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Check-in入住Do you want to check in sir?您需要住宿吗?Yes I have booked a double room three days bee I am Mr. Dean.是的,我3天前预定了一个双人间,我叫迪恩Let me check. Yes, sir. The porter there will show you your room.我查一查好的,先生这位迎宾员将带你们去房间Hello, sir, is that all you luggage?您好,先生这是您的行李吗?Yes.是的This way please.请走这边Thank you, it very kind of you.谢谢,你太热情了 39

第一句:Where should I get off to go to the museum?去物馆的话我该在哪儿下车呢?A: Excuse me. Where should I get off to go to the museum?打扰下,请问去物馆的话我该在哪儿下车呢?B: You can get off at the fifth stop.在第五站下车就行第二句:Which bus should I take to go to the museum?乘哪辆车能去物馆呢?A: Excuse me. Which bus should I take to go to the museum?打扰了,乘哪辆车能去物馆呢?B: You can take No. 7 bus. It runs every 8 minutes.你可以乘7路公交车,它每隔8分钟来一趟提供一些相关的地名,如:美容院:beauty salon理发店:the barber shop, the barber, the hairdresser裁缝店:tailor shop, the tailor 等 0

上星期五,由于投资者对处境艰难的美国经济和欧洲系统的稳定产生新的忧虑,全球股市继续下跌 亚洲股市急剧下挫,欧洲股市也步其后尘。华尔街股市开盘呈现疲软之状 分析人士说,股市交易被担忧所笼罩,很多投资者担心,欧洲和美国官员将无法解决令人伤脑筋的经济和政府融资问题 在欧洲,人们担忧的是系统不够强健,不足以应对欧洲那些陷入金融困境的政府普遍面临的债务扩散问题 投资者还担心,美国政界人士无法就长期的开削减问题达成协议,来减少这个国家迅速膨胀的债务,或者给经济提供足够大的推动以减少失业率 Stock markets continued to fall across the globe on Friday, as investors showed new concern about the struggling U.S. economy and the stability of the European banking system. Asian stock indexes dropped sharply, European exchanges followed suit and U.S. stock indexes retreated in early trading in New York. Analysts said that fear had overtaken stock trading, with many investors worried that officials in Europe and the U.S. will not be able to solve vexing economic and government financing issues. In Europe, the fear is that banks are not strong enough to handle the continent's debt contagion sweeping through its financially troubled governments. Investors are also worried that U.S. politicians will not be able to reach agreement on long-term spending cuts to trim the country's burgeoning debt, or boost the economy enough to cut the nation's unemployment rolls. /201108/150329

Housekeeping 客房务 Showing the Room 客房迎宾务经典对话BBellman 开房员 GGuest 顾客B:Here is your room, Mr. Johnson. After you.这是您得房间,约翰逊先生您先请G:Thank you.谢谢B:Shall I draw the curtain you?我为您拉开窗帘好吗?G:OK, thank you. By the way, do you know when room service is available?好,谢谢顺便问一下,你知道客房送餐务得时间吗?B:It’s available twenty-four hours a day. And in the first draws of the dresser, you’ll find a brochure with full inmation about the facilities and services of our hotel.客房送餐务是 小时都提供的在梳妆台的第一个抽屉里有一本小册子,上面有关于我们酒店所有设施和务的信息G:Oh,I see. Um#8;#8; Here’s something you.(Giving tips)谢谢,这点东西给你(递小费)B:That’s very nice of you, thank you . Is there anything else I can do you?非常感谢,您真是太好了还需要我为您做什么吗?G:No, thanks.不用了,谢谢B:I’m always at your service, Mr. Johnson. Have a nice day. Good-bye!我随时乐意为您务,约翰逊先生祝您愉快,再见!常用句型百宝箱1. 介绍酒店的设施务1) There is a French caféand a Korean barbeque restaurant on the 3rd Floor.三楼有一家法式咖啡厅和一家韩国烧烤餐厅) The Tempura Counter is very popular in our hotel.我们酒店的天妇罗(日本油炸食品)柜台很受欢迎3) There are a lot of nice shops and boutiques nearby.附近有很多不错的商店和时装店) There’s a hair salonbeauty parlor on the right side of the West Gate.在(酒店的)西门右手边有一家美发店美容院5) It is open from 9 a.m. to p.m..它的营业时间是早上 9 点到晚上 点6) We have both sauna and massage service in our hotel.我们酒店有桑拿和务7) You can enjoy yourself in the revolving cocktail lounge on the top floor.您可以在顶楼的旋转鸡尾酒吧里享受一下8) You can call the housekeeping if you need laundry service.如果您要洗衣务,可以打电话给客房务员9) You can call the front desk directly if you need a taxi or an airport limo.如果您需要出租车或者去机场的交通车,可以直接打电话给前台) Here is the mini-bar.这个是(客房里的)迷你酒吧) Here is the water boiler.这个是煮水器) I’ll check with my supervisor.我得请示主管(常用于回答客人的特殊要求). 接受或拒绝小费1) Thank you. That’s very nice of you.谢谢,您真是太好了) That’s very nice of you, but I’m afraid we don’t accept tips. Thank you all the same.您真是太好了,不过我们不收小费还是一样谢谢您3. 表达祝愿和告别1) Have a nice day.祝你愉快) Please enjoy your stay here.希望您在这儿住得愉快3) If there is anything I can do you ,please call me .如果有什么我能帮到您得,请给我打电话) I’m always at your service.我随时乐意为您效劳 9

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