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有关参观动物园的幼儿英语话剧 --01 :7:5 来源: 有关参观动物园的幼儿英语话剧casts:mother—M Celina—C George—G M:Today is Sunday.Do you want to go to the zoo,children?C:Yes,we do.(三人撑伞同去动物园)G:Look!There are bears.B:I like them.They are strong.M:Bears sleep in the winter.Their claws are used ripping,digging,and catching.G:Wow!B:Look at that cage!There are lots of snakes!I:Can I help you?G:Yes.Can you tell me more about snakes?I:Snakes is a kind of coldblooded animals.So they looked terrible.But they love the sun.They eat rats,frogs and other small animals.M:I don’t love snakes,but some people are liking the snakes very much.B:Mum,I want to buy a snake.G:Oh,no.look at the elephants,they love water!M:And look at pandas,they’re qute.And they love bamboo.I:Pandas are good tree climbers,thay can also swim.And they are China’s treasures.Pandas are very fat and hairy.My favourite animal is panda. 有关参观动物园的幼儿英语话剧我的兔子(My rabbit) -- ::9 来源: 我的兔子(My rabbit)i have a pretty rabbit. she wears a white coat. she has two red eyes. she has long ears. my rabbit likes carrots and vegetables. but it doesn’t like taking a bath. she can run and jump. it likes plating and eating. i have a small football and my rabbit likes playing football with me very much.i like my rabbit. do you like my rabbit?

关于环境保护Environmental Protection -- :3: 来源: Recently,the problem of environmental pollution is getting more and more serious. The airpollution, noise pollution and water pollution are found on the newspapereverywhere. It is obvious that we should do something to protect our earth. Becausewe have only one home. We should try our best not to pollute the environmentand appeal the people around us make their eft to protect our unique home.近年来,环境污染问题越来越严重空气污染,噪音污染,水污染是在报纸上随处可见很明显,我们应该做些什么来保护我们的地球因为我们只有一个家我们要尽量不污染环境,还要呼吁我们周围的人努力来保护我们唯一的家园

大餐后-- :6:6 After a big meal, everyone was full, so they finished up and left.   Jack:Hey, that food was terrific! My stomach isn’t growling at me anymore. Are you sure you don’t want another dish?   Amber:Nah, I’m stuffed. Thank you all the same.   Jack:How about you, Ethabella?   Ethabella:No thanks, I can’t eat another bite.   Jack:I know what you mean. I’m so full I could burst. Shall we go, then?   Amber:I’m all set.   Ethabella:Me too. Thanks the dinner, Jack.   :Anytime.   一顿大餐后,每个人都吃得很饱,稍做逗留之后他们离开了饭店   Jack:嘿!这顿饭可真棒啊!这下我的肚子不会再叫唤了你们确实不想再点什么菜了吗?   Amber:不用了,我吃饱了谢谢你   Jack:你呢? Ethabella?   Ethabella:不点了,谢谢我一口都吃不下了   Jack:我也有同感我都撑死了那么我们走吧?   Amber:我准备好了   Ethabella:我也准备好了Jack,谢谢你请我们吃晚餐   Jack:别客气,我随时都愿意再次请你们出来吃饭


  风景区 Scenic Spots -- :: 来源: I am born and live in a small country. It is far away from the city. So, its scenery is still natural, not being remed yet. It is beautiful, especially the mountain next to my house. There are many green trees, beautiful flowers, active birds and clean rivers. Besides, there is a wonderful and natural waterfall. I think it will be a famous scenic sport once it is developed. I firmly believe on it.我出世并且住在一个村庄这里离城市很远所以,那里的天然风景还没被改造很漂亮,尤其是我家旁边的那座山山上有很多绿绿葱葱的树木,美丽的花儿,活泼的鸟儿以及清澈的河流此外,还有一个很棒的天然瀑布我觉得一旦这里被开发,肯定能成为著名的风景区我对它有信心。


