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广州那个医院治输卵管积液广州市第三代试管哪里最好广州输卵管切除医院排名 When photographs of South Korean president Moon Jae-in#39;s new bodyguard emerged at the weekend, they sent social media into meltdown.上周末,韩国总统文在寅新任保镖的照片让社交媒体陷入疯狂。The chiselled, Hollywood good looks of 35-year-old Choi Young-jae have sparked jokes that he needs his own bodyguard to keep adoring fans at bay while he keeps the president safe.35岁的崔英载面部棱角分明,颜值堪比好莱坞明星。人们戏称,他在保护总统安全时也需要有保镖来抵挡爱慕他的粉丝。;Netizens wittily suggest that President Moon Jae-in has hired #39;good-looking#39; professionals ... as the attractive public face of the new administration,; observed journalist Eom Da-sol in an article for the Korea Times.《韩国时报》记者严多素(音译)评述道:“新政府的公开形象很赏心悦目……网友们打趣称,文在寅总统任用的都是‘颜值高’的专业人士。”;The first person responsible for the suggestion is Moon himself. Photos of the handsome younger Moon went viral on social media when his campaign camp first released them in 2012. One person commented: #39;He will be the first handsome president of South Korea#39;.;“第一个要为这种联想负责的就是文在寅本人。2012年,文在寅的竞选团队首次在社交媒体上公开了他年轻时的帅气照片,在网络迅速走红。有人道:‘他将成为韩国最帅的总统。’”The cluster of good looking people President Moon has surrounded himself with has been variously dubbed ;the handsome brigade; and the ;reign of beauty;.文在寅周围聚集了一群长相英俊的人,被人们冠以“帅哥团队”和“高颜值政权”等不同称号。Im Jong-seok, the new chief of staff at the presidential residence, whose popularity with the opposite sex can be traced back to his college days.新任青瓦台秘书长任钟皙在异性中的人气可以追溯到大学时代。Former classmates say Im was quite the heartthrob at Hanyang University, so much so that when he ran for campus president, female students would steal so many of his campaign posters that he was forced to have hundreds more copies printed.任钟皙原来的同学表示,他在汉阳大学着实是个万人迷,他竞选学生会主席时,有女学生偷走了很多他的竞选海报,以至于他不得不再多印几百份。New senior presidential civil affairs secretary Cho Kuk is also part of the ;handsome brigade;.新任青瓦台民政首席秘书曹国也是“帅哥团队”中的一员。Years ago, during his days as a law professor at the Seoul National University, Cho was constantly fending off besotted students, who would leave him unsolicited gifts.几年前,他在国立首尔大学任法学教授期间,他经常拒绝“花痴”学生主动送来的礼物。;I felt uncomfortable about my popularity when I was an undergraduate student,; he told the Busan Daily in 2012.2012年,他告诉《釜山日报》:“上大学的时候,那样的高人气让我感到很不舒。”;Dairy drinks or chocolate snacks were piled on my school library seat almost every day.;“我在图书馆的座位上,每天几乎堆满了牛奶饮料或巧克力零食。”After photographs of the bodyguard sent social media into meltdown all over the world at the weekend, President Moon#39;s office issued a public statement.崔英载在全球社交媒体上走红后,文在寅总统办公室发表了一份公开声明。It said Choi was a former officer with Korea#39;s Special Warfare Command before adding that he was ;unfortunately; married with two daughters.声明称,崔英载曾是韩国特种作战司令部的指挥官,随后又补充道,“不幸的是”他已经结婚并有两个女儿。 /201705/509926广州区人流医院

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广州刮宫多少钱Microsoft founder Bill Gates has revealed he would advise his younger self that “smartness” is not necessarily the most important thing in life.微软创始人比尔#8226;盖茨透露,他会告诉年轻时候的自己“机灵”不一定是生命中最重要的事。The billionaire, who dropped out of university to develop the Windows software which revolutionised the IT world, said that intelligence is not as “single dimensional” as he once believed.这位大学中途退学开发了Windows软件,使IT界发生巨大变革的亿万富翁说,智力并不再是他曾经认为的单一维度。The world’s richest man made his comments in an “ask me anything” session with Reddit.上述言论出自世界首富在Reddit上的“有问必答”对话中。“I would explain that smartness is not as single dimensional and not quite as important as I thought it was back then,” he said in reply to a question about advice to his nineteen-year-old self.“我会解释聪明不是唯一指标,也没当时想的那么重要,”他在回答关于给19岁的自己一些建议这个问题时说道。“I would say you might explore the developing world before you get into your forties.“我会建议在40岁之前探索发展中国家。”“I wasn’t very good socially back then but I am not sure there is advice that would fix that – maybe I had to be awkward and just grow up.”“那时的我不善交际,但是我不确定有没有建议能改掉这点——或许我就得笨笨地长大了”The young Mr Gates was an academic high flyer at his private school in Seattle, scoring a near-perfect 1590 (out of a possible 1600) in his SATs and winning a place at Harvard University.年轻的盖茨先生在西雅图的私立学校是个学霸,参加美国高考得了接近满分的1590分(满分1600),成功考入哈佛大学。He enrolled to study law at the Ivy League college, although like many young people, he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do in life and spent most of his time at university on computers beofre dropping out in 1975.他进入常青藤盟校学习法律,但是就像许多年轻人一样,他不确定自己想要的是什么,在他1975年退学之前,他在大学花费最多的时间是在电脑上。“Right now I am very focused on making sure we successfully eradicate polio – that will be amazing if we do it – as good as shipping even the best software product.”“现在我专注于如何成功根除小儿麻痹症——如果我们做到了,将会震惊世界——就像我们推出最好的软件产品一样棒。”Discussing the role IT plays in society, the entrepreneur anticipated the day when computers can “ and understand information like humans do.”讨论IT在社会中扮演的角色时,这位企业家期望计算机能“像人类一样阅读并理解信息”。“There is a lot of work going on in this field – Google, Microsoft, Facebook, academia …Right now computers don’t know how to represent knowledge so they can’t a text book or pass a test.”“这个领域仍有很多工作要做——谷歌,微软,脸书,大学……现在计算机还不知道怎样表述知识,所以它们不能读课本或者通过考试。”Asked where he sees himself in fifteen years, the 61-year-old father of three said he hopes to be a grandfather – but did not answer questions on whether he would ever consider running for US President.当被问及觉得15年后的自己会怎样,这位有三个孩子的61岁父亲说道,他希望能当上爷爷——但是没有回答是否会考虑竞选美国总统的问题。译文属 /201703/500195 广州妇科排行榜佛山输精管疏通哪家医院最专业



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