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宜城人民医院治疗性功能障碍怎么样枣阳一医院不孕不育多少钱1. Good morning! Welcome to our bank!早上好,欢迎光临我们。还能这样说:Good morning, so nice of you to come to our bank.Morning, its nice to see you in our bank.谚语:A good medicine tastes bitter.良药苦口。2. How may I help you?您要办理什么业务?还能这样说:Anything I can do for you?I wonder if I can help you.应用:Dont spend more money than you can help.除非不得已,不要多花钱。3. Id be very happy to help you.我很乐意为您务。还能这样说:Its my pleasure to serve you.I would be happy to serve you.谚语:A happy heart makes a blooming visage.心花怒放,笑逐颜开。4. Please refer to the number 8 counter.请到8号柜台办理。还能这样说:Please go to the number 8 counter.You can go to number 8 counter for help. /201307/247907襄阳市东风医院官网 Jennifer: Jean, look at the time! Its 5 oclock. Time to go home. Are you coming out for a drink after work?珍妮佛:琼,看看时间!已经5点了。该回家了。你下班以后要出来喝一杯吗?Jean: Sure, shall we go to the bar on the ground floor?琼:好的,我们要去地下的那个酒吧吗?Jennifer: Great idea, I love it there. Its very handy working six floors above one of the best bars in London!珍妮佛:好主意,我很喜欢这里。在伦敦最好的酒吧之一的上面工作很方便!Jean: I know. Lets go. Shall we take the stairs? I know six floors is a long way down, but the lift is always broken.琼:我知道。我们走。我们应该走楼梯吗?我知道六层是很长的一段路,但是电梯经常是坏的。Jennifer: I think its been fixed now... lets see...珍妮佛:我觉得现在应该已经修好了...我们看看...Jean: It has been fixed. Great!琼:它已经修好了。太棒了!Jennifer: Things are on the up in this place!珍妮佛:这个地方一切都在稳步上升!Jean: Up? Thats not right, we need to go down. The bar is on the ground floor, we are on the sixth, so we definitely shouldnt be going up...琼:上升?这不对,我们需要向下走。酒吧在地下,我们在六层,所以我们一定不能向上走。Jennifer: No, thats not what I mean. In English, the phrase on the up is used to describe something that is improving, or getting better. Things are on the up here – they are getting better because the lift has been fixed.珍妮佛:不,这不是我的意思。在英语中,词组“稳步上升”用来形容事情在进步,或变好。这里事情在稳步上升--它们在变好是因为电梯修好了。Jean: I see!琼:我懂了!Jennifer: Lets hear some more examples of this phrase.珍妮佛:让我们来听几个关于这个短语的例子吧。My sister has just got a new job. The company has given her a house and a car as part of the deal – things are on the up for her!我刚得到了一个新工作。公司给了她一套房子和一辆车作为交易--她的生活正在稳步上升!The economy is on the up now that the new government is in power. Theyve aly helped to create thousands of new jobs!新政府掌权后经济稳步上升。他们协助创造了上千的新工作!Jean: On the up. Great phrase!琼:稳步上升。好词组!Jennifer: Well, here we are, Ill get the drinks in. What would you like?珍妮佛:好的,我们到了,我去拿喝的。你想要什么?Jean: I think Ill go for a cocktail, please, a Cosmopolitan maybe?琼:我想要一个鸡尾酒,或许一个大都市鸡尾酒?Jennifer: No problem, Ill get one too. Two Cosmopolitans, please.珍妮佛:没问题,我也要一个。请来两个大都市鸡尾酒。Barman: Its your lucky day! All cocktails are half price today!酒保:今天是你们的幸运日!所有的鸡尾酒今天都是半价!Jean: Brilliant, things are on the up because the price has gone down!琼:太棒了,一切稳步上升因为标价下降了!Jennifer: Very good!珍妮佛:太棒了!Jean: Cheers!琼:干杯! /201401/274112W: Hello, Doctor.你好,医生。D: Well, What seems to be the trouble, Mr. Williams?嗯,威廉斯先生,你怎么了?W: Its nothing serious actually, doctor. Itrsquo;s ; Well, I get tired very easily recently, and I often doze off during meetings, office hours and sometimes even while Im dining.医生,事实上我没有什么大毛病。只是;额,我最近很容易疲劳。开会的时候,办公的时候,甚至是吃饭的时候,我经常都打瞌睡。D: How long has this been going on?这种症状持续多久了?W: About two months. I didnt pay much attention to it in the beginning, but you see, I got fired this morning. I dozed off while we were having an important meeting, right in front of the boss. I was very embarrassed.两个月左右。开始的时候我没有怎么去注意,但是你看,我今天早上被解雇了。当我们在开一个重要会议的时候,我在我老板面前打瞌睡了。我觉得非常尴尬。D: How was your appetite?你的胃口怎么样?W: Pretty good, Id say.非常好,我想说。D: You havent lost any weight, have you?你体重没有下降,是吗?W: No, doctor. Ive actually put on two pounds.不,医生。事实上我已经瘦了两磅。D: Unbotton your shirt, please.请解开你的衬衣。W: Well, doctor?好的,医生。D: Youll have to have some laboratory examinations to know for sure.你必须做一些实验室检查才能确诊。W: What examinations?什么检查?D: A blood test and uring test. You can come back next week, say 4 pm to see the results.验血和验尿。你下个星期再来。下午四点钟就能看到结果。 /201203/176122襄阳华光医院前列腺炎怎么样

