子。像是,得闪人了。做你该做的事吧。And finally, pro: They even have an exhibit honoring America. Con: ;The Hall of Presidents Who Owe Us Money.;最后,利:他们甚至有纪念美国的展览。弊:“欠钱美国总统纪念堂”。That#39;s nice. There you go! That#39;s the pros and cons.真不赖。好了!那就是利与弊。注:原文中 Ashley Madison 为一推广婚外情约会的交友网站。 Article/201606/449019 Just use these welding rods as a trigger.用焊条来作引发器Welding rods are made of soft metals that bend easily and retain their shape.焊条由软金属制成 容易弯折 还能保持形状And this wedges in very delicately.Won#39;t take much to trigger it.正好能无缝插入 轻轻一碰就会触发它And then just using final welding rod to make a hoop.再用最后一根焊条 做个钢圈It#39;s gonna be the ramp for the rat to go across.这就是老鼠 要过的陷阱And then if anything comes along and stands on that,it#39;s gonna trigger it.要是什么东西走过来 站在那上面就会掉下来Okay, set this and get out of here.好了 摆好了就撤No rats are gonna go near my trap while I#39;m in the area,我在附近 老鼠就不敢靠近我的陷阱so I want to get well away to give it the best chance of success.所以我要尽快远离 提高成功机率So, this is a good time to look for a place to make camp.现在是寻找宿营地的好时机Old vehicles can be easier to secure and insulate than old buildings but should always be treated with caution.旧汽车比老建筑更安全 更保暖 但也一定要小心对待You need to be a bit careful with cars turned upside down they#39;re not leaking gasoline and oil everywhere.你要注意翻转的汽车 确保周围没有汽油漏得到处都是But actually no reason why I shouldn#39;t patch this up a bit and shelter in here.可实际上 我完全能改造一下然后凑合一晚上You know, there#39;s good padding in the roofing to lie on, all this upholstery.车顶有很好的填充材料 可以垫着 都是垫衬物At least some of the windows are in, as well.Okay.至少一些窗户还在 好吧 Article/201610/469270日本石龟喂养养殖指南马来食螺龟能活多少年多少钱一只2019



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