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金湖县泌尿系统在线咨询淮安清浦区包皮手术多少钱乳沟是否已经过时?维密推出舒适型胸衣 -- ::5 来源: 多年来,维密天使在舞台上昂首阔步时一向都是以高跟鞋、天使翅膀以及厚垫魔术胸罩撑起的夸张乳沟的形象示人然而近期,该品牌推出了更加自然的舒适胸衣 years, the look Victoriarsquo;s Secret angels strutting down the runway has been heels, a set of wings and some extreme cleavage courtesy of a heavily-padded push-up bra.多年来,维密天使在舞台上昂首阔步时一向都是以高跟鞋、天使翅膀以及厚垫魔术胸罩撑起的夸张乳沟的形象示人Now, the lingerie brand is embracing a more natural look with a new line of bralettes.现在,该内衣品牌正逐渐推崇一款更加自然的新款舒适胸衣In recent weeks, the company has been promoting their new un-padded bras on Facebook and Instagram and with a new commercial featuring angels Martha Hunt, Elsa Hosk and Taylor Hill.近几周以来,该公司在Facebook和Instagram上大力推广新型不加垫胸衣,并且请了新的商业形象天使Martha Hunt, Elsa Hosk和Taylor Hill做代言The new focus on bralettes may at first appear to be a break in the companyrsquo;s longtime brand focused on push-up bras - such as the bombshell bra which promises to add two cup sizes.对这次新款式胸衣的关注似乎首次打破了公司长期以来专注于魔术胸罩的传统-比如bombshell胸罩就承诺能够增加两个罩杯However, as Mic reporter Rachel Lubitz points out, it may just be Victoriarsquo;s Secret admitting who their true customer was all along - small-breasted women.然而,正如Mic记者Rachel Lubitz指出,这可能正说明维密承认了一直以来谁才是他们真正的客户-小胸女性Victoriarsquo;s Secret bras only run up to a size 0DDD, and the push-up bras they advertise are built to hoist up smaller breasts and make them appear larger.维密内衣最大尺寸只有0DDD,而他们的魔术胸罩广告一直宣称能撑起小胸,让小胸显得更大All along, theyrsquo;ve been sneakily catering to women with small breasts by selling them bras that promise to make their breasts look bigger,rsquo; Lubitz writes.;自始至终,他们不动声色地迎合了小胸女性的需求,卖给她们内衣并承诺使胸部看起来更加饱满;Lubiz写道The move may also be a play to compete with other lingerie retailers like Aerie, which is also known its line of bralettes.这项举动同时可能为了应对如Aerie等其他以舒适不加垫文胸闻名的内衣零售商However, the refocus on bralettes may alienate regular women from Victoriarsquo;s Secret - one of the most - if not the most - recognizable bra companies in America.然而,专注于舒适胸衣可能会使一些普通女性不再选择维密这个在美国辨识度最高(即使不是最高也是较高)的内衣品牌This may drive away a lot of customers, given that the average womanrsquo;s bra size is DD, and the bralettes are not meant to fit women above a D-cup.这可能会把许多顾客排除在外,因为女性胸罩平均大小在DD,而舒适胸衣是专为D罩杯以下女性设计的Women on Twitter found the commercial the bralettes particularly amusing, since one of the models says rsquo;Itrsquo;s all you needrsquo;.Twitter上的女性觉得舒适内衣的广告很有趣,因为其中一位模特说;这是你所需要的;I love seeing the Victoriarsquo;s Secret bralette commercial and theyrsquo;re like :no padding needed!; like lmao tell that to my d-cup bye,rsquo; one user wrote.;我喜欢看维密舒适内衣的广告,比如:无需胸垫!;我笑翻了,只能和我的D罩杯说再见了;一位网友写道This comes after Mic published another report earlier this year, revealing how some Victoriarsquo;s Secret employees had been fitting larger-breasted customers with bras several sizes too small just to make sales.今年年初时,Mic曾发表了另一篇报道,揭露一些维密员工是如何用小几码的内衣来迎合大胸顾客的需求以达到销售目的的淮安治疗前列腺增生大概多少钱 激光扫描发现中世纪的柬埔寨地下巨城 -- :39:53 来源: 考古学家近日宣布,借助航空三维激光雷达扫描技术,他们在柬埔寨吴哥窟附近发现多处地下城市遗迹 An extensive network of ancient cities has been discovered in the Cambodian jungle around the ruins of Angkor Wat, the largest religious monument in the world.