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2019年06月18日 05:40:20

U.S., European and Arab diplomats meeting in Paris Friday are hoping to find enough common ground to revive stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.美国、欧洲和阿拉伯国家外交官星期五在巴黎举行会谈,希望寻找足够的共同立场,以恢复陷于停滞状态的以巴和谈。Washingtons response to the French effort has been tepid, with Secretary of State John Kerry agreeing to attend simply to listen to ideas proposed by France and others.美国对这次法国提议的会谈态度不是很积极。美国国务卿克里同意出席,但表示只是为了听取法国和其他国家提出的建议。Despite the recent escalation in violence between Israelis and Palestinians, and the fact that representatives of these two parties are not even scheduled to attend the French-brokered resumption of talks aimed at ending the conflict, there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon with the swearing in Monday of ultranationalist Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman, who said he supports a two-state solution.以色列和巴勒斯坦之间的暴力近来有所升级,而以巴双方也不准备出席旨在结束以巴暴力的巴黎会谈,尽管如此,持极端民族主义立场的以色列国防部长利伯曼星期一宣誓就职,他曾表示持两国解决方案,这使人们看到了一线希望。Kerry did not give up hope for a lasting agreement to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict after the peace talks process he brokered fell apart in April of 2014. He held tight to his vision of two states for two peoples, living side by side in peace and security, even as some called it a ;fools errand; and the two principal parties involved refused to speak to one another.美国国务卿克里出面斡旋的和谈2014月陷入僵局,但克里并未因此放弃达成持久协议,解决以巴冲突的希望。他坚持对两个民族两个国家,在和平与安全中共存的设想,尽管有人说这种设想是徒劳的努力,而且冲突双方也拒绝对话。来 /201606/448254青岛妇幼保健网上预约系统Whoever replaces Barack Obama will face many difficult choices but few are likely to be as stark as those in the Asia Pacific region. In a 497-page, densely argued ruling this week, an international tribunal in The Hague blew away the legal ambiguity that has long surrounded China’s claim to control the bulk of the South China Sea one of the busiest trading routes in the world.无论巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)的继任者是谁,都将面对许多艰难选择,但其中可能没几个像亚太地区的选择那样严酷。海牙国际仲裁庭上周公布了长97页的详细仲裁结果,消除了长期以来有关中国对南中国海绝大多数区域领土主张的法律模糊。南中国海是世界上最繁忙的贸易路线之一。How the White House responds to the verdict in the coming months will help define Washington’s relationship with Beijing for years, and dramatically influence the geopolitics of the region.接下来几个月白宫对这一裁决所作反应,不但有助于定义未来数年美中之间的关系,还将对该地区地缘政治产生极大影响。Washington sees the ruling, issued by the Permanent Court of Arbitration, after a complaint from the Philippines, as a victory for what some US officials describe as a 21st century rules-based order over China’s 19th-century plans for its own sphere of influence. By rejecting so many of the assumptions that underpinned Beijing’s claims in the South China Sea, the tribunal has put it on the spot.华盛顿方面视这份由菲律宾提出仲裁、海牙常设仲裁法Permanent Court of Arbitration)作出的裁决是一次胜利,部分美国官员称,这是针对中国19世纪规划的势力范围,作出的一1世纪的基于规则的裁决。仲裁庭否定了许多撑中国南中国海领土主张的假设,令中国面临尴尬局面。If China continues occupying reefs and developing them into potential military bases a process that has accelerated since 2014 it will be acting outside the bounds of international law. The US would then have to decide its next steps and how much military force it is prepared to deploy.