  The litte green man -- 1:0:18 来源: It was cold and windy. Mary was sitting in the sitting-room, she was ing today's news paper. Suddenly, she heard a noise, " hiss hiss ", John came in then. Mary asked, " Do you hear a noise like hiss hiss?" "Oh, yes. I heard it." Suddenly, they heard another noise, "hum hum", "Oh, there's green light outside the window." John said, " I feel very much afraid." After green light, a little man walked out from a spaceship, who was very short and his skin looked green.The green man said, " Don't be afraid. I come from M51." Mary and John were not afraid then. The green man was glad. "Hello, this is the earth. " Mary said. The man said, " Oh, I'm hungry. Can I have some food?" "OK." Mary said. After a while, John took out many snacks. The man said, "Oh, this is so good and that is good too." Mary and beamed with smiles. ter an hour, the man would go back to hi spaceship. He said to Mary and John, " Thank you very much and I'll miss you, bye-bye!" He said it and then he got into spaceship. Mary and John said to him, " Bye-bye, welcome back again and have a nice trip home."二年级英语作文:Hay Holiday --1 01:50:1 来源:   may day is coming. i’m so hay because my father and my mother take me to wu quan park this holiday.  in the park, i see many trees and beautiful flowers. there are many children and many hay playing games, too.my parents take me to the zoo. there are lio, tigers, eagles, bears, deer, monkeys, and so on. i like the monkeys best because they are very clever and they make us laugh. how lovely they are!  i have a good time that day. what a beautiful and hay holiday.旅行快乐:假日出游的7大省钱妙招 -01- :3: 来源: With gas prices sky-high and flights that aren’t much better, it’s difficult to find ways to travel on a budget no matter how much traveling broadens your horizons. However, by implementing the seven tips below, you can definitely save hundreds of dollars during the upcoming holiday months and even enjoy yourself in the process.现如今汽油价格飞涨,机票也便宜不到哪儿去,所以,不论旅行如何能拓展视野,想要穷游还真不那么容易但下面七大妙招,不仅能让你在接下来几个月的假期省下大把钞票,还能使你乐在其中哦 Stay With Family 跟家人呆在一起 It seems like a simple way to save money, but sometimes staying with family is more complicated than it seems. First, you don’t want to infringe on anyone’s privacy and secondly, there might be other relatives vying the same space. To avoid the confusion and any awkward moments, be sure to talk to your family members way ahead of time to see how long they would be comtable with you staying. 这貌似是个省钱的好方法,但有时候跟家人呆在一起可没看上去的那么简单首先,你绝不希望侵犯任何人的隐私;其次,可能别的亲戚也正打算到这里来呢为避免造成困扰和任何尴尬,请一定提前跟家人打个招呼,看他们方便让你呆多久 Offer to make them a nice meal or take them out to dinner. Trust me, they will greatly appreciate the gesture and you will still save a significant amount of money since a meal out costs much less than 5 nights in a hotel room.另外,记得为他们做顿大餐或带他们出去搓一顿我敢保,他们肯定会很感谢您的好意,而且你还能省下不少银子——毕竟,出去搓一顿的开销远远少于在酒店住5晚的花费吧Do Research On Airline Fees 研究航空费用If you are traveling by plane, be sure to do your research ahead of time. It seems that many airlines change their policies on how much free luggage you are allowed at the drop of a hat. These fees can sometimes be so high, you could have upgraded to first class less! Avoiding these fees often means less luggage, which means you might have to ship gifts ahead of time. This tip will also help you to keep stress levels down in the airport since won’t be getting any unexpected financial “surprises.” 如果你是乘飞机旅行,请务必提前做好功课航空公司似乎一有变动就会改变政策,免费托运行李的重量需要注意了有时候行李托运费高得出奇,有那点钱都能坐头等舱了!要避免这些费用就得少带行李,也就是说,你最好还是提前把礼物寄过去吧这样做也能为你在机场免去不少烦恼,不必担心遇到意外开销了 3 旅行 快乐 假日