在全球最大的宗教纪念碑——吴哥窟遗迹附近的柬埔寨丛林里,大片古老的城市被发现Using ground penetrating lasers, scientists, researchers came back with high definition images of th century cities. Covering an extensive area.使用地面穿透激光,科学家、研究人员传回高清晰的十二世纪城市的图像,覆盖了广阔的地区A Unesco World heritage site, Angkor Wat dates back to the first half of the century. It is estimated that it took 30 years to build the temple dedicated to the Hindu deity, Vishnu, at the behest of King Suryavarman II, the ruler of the Khmer Empire作为联合国教科文组织的世界遗产之一,吴哥窟可以追溯到世纪的前半期这座神殿专门供奉印度教的主神毗湿奴,它是在高棉帝国的统治者苏利耶跋二世的授意下建造,据估计花了30年建成The discovery of the earthen mounds by archaeologists who have been working in the area years was reported by Livescience earlier this month.考古学家们在该区域研究了数年的成果,于本月初发表在《生活科学上With the aid of airborne laser-scanning equipment, the researchers found huge fields of dome shaped earthen mounds, some of which were shaped into spirals.通过机载激光扫描设备的帮助,研究人员发现大片的圆顶形土丘,其中还有一些是螺旋状的The mounds were placed on a grid, showing an ancient street pattern.这些土丘被安置在一个个格子里,看起来像是古代街道的样子In all the lasers scanned 735 square miles of the Angkor region and the results revealed an entire cityscape.激光扫描了吴哥窟附近的735平方英里的区域,结果显示了整个古城市群Temples from the Khmer Empire were normally surrounded by wood and thatch buildings which have rotted away over time.高棉帝国的庙宇通常被杂草所包围,这些建筑会随着时间的推移而破败But thanks to the lasers attached to the helicopters, the team was able to discover more substantial and robust structures which have stood the test of time.不过,多亏有了机载激光,该团队能够发现这些经受住时间考验的更坚固、更稳定的建筑“It turned out we’d been walking and flying right over the top of this stuff ten years and not even noticing it because of the vegetation,” Damian Evans, one of the archaeologists said.该团队一考古学家达米安.埃文斯说,“十年来,我们在这个城市群上面走过、飞过,却由于浓密的植被而一直未曾注意到它们”男子“去世”三年后回家,对着自己墓碑磕头 --1 :57:3 来源: 一名本应“死亡”长达四年之久的中年男子却突然归家,令其家人震惊不已 The 59-year-old, named Ma Jixiang, had gone missing in and was confirmed by police in to have been killed in a traffic accident, reported the People’s Daily Online.据《人民日报报道,这名中年男子名叫马吉祥,今年59岁,曾于年失踪,并于年由警方宣布死于一场车祸His family had cremated the dead body, which was believed to be his, bee burying the ash at the village of Tanjialong in Xiangtan county, Hunan Province.家人对他的死深信不疑,并将其尸体火化,葬在了湖南省湘潭县谭家垅村Mr Ma suffers from mental illness, according to the .据这份报道显示,老马患有精神疾病His family reported his missing to the local police station in after he disappeared while being looked after by his cousins.老马的家人在年的时候向当地警察局报告了他失踪的情况,在失踪前老马由其表亲照顾生活In , the family were inmed by the traffic police squad of nearby Hengshan county that Mr Ma could have been killed in a traffic accident.年的时候,横山县附近的交警队知会了他的家人,说老马可能已经死于一场交通事故了The body of the victim was described unrecognisable, so the authority arranged DNA profiling between the victim and Ma Jianjun, Ma Jixiang’s sibling.由于那具死者的尸体已经不可辨认,所以当局安排了DNA检测,DNA样本数据来源是老马的兄弟马建军The analysis concluded that it could not ’exclude the possibility the unnamed body and Ma Jianjun share the same paternal kinship’.据检测结果显示,不能够“排除这具身份不明的尸体和马建军拥有相同父系血缘的可能性”Police report also confirmed him as the victim of the road accident, which took place on February 7 of that year.