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襄樊市中心医院治疗附件炎怎么样襄樊妇幼保健院中医院治疗宫颈炎多少钱Apple has paved the way for iPhone users to block online advertising shown in its Safari web browser, in an attempt to improve privacy that could prevent web publishers from reaching some of their most valuable customers.苹果(Apple)为iPhone用户拦截Safari浏览器上显示的广告铺平了道路。苹果意在改善隐私保护的这一举措,可能会阻止网络出版商接触到一些最有价值的客户。Changes planned for iOS 9, the iPhone and iPad operating system that will be pushed out later this year, include “Content Blocking Safari Extensions”, according to documents shared with app makers this week at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference.苹果在本周的全球开发者大会上与应用开发者分享的文件显示,它计划今年晚些时候推出的iOS 9操作系统(适用于iPhone和iPad)将做出上述改变。“Content Blocking gives your extensions a fast and efficient way to block cookies, images, resources, pop-ups and other content,” Apple says in documentation for developers.“内容拦截功能让你的拓展插件得以快速高效地拦截cookies、图片、资源、弹出框和其它内容,”苹果在一份致开发者的文件中说。Apple believes that privacy and security are among its greatest differentiators against Google’s Android mobile platform, which as the main rival to iOS runs on more than three-quarters of all smartphones sold. Tim Cook, Apple chief executive, last week declared his belief in a “fundamental right to privacy” in a barnstorming speech in Washington DC.苹果认为,隐私与安全是其产品区别于谷歌(Google)的安卓(Android)移动平台的最大特点之一。安卓平台是iOS的主要对手,所有售出智能手机中的三分之二都搭载了安卓平台。上月,苹果首席执行官蒂姆#8226;库克(Tim Cook)在华盛顿特区一场巡回演讲中称,他认为用户应当拥有“最根本的隐私权”。Over a link from Silicon Valley, he told an audience at an event organised by privacy research group EPIC that many tech companies were “gobbling up everything they can learn about you and trying to monitise it. We think that’s wrong”.在参加隐私研究集团EPIC组织一场活动时,库克在硅谷与现场观众连线表示,许多科技公司都在“搜集他们所能了解的有关你的一切信息,并用它来赚钱。我们认为,那是不对的”。Nonetheless, the move to enable ad-blocking on iPhones has caused concern among some in the media industry, as Apple customers are widely seen as a wealthier demographic desirable to advertisers.然而,苹果在iPhone上开启广告拦截功能的做法,引起了媒体界一些公司的担忧,因为苹果客户被普遍认为是广告主希望接触的较为富有人群。Joshua Benton, director of Harvard University’s Nieman Journalism Lab, called it a “worrisome” development. “For the many news companies counting on mobile advertising for their business model, I don’t see a way that this change doesn’t shave off a real slice of mobile advertising revenue,” he wrote in a blogpost on Wednesday.哈佛大学尼曼新闻实验室(Nieman Journalism Lab)主任约书亚#8226;本顿(Joshua Benton),称苹果此举“令人担忧”。“对于许多把移动广告作为商业模式的新闻公司而言,我认为,这一变化肯定会令其损失一大部分移动广告收入,”周三他在一篇文中上写道。Ad-blocking has been available on the Mac version of Safari for several years but, if taken up by developers, the tool would mean users can choose to install an app that would block online advertising and the tools used to target it on the iPhone’s browser for the first time.几年来,Mac版的Safari浏览器一直可以拦截广告,但如果应用程序开发者也这么做将意味着,手机用户第一次可以选择安装拦截应用,在iPhone浏览器上拦截在线广告或用于精准投放广告的工具。The planned update comes as Apple tries to re-establish its place at the heart of the media and entertainment industry with the launch of Music, a new all-in-one subscription streaming and radio app, and News, a slick magazine-style app showing a range of free content from publishers that will compete with the likes of Flipboard and Facebook’s Instant Stories. Apple’s News app will allow publishers to sell their own advertising or split revenues when using its own iAd tool.