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Its all exciting to see a large animal in the sea, and of course, the turtles are very iconic species in marine world.能看到大型海洋动物总是令人很兴奋,不用说海龟是非常有代表性的海洋动物。And Im surrounded by them on this dive.我现在被它们包围着。Hundreds and hundreds of turtles are in the water column above me, passing over the reefs crest and now in the blue water.成千上万的海龟正处于我上方的洋流中,它们随水流掠过礁顶,游进蔚蓝的海域中。The turtles all converge on small islands made of coral rock and sand, known as the coral cases, but not all are suitable for nesting.海龟都朝小岛汇聚,小岛是由珊瑚与石砂构成的,也叫珊瑚岩。但不是所有的礁石都适合筑巢。Some only are sank down, exposed only at low water.有些只是低潮时才露出的沙丘、And many others have beaches that swamp to high tide.许多有海滩的沙丘会在涨潮适变得泥泞不堪。 201507/384854These are the glamor shots,a lot of people took these in the 80s,You go to a mall or some place这就是传说中的艺术照 在80年代时曾风靡一时 你去超市或者哪儿啊都能看到Megan Holfmen from New Orleans Louisiana.My grandmother got me this glamor shot when I was in 7th gradeMegan Holfmen来自路易斯安那州新奥尔良市 我奶奶带我去拍了这张艺术照 当时我只有七年级She was in the 7th grade,but shed aly been divorced twice她真的只有七年级 但她看着像是已离过两次婚的Derek Gibbleheart in Aurora Colorado.This is a photo of my mother and sisterDerek Gibbleheart 来自科罗拉多州奥罗拉市 这是一张老妈和老的照片I cant tell where one starts and the other one ends我想我看不见两个人的分界线了They look stuck together,they really do like that was an accident some他们看起来好像粘在一起了 她们真的看起来好像出了什么意外什么的Marrian Jacobson Staunton Virginia.I though this pose was silly too,but the photographer insisted men love itMJ来自弗吉尼亚州斯汤顿市 我觉得这个姿势太蠢了 但是我的摄影师坚称这个姿势很勾男人Yeah,I think,we must had the same photographer,he told me the same thing and look where I ended up我想 我们肯定遇到同一个摄影师了 他也是这么跟我说的 于是Sharron Livinsten in Toronto Ontario.I had this taken when I was 25,I thought I was a stunnin unitSharron Livinsten来自安大略省多伦多市 这是我25岁时拍的 我觉得我是超靓型的Well firts of all,you are a stunning unit.Sounds like shes describing a condo好吧 首先呢 你确实是个超靓户型的 怎么觉得她在形容一户公寓Although her hair look like,it can sleep a family of four I dont know虽然从她的发型看来 这个超靓户型能睡得下一家四口I think Im gonna call her right now,she wins the priz for the most hair I have ever seen in one photo.That is the largest hair.Congratulations.You win我觉得我得给她打个电话 她获得了“在一张照片中见过的最多头发”奖 真的是超多头发 恭喜你 你赢了I would send you a crown,but I dont know if I can find one big enough to fit on我会给你发个桂冠的 只要我能找到个够大的Its an enoumous amount and,but the pink behind her is like she is in a sea of pink这个头发真的是好多啊 我得忍不住再说一遍 但是她后面的这个粉红色 看起来 好像是她正畅游在一片粉红色海洋里面I dont know how big the dress it but anyway if you have a glamor shot you think I should see,please sent it to me不知道她穿的裙子有多大 好吧 如果你有什么艺术照想展示 请一定要寄给我When we come back the first lady Michelle Obama would be sitting right there广告之后 美国第一夫人Michelle Obama将坐在那张椅子上 /201609/466333

听力参考文本(文本与听力不全一致,敬请谅解):When you think about water pollution, you might think about massive sewer overflows, factory pollution or agricultural runoff. But theres another source of water pollution that might be in your backyard: septic systems that have failed.They pollute lakes and streams around the state – and in fact, around the country.Sean Hammond, deputy policy director for the Michigan Environmental Council, is calling for better rules for septic systems and inspections.;We are the only state in the country to not have a statewide septic code,; Hammond said.That means throughout most of Michigan, no one is inspecting septic systems once theyre in the ground. Only 11 counties have any sort of requirement, he said, while the states 72 other counties have none.At the same time, the state estimates that septic systems are failing at a rate of ten percent.When septic systems break, they