警方的报告还显示这具尸体是一场交通事故的受害者,那起事故发生在当年的月7日Mr Ma’s family cremated the body of victim from the traffic accident, believing it to be Ma Jixiang’s, and buried the ash under a lavish tomb in February , the report said.据该报道显示,老马的家人将因交通事故而死亡的那具尸体火化了,并深信那就是老马,并于年将骨灰埋在了一座豪华的坟墓里Bee the cremation, five of Mr Ma’s family members went to the funeral house to identify the body. They thought the body looked ’quite similar’ to Ma Jixiang.在火化前,老马的5个家人到殡仪馆认尸,他们认为那具尸体看起来和老马“非常像”The village family had spent thousands of Yuan (hundreds of pounds) building the luxurious graveyard Mr Ma, complete with handrails, totems of dragons and phoenixes and two golden lions, hoping he could live well in his afterlife.这户村民耗费了数千元(数百英镑)来为老马修建了一座豪华的墓地,配有栏杆和雕龙画凤的图腾,还有两只金狮子,希望老马死后能够生活得好On December , , Mr Ma’s family were stunned when the 59-year-old was taken back to his home by officials of the village of Tanjialong.然而在年月日,当59岁的老马被谭家垅村办事人员领回家时,全家人都惊呆了The man had been kidnapped and sold to an illegal brick factory to do hard labour, according to China’s Democracy and Law Times.据《民主与法制时报报道,老马是被绑架了,并被卖到了一个黑砖窑里做苦工He had been ced to work in the factory three years bee being released due to his weakening health and inability to undertake heavy work, the report said.据这份报道显示,老马在那个黑砖窑里被迫劳动了三年,后来由于他身体虚弱、不能再从事重体力劳动才被释放Mr Ma had been homeless ’a few months’ on the streets of Hengyang in Hunan Province, according to his own s.据老马自己说,他找不到回家的路,已经在湖南省衡阳市流浪了好几个月He was later taken to a shelter to which Mr Ma recited his registered home address.后来老马被带到了一处收容所,背出了他家的地址The shelter contacted the official of Tanjialong village who arranged him to be taken home.收容所联系了谭家垅村政府,后来该村政府安排人手将老马接回了家Mr Ma has been arranged by his village to stay in a local care home.目前老马被村委会安排住在当地一家养老院里It remains unclear why the local police had decided to declare his death in , especially because the DNA report did not confirm his identify directly.目前还不清楚为何当地警方在年的时候决定宣布老马死亡,尤其是在那份DNA检测报告不能够直接明老马身份的情况下While Mr Ma’s family slowly came to accept the reality, they felt greatly humiliated having laid to rest a family member who was still alive - a taboo families in rural China.尽管老马的家人慢慢地接受这一事实,但是他们仍然因为给活人下葬而感到极大的羞辱--这是中国农村家庭的一个禁忌Mr Ma’s nephew said if it wasn’t the fact that they had been given false inmation by the authority, they wouldn’t have cremated and buried a living cousin.据老马的侄子表示,如果不是因为政府给了他们错误的信息,他们不会火化那具尸体并为活人下葬On February 7, , Mr Ma visited ’his own’ graveyard to commemorate the fourth anniversary of death of the road accident victim, who remains unidentified.年月7日,老马祭拜了“他自己的”坟墓,以纪念那名受害者因交通事故而死去四周年,目前那人的身份仍然未被查明盱眙县妇保院宫颈糜烂多少钱

淮安中山男科费用高吗中国男子偷渡迪拜:曾闻迪拜乞丐也能挣大钱 --01 ::6 来源: 近日,阿联酋航空报告发现一名中国籍偷渡者该名男子未满18岁,藏匿在从上海到迪拜的客机货舱内 A Chinese teenager has been found hiding in the cargo hold of an Emirates passenger jet that had flown from Shanghai to Dubai.日前,一名中国少年被发现藏身于一艘阿联酋客机的货舱内,企图从上海偷渡到迪拜Emirates said on Tuesday the stowaway had been found on Flight EK3 from Shanghai last Friday and had been handed over to Dubai police.本周二,阿联酋表示他们在上周五从上海启程的EK3航班上发现了这名偷渡者,并且目前已经将这名偷渡者移交给了迪拜警方The airline did not name the stowaway but China’s official Xinhua news agency said he was a -year-old boy named Xu.这家航空公司并没有提及这名偷渡者的姓名,但是中国官方媒体新华社报道称,这是一名岁的徐姓男子The boy is reported to have said he was "very comtable" in the hold.