计划作出上述变动之时,苹果推出了Apple Music和Apple News两款应用,努力重塑自己在媒体和行业的核心地位。Apple Music是一款全新的多功能合一的流媒体和无线电广播订阅应用。Apple News是一款精美的杂志式应用,可以展示来自出版商的大量免费内容,将与Flipboard和Facebook的Instant Stories等应用展开竞争。Apple News将允许出版商出售自己的广告,或者在使用iAd工具时与苹果分享收入。 /201506/380634襄城人民医院无痛人流多少钱 We all know that passwords such as ‘12345#39; and ‘password1#39; are far from secure, but how about your lock screen pattern for your smartphone? A study shows that most of us use similar patterns to unlock our handsets, meaning they could be easily guessed by criminals.我们都知道,“12345”或“password1”这样的密码非常不安全,但是你使用的智能手机的锁屏图形安全性又如何呢?一项研究显示,我们多数人都会使用相似的图形来解锁手机。这就意味着,解锁图形很容易地就会被犯罪分子猜到。More than three quarters of people start their lock screen patterns from a corner, according to the researcher behind the worrying work. Marte L#248;ge, a graduate of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, also said 44 per cent of study participants start their Android lock screen pattern #39;password#39; from the top left corner. 这项引人担忧的研究背后的研究人员称,超过四分之三的手机用户所使用的锁屏图形从四个边角之一开始。挪威理工大学(Norwegian University of Science and Technology)的研究生马尔特·洛格还表示,在所有研究参与者中,有44%的人为自己的安卓手机设置的锁屏图形“密码”都从左上角开始。She found that around 10 per cent of patterns create a letter, such as an N or C, which more often than not corresponded to a user#39;s own name, or that of a loved one, Ars Technica reported. She presented her findings into Android lock patterns, which were introduced in 2008, at PasswordCon in Las Vegas last week.据科技客媒体Ars Technica报道,洛格发现,大约10%的解锁图形会构成一个字母,比如N或C。多数时候,这些字母都与用户自己或亲近的人的名字对应。安卓图形解锁于2008年推出。上周,洛格在举行的密码保护研讨会(PasswordCon)展示了自己针对安卓手机的图形解锁的研究成果。Ms L#248;ge sampled 4,000 user-generated Android lock patterns as part of her thesis. She asked study participants to create three Android lock patterns – one for an imaginary shopping app, another for a fake banking app and one to unlock a phone.洛格在其论文中取样了4000个用户自创的安卓解锁图形。她要求研究参与者创造出三个安卓锁屏图形——一个用于一款虚构的购物应用,一个用于一款虚构的应用,一个用于解锁手机。She found that most people chose to create a pattern that travelled through the minimum amount of nodes of spots – four – making their pattern much less secure than if they opted for the maximum number of nodes. The average number of nodes used was five, meaning there were less than 8,000 possible pattern combinations, but this dropped to just 1,624 for four node patterns.她发现,大多数人用的图形都只使用了最少的节点,即四个节点。与选择使用最多节点相比,这样做会大大降低安全系数。用户平均使用的节点数为五个,这意味着总共可以产生不到8000个可能的图形组合。但如果只使用四个节点,那么这个数字将会降到1624。Ms L#248;ge found that most people chose patterns that moved from left to right, making guessing combinations slightly easier.洛格发现,多数人选择的图形都是从左向右移动,这样使猜到密码的难度又稍微降低了一些。Men were more likely than women to choose long and complicated patterns, but interestingly there was little difference between the patterns chosen by right-handed and left-handed participants.与女性相比,男性选择复杂的长密码的可能性更高。但是有趣的是,右撇子和左撇子用户创造的图形并未有很大不同。‘Humans are predictable,#39; Ms L#248;ge told Ars. ‘We#39;re seeing the same aspects used when creating a pattern locks [as are used in] pin codes and alphanumeric passwords.#39;洛格告诉Ars Technica:“人们的行为很容易预测。不管是解锁图形密码、PIN码还是字母数字组合的密码,人们的设置习惯都是一样的。”She believes that using #39;crossovers#39; to bamboozle onlookers and not starting from a corner produces the safest password patterns. Using a long and complex password is also unsurprisingly more secure.她认为,使用“交叉”图形迷惑“有心的”旁观者以及不从边角开始绘制图形可以设置出最安全的密码图形。意料之中的是,使用复杂的长密码也更为可靠。 /201508/395548襄阳市哪家医院能治包皮龟头炎