  购物 --01 :: 来源: 购物  today is sunday, and it's mother's day. my mother takes me to the times shopping mall in the morning. the mall is very large, and there are many things there. there are food,drinks, and much more.  we buy lots of things. exampie, a box of milk, some clothes and some snacks. we spend 0 yuan on them.  lt's great! we feelso happy!旅游景点英文介绍:泉州之美 -- 18:6:51 来源: 旅游景点英文介绍:泉州之美Get away from the crowds in Xiamen and seek out the quieter pleasures in Quanzhou, a city with a rich maritime history that was once a melting pot of the world's religions.Many travelers visiting East China's Fujian province head straight Xiamen, a seaside city widely regarded as the area's biggest tourist draw. But nearby Quanzhou, packed with culture and history, is just as worthy of your time. One of the country's largest statues of sage Lao Tzu sits at the Qingyuan Mountain. Famous as the start of the Maritime Silk Road and the largest port in Asia during the Song (960-79) and Yuan (71-68) dynasties, Quanzhou was once visited by legendary travelers, such as Marco Polo and Moroccan explorer Ibn Battuta, who compared Quanzhou to the Egyptian port of Alexandria.The Quanzhou Maritime Museum is an ideal place to learn about the harbor city's rich history.Designed to resemble a sailing ship, the museum, one of very few maritime-themed museums in the country, offers free entry and a free tour guide.The museum boasts a number of replicas of ancient boats, ranging from brigs and schooners to battleships from different dynasties.Among them is a medium-sized boat featuring a host of cabins, built in the Song Dynasty by local Quanzhou shipbuilders. It is said to be one of the most popular vessels used trade at that time.Documents reveal that these boats, made in Quanzhou, carried Chinese silk, jade and porcelain to eastern Africa and the Mediterranean, and they returned with eigners intent on doing business or preaching religion in China.A hall displaying religious steles carved to pay tribute to the deceased eign merchants and missionaries reflects Quanzhou's status as a "World Museum of Religions", as named by UNESCO.Xiamen's own sweet timeHometown seeks new honor revered general One can find a delicate cultural fusion in the collection, which contains 8 Islamic pieces, 3 Hindu, Christian and one Manichean.While some gravestones mix Chinese, Persian and Arabic language, several Christian tombstones bear interesting images of angels resembling Apsaras - female cloud and water spirits from Buddhist mythology.Not far from the maritime museum is the majestic Qingjing Mosque, another admirable example of Quanzhou's tolerance of the world's religions.Also known as the Ashab Mosque, it was built to resemble a mosque in Damascus, Syria, in , and it is one of the oldest Arab-style mosques in China.The -meter-high arched gate made of green granite looks quite exotic as its domes are carved with lotus and Arabic scriptures.Islamic preachers followed Arabic trade contacts to Quanzhou as early as the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-9), and the Ashab Mosque's worshipping hall later became the center of Islamic worship in the region.Although the hall's large dome collapsed during an earthquake, the open-air, spacious and grassy field dotted with gigantic pillars still evokes an awe-inspiring sense of solemnity under the clear sky.The mosque is only a short drive away from the Kaiyuan Temple, the province's largest Buddhist temple.Xiamen's own sweet timeHometown seeks new honor revered general The temple became the city's iconic landmark thanks to its two five-story pagodas that have survived earthquakes and harsh weather.Both built in the th century, the twin pagodas feature lifelike cameos related to Buddhist mythology.At the base of each pagoda, there are eight sculptures of bare-chested midgets, each demonstrating amazing craftsmanship. All sculptures are rather small, but they are varied in their expressions and gestures. While a midget bares his teeth in agony, another seems to hold his breath and exert all his strength.Each story of the pagoda highlights sculptures of guardians, such as gods and Buddhist warriors.Despite the overall similarity between the two pagodas, the sculpture of a monkey dressed like a monk, which is only found on the western pagoda, is a striking contrast.Tradition has it that the monkey image on the fourth story of the western pagoda inspired Wu Cheng'en to create the Monkey King, the protagonist of his th-century epic fantasy novel Journey to the West.That may or may not be true, but what we do know is that the TV series adapted from the literary classic shot one episode in this temple.Kaiyuan Temple is situated in Xi Jie (West Street) and is close to Dong Jie (East Street); both are home to well-preserved distinctive arcade-buildings, and are perfect leisurely exploration.The two old streets offer a variety of tasty street foods, and last year A Bite of China, the popular show about Chinese cuisine, filmed in this area.Do not hesitate to try paste noodles, a signature local dish that combines th-like noodles, shrimps and clams in soup. The crisp oyster omelet is another must-try.In the city's northern outskirt, Qingyuan Mountain is worth squeezing into your itinerary.Xiamen's own sweet timeHometown seeks new honor revered general In addition to the numerous rocks and caverns, the leafy mountain boasts one of the country's largest statues of sage Lao Tzu, the founder of Chinese Taoism. Built in the Song Dynasty and carved out of a rock, the big-eared statue is 5.6 meters high, 6.85 meters thick and 8 meters wide.The statue sits in a cross - legged position and seems to be smiling. Such craftsmanship has given the statue a serene and carefree charm that makes it a symbol of longevity long respected by local people.Touring Quanzhou is relaxing and eye-opening. Being a less popular destination than Xiamen has a silver lining, as the lack of other tourists makes visiting the city an undoubtedly more enjoyable experience.After a long day of sightseeing, visitors can wind down by enjoying one of the free permances of Nanyin music in several parks in the evening. It is a traditional opera sung in the Minnan - southern Fu - jian - dialect that has existed more than 1,000 years.Quanzhou has recently been designated as an "East Asia City of Culture", and the city has been working on popularizing the city's many traditional art ms, including the ancient music genre, which was listed by UNESCO on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in .A series of Nanyin permance activities that draw participants from all over the world will take place later this year. 旅游景点 泉州