据称,这名男子表示他待在货运舱“非常舒适”However, he said he had eaten nothing during the nearly nine-hour flight. Gulf News said the cargo hold was pressurised.但是,他表示在这趟九个多小时的航程里,他没有吃任何东西《海湾新闻表示说客机货舱是有加压的He said he had heard that even beggars in Dubai could make a lot of money, Xinhua reported.据新华社报道,这名男子表示他曾听说,在迪拜连甚至乞丐都能挣大钱"We are co-operating fully with authorities in Dubai and as this is a police matter we are unable to comment further at this time," Emirates said in an emailed statement.阿联酋在一份邮件声明中表示:“我们正在全力配合迪拜当局由于这件事和警方有关,目前我们还不能就此事做进一步”Xinhua said that consulate staff had been sent to the airport to learn more about the situation.据新华社报道,领事馆工作人员已经前往机场了解更多相关事态情况According to a translator appointed by prosecutors, the boy said he had jumped over a fence at Shanghai airport and climbed into the cargo hold while a security guard looked away, Xinhua added.据新华社报道,(迪拜)检察官的翻译表示,这名男子说自己跳过了上海机场的围栏,并趁一名安保疏忽时爬进了这架客机的货舱Dubai is home to the world’s busiest airport international travel and is a major destination job-seekers from around the world.迪拜拥有世界上最繁忙的国际机场,还是全世界求职者的一个主要目的地Emirates operates numerous flights between its Dubai hub and China, including two round-trip flights daily to Shanghai.阿联酋拥有多条往来迪拜港和中国的航班,每天还有两趟迪拜-上海的往返航班The flight in question is usually served by its largest aircraft, the double-decker Airbus A380, and lasts well over eight hours.本起事件中的航班使用率很高,是目前最大的民用飞机--空客380,拥有双层机舱,航程超过8小时淮安一院做孕检多少钱 美国设假大学骗局打击非法学生签 -- :00:51 来源: 美国移民当局的建立假大学以揭露学生签诈骗并进行大规模逮捕,该行动逮捕了1名犯罪嫌疑人,并牵涉上千名假学生A fake university established as part of a sting operation to expose student visa scams has netted 1 suspects in mass arrests carried out by American immigration authorities.美国移民当局的一个卧底行动;;通过建立假大学以揭露学生签诈骗并进行大规模逮捕,该行动逮捕了1名犯罪嫌疑人The detainees were charged with conspiracy to commit visa fraud and other offences after their activities were unearthed by the University of Northern New Jersey, a phantom institution set up by the ed States department of homeland security.美国国土安全部设立了一个幽灵机构;;北新泽西大学,以帮助揭露签欺诈的犯罪,这些被拘留的人士被指控犯有签欺诈和其他罪行The ;university; had its own website, a Facebook page, a seal featuring the Latin terms ;Humanus, Scientia, Integritas;, a plausible of business degree options, and the enticing offer of ;an exceptional education experience;. Its address was listed at an office in Crand, New Jersey.该;大学;有自己的网站,脸书的网页,一则拉丁语的校训;人文性,科学性,整体性;,一个合理的商业学位选择菜单,以及提供;一份精的教育经历;它的地址被列在新泽西州克兰福德的一个办公室In reality, it existed only as a homeland security department front aimed at flushing out the methods of criminal networks behind visa fraud and understanding how fake universities work.事实上,它只存在于国土安全部,目的是为了打击签欺诈背后的犯罪网络以及了解这些假大学是如何运营的Those arrested acted as brokers who allegedly conspired with more than 1,000 eign nationals, mainly from India and China, to falsely maintain student visas and eign worker visas through a ;pay to stay; scheme. Some of those arrested are naturalised US citizens, while others are legal permanent residents.