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The faintest smell,最微弱的气味the slightest sound,最轻微的声响the briefest glimpse一闪即逝的影子could give warning of an attack.都可能是攻击的前兆The chital must detect their enemy斑鹿必须在遭遇突袭前before it takes them by surprise.先侦测到敌人And they have allies.而且它们有盟军相助Langur monkeys.这些是叶猴Keen eyesight and a perch high in the trees拥有敏锐视觉加上栖息树梢means they can scan the forest.让叶猴得以扫视整座森林The jungle is full of distraction.身处丛林很容易分心Senses are strained, trying to detect approaching danger.必须紧绷感官 试图侦测逼近的威胁Yet the chital still need to feed.但斑鹿还是得进食And the hunter must get within striking distance.猎人则必须进入攻击距离 Article/201309/258245

广告意义:利用有趣的动态历史画面讲述可口可乐的来龙去脉以及发展壮大,任何品牌都是历经历史沉淀后闪耀的珍珠,品牌文化的宣传让人们不仅了解产品,更加深了对品牌的认同感和情感依赖,品牌到最后营销的是一种品牌所承载的精神力量象征!广告双语文本内容:Have you ever wondered about the great mysteries of life, like how the universe began, who built the pyramids, the secret formula for Coca-Cola? Some scientists believe there may be a cosmic connections to these mysteries. No one knows for sure, but we do know that Coca-Cola has been around since the beginning of time.你曾想过生命最大的谜团,像是宇宙怎么开始的、谁建造金字塔、或是可口可乐的秘方吗?有些科学家认为这些谜团之间也许有种宇宙的连结。没人确切知道,但我们确实知道可口可乐自时间的开始就存在了。Okay, okay. Here#39;s the real story. Coca-Cola was invented right here in the City of Atlanta over 100 years ago. Back in 1886, a pharmacist named John Pemberton was experimenting with a new recipe. He took some secret ingredients and boiled them into a syrup. He thought that was pretty tasty. So he took some to Jacobs Pharmacy, where he mixed the syrup with carbonated water and placed it on sale for five cents a glass.好啦、好啦。这裡是真实的故事。可口可乐超过一百年前就在亚特兰大市这儿被发明出来。回到1886年,一名叫做John Pemberton的药剂师在实验一种新处方。他拿了些秘密材料,并将其煮沸成糖浆。他觉得那还满美味的。所以他拿了些到Jacobs药局,在那裡他将糖浆与苏打水混和,一杯卖五毛钱。And the rest is history. Thus was invented one of the greatest refreshments of all time. Dr. Pemberton#39;s accountant was named Frank Robinson, and it was his idea to call this new drink Coca-Cola. In fact, he created the now-famous trademark in his own handwriting. As words sp around Atlanta about this fashionable new beverage, sales began to increase.剩下的就是历史了。有史以来最棒的饮料就这样被发明出来。Pemberton药师的会计师名叫Frank Robinson,称这新饮料为可口可乐正是他的点子。事实上,他以他自己的字迹创造出现在知名的商标。当关于这个时髦新饮料的消息传遍亚特兰大时,销售也开始成长。During its first year, Coca-Cola sold an average of nine drinks a day. Dr. Pemberton never imagined the incredible future of his creation. In 1888, he sold the secret formula to a businessman named Asa Candler, who later formed a corporation to produce and distribute Coca-Cola.在它的第一年,可口可乐平均一天卖出九杯。Pemberton药师从未想像过他的创作那难以置信的未来。在1888年,他将秘方卖给了一位叫做Asa Candler的商人,他稍后成立了间公司来生产并配送可口可乐。Mr. Candler was a marketing genius, and he came up with countless creative ways to promote the product. He even deliver the syrup in barrels that were painted red to give them a distinctive appearance. As more and more people discovered this delicious new refreshment, Coca-Cola began to pop up all over America.Candler先生是个行销天才,他想出了无数种创意方式来推销那产品。他甚至把糖浆放在漆成红色的木桶裡配送,给它们醒目的外表。当越来越多人发现了这个可口的新饮品,可口可乐开始在美国各地出现。For years, Coca-Cola was served only in soda fountains. Then one day, a couple of clever guys named Thomas and Whitehead had an idea. Coca-Cola was so successful as a fountain drink. What if someone put it in bottles?多年来,可口可乐只有在汽水饮料机供应。接著有一天,名叫Thomas和Whitehead的一对聪明小伙子有个点子。可口可乐作为饮料机的饮品如此成功。如果有人把它装进瓶子呢?Bottles?瓶子?Yes, sir. Bottles. Folks could take them home.是的,先生。瓶子。人们可以带它们回家。Well, Mr. Candler thought that was a perfectly stupid idea, so stupid, in fact, that he told the two men they could bottle all the Coca-Cola they wanted. And he sold them the right to do that for just one dollar.这个嘛,Candler先生觉得那是个完美的蠢点子,事实上,愚蠢到他告诉那两人他们可以瓶装所有他们想装的可口可乐。他以仅仅一美元将瓶装的权利卖给他们。Of course, one thing Mr. Candler didn#39;t sell was his secret recipe. He agreed to sell them Coca-Cola syrup. They would add carbonated water. And Coca-Cola bottling had begun. It turned out that people loved Coca-Cola in bottles. Now they could enjoy it anytime they wanted.当然,Candler先生没有卖出的一件东西是他的秘密配方。他同意卖给他们可口可乐糖浆。他们会加入苏打水。接著瓶装可口可乐就开始了。结果明人们喜爱瓶装的可口可乐。现在他们可以在任何想喝的时候享用它。Coca-Cola was so popular, in fact, the competitors try to cash in on its success. So the bottlers decided to create something that made it easy for people to tell Coca-Cola from the impostors. And in 1916, they introduced the Coca-Cola contour bottle. Now people could be sure they were getting the real thing. The new bottle was so unique it became instantly famous.可口可乐如此受到欢迎,事实上,竞争者们都试着要趁机利用它的成功。所以瓶装业者决定要创作出某个能让人们轻易从仿冒者中辨认出可口可乐的东西。在1916年,他们推出了可口可乐曲线瓶。现在人们可以确定他们拿到的是真品。新的瓶子如此特别,因此迅速变得出名。In 1919, Candler sold the company to a group of investors, and a man named Robert Woodruff soon became the new company president. Mr. Woodruff#39;s goal was to make ice-cold Coca-Cola available to anyone, anytime, anyplace. Under his leadership, bottling plants became to pop up over the world. And Coca-Cola became the first truly global brand.在1919年,Candler将公司卖给一群投资者,一位叫做Robert Woodruff的男人很快就成了新公司的总裁。Woodruff先生的目标是要让冰凉的可口可乐能让任何人、在任何时间、任何地点都能买到。在他的领导之下,瓶装厂开始在世界各地出现。可口可乐成了第一个真正遍及全球的品牌。Over 100 years later, the formula is still a closely guarded secret, but the popularity of Coca-Cola is no secret. It#39;s the most recognized trademark in the world. And Coca-Cola is enjoyed in more than 200 countries, produced and sold by local bottlers, just like the one in your home town.在一百年之后,那配方仍是个被仔细保护的秘密,但可口可乐的受欢迎程度则不是秘密。那是世界上最多人认识的商标。可口可乐在超过两百个国家中让人享用,由当地瓶装厂生产及贩售,就像在你家乡的那个一样。Wherever you are, wherever you#39;re at thirst, the Coca-Cola company and Coca-Cola bottlers answer the need for refreshment in many different ways. But the shining star is and will always be Coca-Cola—the original soft drink, unique, delicious, authentic, and fun!无论你在哪里、无论你在哪里感到口渴,可口可乐公司和可口可乐瓶装业者会用许多不同的方式回应你对清凉饮品的需求。但闪耀的明星一直都是、永远都会是可口可乐--原创的气泡饮料、特别、可口、真正的、有趣的!There#39;s only one Coca-Cola—the most refreshing drink in the universe.只有一家可口可乐--世界上最清凉的饮料。 Article/201409/327717