can cause nutrient pollution, E. coli and other types of bacteria to find their way into groundwater and other waterways.This is especially problematic, Hammond said, because about half the state gets its water from groundwater.;Until we can get a registry and figure out where these septic systems even are, we really dont even know what the true risk is, even though we know its probably great,; Hammond said.He said House Bills 5732 and 5733 aim to establish a statewide septic code for Michigan.;Septics are the one place where we are behind the entire nation,; Hammond said. ;We are the last state to even consider adopting a statewide septic code. Every other state has one. And with our precious water resources, and 50% of our state getting their water from groundwater, we have to move forward on protecting those resources.;For the full conversation, listen above.201610/468600


  According to family members, at least four Americans are still missing after the Brussels bombings. 据家庭成员,至少有四名美国人在布鲁塞尔爆炸案后仍然失踪。The missing include a husband and wife from the South and a brother and sister from New York City. 失踪人员包括来自南部的一对夫妻,来自纽约的一对兄。Both pairs were at the Brussels airport when two blasts rocked the check-in area, killing at least 11 people there Tuesday morning. 周二早上登记处的两起爆炸造成至少11人死亡,这两队人员当时就在布鲁塞尔机场。According to the State Department, about a dozen Americans were injured in the bombings, leading one lawmaker to suggest an American counter at the airport was targeted.据国务院消息,大约有十几名美国人在爆炸中受伤,一名议员表示机场的一美国柜台被攻击。译文属。201603/433428。


  its been the craziest ride ever,how bad,the day that you announced it when I got home from work这是我生活中最离谱的事儿了 多糟呢 在你预告的那一天 当我下班回家后I looked at my called ID and that was full.I mean they were from Los Angeles Hollywood我查了下通讯记录 电话都被打爆了 那些电话来自洛杉矶的好莱坞there were record companies and I didnt know what was going on都是一些唱片公司 我都不知道发生了什么So I got my voice mail,Oh my God like 17 messages then the next day when you had him on the show所以我又查了查语音信箱 天啊有17条信息 然后第二天当你把他请到了你的节目中I was probably taking a call every 5-10 minutes,it was just outrageous我几乎每5至10分钟就要接一个电话 我简直要崩溃了the kid is so charming and cute, Im so happy for him but Im not his agent,No and you should have been那孩子很有才很可爱 我为他感到高兴 但是我不是他的经纪人 不 也许你该试一试we had a call on Sunday evening at 1 oclock in the morning我们甚至在周末凌晨一点接到了一个电话oh no, whos calling at 1 in the morning, whos that,well it was some record company哦 不 谁会在那么晚打电话 那是谁 那是一家唱片公司I feel bad about that my husband to that one,they didnt say ;oh Im sorry to bother you;我先生被打扰感到很烦 但他们并没有说 抱歉 打扰了nothing they just quick done with you ;we dont have Greyson; done with you,those are record companies什么也没说 他们就那么开门见山 直接对你说 我们要找格雷森 那就是唱片公司we are happy to talk to you we love you,I love you too and you need a litte break from this我嫩很高兴能接到你的电话 我们爱你 我也爱你们 你该好好休息下 逃离骚扰so I wanna invite you to L.A to come see my show in person Ok所以我想要请你来洛杉矶亲自观看我的节目 好吗you are on my bucket list I dont know if they told you that,oh my Gosh I cannot believe this见你是我的人生愿望 不知道他们告诉你没有 天啊 我简直不敢相信Im gonna get to scratch something off my bucket list.alright I cant wait to meet you in person我的人生目标清单又可以划掉一个了 好的 我等不及要亲自见见你bring your family and well see you soon,Im sorry for the problems that you have but its worth it, Its exciting righ带上你的家人 我们很快就能见面了 对你所遇到的麻烦我很抱歉 但是那是值得的 那令人激动 不是吗it is exciting Ellen, thank you so much,alright Nancy I will see you when you get here,那确实令人激动 艾伦 非常谢谢你 好的 南希 你到了之后我们再见吧Ok thanks Ellen,alright bye now,bye,well be right back好的 谢谢 艾伦 好 再见 拜 我们马上回来 /201606/448245No, but Im not in any dating websites.我不上约会网站I dont... Im not... I have one,like APP on my phone.