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Restaurants餐馆Giving up the gosht放弃印式The future of curry houses looks grim咖喱屋的未来看起来很严峻THE curry house is a British institution. Every town has at least one. Ballater, a tiny village in the icy remoteness of northernScotland, boasts two. It is also the economic bulwark of a community. Bangladeshis run most of the countrys Indian restaurants, and they depend heavily on the trade. Fully 42% of working-age Bangladeshi men toil in restaurants. But changes in eating habits, immigration rules and growing aspirations add up to trouble for the industry.咖喱屋是英国的习俗。每个乡镇至少都有一个。在寒冷的苏格兰北部偏远的一个小村庄—巴拉特,拥有两家。这也是一个社会的经济堡垒。孟加拉国人经营着英国多数的印度餐馆,他们在很大程度上依赖于贸易。孟加拉国42%的处于劳动年龄的男子都在餐馆中劳碌。但是英国民众饮食习惯的改变、现行的英国移民政策以及孟加拉国民对刺激日益增长的热情,都为行业发展增添了困难。Following the financial crisis, people cut back on eating out but ordered more takeaways, says Oli Khan, a Bangladeshi chef who owns four establishments. Now even the takeaway trade is struggling. A quarter of curry-lovers say they have swapped restaurant meals or takeaways for supermarket y meals. Spending on poppadums rose by 40% between and 2013, according to Kantar Worldpanel, a research firm.拥有四个场所的孟加拉国厨师—奥利汗表示,在金融危机之后,人们减少了外出就餐,但增加了叫外卖的次数。现在连外卖行业都是夹缝求生。有四分之一的咖喱爱好者表示,他们已经不再餐厅用餐或叫外卖,而是吃超市现成的饭菜。Kantar Worldpanel表示,至2013年间印度薄饼的销售量增长了40%。Indian restaurants have missed the trend for casual dining, says Helena Spicer, an analyst at Mintel, another market researcher. Other eateries focus on particular groups of diners—the rushed, the monied—but curry houses try to appeal to everyone. Rising food and gas bills are eating into profits. Most are independent so reap none of the benefits of economies of scale. Nor can they run big marketing campaigns.另一家市场研究公司—敏特公司的分析师海伦娜斯派塞分析:印度餐馆已经偏离了休闲餐饮的主流。其它的一些餐馆关注于特定食客群体,匆忙的,有钱的,但是咖喱屋试图做到面向大众。上涨的食品费和燃气费正在抵消所获利润。大多数餐馆都是独立经营所以没有从规模经济中获得的好处。当然也不可能经营大型市场营销活动。And staff costs are soaring. “Chefs have become like gold dust,” says Enam Ali, a restaurateur and founder of the British Curry Awards. Importing them has been made difficult. Visa rules mean chefs must speak English and earn at least 20,300 (32,500) a year. On Caterer.com, a recruitment site for the hospitality industry, salaries for chefs with three years experience specialising in Indian food start at 13,500. Chefs are on the governments “occupation shortage” list, but only if the job demands five years experience, pays at least 29,570 and is not in an establishment which provides a takeaway service. That rules out most curry houses.员工成本也在大幅攀升。英国咖喱奖的创始人同时也作为餐馆老板的Enam Ali表示, “厨师异常珍贵,将他们引入是个难题。签规则意味着厨师必须会说英语”,并且一年内至少要赚20,300(32,500)。在Caterer.com—一个为酒店业务的招聘网站上写着,专攻印度菜并且拥有三年工作经验的厨师起薪为13,500。:厨师这一职业已登上政府的职业人才短缺表,但该短缺也仅限于那些有五年以上工作经验、起薪29570英镑以及不提供外卖务的餐厅,所以咖喱屋就不属于该范畴之内了。Some reckon the answer is teaching natives to cook chicken tikka masala. But they are reluctant. The Hospitality Guild runs six-week training courses at three colleges that lead to year-long apprenticeships. So far just 15 people have gone on to apprenticeships, not all as chefs. Ranjit Mathrani, who runs several posh Indian restaurants and a small chain of cheaper ones, offers traineeships. Not a single white Briton has applied.一些人认为解决问题的办法就是交本地人煮玛莎拉鸡。但他们都很不情愿。好客的工会在三所学院里进行了为期六周的学徒培训课。目前为止,仅有15人到达了学徒程度,不是所有人都是厨师。经营着几家豪华印度餐厅和价格相对低廉的小型连锁餐馆的店主Ranjit Mathrani表示他愿意提供实习机会。然而没有一个纯英国人报名。Nor are young British Asians filling the gap. Although still huge, the proportion of Bangladeshi men who work in restaurants is falling: in 2004 it was 55%. The young know that they can do better. Their performance at school is steadily improving: in 2011 they outperformed whites, getting more good GCSEs, the exams normally taken at 16. They want to become journalists and lawyers, says Mr Ali, not chefs. Good for Bangladeshis. Too bad for British curry-lovers.也并没有亚裔年轻人来填补这一空缺。尽管比重仍大,孟加拉国男性在餐馆工作的比例持续下降:2004年为55%。年轻人知道他们可以做的更好。他们在学校的表现正在逐步提高:在2011年他们的表现比白人还好,参加了更多优秀的英国普通初级中学文凭课程(GCSEs)—一般来说考16门。Enam Ali说他们想成为记者和律师而不是厨师。对于孟加拉人来说这是个好消息,但对于英国的咖喱爱好者来说这再坏不过了。 翻译:黄佳欣 校对:尤熠 译文属译生译世 /201511/410016。