被逮捕的人以经纪人的角色,涉嫌招揽主要来自印度和中国的00多名外国侨民,通过;付即可留下;的方案来保持他们的学生签和外国员工签,这已经促成违法被逮捕的人中有些是自然的美国公民,而其他一些则是合法永久居民They recruited the ;students; to the university in order to obtain them student visas knowing they would not have to attend classes. Then, working with people posing as university officials, they charged them fees that allowed them to stay in the US. They also arranged them to get jobs.他们招募;学生;进大学,目的是为了让他们获得学生签,而不需要参加课程然后,与冒充大学官员的人串通,允许他们留在美国他们还为这些人安排找工作The students willingly participated in the scheme knowing it to be fraudulent, the authorities allege.这些学生明知是虚假的,却自愿参与该计划,当局指控说Undercover agents working on the sting paid the brokers commissions ranging from US1,0 dollars to ,000 dollars each ;student; they recruited.卧底特工向经纪人付他们招募的;学生;每人00美元到00美元的佣金The university awarded no degrees during the three years it existed, after being set up in . It never had any faculty staff.这所大学在三年中没有授予任何学位,而它在年就存在了它从来没有任何教职员工Some 1,6 ;students; falsely enrolled there are to be summonsed to appear bee immigration courts and will have their visas revoked, the authorities say.被违法招募的名;学生;被传唤出庭,他们的签并且会在移民法庭上被撤销,当局官员说The sting was set up after the Government ability Office criticised the countryrsquo;s Immigration and Customs Encement (ICE) authorities in failing to adequately monitor the verification process under which institutions and individuals obtain student and visitor visas.年政府问责局批评该国的移民和海关执法部官员未能充分监督获得学生和游客签的机构和个人的核查过程,当局而后成立了该卧底计划Investigators say ;pay to stay schemes; damage the integrity and reputation of legitimate eign students while posing a potential national security threat.调查人员说,;付即可留下计划;损害了合法外国学生的诚信和名誉,同时对国家安全造成潜在威胁淮安清河区治疗腋臭哪家医院最好的

洪泽县治疗宫颈炎哪家医院最好的中国女留学生巴黎地铁上被打,无人伸出援手 -- :5:39 来源: 一名中国女留学生月8日在巴黎地铁上被三名年轻人口头侮辱并殴打,却并没有得到旁观者或者之后到来的警察的任何帮助A Chinese female student was verbally and later physically attacked by three young people in Paris Metro train on April 8, and received no immediate help from either onlookers or later the police, fawan.com, a Chinese newspaperrsquo;s website reported. The incident has got lots of attention on Chinese social media the victim claimed she was attacked by those strangers simply because shersquo;s Chinese.根据中国一家新闻网站法制晚报网报道,一名中国女留学生月8日在巴黎地铁上被三名年轻人口头侮辱并殴打,却并没有得到旁观者或者之后到来的警察的任何帮助这起事件已经在中国的社交媒体中引起了众多关注,受害者称自己被陌生人殴打仅仅因为自己是中国人The girl attacked, under the pseudonym of Fangfang, is a student attending college preparatory school in a public French university. She said she encountered one of the attackers a day bee the incident. When she was bypassing three young strangers outside a Metro station, she heard repeating whisper of ;Chinetoque;. The girl told fawan.com that she did reply ;you guys are rude, go away; in English at the time, but it didnrsquo;t work.被殴打的女孩,化名芳芳,她在一所法国公立大学就读预科她说她在遇袭前一天曾经遇见过其中一个施暴者当她在地铁站外经过那三个年轻的陌生人时,她听到他们不断在小声重复;中国佬;这名女孩告诉法制晚报网,她当时用英语回应了他们;你们很粗鲁,走开;,但是并没有什么用A day after the verbal insult, the girl met a group of young strangers on Paris Meacute;tro Line , one of which was the young woman verbally assaulted her a day bee. She was then physically attacked twice in the coach no reason, between Gare de Ch?telet - Les Halles Station and ?tienne Marcel Station. The girl said she tried to fight back and shouted ;help! I donrsquo;t know these people; and asked other passengers in the coach to call the police her. Only one elder lady responded to her outcry and tried to stop the fist and kick fell on her.