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Airbnb has formed a partnership with China Broadband Capital and Sequoia China to help the apartment-sharing app expand into the Chinese market.Airbnb已与中国宽带产业基金(China Broadband Capital)及红杉中国(Sequoia China)建立合作关系,以帮助这一公寓分享应用向中国市场扩张。The San Francisco-based ‘sharing economy’ app will be advised by local venture capitalists on how to adapt to sell to Chinese travellers. One of its first tasks will be to recruit a chief executive for Airbnb China.中国当地的风险投资家将向这家总部位于旧金山的“分享经济”应用公司提供咨询,告诉它如何调整自身、以适应中国旅游市场。该公司的首要任务之一,将是为Airbnb中国(Airbnb China)招募一名首席执行官。The partnership comes amid a .5bn fundraising round from investors including Beijing-based Hillhouse Capital and investment firm Tiger Global, and led by US private equity firm General Atlantic. The round, which boosts the company’s valuation to at least bn, will be used to try to tap into booming demand in Asia.与此同时,Airbnb正向投资者展开一轮规模为15亿美元的募资。这些投资者以美国私人股本公司泛大西洋投资集团(General Atlantic)为首,还包括总部位于北京的高瓴资本(Hillhouse Capital)以及投资机构老虎环球基金(Tiger Global)。这轮募资将把Airbnb的估值推升到至少240亿美元,所筹资金将用于努力从亚洲急剧增长的需求中获利。Airbnb has seen strong growth in South Korea and Singapore and is looking to invest more across the region, according to someone familiar with the plans. Airbnb would not confirm that the new partners were also investing in the company.了解相关计划的人士称,Airbnb在韩国和新加坡都实现强劲增长,目前正寻求在亚洲各地展开更多投资。至于新的合作伙伴是否也在投资Airbnb,该公司不愿予以实。Brian Chesky, co-founder and chief executive of Airbnb, said the number of Chinese guests staying in Airbnb properties around the world increased by 700 per cent last year, growing faster than the number of guests from any other single nationality.Airbnb联合创始人、首席执行官布赖恩切斯基(Brian Chesky)表示,去年,在世界各地Airbnb房屋居住过的中国房客的人数增加了7倍,比其他任何一个国家房客人数的增长都快。“When we see this growth and hear the stories from our community, it is clear that Airbnb is uniquely positioned to connect Chinese guests to amazing travel experiences,” he said in a blogpost.他在一篇文中表示:“当我们看到这样的增长、听到我们圈子内的种种故事时,我们明白了一点:在让中国客人享受到绝佳旅游体验方面,Airbnb拥有独特的优势。“And as we move into our next phase of expansion in China, we know we will need deep local knowledge and expertise to keep this momentum going.”“在我们的在华扩张进入新阶段之际,我们知道,我们需要找到对当地情况和业务有深入了解的人,以确保这一扩张势头能够持续下去。” /201508/394655。

The Majestic Opah Is The World#39;s First Truly Warm Blooded Fish!大月鱼成为世界上首例温血鱼类The Opah is a striking fish species that can grow as large as 7-feet in diameter and weigh over 100 pounds. Also referred to as moonfish, the giants that can be found in both temperate and tropical seas reside at depths of 150 to 1,300-feet where the waters can be extremely chilly. Scientists have often wondered how the fish can withstand the temperatures given that they lack typical deep sea dweller characteristics like a large heart. Now thanks to some curious California researchers that mystery has finally been solved - The Opah has warm-blood!月鱼是一种大型鱼类,它直径能长到7英尺,重达100多磅。在温带和热带水下150-1300英尺深度的极寒海域中都可看到它的身影。科学家常对月鱼如何能承受这样的温度感到奇怪,因为它的心脏并不像其他深海生物那样大。现在,好奇的加利福尼亚研究者终于解开了这个谜题——月鱼是温血鱼类!The chain of events leading to the discovery was accidental. It all began in 2012 when Southwest Fisheries Science Center researchers Owyn Snodgrass and Heidi Dewar caught a few more Opah specimens than normal during a research trip off the Southern California coast. Since very little was known about the elusive fish, the scientists decided to take advantage of the unexpected catch and sent some tissue samples to their colleague Nicholas Wegner for dissection.