襄阳市四医院电话周末有上班吗A breakthrough in electrochemistry at Cambridge university could lead the way to rechargeable super-batteries that pack five times more energy into a given space than today’s best batteries, greatly extending the range of electric vehicles and potentially transforming the economics of electricity storage.剑桥大学(Cambridge University)在电化学领域的一项突破,或将催生可充电的超级电池。这种电池在给定空间内存储的能量是目前最好电池的五倍,可大大拓展电动汽车的续航里程,并可能大幅改观电力存储的经济效益。Chemistry professor Clare Grey and her team have overcome technical challenges in the development of lithium-air batteries — the only cells theoretically capable of giving electric cars the range of petrol and diesel vehicles without having to carry excessively bulky and heavy battery packs.化学教授克莱尔格雷(Clare Grey)和她的团队攻克了锂空气电池开发中的技术难关。理论上说,只有这种电池能让电动汽车在不必携带巨大而笨重的电池组的情况下,拥有可媲美汽油车及柴油车的续航里程。If the technology can be turned from a laboratory demonstrator into a commercial product, it will enable a car to drive from London to Edinburgh on a single charge, with batteries that cost and weigh one-fifth of the lithium-ion cells that power today’s electric cars.如果能把该技术从实验室的演示品转变为商品,将令汽车只充一次电就能从伦敦驶到爱丁堡(约合648公里——译者注),所用电池的成本和重量却只有今日电动汽车所用锂离子电池的五分之一。“What we’ve achieved is a significant advance for this technology and suggests whole new areas for research,” said Prof Grey. “We haven’t solved all the problems inherent to this chemistry but our results do show routes forward.”格雷教授表示:“我们取得的成就使这项技术向前迈出了重要一步,预示着全新的研究领域。我们仍未全盘解决这一化学机制所固有的问题,但我们的成果确实揭示了前行的道路。”Because lithium-air has such a big theoretical advantage over lithium-ion which dominates rechargeable batteries today — its energy density is potentially 10 times greater — researchers around the world are working on lithium-air.和目前的可充电电池中盛行的锂离子技术相比,锂空气电池理论上拥有巨大的优势——其能量密度可能要高10倍——以至于全球的研究人员都在开展锂空气电池的研究。A research paper published in the journal Science shows that the Cambridge group has overcome some of the practical problems of the technology, particularly the chemical instability that led to a rapid fall-off in performance of the lithium-air cells demonstrated previously.发表在《科学》(Science)期刊上的一篇研究论文显示,剑桥的这个团队攻克了这种技术中的部分实际问题——尤其是化学上的不稳定问题。在此之前,由于这种化学上的不稳定,锂空气电池会显示出性能迅速衰退的现象。The basic chemistry of lithium-air batteries is simple. The cell generates electricity by combining lithium with oxygen to form lithium peroxide and is then recharged by applying a current to reverse the reaction. Making these reactions take place reliably over many cycles is the challenge.锂空气电池的基本化学原理十分简单。这种电池通过锂和氧结合成过氧化锂实现放电,再通过施加电流逆转这一过程而完成充电。而如何可靠地令上述反应在许多周期内反复发生,则是该技术面临的挑战。The Cambridge scientists adjusted the chemistry to make it more controllable. For example, they converted lithium peroxide to lithium hydroxide (a compound that is easier to work with), they added lithium iodide to the system and they made a very porous “fluffy” electrode from graphene, a form of carbon discovered 12 years ago at Manchester university.