Jeremy Lin on young players#39; development in China林书豪关注中国年轻球员的发展Jeremy Lin has joined the LA Lakers from the Houston Rockets to embark on a new journey for his career.现已加盟洛杉矶湖人队的为他的职业生涯开始了一段新的旅程。The 25-year-old Asian-American was in Beijing recently to talk about the young players#39; development in China and so forth.这位25岁的亚裔美国人最近在北京谈论中国年轻球员的发展。 Article/201407/313208

The Score: What#39;s in a nameCoach Ditka could have been Senator Ditka, according to, well, Mike Ditka. Should the Washington Redskins change their name? Donte Whitner can give them some pointers: apparently legal name changes are a no-go in a government shutdown.This is an emergency addition of Your Money. Washington working to avert economic crisis of its own making. Whashington is also the focus of our weekly look at the busiest sports. Here is the Score.Mike Ditka says President Obama would not be in the White House if he ran against him in the 2004 electoral celebrates. Ditka tell us the Dickinson Press not running was the biggest mistake he’s ever made. And he probably would have one that senate seat. Ditka has described himself as an “ultra-, ultra, ultra-conservative”. President Obama says if he owned the Washington Redskin, he would consider change the team’s name, protestors in Washington and even at the way games, once the name and logo dropped. The real owner says, has repeatedly said he’s not to change the Redskins’ name, and this week he responded to the recent? ? criticism, saying ed “The name was never a label. It was, and continues to be, a badge of honor.” It would also cost an aweful lot of money to change everything, uniforms, region, diets, stadium sites, new branding, rebranding the Redskins friend, value that own sum what 5 billion by forms.And finally the partial government shut down, shutting down safety Donte Whitner. We told you last week the San Francisco 49-years-old player’s trying to change his last name from Whitner to Hitner, basically in protest of an affair fine for a big heady took. But now, reports say the paperwork cannot be processed until the government gets back to work. Whitner twitted “Damn gov’t shutdown lol…” /201310/260649

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