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道县印度棱背龟佛罗里达红肚龟黄腿象龟中部锦龟安南龟海龟扁头长颈龟价格怎么养The modern maraschino cherry is “a real cherry with the cherry flavor removed,” explains Darcy O’Neil, a chemist and the author of “Fix the Pumps,” a history of the soda fountain. The original version, by contrast, was a marasca cherry — a sour, dark variety cultivated on the coast of Dalmatia (now part of Croatia) beginning in the mid-19th century. It was brined in ocean water, then preserved in a liqueur made from its own juices, as well as leaves and ground-up pits.现代的酒渍马拉斯奇诺樱桃(maraschino cherry,特指冰淇淋、鸡尾酒,奶油蛋糕等物上的装饰性红樱桃——译注)是一种“去掉了樱桃味的樱桃”,化学家达西·奥尼尔(Darcy O’Neil)说,他曾出版讲述冷饮机历史的《修好水泵》(Fix the Pumps)一书。马拉斯奇诺樱桃是用欧洲酸樱桃制成的,二者截然相反。欧洲酸樱桃又酸又黑,是19世纪中期在达尔马提亚(今克罗地亚境内)培育出来的。制作方法是将它用海水浸泡,之后用同一种樱桃的汁液、叶子和碾碎的籽制成的甜酒腌渍。The fruit first arrived on American shores as a luxury import around the turn of the century, along with a cheaper version made primarily in France using sugar and dyes. Large shipments of European cherries that had been preserved but not fully transformed into maraschinos were also sent to the ed States — American cherries were considered unacceptable because of their mushier texture — where they, too, were made into less rarefied versions of the Croatian original.在19世纪与20世纪之交,这种果子作为一种奢侈的进口物品来到美国大洋两岸,此外还有一种较为便宜的法国制造品种,用糖和颜料浸渍而成。美国樱桃被认为质地较软,无法用来制作马拉斯奇诺樱桃,于是大量欧洲半成品樱桃也被运往美国,在美国本土加工制作,但没有克罗地亚的原产品那么正宗。Americans happily gobbled up imitation marascas, usually flavored with vanilla or almond. But when information about how they were made was leaked, outraged articles followed. “Maraschino Cherries Violate Pure Food Law,” ran one 1907 headline. According to another report, the fruit was smoked in sulfur and packed in a noxious chemical brine before shipping; once in the factory, it was soaked in sugar syrup, flavored and dyed red with aniline, a toxic colorant made of coal-tar byproducts. So many maraschino impostors — some alcoholic and some not — hit the market that in 1912, the Food and Drug Administration issued an official statement on the difference between a real maraschino and an imitation.美国人开心地吃着这些仿制樱桃,通常是配香草和杏仁一起吃。但是当制作过程泄露后,开始出现愤怒的抨击文章,1907年,一篇文章题为“马拉斯奇诺樱桃触犯纯净食品法”。另一篇报道写道,这些樱桃经过硫磺烟熏,在运输前被浸泡在一种臭名昭著的化学制剂里。在工厂,它们被浸入糖浆,用苯胺调味和染上红色——苯胺是一种有毒的着色剂,由煤焦油的副产品制成。大量冒牌马拉斯奇诺樱桃涌入市场(有些是酒渍的,有些不是),1912年,美国食品和药物发表了一份官方声明,澄清真假马拉斯奇诺樱桃的不同之处。None of these alarming findings stopped people from eating the candied treats. It wasn’t long before American cherry growers, particularly in Oregon, where there were vast orchards, looked for ways to break into the market. Ernest Wiegand, a horticulturist at Oregon Agricultural College (now Oregon State University), focused on figuring out how best to preserve the shape and structure of local cherries to the standards Americans expected. “Preserving them with alcohol causes them to shrink,” O’Neil explains. “They become hard and wrinkled, and they don’t look like a plump, beautiful cherry.” In 1925, Wiegand discovered that adding calcium salts to the preserving brine firmed up the fruit. With a few modifications, this is still the method used to make maraschinos today. And while the maraschino we know has long been a kind of Frankenstein’s monster of the fruit world, in a Manhattan or on a sundae it offers a certain reliable comfort. “It’s got this burst of sweetness and sugar and childhood in it,” O’Neil says. “And those are good associations.”这些警告并没有阻止人们继续食用这种甜品。不久后,美国樱桃种植者,特别是拥有大片果园的俄勒冈州的种植者们找到办法打入这个市场。厄内斯特·维甘德是俄勒冈农业学院(今俄勒冈州立大学)的园艺学家,他致力于让本土樱桃的形状和质地在腌渍过程能够达到美国人期待的标准。“用酒精腌渍会让它们缩水,”奥尼尔说,“会让它们变硬起皱,看上去就不像美丽丰满的樱桃了。”1925年,维甘德发现,在腌渍液中加入钙盐,会让樱桃变得质地坚实。经过若干调整,这个方法如今仍应用在制作马拉斯奇诺樱桃的工序中。我们熟悉的马拉斯奇诺樱桃早已成为水果界的弗兰肯斯坦怪物,但当它随曼哈顿鸡尾酒和圣代冰淇淋一起端上来的时候,还是让人有种安心的舒适感。“它包含了关于甜蜜、糖果和童年的感觉,”奥尼尔说。“这些都是美妙的联想。” /201410/338308印度棱背乌龟养殖技术方法吃什么吉水县佛州甜甜圈龟辐射陆龟齿缘龟三线闭壳龟真鳄龟蛇颈龟价格怎么养