我不 我不 我手机上 有个类似应用Thats kind of... Its called ;Food Spotting;.它叫;发现美食;And its like Tender but for food, so it let me know...它就像陌陌 但是找食物的Is this real? - This is totally real.这是真的吗 -千真万确It lets... They let you know about food in your area.它让你知道你周围的美食So like... This week in LA.Like, I own this one, particular, scone.这周在洛杉矶 我看见一个松饼 很特别And, under a mile way,coincidence, probably not.So, Im like ;Should I go?;大约一公里远 巧合吧 或许不是 我在想 我该去看看吗And my friend are like ;Go. Check it out.;我朋友们就说 ;走吧 过去瞧瞧;So, I went to the scone,and kind of like just sign up to it.所以 我走向松饼 像要上去签个名来着And its like... Oh, my god, you look just like your picture.天哪 你和照片上的一模一样So, kind of dating. Kind of dating. Kind of...Its different than that. You should...所以 这种约会 那种约会 这种 和那种不太一样Oh, my god. Hilarious. Pretty much the same exactly way.Its almost exactly the same. Yeah.上帝啊 太搞笑了 几乎一模一样啊 几乎完全一样 是啊Um, we are gonna take a break,and we are gonna talk about you hosting the Movie Awards.我们先休息一会 然后聊聊你主持的电影颁奖礼And, um, your show coming back,and the movie that you are doing.即将回归的脱口秀 以及你正在拍的电影Ah... Yeah. And so many things. So many good things.Well be back with Amy.嗯 很多事情 都挺不错的 广告之后 马上回来 /201603/429807Struggling to repay student loans is something that unites many of us. Across the country, almost 40 million people are trying to repay .3 trillion in student loan debt.Here in Michigan, 1.5 million people are trying to erase more than billion in debt.Earlier today, U.S. Rep. Debbie Dingell, D-Michigan, was on the campus of the University of Michigan, where she hosted a roundtable on college affordability.Dingell is one of the sponsors of a bill in the House called the ;Bank on Students Emergency Loan Reinforcement Act.;The bill would allow students to refinance their current student loan debt.;You can refinance your home loan, you can refinance your auto loan, but you cant refinance your student loan right now,; says Dingell.According to Dingell, the average student loan debt for an undergraduate student is ,000. This new bill would save them ,000.But this is only one small part of a larger problem.In her talks with students, Dingell says they have given her many other ideas, including teaching financial literacy in high school.;Many of them get these loans and dont understand what the loans or their grants are there to cover,; she says.With so many suffering from student loan debt, Dingell says she thinks this isnt a partisan issue and hopes that her fellow members of Congress will support it. Elizabeth Warren introduced the bill previously, but it never passed through the Senate.;Im hoping that we can get something like this through the House and the Senate. Im going to work very hard to try to do that,; Dingell says.201504/369042

  The names of men like Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner and others have been thrust violently into our nations history. Unarmed African-American men, all killed. Their deaths gave rise to the Black Lives Matter movement and to badly-needed discussions about racial discrimination and social injustice.This spring, the University of Michigan Mens Glee Club added its voice in a singular way to this tough conversation.The Glee Clubs spring performance featured the premiere of a multi-movement work called The Seven Last Words of the Unarmed. Its written by Atlanta-based composer Joel Thompson.It uses the final words of seven African-American men who were unarmed, and yet shot and killed by police and others.;I wanted to make sure that what I wrote was true to my internal pain and reaction to all of the racial tension going on, but also true to the victims themselves,; Thompson