老河口市妇幼保健医院割包皮收费标准Rob and Feifei are in the office. Hes been busy deleting some emails. Feifei is curious to know what they are. Listen to the programme to find out.罗布和菲菲在办公室里。他一直在忙着删除电子邮件。菲菲很好奇那是些什么邮件。请收听本期节目找出。Rob: Delete! Delete! Delete!罗布:删除!删除!删除!Feifei: Rob? Why are you so annoyed? And what are you deleting.菲菲:罗布?为什么你这么生气?你在删除什么?Rob: Cant you see, Feifei? Im checking and deleting my emails and … all this phishing!罗布:菲菲,你看不到吗?我在检查并删除这些网络钓鱼邮件!Feifei: I thought you liked fishing, Rob. You always show us pictures of all the big fish youve caught.菲菲:罗布,我以为你喜欢钓鱼呢。你总是给我们看你钓到大鱼的照片。Rob: No. Fishing with an F is good but phishing with a ph is not!罗布:不是。钓鱼是以F开头的单词,那是个很好的单词,可是以ph开头的单词可不是!Feifei: So youre deleting all the phs? All the spelling mistakes?菲菲:所以你在删除那些以ph开头的吗?那些拼写错误?Rob: Its not a spelling mistake. Phishing — with ph — is one of those words thats become popular as we use the internet more and more. Its the name of a particular kind of fraud on the internet.罗布:并不是拼写错误。以ph开头的Phishing这个词并在网络上应用的越来越普遍。指网络诈骗的一种形式。Feifei: Fraud?菲菲:诈骗?Rob: Yes. Its what we say when someone sends you an email pretending to be a reputable company or person hoping youll respond and give them your personal information. They want things like your bank account number, password, that kind of thing.罗布:对。就是指有人伪装成著名公司或是著名人物给你发电子邮件,让你回复他们你的个信息。他们想要你的账号、密码等类似的信息。Feifei: Oh! So the email is a bait!菲菲:哦!所以这种邮件是诱饵!Rob: Yes, exactly. Phishing with ph is todays expression in The English We Speak. Lets hear some examples of how its used.罗布:完全正确。以ph开头的Phishing就是今天地道英语节目要学的表达方式。我们来听些例句,看看这个词的用法。Examples例句Our bank never sends emails to clients asking them to reply to a message confirming their password. Im afraid youve been a victim of phishing, sir.我们从来没有向客户发过要求确认密码的邮件。先生,恐怕您是网络钓鱼的受害者。Ive just received an email informing me that I won the lottery. They want my bank details to deposit the prize. But Ive never entered the lottery. This must be phishing!我刚刚收到一封告知我中票的电子邮件。他们想要我账户的详细信息以便存入奖金。可是我从来没买过票。这一定是网络钓鱼邮件!Rob: So now you know what kind of phishing I was talking about!罗布:现在你知道我说的网络钓鱼是什么了吧!Feifei: Yes. They wanted your bank details, but were not taking their bait, are we?菲菲:知道了。他们想要你的信息,可是我们不会上他们的当,对吧?Rob: No, were not. Definitely not!罗布:对,我们不会。绝对不会!Feifei: Hmmm, I think I have some of these phishing emails in my inbox too.菲菲:嗯,我想我的收件箱里也有一些网络钓鱼邮件。Rob: So lets get rid of them all! Come on!罗布:那我们就把这些邮件都删了吧!开始吧!Both: Delete! Delete! Delete! Bye!二人一起:删除!删除!删除!再见!Rob: Delete!罗布:再见! 译文属 /201411/344763宜城市妇幼保健中医院地址 襄阳疱疹花多少钱

宜城市人民医院在线Todd: OK, Sophie, were going to talk about high school. What was high school like?托德:好的,苏菲,我们要谈高中生活。你的高中生活是什么样的?Sophie: It was great. Lots of fun. Lots of friends. Learned quite a bit at school.苏菲:非常棒。有许多乐趣。我也交了许多朋友。在学校学到了很多东西。Todd: So, what did you study in high school?托德:那你在高中时学了什么?Sophie: I studied mainly sciences actually.苏菲:实际上我主要学习了科学知识。Todd: Oh, really!托德:哦,真的吗!Sophie: Biology.苏菲:生物。Todd: Did you study science in college?托德:你在大学学科学了吗?Sophie: Yes! Oh, No! I didnt. I went on to do a bachelor of technology.苏菲:当然!哦,不,我没学。我之后学的是技术学士的学位。