On the slopes of the Obersalzberg was Adolf Hitlers home,the Berghof.阿道夫·希特勒的家伯格霍夫别墅坐落在萨尔茨堡山的斜坡上。And this is what many people thought of him.这就是许多人对他的看法。I myself had the feeling that here was a man who did not think about himself and his own advantage,but solely about the good of the German people.我个人感觉,这个男人从不考虑自己及自身所处的优势,他只为了德国人民谋取利益。This film reveals why Hitler was so attractive to these people, with insights from those who lived through these times, many of whom were interviewed by the B over the last 20 years.这部纪录片揭示了希特勒吸引这些人的原因,那些经历人们的见解,过去20年来他们中的许多人接受了英国广播公司的采访。The man gave off such a charisma that people believed whatever he said.那个男人散发出这样的魅力, 无论他说出什么人们都会深信不疑。But the truth is that Hitler did not somehow hypnotise the German people, for this is a history that shows how charisma is created in a relationship.但事实上希特勒并没有以某种方式催眠德国人民,这是一段揭示如何缔造魅力人际关系的历史。Hitler said that those Germans he considered racially pure were better than anyone else, and many German believed him.希特勒表示他认为种族纯粹的德国人比任何人都要好,而且许多德国人相信他。Hitler, always filled with hatred, managed to make a connection with millions of Germans,and in the process,this seemingly unlikely figure generated a level of charismatic attraction that is almost without parallel in history.总是心怀仇恨的希特勒成功笼络了数以百万计德国人,而在这个过程中似乎不太可能产生魅力,过去似乎没有相似历史。 201501/355340。

Now, a few tens of thousands of years ago, wolves and people started becoming friendly species.时至今日,数万年前,狼和人便慢慢演变成进化成为可以友好相处。You can imagine a person tossing a bone to a friendly wolf from time to time.你可以想象人们会时不时地向一只温顺的狼扔块骨头。But “friendly” is the key.但是“温顺”一词至关重要。Nobody ever gets close to a hostile wolf.没人会靠近一只充满敌意的狼。So over many thousands of years we would have been gradually selecting for certain behavioral traits-playfulness, low hostility, the ability to bond.因此,实际上,成千上万年以来,人类都在渐渐地、有意识地进行着选择,选择具有特定行为特征的狼群。这些特征包括爱嬉戏玩闹,温顺,合群。Very puppy-like behaviors! See whats happening?这些行为难道不像小吗?A species that resembles a wolf puppy that never grows up may have slowly evolved in this way.现在明白这是怎么回事了吗?就像这样,一种类似于狼崽的物种开始慢慢的进化着。That species would retain its puppy-like behaviors, such as barking, but never grow into growling, howling adult wolves.这一物种保留了那些幼崽般的行为特征,比如吠叫,它们也不会进化为嚎叫的成年狼。That species We would now call that species “dogs.”这一物种便是我们现在把它称之为“”的动物。201503/364092。