剑桥的科学家对相关化学过程做了调整,以提高其可控性。比如,他们将过氧化锂转变为更易处理的氢氧化锂,还向系统中添加了碘化锂,并用石墨烯制作了渗透性极好的“蓬松”电极。所谓石墨烯,是12年前曼彻斯特大学(Manchester University)发现的一种碳的同素异形体。The system demonstrated in the Cambridge lab is 90 per cent efficient, say the researchers, and it can be recharged 2,000 times. But they say at least another decade of work is likely to be required to turn it into a commercial battery for cars and for grid storage — storing the intermittent output of solar and wind generators for use when needed.研究人员表示,剑桥实验室中展示的电池系统效率达90%,可充电2000次。不过他们表示,可能至少还需10年的工作,才能将该电池变为可用于汽车和电网蓄电的商业电池。电网蓄电装置用于存储太阳能和风能发电站间歇发出的电力,以便在需要的时候使用。“We have patented the technology and the intellectual property is owned by Cambridge Enterprise, the university’s commercialisation arm,” said Prof Grey. “We are working with a number of companies to take it forward.”格雷教授表示:“我们获得了该技术的专利,其知识产权归剑桥大学商业化机构剑桥实业(Cambridge Enterprise)所有。我们正与多家公司合作推进这项技术。” /201511/407175襄阳四院怎么样 Papermaking造纸术Papermaking is considered to be one of the four great inventions of anaent China. Before the papermaking technology was invented, peo-ple caNed or wrote Chinese characters on tortoise shells, animal bones, bamboo slices, wooden plates, and thin tough silks. Torfoise shells, animal bones and wooden plates were too heavy to use while silks were too expensive. Around the early period of the Westem Han Dynasty, people made paper from hemp and ram-ie. Initially, this was very rough and not suitable for writing.造纸术是中国古代“四大发明”之一。在造纸术发明以前,人们把字刻写在龟甲、兽骨、竹片、木片和绢帛上。甲骨、木片很笨重,用起来不方便;绢帛太贵,一般人用不起。大约在西汉初期,人们用大麻和苎麻造出了纸。这种早期的纸比较粗糙,不太适合写字。During the Eastem Han Dynasty, an offiaal named Cai Lun improved the tech-nique after years of experimentation. He used many plant fibers such as barks,rags, tom fishing nets as raw materials,steamed and cooked them with water,then pounded them into pulp, and then sp the pulp evenly on a fine screen and dried it into a kind of thin paper. The paper was suitable for writing and also very cheap so it became very popular. Pa-permaking technology gradually improved so that various types of paper were created for different uses. For example, the Xuan paper made in Xuanzhou of Anhui Province is a high quality paper adapted for use in Chinese calligraphy and painting.到了东汉时期,在朝廷做官的蔡伦,经过长期的试验,改进了造纸方法。他用树皮、破布、破鱼网等多种植物纤维作原料,加水蒸煮,捣烂成浆,再均匀地摊在细帘子上晾干,造成了一种薄薄的纸。这种纸便于写字,而且便宜,受到了人们的欢迎。造纸技术得到不断的改进,因为原料不同,纸也有了各种不同的种类和用途。安徽省宣州生产的宣纸,就是闻名中外的上等纸张,是用于中国书法、绘画的珍品。The technology sp to Korea and .lapan in the late Sui and early Tang Dy-nasties, and later to Arabia and other countries. The invention of paper made it more convenient for information storage and communication and had a great sig-nificance in promoting the development of international cMlization.中国的造纸术于隋末唐初传到朝鲜和日本,后来又传到阿拉伯地区和其他国家。纸的发明,极大地方便了信息的储存和交流,对于推动世界文明的发展具有划时代的意义。 /201512/410741襄阳东风人民医院是私立

