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2019年08月25日 22:31:29来源:华时讯

  • When NATO last met here in the UK in 1990, many would have hoped that its core aim would soon have been fulfilled. After the long years of the Cold War, the vision of a Europe whole, free and at peace seemed within our grasp. Yet today the protection and security that NATO provides is as vital to our future as it has ever been in our past. We face new and evolving dangers. To the East, Russia is ripping up the rulebook with its annexation of Crimea and its troops on sovereign soil in Ukraine. To the South, an arc of instability bends from North Africa to the Middle East. Last night we discussed the threat posed by ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) in Iraq and Syria. So our message is clear. We are united in our condemnation of these barbaric and despicable acts. They should be very clear, these terrorists: their threats will only harden our resolve to stand up for our values and to defeat them. To do so - and to deal with all the threats we face - our great alliance must now evolve and refocus on the new capabilities that we need to keep our people safe. And I hope that in these sessions today we can agree the changes that are needed. For me there are 3. First, as Russia tramples illegally over Ukraine we must reassure our Eastern European members that we will always uphold our Article 5 commitments to collective self-defence. So we must be able to act more swiftly. In 2002, NATO stood down its high iness force. So I hope we can agree a multi-national spearhead force deployable anywhere in the world in just 2 to 5 days. This would be part of a reformed NATO Response Force with Headquarters in Poland, forward units in the Eastern Allies, and pre-positioned equipment and infrastructure to allow more exercises and if necessary rapid reinforcement. If we can agree this, the UK will contribute 3,500 personnel to this multi-national force. And we must scale up our iness to respond to any threat they face. Second, as the Secretary General has said, we must increase our capacity. I hope today we can reaffirm our public commitment to spend 2% of our GDP on defence and 20% of that money on equipment. This would send a strong message to those who threaten us, that our collective resolve is as strong as ever. This issue of equipment is as important as the overall amount of money. What matters most of all is what are we able to do, what are we able to deploy, what enables us to respond rapidly and together collectively to the threats we face? Those are the questions we must answer with our increases in capability. Third, we must extend our partnerships and build a more effective security network that fosters stability around the world. To do this NATO must become not just an organisation that has capability but an exporter of capability. I hope we can agree to use our expertise to provide training and mentoring of forces in Jordan and Georgia. And also in Iraq when the new Government has been established. These can be the first steps in a long-term commitment to help our friends and allies around the world. This commitment is vital for our own security. By standing up for our values around the world we keep our own people safe.201504/370739。
  • You know, I just have to put this stuff aside.我得把这些事情放在一边,I have to stay focused on my job.我必须专注于我的工作。Because for many Americans this is still a time of deep uncertainty.因为对很多美国人来说,现在还处于不稳定时期。For example, I have one friend just a few weeks ago, she was making millions of dollars a year and shes now living out of a van in Iowa.举个例子,我有一个朋友,几个礼拜前她还是年薪百万,而如今正住在爱荷华的货车里。Meanwhile, back here in our nations capital were always dealing with new challenges.然而,在我们的首都,我们依旧面临着新的挑战。Im happy to report that the Secret Service — thanks to some excellent reporting by white house correspondents — they are focusing on some of the issues that have come up.我高兴地宣告特勤处...由于一些优秀的白宫记者报告使得他们关注了一些从未遇到的问题。And, they have finally figured out a fool proof way to keep people off my lawn.他们终于找到了一个万无一失的方法让人们远离我的草坪。It works.它奏效了。Its not just fence jumpers.不仅仅是翻栅栏的人。Some of you know, a few months ago, a drone crashed landed out back.你们中的有些人知道,几个月前,一架无人机降落时坠毁了。That was pretty serious, but dont worry, we installed a new state-of-the-art security system.这十分严重,但是别担心,我们安装了新的最顶尖的安保系统。You know, let me set the record straight.让我重新声明一下。I tease Joe Biden, but you know he has been in my side for seven years.我打趣乔·拜登,但是你得知道他在我身边陪伴了7年了。I love that man.我爱死这哥们儿了。Hes not just a great Vice President, he is a great friend.他不仅是一位杰出的副总统,还是一位很棒的朋友。Weve gotten so close in some places in Indiana, they wont serve us pizza anymore.我们在印第安纳时非常亲密,以至于他们再也不卖披萨给我们了。I want to thank our host for the evening, a Chicago girl, the incredibly talented Cecily Strong.我想感谢今晚的主持人,一位芝加哥女孩儿,非常有才华的塞西莉·斯特朗。On Saturday Night Live, Cecily impersonates CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin, which is surprising,在周六晚间直播里,塞西莉假扮CNN主播布鲁克·鲍德温,这十分令人惊讶,because usually the only people impersonating journalists on CNN are journalists on CNN.因为通常只有CNN记者才会冒充CNN记者。201512/415967。