  放松-- :5:   洋话连篇口语课堂上,老师请一位学员来回答一个问题,但心情紧张的学员说得语无伦次,老师笑着对他说:"Kict it!"心情紧张的学员不安地问:"'Kict it'是'踢它'的意思吗?"老师:"No,'Kick'确是'踢'的意思,但这个字在美式俚语里头有许多不同的解释,它可以用来指'刺激'、'兴奋'等,但在这里是当动词用,意指'放松身心'如果你觉得太紧张、压力太大了,那你就应该'Kict it'(放松)一定要学会并应用它哟"

  My Chinese Teacher 我的语文老师 -- :51:9 来源: My Chinese Teacher 我的语文老师  My Chinese teacher, Miss Li, is from Beijing. She is tall and pretty. She is always kind and friendly to us, but she is very strict with us. She likes telling us stories, and the stories are all interesting. She not only teacher us Chinese, but also teaches us a lot about life. She often tells us to be honest. When I grow up, I want to be a teacher like Miss Li.  我们语文李老师是北京人她个子高高的,很漂亮她对我们总是很慈善,很友好,可是她对我们也很严格她喜欢给我们讲故事,她的故事都非常有趣她不仅教我们语文,而且教我们许多生活知识她经常告诉我们要诚实我长大以后要作一名像李老师那样的老师。

  小学英语话剧:贪玩的孩子 -- :55:36 来源: 小学英语话剧:贪玩的孩子  Characters: D: Dingding T: Teacher S: Student  道具:一个闹钟  Aside:Dingding is a playful boy who hopes to play all the time.One day he picked up a magic clock......  Scene I :In the way  (丁丁走在上学的路上,突然发现地上有一样东西,他好奇地捡了起来……)  D: Oh! What’s this? A clock? Yeah! It’s a clock. It’s nice.  What time is it? It’s 7:30. It’s time English class.  (丁丁急匆匆地朝学校跑去)  Scene II :In the classroom  T: It’s nine o’clock. It’s time Chinese class.  D(默念): Oh, I don’t like Chinese. I like sports. It’s ten o’clock. It’s time P.E. class. It’s ten o’clock. It’s time P.E. class. It’s ten o’clock. It’s time P.E. class.  (突然,事情发生了改变……)  T: Oh, I’m sorry. It’s ten o’clock. It’s time P.E. class now. Let’s go to the playground.  D(高兴地): Oh, a magic clock. Great!  Scene III :on the playground  (丁丁和他的同学一直玩呀玩,大家都玩累了,下课的时间还没到……)  S(疲惫地): What time is it?  D(又一次看了看闹钟): It’s ten o’clock.  S: I’m hungry.  D(有气无力): I’m hungry too. Clock, clock. It’s eleven o’clock. It’s time lunch.  T: It’s eleven o’clock. It’s time to go home. Class is over.  D(将闹钟仍旧放回了原来的地方): Bye-bye. Magic clock. It’s time to go home. 小学英语话剧:贪玩的孩子