襄阳市人民医院肛肠怎么样Cosmic superhero Stephen Hawking never ceases to amaze his admirers. At the age of 72 he is the world’s most celebrated scientist and the ultimate symbol of triumph over adversity, as he celebrates five decades of intellectual achievement while living with motor neurone disease, which kills most patients within two or three years.“宇宙之王”斯蒂芬#8226;霍金(Stephen Hawking)从未停止让他的崇拜者惊叹。72岁高龄的他不仅是在世最著名的科学家,而且是战胜逆境的终极象征。50年来,他在患有运动神经元疾病(MND)情况下取得了非凡学术成就,而这种疾病的患者大多在两、三年内死亡。This week Professor Hawking enjoyed the limelight at the London premiere of the latest film about his life, The Theory of Everything, starring Eddie Redmayne. Last week he showed off a new communications system designed by Intel, which enables him to write and speak more efficiently — in his famous American android voice — by registering tiny movements of his cheek muscles.最近,霍金教授在《万物理论》(The Theory of Everything)伦敦首映式上成为公众瞩目的中心,这是最新一部刻画霍金生平的电影,由埃迪#8226;雷德梅尼(Eddie Redmayne)主演。更早些时候,他展示了由英特尔(Intel)设计的新通讯系统,通过捕捉他脸颊肌肉的微小抽动,这一系统使他能够更高效地写作和讲话——用他那著名的美国机器人的声音。At the same time Prof Hawking stirred up controversywith his views on artificial intelligence, which “could be a real danger in the not too distant future”, he told the Financial Times by email. “The risk is that computers develop intelligence and take over. Humans, who are limited by slow biological evolution, couldn’t compete and would be superseded.”同时,霍金对人工智能的看法激起了争议。他在发给英国《金融时报》的电子邮件中说,人工智能“可能在不太遥远的将来给人类带来真正的危险”。“风险在于电脑开发并掌控智能。人类受到缓慢生物进化的限制,可能无法与之竞争,并被取代。”Lord Rees, astronomer royal and fellow cosmologist, first met Prof Hawking in 1964 when both were graduate students at Cambridge university. “He was aly unsteady on his feet and spoke with great difficulty,” recalls Lord Rees. “I learnt that he might not live long enough even to finish his PhD.英国皇家天文学家、宇宙学家里斯勋爵(Lord Rees)第一次见到霍金是在1964年,那时两人都是剑桥大学的研究生。“他已经无法站稳,而且说话也非常困难,”里斯勋爵回忆说。“我意识到他可能活不了多长时间,甚至可能无法完成他的士学位。”“Astronomers are used to large numbers,” he adds. “But few numbers could be as large as the odds I’d have given, back in 1964 when Stephen received his ‘death sentence’, against ever celebrating this uniquely inspiring crescendo of achievement sustained now for more than 50 years.”他说:“霍金早在1964年就接到了‘死亡判决书’,而他还可以庆祝这一至今逾50年、不断发挥独特的鼓舞人心作用的辉煌成就,放在当年我会认为出现这一结果的几率无比之小。”Prof Hawking’s scientific reputation rests on his work on the relationship between gravity, space and time. “He has done as much to advance our understanding of gravity as anyone since Einstein,” says Lord Rees.霍金在科学领域的声誉建立在他对重力、空间和时间关系的研究上。“他是继爱因斯坦之后,在加深我们对重力的理解方面贡献最大的人,”里斯勋爵说。His most celebrated research concerns black holes, concentrations of matter so dense even light cannot escape their gravitational pull. Prof Hawking showed black holes are not just a bizarre theoretical construct but also play an important role in the development of the universe. His eureka moment came in the early 1970s, when he realised that black holes would not be completely black but would emit what became known as “Hawking radiation”, a key concept in mathematical physics.他最著名的研究成果与黑洞有关。黑洞是超高密度的天体,连光都逃不过他们的引力。霍金告诉人们,黑洞不仅是一种奇怪的理论建构,而且在宇宙的进化中发挥着重要作用。他的“尤里卡时刻”在上世纪70年代初降临,当时他认识到黑洞并不完全是黑的,而是会发射出被称做“霍金辐射“的能量,这个词后来也成为数学物理领域的一个重要概念。Although his subsequent work has not had such a strong scientific impact, he has continued to publish research papers on quantum cosmology, tackling questions such as what happened before the birth of our universe. His later output is doubly remarkable in a mathematical subject where most researchers peak at an early age.