  • Im a game addict,我是一个游戏爱好者,and its not because of a certain number of hours I have spent playing,不仅仅是因为我花好多时间来玩游戏or nights I have gone without sleep to finish the next level.也不是因为无数个夜晚里为了通关而通宵达旦It is because I have had life-altering experiences in virtual space,是因为我在那个虚拟世界里有另外一条生命and games had begun to erode my own understanding of what is real and what is not.已经开始改变我对世界的理解什么是真实的,什么不是Im addicted, because even though I know Im losing my grip on reality,我对游戏着迷,因为即使我已经控制不了现实I still crave more.我却期望更多From an early age I learned to invest myself emotionally in what unfolded before me on screen.从很小时候,我就开始学习对屏幕上发生的事情产生真实的情感Today, after 20 years of watching TV geared to make me emotional,今天,在看过20年的电视以后even a decent insurance commercial can bring tears to my eyes.甚至一个好的保险广告都能让我流泪I am just one of a new generation that is growing up.我只是成长中的新一代中的一员A generation who may experience much more meaning这一代从游戏中体会到得滋味through games than they will through the real world.可能比现实生活中更多Video games are nearing an evolutionary leap,正在进行飞速的发展a point where game worlds will look and feel just as real游戏中的世界已经变得跟电影,电视as the films we see in theatres, or the news we watch on TV.相差无几And while my sense of free will in these virtual worlds我在虚拟世界里体验到的自由还是有局限的may still be limited, what I do learn applies to my real life.可是我在游戏学到的东西却可以拿到现实生活中来Play enough games and eventually you will玩过足够多游戏之后,你就会觉得really believe you can snowboard, fly a plane,你真的可以玩滑雪板,开飞机drive a nine-second quarter mile, or kill a man.9秒内潜到400米深的水下,或者杀一个人I know I can.我知道我可以Unlike any pop culture phenomenon before it,跟其他之前的流行文化不一样 games actually allow us to become part of the machine.让我们变成了机器的一部分They allow us to sublimate into the culture of interactive, downloaded, streaming, HD reality.它们允许我们沉浸到的文化中,这是一种互动的,可下载的,高清晰的现实文化We are interacting with our entertainment.我们可以跟它互动I have come to expect this level of interaction.这是我们预期的互动层次Without it, the problems faced in the real world --达不到这个层次,现实世界中的那些问题 ---poverty, war, disease and genocide -- lack the levity they should.贫穷,战争,疾病,种族灭绝在游戏里就失去了效果Their importance blends into the sensationalized drama of prime time TV.它们的重要性就跟黄金时段的电视剧融合为了一体But the beauty of games today lies not in the lifelike graphics,然而,的魅力不在它有真实的画面the vibrating joysticks or virtual surround sound.或者是那振动手柄或者立体的声音It lies in that these games are beginning to make me emotional.而在于,这些已经开始加入情感元素I have fought in wars, feared for my own survival,我在游戏里打过仗,在孤军奋战的时候害怕过watched my cohorts die on beaches and woods that look and feel more real than any textbook or any news story.看着自己的部队死在沙滩上和丛林里,那种感觉比任何的课本和新闻都真实The people who create these games are smart.制作游戏的那些人很聪明They know what makes me scared, excited, panicked, proud or sad.他们知道什么东西可以让我害怕,兴奋,慌张,骄傲或者悲伤Then they use these emotions to dimensionalize the worlds they create.他们用这些不同的情感元素来划分整个游戏世界A well-designed game will seamlessly weave the user into the fabric of the virtual experience.一个经过很好的设计的会把玩家完美的拼接到游戏的虚拟体验当中As one becomes more experienced the awareness of physical control melts away.随着一个人玩游戏玩得越来越好,那种通过控制在玩游戏的感觉就会渐渐消失I know what I want and I do it.我知道我想做什么就去做No buttons to push, no triggers to pull, just me and the game.不会去想按什么按钮或者扣什么扳机,我考虑的就只有我还有游戏My fate and the fate of the world around me lie inside my hands.我的命运还有我身处的世界的命运,都掌握在我的手中201512/412904。
  • I met these boys at five in the morning,我在早上五点时看到这些男孩子们,when they were hauling in the last of their nets,在收最后一个渔网,but they had been working since 1 a.m.可他们从凌晨1点就开始工作了。in the cold, windy night.在这样寒冷,刮风的晚上。And its important to note that these nets weigh more than a thousand pounds when theyre full of fish.要知道这些渔网装满鱼的时候重量有上千斤啊!I want to introduce you to Kofi.我要介绍你们认识Kofi。Kofi was rescued from a fishing village.他从一个渔村被解救出来。I met him at a shelter where Free the Slaves rehabilitates victims of slavery. Free the Slaves.见到他是在一个收容所里组织用于复元奴役受害者的一个地方。Here hes seen taking a bath at the well,照片上他正在井边洗澡,pouring big buckets of water over his head,把一桶桶水往头上倒,and the wonderful news is,好消息是,as you and I are sitting here talking today,此时此刻,Kofi has been reunited with his family, Kofi and whats even better, his family has been given tools to make a living and to keep their children safe.已经和家人团聚了。更让人欣喜的是,他们一家已能够自己谋生并确保孩子们的安全。Kofi is the embodiment of possibility.Kofi身上体现了一种可能性。Who will he become because someone took a stand and made a difference in his life?正因为有人表明了立场,影响了他的人生他的未来才可能有所改变。Driving down a road in Ghana with partners of Free the Slaves,开车行驶在加纳的一条路上与Free the Slaves的伙伴一起,a fellow abolitionist on a moped suddenly sped up to our cruiser and tapped on the window.一个骑着电单车的同行人突然加速靠近我们的车,敲着车窗。He told us to follow him down a dirt road into the jungle.他让我们跟他改走一条土路通向丛林。At the end of the road, he urged us out of the car,在路的尽头,他催促我们下车,and told the driver to quickly leave.让司机赶紧走。Then he pointed toward this barely visible footpath,然后他指着地上一排很不明显的脚印说,and said, This is the path, this is the path. Go.就是这里,就是这条路。走!As we started down the path, we pushed aside the vines blocking the way, and after about an hour of walking in,我们拨开挡路的藤蔓徒步走了约一个小时,found that the trail had become flooded by recent rains,小径被近期的雨水淹没了,so I hoisted the photo gear above my head as we descended into these waters up to my chest.我把拍摄器材举过头顶趟着齐胸口深的水继续走。201510/403397。
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