tells us.;I knew it was powerful. I knew just immediately from ing through it, it spoke to me,; professor Eugene Rogers says. ;I began to focus on the theme of love, life and loss ... and I knew that even if we didnt agree politically on cause and whos to blame ... that hopefully we could all agree on the value of each of these mens lives, that were honoring lost lives.;GUESTS:Joel Thompson is an composer and Professor of Music at Freedom University in Atlanta.Eugene Rogers is the Associate Director of Choirs and Associate Professor of Conducting at the University of Michigan.201604/439897Its four A.M.早上四点,Youre tucked safely into a warm bed, savoring thelast few hours of sleep before daybreak.你还在温暖的被窝里蜷着,享受着天亮前为数不多的睡眠时间。And then, suddenly… (a rooster crows).此刻却听到雄鸡打鸣…It must be time to wake up, roll out of bed, and tend to the farm.闻鸡起“床”,爬出被窝,开始农作。Except its four A.M., its still dark out, and youre not a farmer.但是,现在才四点!外面黑咕隆咚的,而且,你又不是农民。Its that neighbor of yours, the one that for some unimaginablereason keeps a rooster as a pet.公鸡是隔壁家的,因为什么难以理解的缘由把公鸡当做宠物。A rooster that flaunts the most basic rules of neighborhoodetiquette by crowing every morning before sunrise. What gives?每天的黎明前,公鸡都会打鸣,仿佛问候邻居早安。这是为什么呢?Most people assume that roosters are programmed to crow at the first sign of sunlight toannounce the dawning of a new day, or some such romantic notion.大多数人认为公鸡每当第一缕阳光照耀大地,就按规律打鸣,提示崭新一天的开始。另外,还有很多浪漫的解说。Like all birds, roosters call in a daily cycle determined by circadian rhythms.和其他鸟类一样,生理节律决定了公鸡每天都要打鸣。That is, a roostersinternal clock allows it to anticipate the sunrise and prepare for another exciting day of looking forfood.也就是,公鸡的生理钟让它期待日出,积极地为新的一天觅食。But why must roosters crow as they prepare to start their day, and why do some roosters soundoff before dawn?但是,为什么公鸡会打鸣呢?而且偏偏是在黎明前呢?Roosters are territorial creatures and dont much like other roosters trespassing on their land.公鸡有领地意识,自己的领地“决不许其它公鸡侵犯”。They crow in order to establish their domain and warn other roosters to stay away or prepare to brawl.公鸡以此来维护自己的领地,警告其它公鸡远离,否则一场争斗难以避免。And because their internal clocks are sometimes set a bit early, some roosters begincrowing well before sunrise.又因为公鸡的生理钟有时候设置得早一些,所以,一些公鸡打鸣在日出前。 201410/336054


  Europe Justice in Croatia欧洲 克罗地亚:争议的正义Outs and ins进进出出The political ramifications of several judicial rulings司法判决衍生的政治风波Celebrating with the generals与上将同庆In the Balkans the big news is who is out of jail, who is in and who is going to court. All the cases are high-profile and all have political fall out. The most significant was the acquittal on November 16th of two Croatian generals by the UN war-crimes tribunal in The Hague. Croats were ecstatic, Serbs bitter.谁出狱了,谁坐牢了,谁将接受审判,这是在巴尔干半岛上的重磅消息。每起案件都引人关注,其影响波及政治。其中的焦点是11月16日海牙联合国战犯特别法庭宣判两位克罗地亚上将无罪。克罗地亚人欣喜若狂,塞尔维亚人则痛饮一杯苦酒。Ante Gotovina and Mladen Markac were first convicted in 2011 of conspiring, as part of a “joint criminal enterprise”, to drive Serbs out of Croatia’s Krajina region. When Yugoslavia disintegrated in the early 1990s the Serbs, backed by Serbia and the Yugoslav army, carved out their own mini-state in Krajina. But in 1995 the Croatian army took most of it back. Some 200,000 Serbs fled, most never to return. Nobody denies that war crimes took place. But the acquittal of the two generals means that the court believes there was no organised plan for “ethnically cleansing” the Serbs.格托维纳和马尔卡奇曾因参与将塞尔维亚人驱逐出克罗地亚克拉基纳地区的“共同犯罪”而在2011年被判罪。当南斯拉夫在90年代早期解体的时候,塞尔维亚人在塞尔维亚和南斯拉夫军队的持下,辛劳拼搏,在克拉基纳创造出了自己的迷你小国。但在1995年克罗地亚军队将大部分领土收复,大约20万塞尔维亚人逃走了,他们中大多数一去不复返。没有人否认战争罪行的发生。但两位上将的无罪释放意味着法院相信,并不存在针对塞尔维亚人的有组织的种族清洗。