如果中国继续占领岛礁,并将它们发展为潜在军事基地——该进程014年后加速——其行为将越过国际法的边界。届时美国必须决定下一步行动,以及准备部署多少军事力量。“China has to make a decision is it going to adhere to the rule of law and act like a world leader with responsibilities, or is it going to go its own course,says Ben Cardin, the senior Democrat on the Senate foreign relations committee. However, he adds: “They will probably assert their sovereignty by additional island building or military activity.”美国参议院外交关系委员Senate Foreign Relations Committee)资深民主党人#8226;卡丁(Ben Cardin)表示:“中国必须做出抉择,是要坚持法治,表现得像个负责任的全球领导者,还是要走自己的路线。”但他同时表示:“他们很可能会通过追加岛屿建设或军事行动来维护自己的主权。”In an interview before the court ruling was announced, Max Baucus, US ambassador to China, said one of his messages to government officials in Beijing was that “we’re in a whole new chapter here#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;The old chapter was talk for the sake of talk, agree to disagree,he added. “We’re past that. The new chapter is [about] actions仲裁庭宣布裁决结果前,美国驻华大使马克斯#8226;鲍卡Max Baucus)在一次采访中表示,他想对北京的政府官员传递的信息之一就是“我们已进入一个全新的篇章……旧篇章是为了谈话而谈话,同意各自保留不同意见。我们已经翻过了这一篇,新篇章的内容是行动。”Competing rivalries竞争对手There are multiple rivalries in the South China Sea and they operate on two levels. A host of islands, rocks and reefs are claimed by China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan, and the disputes combine fishing rights, potential natural resources and national pride.南中国海有多名角逐者,它们在两个层面上展开行动。中囀?越南、菲律宾、马来西亚、文莱和台湾都对一众岛屿和岩礁提出了声索,争端牵涉权、潜在的自然资源和民族自豪感。For the US and China, the South China Sea is more a matter of the geopolitics of sea control. The US Navy has policed the crucial maritime waterway for most of the past 70 years, and believes that China wants to slowly nudge it out of crucial parts of the western Pacific. A dominant position in the South China Sea would give Beijing a platform to exert greater influence over the foreign policies of its neighbours and the terms of economic engagement in east Asia.对于美国和中国来说,南中国海更多是一个关于海上控制权的地缘政治问题。过0年的大多数时间里,美国海军一直充当这条重要海上航道的警察,同时相信中国想要一步步地将美国逼出这片西太平洋的关键海域。在南中国海占有主导地位将令北京得到一个平台,从而对邻国外交政策以及东亚经济合作条款施加更大影响。The Hague ruling has delivered a significant blow to that project. The five-judge panel ruled unanimously that China does not have “historic rightsto the resources within its infamous “nine-dash line which delineates its claim to about 85 per cent of the waterway.海牙国际仲裁庭的裁决对中国这一计划发出沉重的一击。五人仲裁小组一致裁定中国对其著名的“九段线”内的资源不拥有“历史性权利”。根据九段线划定的范围,中国主张对南中国海约85%的水域拥有主权。The tribunal also said that none of the land features in the Spratlys archipelago in the centre of the South China Sea could be considered as islands, which under international law would give them a 200-mile “exclusive economic zone The result which Beijing contests sharply curtails its legal claim to control.该仲裁庭还表示,斯普拉特利群岛(Spratly Islands,中国称南沙群岛)——位于南中国海的中心——内所有地物均不能被视作岛屿。依据国际法,岛屿可产生200海里的“专属经济区”。这一结果受到北京方面的反对,它极大限制了中国对南中国海控制权的法律主张。