The annual Nuclear Security Summit gets underway Thursday in Washington. 周四,华盛顿举行年度核安全峰会。President Obama is hosting a series of meetings with the leaders of several Asian nations to talk about efforts to prevent North Korea from becoming a bigger nuclear threat. 奥巴马总统与数个亚洲国家领导人举行系列会谈,谈论如何防止朝鲜成为更大的核威胁。The summit is aimed at reducing the worlds nuclear weapons. Vladimir Putin abstained from the summit saying he doesnt want to be part of any talks led by the ed States. 此次首脑会议的目的是减少世界的核武器。普京在峰会中弃权,称不想参与以美国为首的任何会谈Obama said their two countries remain committed to completing an agreement to continue lowering their Cold War-era nuclear arsenals. 奥巴马表示,两国将致力于完成一项协议,继续减少冷战时期的核武库。The US and Russian missiles make up about 90 percent of the worlds nuclear weapons.美国和俄罗斯的导弹占世界核武器的百分之90。译文属。201604/435083。

For most of Michigan, this has been one of the driest starts to summer weve seen in a long time.With Fourth of July coming up, there are concerns about fires in these dry conditions.For this reason, Julie Secontine, the State Fire Marshal, has been considering banning fireworks this Fourth of July.As of now, no burn ban or fireworks ban has been issued.;But we are monitoring the situation very closely and its a day-to-day assessment,; Secontine said.Fireworks can aly be dangerous, but this dry spell has upped the ante.;Its a very serious concern,; Secontine said. ;I cannot stress safety enough. Safety is something that people generally make fun of, but this is a very serious situation in Michigan with the dry weather and we are monitoring the situation closely.;Suggested precautionsIf located in an area where a local burn ban or fireworks ban has not been issued, Secontine said its crucial to take ;extreme caution; when lighting fireworks, a grill or campfire.;The area in which you ignite fireworks has to be clear of all debris, people and pets,; Secontine said. ;Most injuries occur to bystanders, so you want to make sure the area in which you ignite is clear.;She also recommends igniting fireworks only from a hard surface, like a driveway, and having water at-the-y.;You need to make sure you have a bucket of water, a hose thats y and charged, maybe even wet the area down,; Secontine said. ;But with consumer-grade fireworks, the biggest problem is theyre airborne and we never know where theyre going to land or where the sparks from them are going to land.;For more safety tips, like what to do if your fireworks dont explode, listen above.GUESTJulie Secontine, State Fire Marshal201607/452576。

Alright.What happened.Im doing impressions.Impression? Oh, good.好的 怎么了 我在调整表情 调整表情 好的Oh, alright alright alright. - Oh gosh, Im blanking.I, I was. - Yes, I know, of course.好的 好的 -我晕 我现在一片空白 这个 这个 -是的 我当然知道了My last name is, the first name is the same as Broderick.我的姓 他的名字跟布罗德里克一样Yeah. What?Oh, Mathew McConaughey.Thats it. - Thank you, perfect.什么 啊 是马修·麦康纳 答对了 -谢谢 太好了Ah, you punk. Oh, you punk,Im a director. I directed...噢 你这个小妖精 我是一位导演 我执导过Oh, Clint Eastwood.Yeah.Oh yeah.哦 是克林特·伊斯特伍德 答对了 太好啦she...If I could turn back time.Oh Cher! Wow thats wonderful.她啊 ;如果时光倒流; 喔 雪儿 太棒了And I am telling you. - Ah, Jennifer Hudson.-;我想告诉你; -啊 是詹妮弗·哈德森Okay.Im the most famous person in the world,And I host a talk show, and I Oprah Winfrey.Yeah, yeah.好的 我是世界上最红的人 我主持一档脱口秀 并且我 奥普拉·温弗瑞 答对啦Oh, uh, I, I like shooting guns, and uh...Back in the day of the western most famous.这个 最经典的西部片 我喜欢开射击Who was it?John Wayne. - John Wayne.Of course it was John Wayne.是谁 约翰·韦恩 -约翰·韦恩 当然是约翰·韦恩I did John Wayne.You did very well.I was just blanking.我模仿的是约翰·韦恩 你模仿得非常好 是我短路了Totally my fault.The 87th annual Academy Awards airs live this Sunday night at 830 eastern on A.Well be right back.Neil Patrick Harris.都怪我 第87届奥斯卡颁奖典礼 将于本周日晚东部时间8点30分在A电视台卫星直播 一小段广告之后精继续 谢谢尼尔·帕特里克·哈里斯 /201511/408349。