虽然霍金之后的研究没再产生那么大的科学影响,但他不断地发表关于量子宇宙学的研究论文,力图解答诸如宇宙诞生前发生了什么之类的问题。他后来在一个数学课题上取得了卓越成果,而在这一领域,大多数研究者在年轻时就达到了顶峰。He became a celebrity in 1988 with the publication of his first popular book, the bestselling A Brief History of Time. Ten further books have appeared, including four written for children with his daughter, Lucy. “The concept of an imprisoned mind roaming the cosmos plainly gripped people’s imagination,” Lord Rees says.霍金在1988年因其第一本畅销书《时间简史》(A Brief History of Time)成为名人。之后,他又出版了10本书,其中4本是为儿童以及他的女儿露西(Lucy)所写。“一颗身体被禁锢的心灵在宇宙中漫游的想法显然激发了人们的想象,”里斯勋爵说。Prof Hawking enjoys his fame, happily filling lecture rooms from London’s Royal Albert Hall to the White House. He has featured in Star Trek, The Simpsons and many other television shows. Several films have been made about him, including a notable portrayal by Benedict Cumberbatch in 2004.霍金享受他的声誉,他高兴地发表演讲,从伦敦的皇家阿尔伯特音乐厅(Royal Albert Hall)到白宫的演讲厅都挤满了他的听众。他在《星际迷航》(Star Trek)、《辛普森一家》(The Simpsons)和其他许多电视节目中出演过。已有多部关于霍金的电影问世,其中包括本尼迪克特#8226;康伯巴奇(Benedict Cumberbatch)在2004年塑造的著名形象。The best account of Prof Hawking’s early life is his memoir, My Brief History,published last year. He grew up just north of London, the son of Oxford graduates. After three laid-back undergraduate years, also at Oxford, serious work began as a Cambridge postgrad. His illness started at that point, too.对霍金早年生活最好的记录是他的回忆录——去年出版的《我的简史》(My Brief History)。他在伦敦北部长大,父母都是牛津大学毕业生。他同样在牛津念大学,度过3年悠闲的本科时光之后,他成为一名剑桥硕士生并开始了严肃的研究工作。他的病情也是在那时开始发展的。The Theory of Everything focuses on Prof Hawking’s marriage to Jane Wilde, who looked after him and their three children with extraordinary devotion for more than 25 years. They broke up under the strain of 24-hour medical care — and in 1995 he married Elaine Mason, one of his nurses. That, too, ended in divorce and since 2006 he has depended on a team of helpers — and the best medical technology available.新片《万物理论》着重刻画了霍金与简#8226;怀尔德(Jane Wilde)的婚姻,后者为照顾霍金和他们的3个孩子做出了超过25年的非凡奉献。但在24小时医疗护理的压力下,他们离婚了。1995年,霍金与照看他的护士之一伊莱恩#8226;梅森(Elaine Mason)结婚,但这段婚姻也以离婚收场。自2006年以来,霍金一直依靠一个助手团队和当今最先进的医疗技术生活。Prof Hawking retains a strong sense of fun and adventure, though respiratory problems are curtailing his ability to travel and in particular to fly.霍金依然对和冒险保持强烈的兴趣,尽管呼吸道问题限制了他旅行,特别是坐飞机。“He is a fantastic symbol for people living with motor neurone disease,” says Belinda Cupid, research director of the UK Motor Neurone Disease Association, with his role in the 2012 London Paralympics opening ceremony particularly inspiring. “As patron of our charity, he is very generous with his time.” Why Prof Hawking has lived so much longer than other MND patients remains a medical mystery, however.英国运动神经元疾病协会研究部主任贝琳达#8226;丘比特谈到霍金在2012年伦敦残奥会开幕式上特别鼓舞人心的作用时说:“他对患有运动神经元疾病的人来说是一个神奇的象征。”“作为我们慈善机构的赞助人,他付出了很多时间。”但是,为什么霍金可以比其他运动神经元疾病患者多活如此之久仍是个医学谜题。In the past 15 years Intel engineers have looked after his communications needs. “They have redesigned my software and incorporated new word prediction algorithms that allow me to write faster,” he says. “Through my computer I can write, talk, scientific papers, make Skype phone calls and search on the internet. Recently I decided to join Facebook .”