For the US, the ruling gives it the chance to demonstrate that the channel is an international waterway where any navy can sail legally and raises the potential cost for China should it expand its military footprint through further land reclamation. But officials hope the verdict could also provide the basis for a new round of regional diplomacy about the disputes.对于美国来说,该裁决让它得以借机明该航道为一条国际水道,任何海军都可以合法航行,它也提高了中国通过进一步填海造岛、扩大其军事足迹的潜在成本。但美国官员希望该裁决还可以为新一轮有关南中国海争端的地区外交提供基础。Over the past four years, the Obama administration has tried to beef up its presence in the region in order to deter China a policy known as the “pivot Michael McDevitt, a retired rear admiral, says that since 2013 there have been two US destroyers in the South China Sea at any one time.过去4年奥巴马政府一直努力加强自己在该地区的存在,以遏制中国,即“重返亚洲”政策。退役海军少将迈克尔#8226;麦克德维Michael McDevitt)表示013年以来,南中国海一直随时停留着两艘美国驱逐舰。“The US presence has dramatically increased,he says.他说:“美国的存在显著增加了。”The US has also revamped its military relationships in the region. Having kicked out US armed forces at the end of the cold war, this year the Philippines opened five bases to US aircraft. Washington is also discussing positioning military equipment for the first time in 40 years in Vietnam, at a base in Da Nang.美国还改进了在该地区的军事关系。曾在冷战结束时赶走美军的菲律宾,今年向美国空军开放了5个基地。华盛顿方面还在讨论在越南岘港基地布置军事装备,这是40年来第一次。Ambiguous environment模糊的环境At times, Beijing’s island-building has confused the US. It has found it difficult to respond to Chinese “salami-slicing where its moves to change the facts on the ground are too small to attract a backlash, in contrast to Russia’s 2014 annexation of Crimea.北京方面的岛屿建设令美国不时感到困惑,它发现中国的“切香肠”策略很难对付。与2014年俄罗斯吞并克里米亚相比,中国改变地面事实的动作实在太小,不足以引起强烈反应。The Obama administration has also found itself divided over how strongly it should push back against China, with the Pentagon and especially Pacific Command advocating tougher military action to deter further land reclamation. Yet at times, this has been in conflict with other goals, such as securing Chinese support for last year’s climate change agreement.对于应该以多大的力度回击中国,奥巴马政府内部的意见也不统一。其中五角大楼——尤其是美国太平洋司令部(Pacific Command)——主张采取更强硬的军事行动,以遏制中国进一步填海造岛。然而,这种立场有时会与其他目标发生冲突,比如获得中国去年对气候变化协议的持。Before the ruling, China operated in an environment of much greater legal ambiguity. When the US Navy began a series of “freedom of navigation operations designed to challenge excessive claims, a senior official said Ashton Carter, the defence secretary, held “dozens of hours of meetings with lawyers, poring over maps Yet even then, some US officials believe that the resulting patrols by US ships sent signals that were often confusing in legal terms.在此次裁决之前,中国是在一种法律模糊性更大的环境下行动的。当美国海军开始一系列旨在挑战过度领土主张的“航行自由行动”时,一名高级官员称,美国国防部长阿什#8226;卡特(Ashton Carter)“与律师举行了几十小时的会议,钻研地图”。然而,即便如此,一些美国官员仍认为,作为其结果的美军船只巡航传达的信号在法律上往往是令人困惑的。Backed by the ruling, the Pentagon has a much clearer view of the legal status of most of the features in the South China Sea to guide its patrols. “The ruling puts wind in the sails of what the US has aly been doing,says Timothy Heath, a China expert at the Rand Corporation.在裁决的持下,五角大楼对南中国海的大多数地物的法律地位有了更清晰的认识,这能指导美国的巡航。“裁决让美国对其已在进行的事情更有信心了,”兰德公Rand Corporation)的中国问题专家蒂莫西#8226;希Timothy Heath)说。But he does not anticipate any drastic changes. “China is not going to leave voluntarily anytime soon and the US does not want a war over this issue,he says.