发现这个结果纯属偶然。在2012年,西南水产科学研究中心的研究员Owyn Snodgrass和Heidi Dewar在去南加利福尼亚海岸做调查的路途中,碰巧多抓了些月鱼标本。由于对月鱼的奥秘了解甚少,他们决定充分利用这次意外的捕获,送了一些组织标本给他们的同事Nicholas Wegner做解剖。While the researchers had expected to learn some intriguing facts about the fish#39;s lifestyle, they had not anticipated anything earth shattering. Even Wegner, who specializes in the respiratory adaptations of fast-swimming fish, later admitted that he had always thought the Opah was just another sluggish cold-blooded deep-water species.研究者们本来是期待对月鱼的生活方式多了解一些,从没想过能有如此惊人的发现。专注于游动飞快的鱼类的呼吸适应研究的Wegner后来也承认,自己一直以为月鱼只是迟钝的冷血深水鱼类。So you can imagine everyone#39;s surprise when Wegner discovered that the opah#39;s gill tissue is webbed with red and blue blood vessels or ;rete mirabile.; These surprising findings have resulted in a new respect for this fish. According to Wegner, ;All indications are that this is a very fast fish and an active predator . . . Specialized for living deeper than those other predators.; This shows how much we still have left to learn about the amazing marine animals that reside in our oceans.所以,你可以想象当Wegner发现月鱼腮部组织遍布红色和蓝色的血管时,人们有多么惊讶。这个惊人的发现也使人们对月鱼产生了新的敬畏。Wegner表示,“月鱼游动飞快,善于捕食,比其他捕食者生活的水域更深,这些都印了这个结果。”调查结果也说明了神奇的海洋生物身上仍然有太多奥秘值得我们探究。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201507/381816。

Charter Communications is near a deal to buy Time Warner Cable for about billion, people with direct knowledge of the talks said on Monday, a takeover that would create a new powerhouse in the rapidly consolidating American cable industry.查特通信公司(Charter Communications)以550亿美元左右的价格收购时代华纳有线(Time Warner Cable)的交易已接近达成,对谈判有直接了解的人士周一表示。此番收购将让正在经历快速整合的美国有线电视行业新增一家强大企业。Under the proposed terms of the deal, Charter will pay about 5 a share in cash and stock. That is roughly 14 percent higher than Time Warner Cable’s closing stock price on Friday — and 47 percent higher than Charter’s original bid for its rival from early last year.按照拟议的交易条件,查特公司将选择现金加股票的付方式,每股收购价约为195美元。该价格比时代华纳有线周五的收盘价高14%,比查特去年初最早的出价高47%。A deal could be announced as soon as Tuesday, though these people, who were not authorized to speak publicly about private negotiations, cautioned that talks were continuing and might still fall apart.双方最快可能在周二公布达成交易的消息,但上述人士并未获得公开谈论秘密谈判的授权,他们提醒说,谈判还在继续,并且仍有可能破裂。The potential acquisition of Time Warner Cable completes a lengthy quest by Charter and its main backer, the billionaire John C. Malone, to break into the top tier of the American broadband industry.查特公司及其大股东亿万富豪约翰·J·马龙(John Malone)长期以来一直寻求跻身美国宽带行业的顶级阵营,收购时代华纳有线将让他们得偿所愿。If completed, the transaction would be the latest in a series of mergers remaking the market for broadband Internet and cable television in the ed States. Just last week, the European telecommunications company Altice agreed to buy Suddenlink for about billion.美国宽带互联网和有线电视市场上最近涌现出一系列重塑格局的并购案,这项交易如果能够达成,便会成为其中最新的一桩。And Charter is also nearing an agreement to acquire another cable operator, Bright House Networks, in a transaction that could also be announced soon.此外,查特公司收购另一家有线电视运营商Bright House Networks的交易也已接近达成,达成交易的消息同样可能很快获得公布。