在过去15年中,英特尔的工程师一直在关注他的通讯需求。“他们重新设计了我的软件,并加装了新的单词预测算法,让我可以写得更快,”霍金说。“通过我的电脑,我能够书写、讲话、阅读科学论文、拨打Skype电话以及在互联网上进行搜索。最近,我决定加入Facebook。”Important as Prof Hawking’s own research has been, his role as a beacon inspiring young people to study maths and physics may be even more influential in the long run, says Professor David Wands, director of Portsmouth university’s cosmology institute: “The iconic figure of Hawking the celebrity is impossible to disentangle from his profound contribution as a scientist.”朴茨茅斯大学宇宙学研究所所长大卫#8226;万兹(David Wands)教授说,与霍金教授自己所做的研究同样重要的是,从长远来看,他作为鼓舞年轻人学习数学和物理的一盏明灯可能会发挥更大的影响。“霍金作为一个名人的偶像形象不可能脱离他作为一个科学家的巨大贡献。” /201412/349711 One of Google#39;s self-driving cars crashed into a bus in California last month. There were no injuries.谷歌公司的一辆自动驾驶汽车上个月在加州与一辆公交车相撞,所幸无人员受伤。It is not the first time one of Google#39;s famed self-driving cars has been involved in a crash, but it may be the first time it has caused one. Google is to meet with California#39;s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to discuss the incident, and determine where the blame lies.这不是谷歌的自动驾驶汽车第一次牵扯到交通事故之中了,不过引发交通事故尚属首次。谷歌公司将会晤加州机动车商讨事故相关信息以及责任归属。On 14 February the car, travelling at 2mph (3km/h), pulled out in front of a public bus going 15mph (24km/h). The human in the Google vehicle reported that he assumed the bus would slow down to let the car out, and so he did not override the car#39;s self-driving computer. The crash happened in Mountain View, near Google#39;s headquarters.2月14日,当时谷歌的这辆汽车正以2迈的速度(3公里/小时)行驶,与一辆以15迈速度(24公里/小时)行驶的公交车发生碰撞。而谷歌汽车中的工作人员报告称,自己当时认为公交车会放慢速度让汽车通过,因此并未替代自驾计算机进行操作。据悉,这起事故就发生在谷歌公司总部附近的山景城。In a statement, Google said: ;We clearly bear some responsibility, because if our car hadn#39;t moved, there wouldn#39;t have been a collision. That said, our test driver believed the bus was going to slow or stop to allow us to merge into the traffic, and that there would be sufficient space to do that.;谷歌公司在一份声明中表示:“很明显在此次事故中我们负有一定责任,因为如果我们的汽车不变道,事故便不会发生。公司的测试驾驶员相信公交车会减速或停下允许汽车并入车道,当时道路上的空间非常充足。”The company#39;s self-driving cars have clocked up well over a million miles across various states in the US, and until now have only reported minor ;fender benders; - the American slang for a small collision. In all of those cases, other road users were to blame.谷歌公司的自动驾驶汽车在美国各州的行驶记录已经达到100万英里,截至目前为止仅仅出现过几次“小的刮蹭”。在这些事故中谷歌汽车都不属于责任方。Google said it had now refined its self-driving algorithm. ;From now on, our cars will more deeply understand that buses (and other large vehicles) are less likely to yield to us than other types of vehicles, and we hope to handle situations like this more gracefully in the future.;此外,谷歌公司表示已对自动驾驶技术的算法进行了改进。“从现在开始,公司的汽车将更深刻地认识到公交车(和其他大型汽车)并不太可能会像其他汽车那样允许我们并道。我们希望日后能够更为得体地处理这样的情况。”If the DMV considers the Google car to be at fault for the collision, it could be seen as a setback for the company#39;s ambitious autonomous vehicle plans.如果加州机动车认定谷歌汽车为此次事故的责任方,那么其雄心勃勃的自动驾驶计划无疑将遭受重大的挫折。 /201603/429774襄阳哪家医院生殖器医院比较好老河口第一医院 医院电话



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