但他并不预计会发生任何剧烈的变化。“中国短期内不会自愿撤离,而美国不希望因为这个问题挑起战争,”他说。The US is likely to encourage allies in the region, such as Australia and Japan, to conduct similar operations in order to emphasise the claim that these are international waters. European allies may also get involved. The UK and France have expressed an interest in conducting South China Sea missions, which they can justify in terms of defending international law.美国可能鼓励日本、澳大利亚等其在该地区的盟友采取类似行动,以强调这些水域是国际水域的主张。其欧洲盟友也可能参与进来。英国和法国都表达了在南中国海开展行动的兴趣,它们可以以维护国际法的名义声称这些行动是正当的。The Hague’s decision coincided with a Beijing summit between the EU and China. In his formal opening remarks hours ahead of its release, Donald Tusk, the president of the European Council, referred to the “important rulingthat was coming and told China’s premier, Li Keqiang, that “the rule-based international order is in our common interest#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;both China and the EU have to protect it海牙国际仲裁庭的裁决适逢欧EU)和中国在北京举行峰会。在裁决公布几小时前,欧洲理事会(European Council)主席唐纳#8226;图斯Donald Tusk)在正式的开幕致辞中提到即将到来的“重要的裁决”,并对中国总理李克强说,“基于规则的国际秩序符合我们的共同利益……中国和欧盟都必须保护它”。“They were very upset that Tusk raised the matter publicly,says one person briefed on the talks. “The Europeans have never seen the Chinese side so angry.A scheduled press briefing featuring Mr Li and Mr Tusk was cancelled at short notice, when the EU insisted that journalists be allowed to ask questions that Beijing officials knew would be dominated by the territorial dispute.“图斯克公开提到这个问题,他们非常恼火,”一名了解这次会谈情况的人说,“欧洲人从来没有看到中方如此愤怒过。”由于欧盟方面坚持允许记者提问,而北京方面的官员知道这些问题将会被领土争端主导,一场预定的李克强和图斯克的媒体发布会被临时取消。US commitment美国的承诺The ruling comes during a US presidential campaign that is creating nervousness among Asian allies about the reliability of American commitments, especially with regard to the pending Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact.裁决公布之际,美国总统大选激战正酣。这次大选正使美国的亚洲盟友对美国所作承诺的可靠性产生怀疑,尤其是悬而未决的贸易协定《跨太平洋伙伴关系协定TPP)。For many in the region, the TPP is a once-in-a-generation commitment by the US a reassurance that Washington genuinely see its future tied to Asia. It is for that reason that Mr Carter has said that the agreement would be “worth another aircraft carrier对于该地区的许多国家而言,TPP是美国作出的几十年只有一次的承诺——美国真正认为其未来和亚洲联系在一起的保。因为这个原因,卡特曾经说,这个协议“价值比得上一艘航空母舰”。However, TPP is opposed by both the presumptive Democratic and Republican nominees, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump . Mr Trump has also raised the prospect of pulling US troops out of Japan and South Korea and encouraging both countries to develop their own nuclear deterrent against North Korea which would substantially undercut the US military position if implemented.然而,民主党和共和党的假定被提名人希拉#8226;克林Hillary Clinton)和唐纳德#8226;特朗Donald Trump,特朗普已正式获得共和党总统候选人提名——编者注)都反对TPP。特朗普还提出了一种可能,即把美国军队从日本和韩国撤出,鼓励两国发展自己的核威慑以对抗朝鲜——如果美国真的这样做,其军事地位将被大大削弱。