Last year, Mr. Malone tried to penetrate the American broadband industry, but Charter was foiled by its larger rival, Comcast, which bid billion for Time Warner Cable. Comcast, the country’s biggest cable operator, ultimately failed in its effort, with federal antitrust regulators believing that the merger would have been untenable.去年,马龙曾试图进入美国宽带行业,但查特公司在对时代华纳有线的竞价中败给了规模比它大的竞争对手康卡斯特(Comcast),后者的出价是450亿美元。作为美国最大的有线电视运营商,康卡斯特的努力最终功亏一篑,因为联邦反垄断监管机构认为这项并购案不合规。Government regulators are also expected to closely scrutinize a combination of Charter and Time Warner Cable, according to analysts, though as a smaller transaction it may face less opposition.分析人士称,政府监管部门也会对查特公司和时代华纳有线的合并进行严格的审查,尽管规模较小的交易面临的阻力可能少一些。Since the collapse of the Comcast agreement, Charter has worked to win over its onetime reluctant target, focusing on a friendly deal and acknowledging that it would have to pay a much higher price tag.康卡斯特的收购计划泡汤后,为了抱得美人归,查特公司一直在跟一度将它拒之门外的时代华纳有线接触,想要进行友善收购,并且接受了不得不开出高得多的价码的事实。Yet the company may still face competition for Time Warner Cable in the form of Altice, which has ambitions to extend its telecom empire across the Atlantic, beginning with the acquisition of Suddenlink.不过,查特公司可能还要跟Altice竞购时代华纳有线。Altice想要以收购Suddenlink为开端,把自己的电信帝国拓展到大西洋这一边。News of the proposed terms of a Charter deal for Time Warner Cable were reported earlier by Bloomberg News.彭新闻社(Bloomberg News)早些时候已就拟议中的查特公司收购时代华纳有线的交易条款进行过报道。 /201505/377413。

A few weeks ago, I awoke one morning at 7 a.m. to a flood of messages in my email inbox. All 48 messages linked to a new that had gone viral overnight. In the , Robert Downey Jr., star of the Iron Man movie franchise, presented a customized 3-D printed bionic hand to a boy named Alex Pring, one year younger than my son.几个星期前的一天早上,我7点钟起床后发现,电子邮箱里收到了大量新函件。这48封信都附上了同一个链接,是一段在网上迅速传播的新视频。视频中,《钢铁侠》(Iron Man)系列电影的主演小罗伯特·唐尼(Robert Downey Jr.)把一个特制的3-D打印仿生手臂交给了一个名叫亚历克斯·布林(Alex Pring)的男孩。他比我的儿子小一岁。Each email said the same thing: “This is amazing! Immediately thought of you.”这些邮件都包含同样的内容:“太棒了!让我立刻想到你了。”My 8-year-old, Thaddeus, was born without his right hand. And as a mother wanting every opportunity for her child, I had started exploring prosthetic options for him when he was a toddler.我8岁的儿子撒迪厄斯(Thaddeus)生来没有右手。作为一个想要为孩子争取一切机会的母亲,在他还是一丁点大的时候,我就开始为他探索可以选择的各种假肢。Since he qualifies for state disability, Thaddeus has been lucky to receive access to an excellent team of doctors, occupational therapists, prosthetists, and state-funded basic hand models. When he turned 5, he was overjoyed to be fitted for his first prosthetic: a Hosmer model arm that he wore with a holster and that offered a pincher “hand” grip. He looked like some mini noir-novel detective, wearing the holster over his Pokemon T-shirt. When he shrugged his shoulders, the pincher hand mechanically opened and closed.由于他符合获得国家残疾保险的条件,撒迪厄斯一直有幸接触到一批优秀的医生、职业理疗师、修复师,并能获得国家资助的基本款手臂模型。他5岁的时候,喜出望外地试戴了自己的第一个假肢:霍斯莫(Hosmer)手臂模型。它通过皮套穿戴,可以像手一样夹起东西。他把假肢的皮套戴在宠物小精灵T恤外面,看上去就像是一部黑色小说里的小侦探。当他耸肩的时候,假手可以机械地打开和关闭。With the Hosmer model, Thaddeus learned how to pick up heavy objects, ride a bike with both “hands,” and balance better. But it didn’t last long. The prosthetic was too hot for him to wear even in the winter, and the holster rubbed too hard against his shoulder. It was highly uncomfortable and hard to turn certain ways to get a more realistic grip on items. He abandoned it after a year.