  有那么一点-- :5:   洋话连篇高级口语课堂上,授课的王老师正兴趣盎然地与同学们演练美语对话,学员何洋忽然想起最近在网上与老美聊天时,常常见到字典上找不到的两个怪词--"kinda"、"sorta"  何洋便寻找着机会想考一下王老师,看王老师能否解释清这两个怪词机会来了,王老师"不请自来"地问同学们还有什么不明白的问题,何洋第一个举起了手,征得老师同意后,他便跑到黑板前写下了"kinda、sorta"两个怪词  王老师看了一下,说:这可是个小难题,在座的各位有谁能说明一下这两个单词的意思吗?班里被人称为"百事通"的同学不以为然地说:这两个词是何洋自已造的吧?我背得很熟的英汉字典里可没有这两个玩意王老师笑着说:kind of(是有那么一点儿)何洋急了:这是我跟老美网上聊天经常看到的两个词,但我也不明白它的意思接着何洋伸长脖子笑着问:怎么样?王老师,你也解释不清吧?王老师故作神秘:我刚才不是已经解释了吗何洋面露疑惑:王老师,不会吧?还是"百事通"反应的快:难道是"有那么一点"的意思?王老师笑了:对了,这两个词就是这个意思  接着王老师解释道:"kind of"和"sort of"表示的意思是"有那么一点,但不是很强烈"比如有人问"Do you like noodles(你喜欢面食吗)?你如果还有那么一点点喜欢的话,就可以回答"kind of"或是"sort of"(还好啦)!而老美QQ乐(网上聊天)时,经常会用"kinda、sorta"这两个怪词代替"kind of、sort of"  最后,王老师奉劝大家:这样写非常不正式,千万不要用在正式的英文书写上哟

  天鹅骑士罗恩格林 -- :: 来源: 天鹅骑士罗恩格林 Lohengrin, The Knight of Swan. Once save the Princess Elsa of brabant from Frederick of Telramund who accused Lisa of murdering her brother, Gottfried. Actually Gotifried was poisoned by Telrarmund's wife, Ortrud, and became a swan. Later, Lohengrin defeated Telrarmund in a fight to prove Elsa sinnocence. With the King's promise. Lohengrin would marry Elsa on the condition that she never seeked to know who he was. And where he came from. By instilling the poison of doubt into Elsa's mind. Ortrude made Elsa break her promise and questioned to Lohengrin. So the Swan-boat carried Lohengrin back to the Grail castle.  ACT I  Elsa : Gottfried, stop playing any more. It is time to study.  Gottfried: Ok. My dear elder sister. I'll come back soon. (Elsa retired. Ortrud enters).  Ortrud: Hi, Gottfried, are you playing alone?  Gottfried: What's matter with you?  Ortrud: This is a special drink. Would you like to drink?  Gottfried: How wonderful. Let me try, please. Mnnn, it is delicious. I feel something wrong.  Ortrud: (She pretends to be nervous.) You look serious.  Gottfried: Oh, my head...my hand...my leg....(He falls down.)  Ortrud: Ha, ha, ha. You stupid child. When you wake up, you will be a swan. Then I'll accuse Elsa of the murder of her brother. All the tune is mine.(Ortrud retires. Swan dances.)  Elsa: Gottfried, Gottfried, where are you? Don't play tricks.  Maiden: Princess, we cannot find Little Prince. What should we do?  Elsa: I don't know. I'm worried about his safety.  Maiden: Prince, don't worry. I'm sure that Little Prince will be safe .  Elsa: I hope so.  ACT II  Telramund:Your Majesty, what are you looking at?  King :I am looking at the beautiful scene. Telramund, who is the landlord here?  Telramund: Duke Brabant, the landlord, died a few years ago. He had a daughter and a son, Elsa and Gottfried. A few days ago, something happened terrible.  Ortrud :The greedy sister, Elsa, murdered his younger brother the tune and the kingdom of the Brabant. What a shame!  Queen: Maybe it is a rumor.  King: Telramund, is it true? Tell Elsa I want to see her.  Herald Princess Elsa arrives.  King : Elsa, are you the daughter of Duke Brabrant?  Elsa: Yes, your Majesty.  King : Did you murder your brother Gottfried his ture and kingdom?  Elsa: I am aware of the accusation brought against me. How could I murder my brother?  Telramund: Elsa, how do you prove you are innocent?  Queen: Be quiet. Let her prove it herself.  Maiden: Princess Elsa, speak. 天鹅 骑士 罗恩格林

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