The generals returned home to a heroes’ welcome. Mr Gotovina may even enter politics. If he does it will be as a man of the right close to the Catholic church. No Croat has until now been convicted by the UN tribunal for actions during the war in Croatia. For Croats the ruling vindicates their struggle against the Serbs as one without original sin.上将如英雄般凯旋而归。格托维纳上将甚至有可能从政。如果他从政的话,他的权力将会如日中天。目前尚不曾有克罗地亚人因为战争罪行而被联合国特别法庭判罪。对克罗地亚人而言,判决也实了他们在对塞战争中是清白无罪的。Serbs greeted the release of the generals with fury. The decision “belittles the Serb victims and makes them worthless,” said Ivica Dacic, Serbia’s prime minister. Serbs have always believed that the UN tribunal is just an anti-Serb kangaroo court. Liberals have fought tooth and nail to persuade their compatriots otherwise. For them the ruling is a catastrophe. On November 29th the court will rule on the appeal of Ramush Haradinaj, a former prime minister of Kosovo, and two others. They were acquitted in 2008 but an appeal was allowed—in part, said the court, because of “serious witness intimidation”. No Serbs expect them to be convicted now.塞尔维亚人对上将的释放恼怒不堪。塞尔维亚首相达希科说,这样的判决“藐视塞尔维亚牺牲者,让他们的牺牲无足轻重”。塞尔维亚人一直以来认为联合国特别法庭只是一个反塞尔维亚人的“袋鼠法庭”。开明人士一直努力奋斗,劝说同胞事实并非如此。对他们而言,判决结果不啻一场大灾难。在11月19日,法院会处理对科索沃前首相哈拉迪纳吉和其他两人的上诉。他们在2008年被宣布无罪,但法院表示,由于存在“严重恐吓目击人”的情节,所以有上诉的机会。没有塞尔维亚人认为他们现在会被宣判有罪。If the court could not prove a “joint criminal enterprise” in Croatia, how can it prove that one existed in the cases of the two Bosnian Serb leaders on trial, Ratko Mladic and Radovan Karadzic? One of the UN court’s remits is reconciliation. Legal judgments aside, achieving this will now be harder than ever.如果法院不能明在克罗地亚存在“共同犯罪”,那又如何能明在对两位波斯尼亚的塞尔维亚领导人,拉特科·姆拉迪奇和拉多万·卡拉季奇的审判中存在这样的“共同犯罪”呢?一致性是联合国法庭的原则之一。先不说判决公正与否,眼下连达成一致性也比以往更为困难。War crimes are not the only cases in the news. On November 20th Ivo Sanader, Croatia’s former prime minister, was jailed for ten years for corruption. A week earlier Radimir Cacic, Croatia’s deputy prime minister, resigned. He was convicted for causing two deaths in a road accident in Hungary and is set to go to prison. In Serbiaa former deputy prime minister has been arrested as part of a fraud investigation. And in Kosovo Fatmir Limaj, a significant political figure, has been charged with organised crime and corruption and sent for retrial on war-crimes charges of which he was previously acquitted. There has never been a better time to be a Balkan lawyer.战争罪并非是新闻中唯一的案件。在11月20日,克罗地亚前首相埃沃·桑纳德因腐败而被判入狱十年。一周前,克罗地亚的副首相拉迪米尔潆偠奇宣布辞职。他因为在匈牙利的一起交通事故中造成两人死亡而被起诉,并行将入狱。在塞尔维亚一位前副首相在诈骗案的调查中被逮捕。在科索沃,一位政界显要俐马基因为有预谋的犯罪和腐败而被起诉,并为他此前已经宣布无罪的战争罪再次接受审判。现在到巴尔干半岛当律师真是再合适不过了。翻译:袁航译文属译生译世201608/463502。

  Point at a ball and a dog will look at the ball, whereas a cat will probably look at your hand.当你用手指着球,会注视着球,而猫则可能会盯着你的手看个不停。Dogs seem to have a y understanding of how human beings direct attention by pointing,and can follow our gestures almost as if they thought the same way we do.汪星人似乎已通过方向很好理解人类做出的指示,并且可以跟随我们的手势好像它们和我们一样。Of course, dogs probably arent born knowing anything about people.当然,出生时可能并不了解任何关于人类的事情。We just carefully train them to look, fetch,and so on, right? Or do we?我们只是小心谨慎的训练他们观察,获取等等对吗?还是我们?A comparative psychologist at the Max Plank Institute in Germany,Michael Tomasello,ran a series of tests on dogs which they find which sealed container had yummy dog food in it.德国马克斯普朗克研究所的比较心理学家迈克尔托马塞洛对这种动物进行了一系列的实验观察它们能否找到密闭容器中的美味粮。The only hint they got was from a human being who looked or pointed at the right container.唯一的暗示是一名正观察或指向正确容器的人类。This wasnt hard for dogs at all.这对而言根本不算难题。 201502/358330



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