在口头侮辱之后那天,这名女孩在巴黎地铁号线地铁里遇到了一群年轻陌生人,其中一个就是头一天辱骂她的那个人她在车厢里无缘由地被打了两次,就在夏特莱站,也就是Les Halles酒店站和艾蒂安马塞尔站之间女孩说她试图反击并大叫;救命!我不认识这些人;,还请求车厢里的其他乘客帮她报警但是只有一个老妇人对她的哭喊做出了回应并尝试阻止那些人的拳脚相向The victim described to fawan.com that she tried to snap a photo of the attackers but her phone was snatched by one of the attackers until a Chinese man helped her to retrieve it.受害人向法制晚报网讲道,她试图拍下打人者的照片但是她的手机被其中一个打人者抢走了,知道有一个中国男人帮她抢回来The police did provide a report to the victim after she walked to the police station to report the attack, on which it stated the victim got bruises all over her body, yet no follow-up on this case was provided by the police afterwards.她去警局报案之后警方给她开具了伤情报告,写着受害人浑身上下遍布淤青,但是之后警方就此案再也没有任何进展 奥巴马颁发美国年度教师奖 -- ::9 来源:   周二,奥巴马总统向几位杰出的教育工作者颁发奖项,并对美国年度教师贾哈娜;海斯予以高度赞扬Jahana Hayes, the National Teacher of the Year, got a glowing introduction from President Obama on Tuesday when he honored her and several other of the nationrsquo;s top educators.  周二,奥巴马总统向几位杰出的教育工作者颁发奖项,并对美国年度教师贾哈娜;海斯予以高度赞扬  Hayes was ecstatic about Obamarsquo;s praise, and the president noticed.  海斯对奥巴马的赞赏欣喜若狂,奥巴马总统也注意到了她的激动  ;This is what makes her a great teacher,; Obama said. ;You canrsquo;t be great if yoursquo;re not enthusiastic. Yoursquo;ve got to love what you do, and she loves what she does.;  ;这就是她为什么能够成为一位伟大的教师,;奥巴马说:;没有热情,就不可能变得伟大你必须喜欢自己所做的事情,她也深爱着教育事业;  Hayes is a history teacher at John F. Kennedy High School in Waterbury, Connecticut. She grew up in public housing ;surrounded by poverty, drugs and violence,; and became a mother at , according to a statement Hayes sent to the White House. Despite these odds, she thanked her own teachers believing in her potential.  海斯是康涅狄格州沃特伯里的约翰;肯尼迪高中的一名历史老师在给白宫的资料中,她提到自己从小在公共住房中长大,周围充斥着贫困、毒品和暴力,岁的时候就做了母亲尽管没有接受平等的教育,但她仍然向自己的老师们表示感谢,谢谢他们相信自己拥有潜力  ;They challenged me to imagine myself in a different set of circumstances, no matter how difficult,; Hayes said. ;They encouraged me to do more, be more, expect more, and become the first in my family to go to college. They inspired me to become a teacher so I could make the same kind of impact in my own studentsrsquo; lives ; a teacher whose influence extends beyond the classroom.;  ;无论有多么困难,他们总是告诉我要想象自己正处在一种完全不同的环境下他们激励我多些行动,多些期望,努力能成为家中第一个上大学的人他们鼓舞我成为一名教师,那样我就能对自己的学生产生同样的影响;;这种影响远远超乎在课堂上传授知识,;海斯说道  Hayes is spending the next year advocating educators and traveling across the country, according to the Council of Chief State School Officers, which issued the award. Shersquo;ll have a chance to meet with teachers and policymakers alike as the presidential election approaches.  负责颁发年度教师奖的美国州立学校主管理事会表示,海斯明年将会到全国各地,倡导教育工作者们共同致力于实现教育平等就像年总统大选那样,海斯将有机会有与教师和决策者见面  ;As a country, we really need to have some real talk about equity issues and making sure every student, in every state, and every commy, has high-quality education,; Hayes said. ;Itrsquo;s in the ed States of America. If a student graduates, we should be confident that theyrsquo;re y.;  ;作为一个国家,我们需要重视教育平等,保每个州、每个社区的每个学生都有平等的机会接受优质教育,;海斯说:;在年的美利坚合众国,我们要相信每一个毕业生都已经做好了准备;洪泽县人民医院治疗龟头炎多少钱洪泽县治疗痔疮多少钱



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