Todd: Oh, really. Well, thats kind of similar.托德:哦,这样啊。嗯,那有点相似。Sophie: Kind of similar. Related.苏菲:有点相似。有点相关。Todd: OK, what did you do in high school? Any clubs or anything?托德:好,你在高中都做了什么?参加社团了吗或其他的什么活动了吗?Sophie: Yeah, I did rowing for the school. I played basketball, played tennis, was on the swimming team.苏菲:参加了,我参加了学校的赛艇俱乐部。我打篮球、打网球、还参加了游泳队。Todd: Wow, youre quite athletic. What sport did you like the most?托德:哇哦,你真是个运动健将。你最喜欢哪种运动?Sophie: Rowing.苏菲:赛艇。Todd: Rowing. Do you still row?托德:赛艇。你现在还有进行赛艇运动吗?Sophie: No, unfortunately not.苏菲:没有了,很可惜。Todd: Really!托德:是吗!Sophie: Would like to.苏菲:我很想坚持的。Todd: Do you think youll pick it up some time in the future?托德:你认为未来某个时候你会重新开始赛艇运动吗?Sophie: Yeah, maybe, if Im around a lake or a river.苏菲:是的,可能会,如果附近有湖或是河的话。Todd: Yeah! Not too many lakes in Tokyo. Um, anything esle? Any other memories about high school?托德:哦!不过东京的湖可不多啊。嗯,还有别的吗?你对高中还有什么记忆吗?Sophie: Yeah, lots of parties. It was good.苏菲:有,高中时有很多派对。非常好。Todd: Sounds like a good time.托德:听起来你高中过得很愉快。Sophie: Yeah!苏菲:对啊! /201311/263771 Todd: So Ivan, in America, in California we have earthquakes. Do you have any natural disasters in Houston?托德:伊万,美国加州发生过地震。你在休斯敦经历过什么自然灾害吗?Ivan: Uh, it floods a lot and we get hurricanes. Houstons called a bayou city. Bayou is kind of like a dirty river. Sometimes it rains a lot, that thing fills up over, and the next thing you know you got water in your house. Hurricanes are really, really angry typhoons I think. The first hurricane I ever remember we name our hurricanes, you give them names, usually girl names, and the first hurricane I remember was back in 1984 named ;Hurricane Alice; I believe. Um, I was in a soccer camp. It starts raining, oh my God its raining, trees are falling down and cars are kind of being pushed away from the water and stuff and Im scared to death that my parents are dead right. I was only seven years old. So I remember, I couldnt remember my phone number and the camp counselors were trying to look it up. Call up: ring, ring, ring. My mom answers the phone, ;Are you OK? Are you OK?; ;Yes, Ivan, were OK. Dont worry about it. Its just a rain storm.; But it was an absolute mess. The next day, the soccer field is completely wiped out. It was, yeah, theyre big angry storms.伊万:嗯,那里经常发洪水,还有飓风。休斯敦被称为牛沼城。牛沼是一种很脏的河流。有时休斯敦会下许多雨,会积水,之后你的房间里就会进水。我想飓风是非常强的台风。我记得经历的第一场飓风是,实际上我们会为飓风命名,赋予它们名字,通常会是女孩的名字,我记得的第一场飓风要追溯到1984年,名为“飓风艾丽丝”。嗯,我当时在参加足球夏令营。突然开始下雨,天哪,下雨了,树被冲倒了,汽车也被水冲走,我怕得要死,我怕父母会出事。我当时只有7岁。我记得,我都记不起电话号码了,夏令营辅导员试图查找电话号码。然后拨通了电话,铃铃铃。我妈妈接了电话,“你们还好吗?你们还好吗?”“是的,伊万,我们很好。别担心。这只是一场暴风雨。”不过那真是一片混乱。第二天,足球场完全被毁了。没错,飓风是非常强的台风。Todd: How long does a hurricane usually last?托德:一般情况下飓风会持续多长时间?Ivan: Usually, about two or three days.伊万:通常来说,大约会持续两天到三天的时间。Todd: Oh, really?托德:哦,真的吗?Ivan: Yeah, they just kind of stay in Houston. They like Houston. Something about the weather pattern. They just float to Houston and stay there.伊万:对,它们就待在休斯敦。它们喜欢休斯敦。这与气候模式有关。它们抵达休斯敦然后停在那里。Todd: Man, thats pretty intense. So afterward everything is just kind of wiped out.托德:嘿,那真令人紧张。那之后一切都会被摧毁。Ivan: Ah, a lot of windows are broken. I said a lot of cars are upside down sometimes, cause the wind is really, really high, plus you got the water that floats the cars, but its fun when it stops cause the streets are flooded and you can go swimming.伊万:嗯,会有大量的窗户破掉。有时大量汽车被掀翻,因为风力太强了,而且飓风带来的洪水会淹没汽车,不过飓风停止以后会很有意思,因为街道被淹了,你可以在那里游泳。Todd: You swim in the water?托德:你在那水里游泳?Ivan: Sure. Sure. Its just rain water.伊万:没错。对。那其实就是雨水。 /201401/274273襄阳四院医院周末可以做包皮手术襄樊市男性生殖器疱疹治疗医院哪个好




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