There is also the awkward irony that the US Senate has yet to ratify the UN Law of the Sea Treaty, the basis for The Hague ruling. When it was debated two years ago, some Republican senators warned it could be used to overrule American sovereignty claims precisely the complaint China is making. As a result, Beijing is refusing to accept the ruling based on an agreement it has fully signed up to, while the US is calling for the enforcement of a treaty it has declined to back.还有一个具有讽刺意味的尴尬事实是,美国参议院仍未批准《联合国海洋法公约UNCLOS)。《公约》正是海牙仲裁庭的裁决依据。两年前对此进行辩论的时候,一些共和党参议员警告称,《公约》可能被用来推翻美国的主权主张——这正是中国现在的不满。其结果是,北京方面拒绝接受基于其全面签署的一项协议作出的裁决,而美国则呼吁执行一项其拒绝持的公约。In the short term, top of the list of potential Sino-US flashpoints is Scarborough Shoal, 140 miles from the Philippinescoast where China took control three years ago. Earlier this year, the Obama administration delivered private warnings to Beijing not to begin a new exercise in land reclamation. Although US officials refuse to say if Scarborough Shoal is covered by the mutual defence treaty between the countries, some in Washington would like to see a formal declaration in order to deter Beijing.从短期来看,中美的头号潜在冲突点是距离菲律宾海岸40英里、在3年前被中国控制的斯卡伯勒浅滩(Scarborough Shoal,中国称黄?岛)。今年早些时候,奥巴马政府私下警告中国不要开始新的填海造岛。尽管美国官员拒绝说明美国与菲律宾之间的共同防御条约是否覆盖了斯卡伯勒浅滩,但华盛顿的一些人士希望美国作出正式声明以遏制中国。“I think we should be prepared to take military action in Scarborough Shoalif China tries to build a new artificial island, says Admiral Dennis Blair, former head of US Pacific Command. “Draw the line there.”如果中国试图建一个新的人工岛,“我认为我们应该准备好在斯卡伯勒浅滩采取军事行动”,前美军太平洋司令部总司令丹尼斯#8226;布莱尔海军上Admiral Dennis Blair)说,“要在那里划定界线。”来 /201607/455928青岛新阳光妇产医院上环多少钱怎么样They said it was going to be nontraditional and it was (relatively speaking). They said it was going to be optimistic and it was.他们说会不合传统——(相对而言)确实如此。他们说会很乐观——确实如此。They (representatives at the White House press office) were referring, of course, to the substance of President Obama’s final State of the Union address Tuesday night, though that is not, as it happens, what I am referring to; I am referring to the optics that framed it. Specifically, the marigold sheath Michelle Obama wore, which pretty much put her wardrobe where his message was, capping seven years of highly effective sartorial politics.他们(白宫新闻办公室的代表)指的当然就是奥巴马总统本周二晚上最后一次发表的国情咨文演讲,但我指的却不是;我指的是映衬它的视觉效果。具体来说,是米歇尔·奥巴Michelle Obama)穿的那条金盏花色直裙,基本上就是用她的衣来传达他的信息,为七年来卓有成效的饰政治画上了点睛一笔。Yes, there were more important things to think about than a dress on Tuesday. But if you believe this highly social-media-aware administration the one that previewed the evening’s speech on Facebook did not calculate the subliminal signals that the two protagonists might send via every means possible on one of the most public, closely watched evenings of the year, well, I’ve got a birther for you to meet.是的,本周二有比衣更重要的事情要思考。但是,如果你认为这届具有高度社交媒体意识的政府——这个在Facebook上预演当晚讲话的政府——没有考虑过在一年之中最为万众瞩目的夜晚,两大主角会通过一切可能的手段发送什么样的潜意识信号,那么你就得长长见识了。Especially because the dress was impossible to miss, thanks to its bright hue, identified by its designer, Narciso Rodriguez, as marigold, but labeled by Twitter observers, as, variously, mango, mustard and orange Starburst. It was just as impossible to miss the fact that it telegraphed a mood that was unquestionably upbeat and sunny. Indeed, it was the brightest dress the first lady had worn to a State of the Union since 2012, when she appeared in bright blue Barbara Tfank, and a notable contrast to the last State of the Union, where she wore a zipped-up sober gray skirt suit by Michael Kors and the dimensions were multiple.