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Buying Hats购买帽子Amanda, how do you like this peaked cap?阿曼达,你觉得这项尖顶帽怎么样?Didnt you say you want to buy a top hat?你不是说要买高顶礼帽吗?But I think this one fits me Well. Why dont you try on the sombrero in black?可是我觉得这项更适合我你为什么不试试那顶黑色的阔边帽?I dont like caps at all.我对帽子一点都不感兴趣 395


  At Einstein’s autopsy in 1955, his brain was something of a disappointment: it turned out to be a tad smaller than the average Joe’s. Indeed, later studies have suggested a minimal link between brain size and intelligence. It seems brain quality rather than quantity is key。  955 年对爱因斯坦尸体的解剖中,他的大脑多少让人有些失望——它比一个成年男子大脑的平均体积还稍微小一点。其实后来的研究也指出,大脑的体积与智力的关系极微,似乎“质”比“量”更为关键。  One important factor seems to be how well our neurons can talk to each other. Martijn van den Heuvel, a neuroscientist at Utrecht University Medical Center in the Netherlands, found that smarter brains seem to have more efficient networks between neurons in other words, it takes fewer steps to relay a message between different regions of the brain. That could explain about a third of the variation in a population’s IQ, he says。  一个重要的因素就是我们大脑中的神经元相互的交流度有多好。荷兰乌特勒大学医学中心的神经科学家马丁·范登·赫维尔发现,较聪明的大脑似乎拥有更加有效的神经元网络,换句话说就是信息在大脑不同区域间传递所花费的步骤更少。他说,人类1/3 的智力差异都是由于这个原因。  Another key factor is the insulating fatty sheath encasing neuron fibers, which affects the speed of electrical signals. Paul Thompson at the University of California, Los Angeles, has found a correlation between IQ and the quality of the sheaths。  另一个关键要素是将神经纤维与外界隔离的脂肪鞘,它可以影响电信号的传输速度。加利福尼亚大学洛杉矶分校的保罗·汤普森发现,智力与脂肪鞘质量之间是有关联的。  We still don’t know exactly how much genes contribute to intelligence, with various studies coming up with estimates rangingfrom 40 to 80 per cent. This wide range of estimates might have arisen because genes contribute more to IQ as we get older, according to a study published last year. By comparing the intelligence of 11,000 pairs of twins, Robert Plomin of King’s College London found that at age 9, genes explain 40 per cent of the variation, but by 17 they account for roughly two-thirds。  对于基因对智力起的作用占多少,各种研究估计出的比例从40% 80% 不等,我们仍然无法确定具体数字。根据去年公布的一项研究,这个宽泛的估计值可能会升高,因为随着年龄的增长,基因对智力的作用会越来越大。通过.1 万对双胞胎智力的比较,伦敦国王学院的罗伯特·普洛明发现岁的时候,40%的智力差异是由基因影响的,而到7 岁,比例升到了大/3。  How could that be? Perhaps the genes affect how our brain rewires itself as we mature. Alternatively, they may dictate whether someone is likely to seek out stimulating experiences to help their brain grow and develop. “If we are predisposed to have a talent, we may actively seek out an environment to suit it,says Thompson。  这种结果是如何产生的呢?也许是因为随着我们长大,基因会影响我们的大脑如何进行神经重塑,要么就是基因会配一个人是否愿意去寻找有刺激性的体验来帮助他们的大脑生长发育。汤普森说,“如果我们预先决定要创造出一个天才,那我们可能就要积极地去寻找一个环境来配合他的成长”来 /201007/108018。


  A noisy environment吵闹环境OK, so let look round the factory now. It quite a hazardous environment so you need to take care. By the way, you should put your ear plugs in when we go down to the factory. It not compulsory but some of the machines are a bit noisy,“好,咱们现在先参观一下工厂这个环境很不安全,大家需要当心顺便提一下,当你们走到工厂时应该戴上隔音耳塞这不是必须的,但是有些机器噪音很大 51


  Facebook Tops Google As Most Visited Site In The USAre Americans now more likely to get content from their friends than random Web sites that they wouldn't be able to find on their own?That's one of the implications of a report out Monday by Internet research company Hitwise, which found that Facebook passed Google (GOOG) as the most visited Web site in the U.S. last week. Facebook just squeaked by the search giant, as visits to the social-networking site made up 7.07% of all Web visits, compared with 7.03% for Google. But that was enough to knock Google out of the top spot for the first time since the week ending Sept. 15, 2007.One reason for Facebook's success is features that make it easy to share information and online content with friends, says Matt Tatham, director of media relations at Hitwise. Google, of course, makes it easy to find information on sites that you've never heard of and would never think to seek out on your own.Given how close the numbers are, it's possible that the two companies could go back in forth for the honor of most visited site, says Mr. Tatham. Current trends favor Facebook, however: Its share of total visits increased 185% from the same week last year, compared with 9% growth for Google.Of course, cultural trendiness may be what decides this race in the long run. The company that Google unseated in 2007: MySpace. /201003/98930

  A: Hello there, Sir. Ive dealt with you bee, havent I?您好,先生我以前为您办理过业务,是吧?B: You remember me! Yes, Im with Li Wang Enterprises; Im the ant Peters.你还记得我!是的,我是李旺实业公司的,我是会计,PetersA: Yes, of course, Mr Peters! Good to see you again. What can we do you today?是的,当然是您,Peters先生!很高兴再次见到您我们今天能为您效劳吗?B: Well, weve just acquired a new business so we need to set up a lot of services with you. We are particularly interested in Agent Services.嗯,我们刚刚收购了一家公司,所以我们需要和你们建立多项业务我们特别感兴趣的是代办务A: I see. We offer Agent Services free of charge here. Bee your new business begins trading, we could, on behalf of your existing company, do a series of registration and get the certificates you need. If you are unsure of the local laws,that is.我明白了我们免费提供代办务在您的新公司开始交易前,我们可以受您现在的公司的委托,办理一系列注册手续并办理所需要的件如果您对地方法规不甚了解的话,这就正合适 90。




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