凭借着霍斯莫模型,撒迪厄斯学会了如何抓起重物、用双“手”骑自行车,以及更好地保持平衡。但好景不长。即使在冬天,穿戴这个手臂也太热了,而且皮套和肩膀的擦太厉害。它很不舒,也很难转动到特定的位置,获取抓握物品更真实的感觉。他一年之后放弃了它。Last fall, a professor friend of mine and I started exploring the more affordable and customizable world of 3-D printed prosthetics, which held huge promise for Thaddeus. He saw some of the robot-like pieces and immediately got excited.去年秋天,一个教授朋友和我一起开始探索费用较为合理的特制3-D打印假肢。这种技术很有希望解决撒迪厄斯的问题。看到了一些像机器人似的零部件之后,他立刻兴奋了起来。My friend and I picked out a blueprint that matched my son’s specific needs and slowly started working on it in our spare time. He had access to his college’s 3-D printing lab. It would be manual, not electronic, to start. And it would be a long road, but held a huge price difference of versus ,000, and a lot more design options that kids would like: cool colors, superhero aesthetic additions, breathable materials, even lights.朋友和我选择了一个符合我儿子特殊需求的设计,在空闲时间慢慢开始了这项工作。他可以使用同事的3-D打印实验室。一开始的工作要靠手工完成,而不是电子设备。完成这个任务需要很长时间,不过其间的价格差距是50美元对5000美元,而且提供了孩子喜欢的更多设计选项:酷炫的颜色、超级英雄的美学元素、可呼吸材料,甚至还带有灯光效果。When I mentioned this project to friends and family, our community rejoiced and begged us to keep them updated on the process. We printed out the initial pieces and kept going.当我对朋友和家人提到这个项目时,他们都很兴奋,恳请我们随时报告进展。我们打印出了最初的零件,并在稳步推进。Three-D printed prosthetics for children hold great potential — and they’ve received great press. Hundreds of designs are uploaded every day and shared across the Internet. A “Handomatic” web app [link to: ] exists on the ever-growing e-Nable volunteer site; simply enter your measurements and generate your own customized files to print pieces on a local 3-D printer and start the process. Caught up in the waves of technology, I became an evangelist for 3-D technology and medical design.3-D打印的儿童假肢有很大潜力——它们也得到了媒体的积极报道。每天有数百个假肢的设计方案在网上传播和分享。在不断扩张的e-Nable志愿者网站上,有一个叫做“Handomatic”的网页版应用:只需要输入你的尺寸,生成自己的定制档案,就能在本地3-D打印机上打印出零部件,开启这个过程。我被这样的科技浪潮淹没,成为了3-D技术和医疗用品设计的狂热信徒。Local journalists had privately reached out to me, asking for an exclusive human interest piece on Thaddeus and his new 3-D prosthetic once it was finished and fitted. Family had brought it up on vacations. Friends had constantly messaged me on Facebook.本地的记者私底下联系我,希望能在撒迪厄斯的新3-D假肢完成和试戴以后,让他们写一篇关于他和假肢的温情的独家文章。家人会在度假时提起此事。朋友也经常在Facebook上给我发消息。Later that morning, when I showed Thaddeus the Robert Downey Jr. and Alex Pring , I aly had visions of him learning how to cut steak with a knife in his new robotic fingers. “Isn’t this great?” I said, smiling. “That’s going to be you very soon!”那天上午晚些时候,我向撒迪厄斯展示了小罗伯特·唐尼和亚历克斯·布林的视频。我早已开始想象他是如何用新机械手指来学着切牛排。“是不是特别棒?”我微笑着说。“你很快也能那样!”We were sitting on the couch, and he turned toward me. “I’ve been thinking about it,” he said. “And I don’t want a new hand.”我们当时并排坐在沙发上,然后他转过身来。“我一直在思考这件事,”他说。“我不想要一只新的手。”“But why?” I was devastated. All that time, research and enthusiasm. He was throwing away a chance to have a five-fingered hand? He was quiet for a moment, then started to explain his three reasons.“为什么?”我极度震惊。我们耗费了那么多的时间、研究和热情。他要放弃拥有一只有五个指头的手的机会?他沉默了一会,然后开始解释自己的三个理由。