特别是因为你不可能无视这条连衣裙,这要归功于它的明亮色调,设计师纳西索·罗德里格斯(Narciso Rodriguez)称其为金盏花色,但Twitter上的观察人士对它的称呼多种多样,芒果、黄芥末和橙子软糖。你也不可能无视这样一个事实:它毫无疑问地展示着乐观和快乐的情绪。事实上,这是自2012年那件亮蓝色的芭芭拉·范可(Barbara Tfank)连衣裙之后,第一夫人在国情咨文之夜穿着的最鲜艳的连衣裙,与去年形成了鲜明对比,去年她穿了一套迈克·高Michael Kors)拉链式素净灰色裙装——并且是有多个解读维度的。The designer, after all, is Cuban-American; a fitting (no pun intended) nod to the resumption of diplomatic relations between the countries that is part of her husband’s legacy, as well as to the American fashion industry, for which she has been a notable booster. Though the dress was originally priced at ,095 on NeimanMarcus.com, then reduced to 8, it is now sold out.毕竟,这条连衣裙的设计师是古巴裔美国人;这是对古巴和美国恢复外交关系的一种妥帖的(无双关含义)致意——那是她丈夫的政治成果之一;同时也是对美国时尚业的认可(奥巴马夫人一直是美国时尚业的重要持者)。在NeimanMarcus.com上,这条连衣裙最初标095美元(约合人民币1.4万元),后来降到628美元,现已售罄。As it happens, Mr. Rodriguez has been a favorite of Mrs. Obama’s since the first campaign, when she wore a red and black dress he made for election night. She wore his burgundy dress to her husband’s first State of the Union in . Then, as now, the dress was sleeveless. Then, as now, the first lady’s sculpted arms were on display. Then, people freaked out a little (sleeveless! in February!), and she did not go sleeveless again to the annual speech until 2013. Now, no one blinked. Though, judging by the votes of Twitter approval, they did seem to smile.实际上,从奥巴马第一次竞选活动开始,罗德里格斯的作品就是奥巴马夫人的最爱之一,她在那次大选之夜穿着的红黑相间连衣裙就是罗德里格斯制作的009年奥巴马第一次发表国情咨文的时候,她也穿着罗德里格斯的酒红色连衣裙。当时和现在一样,连衣裙是无袖的。当时和现在一样,第一夫人线条分明的胳膊展示了出来。当时人们有点震惊(无袖月份!),此后一直到2013年,她再也没有在国情咨文之夜穿着无袖装。现在,没有人大惊小怪了。不过,从Twitter上的赞成投票来看,他们似乎在微笑。Progress, of a kind.这也是一种进步。来 /201601/423173青岛较好的妇科医院在哪

青岛治疗宫颈糜烂得多少钱海阳妇幼保健医院在线咨询青岛治疗宫颈糜烂大约多钱President Barack Obama has set a goal to admit 110,000 refugees into the ed States during the 2017 fiscal year, which is about 10,000 more than his initial goal and about 30 percent higher than this year.美国总统奥巴马计划在2017财年将美国接纳的难民人数增加1万。这比他原先计划的人数多1万人,也比今年增0%。Secretary of State John Kerry announced the new resettlement goal during a closed session with members of the House and Senate judiciary committees Tuesday, according to media reports.据媒体报导,美国国务卿克里星期二在众议院和参议院司法委员会的闭门会议上宣布了这项新的安置目标。The last time the U.S. set a resettlement goal as high as Obama’s was during Bill Clinton’s presidency in 1995, when Clinton agreed to accept 112,000 refugees. During the 2015 fiscal year, the U.S. admitted just 70,000 refugees.美国上一次定下像奥巴马设定的这么高的安置目标是在1995年比尔·克林顿担任总统期间。当时他同意接纳11000名难民。美国在2015财年只接纳了7万难民。The report, which was obtained by Politico, said the Obama administration wants to admit a “significantly highernumber of refugees from Syria next year.据美国政治新闻网报道,奥巴马政府希望在明年接纳“人数明显增多的”叙利亚难民。Obama will likely formally announce the refugee plan before he attends a summit on refugees during next week’s General Assembly meeting at the ed Nations.奥巴马下周出席联合国大会关于难民问题的峰会前,可能会正式宣布这项难民安置计划。来 /201609/466462青岛新阳光妇科医院做人流好吗

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