贵阳市马来闭壳龟长身蛇颈龟东部箱龟棱背泥龟缅甸孔雀龟百色闭壳龟价格怎么养哈巴河县佛州甜甜圈龟辐射陆龟齿缘龟三线闭壳龟真鳄龟蛇颈龟价格怎么养After touring France, the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and nearly 100 exhibitions since 2008, the 1,600 paper-mache panda sculptures by French artist Paulo Grangeon will make their conservation statement in Hong Kong for the first time.法国艺术家保罗·格兰金创作的1600只纸熊猫,自2008年以来已经在不同国家和地区展出了近100次,其中包括法国、荷兰、意大利、瑞士和德国。这次,熊猫们将第一次来香港宣传环境保护。1,600 represents the number of pandas left in the wild.1600只代表了现存野生大熊猫的数量。Made from recycled materials each measuring 30cm in height, the pandas will be on display for one month in flashmob-inspired style at the Hong Kong International Airport, Tian Tan Buddha, Tsing Ma Bridge, Shatin Racecourse, Victoria Park and Ocean Park before heading to and marking the opening of design and high-end entertainment complex PMQ in June.这些熊猫有30厘米高,用再生材料制成。它们将以快闪巡回展的方式在香港国际机场、天坛大佛、青马桥、沙田马场、维多利亚公园和海洋公园展出1个月。之后会出现在6月份PMQ元创方的开幕展览活动中。Launched in 2008 by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to raise awareness on environmental and endangered species conservation, the worldwide tour has made stops in more than 20 countries around the world.为了提升人们对环保和濒危动物的关注,世界自然基金会在2008年开始了1600熊猫世界之旅活动。迄今已在超过20个国家和地区展出。Funds raised via the project will be donated to WWF Hong Kong.活动募集的资金将被捐给世界自然基金会香港分部。 /201406/305614Starting weeks before Christmas, Robert Ravens had to ration sales of teddy bears to people visiting his lavender farm in this remote corner of Australia to one per customer. Demand was so fierce that as soon as each furry purple Bobbie Bear shell was stuffed with a mixture of lavender and wheat, it was rushed straight to the gift store. 从 诞节前好几个星期开始,由于来自己这个位于澳大利亚偏远角落的薰衣草农场购买泰迪熊的人太多,罗伯特·拉文斯 (Robert Ravens)不得不实行每人只能购买一只的限制。由于需求太过旺盛, 被塞上薰衣草和小麦的混合物后,毛茸茸的紫色比熊(Bobbie Bear)就直接被送到了礼品店。Mr. Ravens had aly stopped shipping overseas and interstate. He had stopped taking Internet orders. His small staff at Bridestowe Lavender Estate couldn#39;t keep up with demand coming almost solely from one place: China. 拉文斯已经停止了向海外和州外供货,也不再从网上接收订单,因为他在Bridestowe Lavender Estate薰衣草庄园的小团队无法维护如此大量的需求。这些需求几乎来自一个地方:中国。#39;We#39;re not aiming to dominate the world of fluffy bears. Our business is fine lavender,#39; said Mr. Ravens. #39;But somehow we#39;ve tapped the cultural psyche of 30-year-old Chinese ladies.#39; 拉文斯说:“我们没打算控制绒毛熊的世界。我们的主营业务是优质的薰衣草,但却莫名其妙地触碰到了30多岁中国女性心灵深处的需求。”The rush on Bobbie Bears is what happens when suddenly insatiable Chinese demand meets limited supply. Mr. Ravens said the farm -- where a spacious gift shop overlooks trim rows of lavender, an hour#39;s drive through quiet farmland from the closest airport -- has seen #39;near riot#39; conditions since the rationing began. The annual number of visitors has nearly tripled in six years to 60,000 in 2013. 当中国人突如其来的强烈需求遭遇有限的供应,就会出现类似比熊需求旺盛这样的情况。拉文斯说,自限购开始后,农场就出现了“近乎暴乱”的情形。从最近的机场到这片宁静的农场有一小时车程,从宽敞的礼品店可俯瞰一排排修剪整齐的薰衣草。2013年,全年游客人数较六年前增长了近两倍,达到6万人。