First of all, he said, he didn’t want to lose his sense of touch. “I don’t want to lose the way things feel.” This caught me off guard. I hadn’t thought of how much he could physically feel at the tip of his wrist, how stifled it was under something else like plastic.他说,首先,他不希望失去触觉。“我不想放弃对事物的感知。”这让我猝不及防。我从没想过他用手腕尖端可以拥有多少身体上的感知,而在外面套上塑料这样的东西又会多么地压抑。“I can figure out how to do stuff my own way.” It was true. Thaddeus had figured out how to leverage his arms, feet and neck to open jars, marker and pen caps, and even play baseball. “My brain just works different because of my hand, and I think that’s a good thing.”“我能找到自己的做事方式。”这是真的。撒迪厄斯已经知道如何平衡手臂、双脚和脖子来打开罐子、记号笔和笔盖,甚至还能玩棒球。“因为我的手,我的大脑也在以不同的方式运行。我觉得这是好事。”I nodded in agreement.我点头表示赞同。“And my friends like me just the way I am,” he said. If he started wearing a new hand, he explained, it would draw more attention to him — the kind he didn’t want. “I don’t think kids would be my friend because of me. They would just want to play with my robot hand.”“朋友们也喜欢我的本来面目,”他说。他解释道,如果开始穿戴一只新的假肢,他就会受到更多关注——而他不想要那样的关注。“我觉得,小朋友们就不会因为我本人而要和我做朋友了。他们肯定只会想和我的机械手玩。”“So, is that O.K.?” he asked. “That I don’t want a hand?”“那么,这样没问题吧?”他问道。“我不想要机械手的事?”I hugged him tightly. For eight years, I had focused on only what was lost with my son. What was missing. What was less than, and what was separated from him. And during that time, he had seen what was there to stay for his lifetime — an arm that simply ended at the wrist — and the possibilities that could grow from that, even if those possibilities didn’t have five fingers. As a mother, I had wanted to add to him, because I wanted the best for him.我紧紧地抱住了他。八年来,我关注的一直是儿子失去的东西,他缺失的部分,他的弱点,以及他无法得到的一切。而在同样的时间里,他却看到了会与自己相伴一生的东西——一只止于腕部的手臂——以及随之而来的各种可能性,即便这些可能性中不包含五根手指。作为一名母亲,我总想给他增加一点什么,因为我希望他凡事能得到最好的。That morning, I finally saw that he was perfectly whole.但在那天上午,我终于懂得,他本来就是个完美的健全人。 /201505/376117。

Sina Weibo will remove its 140-character limit starting Jan. 28 on its developer platform, its CEO confirmed on Wednesday.新浪微首席执行官周三实,自本月28日起,将取消开发者平台的140字限制。The change came after media reported that U.S. microblogging platform Twitter is considering removing its own 140-character limit, considered an iconic feature of the social media tool.在媒体报道了美国微平台Twitter正在考虑取消140字限制--这一被认为是社交媒体工具的一大标志性的特点之后,新浪方面的这一改变也紧随而来。On Wednesday, a snapshot of a letter from Weibo Open Platform to its developers was widely circulated on Weibo, where it said the new format is expected to be tested among ;senior users; from Jan. 28 and open to all users by Feb. 28. Weibo CEO Wang Gaofei reposted the snapshot on his personal account under the user name ;Laiquzhijian.;周三,一封微开放平台致内部开发者的信件截图在微上广泛流传,信件称新格式预计于本月28日对会员开放试用权限,于2月28日对全部用户开放。微CEO王高飞在其名为;来去之间;的个人微中转发了该截图。In his retweet, Wang stressed that during the pilot run, only 140 characters will be displayed in followers#39; feeds and a link will appear to show the entire content if a post exceeds the character limit.在这条微中,王高飞强调,测试阶段,用户信息流里只显示140字,如果微字数超限,会出现一条显示全文的链接。China#39;s Sina Weibo boasts over 200 million active users, according to its financial report in 2015.根据中国新浪微方面的2015年财务报告显示,该平台拥有超过2亿的活跃用户。Twitter#39;s rumored plan to remove its character limit has been fiercely debated on social media, but the company has yet to confirm it.关于推特将要取消字符限制的这一传闻在社交媒体上引起了激烈的讨论,但是该公司到目前为止尚未对此进行确认。 /201601/423697。