Wealthy Chinese have bid up the price of investment assets in recent years from property in Vancouver to French Bordeaux and modern art. As prosperity in China sps, Chinese are doing the same with consumer goods. 近几年,从温哥华房产到法国波尔多红酒,再到现代艺术品,富有的中国人已经抬高了全球各地资产投资的价格。随着中国繁荣势头的扩散,消费商品也遭遇了同样的情形。Voracious demand from Chinese tourists for luxury goods to give as gifts or to sell at a markup back home often threatens to clear the shelves of major brands in France. Gucci stores in Paris sometimes limit the number of bags customers can buy per passport to ensure supply. 薰衣草小熊中国游客对奢侈品的旺盛需求常常会导致法国各大品牌的货架被一扫而空,他们把这些奢侈品带回中国送人或涨价转手。巴黎的古驰(Gucci)商店有时会限制每本护照可购买手袋的数量,以确保供应。Karicare, a brand of milk powder made from New Zealand goats#39; milk that sells in Australia and New Zealand, has quadrupled production to 20,000 tons over the last three years to meet demand from Chinese consumers, some of whom are reselling online in China. Even that might not be enough. 在澳大利亚和新西兰有售的新西兰羊奶奶粉品牌Karicare在过去三年内将产量增加了三倍,至2万吨,以满足中国消费者的需求,他们中的一些人会买来后在中国网上转售。但即便如此,产量还是供不应求。The company, a unit of Group Danone, says on its website that due to #39;unprecedented demand#39; it cannot find enough high quality goats milk. 隶属达能集团(Group Danone)的Karicare在公司网站上宣布,由于“前所未有的旺盛需求”,公司无法找到足够的高品质羊奶。The craze for Bobbie the teddy bear has come with all the attendant effects of a China boom. 比熊热就是伴随中国繁荣带来的影响而出现的。Bridestowe sells Bobbie for about .50 or about 300 yuan, up from about five years ago, after raising the price five times. In China, online retailers currently sell them for about 400 yuan, up from 300 only a few months ago. But, Mr. Ravens said, many are knockoffs; his authorized distributor estimates 100,000 fakes have been sold online. Three online retailers reached in China all said they were selling authentic Bobbie Bears. 比熊五年前的定价是23美元左右,后来Bridestowe庄园陆续涨价五次,目前价格约为48.5美元,相当于人民币300元左右。在中国,网上零售商目前要价约400元,而几个月前才300元。但拉文斯说,很多都是冒牌货;他的授权经销商估计网上售出的假货共有10万个。记者在中国联系的三家网上零售商均表示自己出售的是正品比熊。The price of lavender in Australia is also rising, selling for to per kilogram, up from less than a year ago, according to Jean Sargeant, president of the Australian Lavender Growers Association. 澳大利亚薰衣草种植者协会(Australian Lavender Growers Association)会长让·萨金特(Jean Sargeant)表示,澳大利亚薰衣草的价格也在上涨,每公斤售价在55到90美元之间,一年前还不到40美元。#39;I#39;ve had three lots of Chinese here over the picking season,#39; said Ms. Sargeant. #39;One guy said #39;I#39;ll buy the entire crop.#39; #39; 萨金特说:“采摘季的时候这里有相当于三块薰衣草田面积的中国人。有一个人说‘ 我全都包了’。”Bobbie Bears have tapped into Chinese consumers#39; desire for peace of mind after recurring food and product safety scandals at home. 中国接连发生食品及产品安全丑闻后,比熊抓住了中国消费者寻求内心平静的渴望。#39;Anything natural from somewhere with blue skies and clean air and water is dreamy for Chinese consumers,#39; said Chen Huan, a 28-year-old who works for a public-relations firm in Shanghai. She bought four bears -- three as gifts -- from a friend. 供职于上海一家公关公司、现年28岁的Chen Huan说:“从蓝天到干 的空气和水,任何自然的东西对中国消费者来说都是梦寐以求的。”她从朋友那里买了四个比熊,其中三个是礼物。The outside of the bear itself is made in southern China. What consumers want is stuffing: lavender grown in Tasmania, without pesticides or herbicides, and locally-grown wheat, which warms up when microwaved so that the bear also works as a heat pack. 比熊外皮是在中国南方地区制造的。消费者想要的是里面的填充物:塔斯马尼亚(Tasmania)种植的薰衣草,没有杀虫剂和除草剂,还有当地种植的小麦,微波加热后会变暖,所以小熊还能当保暖袋用。Mr. Ravens, who used to be chief executive of a chemicals company, and his wife Jennifer bought the 92-year-old farm in 2007 as a retirement project. They started making teddy bears as a way to use the shed-loads of dried lavender that came with the farm. Soon they developed the idea of selling the bears to market the farm for tourism. Seeing the bear was popular among Chinese tourists to the farm, they got a store near Chinatown in Sydney to stock them. Two years ago they started marketing them in Hong Kong with the help of a celebrity chef from there. 拉文斯曾经是一家化学药品公司的首席执行长,他和妻子詹妮弗(Jennifer)于2007年买下了这座有92年历史的农场,作为他们退休后的项目。他们最初做泰迪熊是为了把农场剩下的大量干薰衣草用掉。不久他们有了通过卖泰迪熊推广农场旅游的想法。看到这些熊很受来到农场的中国游客的欢迎后,他们在悉尼中国城附近盘下一家店来存货。两年前,他们开始在香港通过那里的一位名人主厨推广泰迪熊。Demand in mainland China took off in July. A 26-year-old Chinese celebrity famous for dating a Hong Kong television personality -- and whose ex-boyfriend is a distributor of Bobbie in China -- posted a photo of herself with the bear on social media. #39;The ideal bedtime companion for a cold Shanghai night,#39; Zhang Xinyu told her 8.7 million followers on Weibo, a microblogging site. 中国内地的需求是从去年7月开始高涨的。盛传与香港某电视名人交往的26岁中国明星张馨予──前男友是比熊在中国的经销商之一──在社交媒体上发了一张与比熊的照片。她在微上对870万粉丝说,在上海这么寒冷的夜晚,它是陪我睡觉的理想伴侣Bridestowe stuffed 30,000 bears last year -- up from 3,500 in 2011 and 7,500 in 2012 -- and expects to double production this year, using a full ton of lavender for stuffing, rather than for aromatic oils, its traditional use. Bridestowe去年生产了3万只泰迪熊,而2011年和2012年分别为3,500个和7,500只。今年产量还将翻番,他们准备用一整吨薰衣草来填充泰迪熊,而不是按照传统,将其制作成精油。Nancy Li, a tour guide from the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen, led a group of middle-aged Chinese men around Tasmania in late January. She said that she intended to buy 60 bears for family and friends from Bridestowe, but decided not to visit when she heard she could only buy one. 深圳导游Nancy Li今年1月带领一个中国中年男性的旅游团去塔斯马尼亚附近旅游。她说她原打算到Bridestowe买60个熊送亲戚朋友,但听说只能买一个后就决定不去了。Mr. Ravens said people regularly try to get around the bear-buying restriction. Some people hire students to enter and leave the Bridestowe farm multiple times a day, repeatedly buying an admission ticket of about that entitles them to the right to buy a bear, he said. Some tour guides will buy the admission tickets but then not hand them over to the group, instead hoarding the bears for themselves, he said. 拉文斯说,人们常常会试图绕过限购规定。他说,有人雇佣学生一天进出农场好几次,重复购买约14美元的门票,因为有门票才能买熊。他说,有些导游会买门票,但不会把票给旅游团,而是自己囤货。While at the farm, a middle-aged Chinese academic approached this reporter to try to buy an additional bear. 在农场时,有一名中年中国学者接近记者,想再买一只熊。Mr. Ravens said people often get angry when they learn they can only buy one bear. #39;The staff are always on edge. Tempers get frayed,#39; he said. #39;Our staff don#39;t cope so well#39; with the animosity. 拉文斯说,在听说只能买一只熊的时候人们通常会很生气。他说:“员工总是处于紧张的状态,脾气变得很不好。我们的员工对人们愤怒的情绪应付得不好。”With this year#39;s lavender crop now in, Mr. Ravens has resumed selling the bears wholesale again to some stores. He is also fighting back against the counterfeiters, with each Bobbie coming with an identification tag that buyers can verify on line. 由于今年的薰衣草种植又流行起来,拉文斯又开始把熊批发给部分商店。同时他也在努力打击假货,每个比熊都会有识别标签,消费者可以在网上验。As far as Mr. Ravens is concerned, one sniff is enough to determine authenticity. #39;The Bridestowe lavender is a global classic. It#39;s unmatched. It#39;s rich and deep,#39; he said. #39;You can tell a fake from the smell.#39; 拉文斯表示,其实闻一闻就能辨真假。他说:“Bridestowe的薰衣草是畅销全球的经典,它是无与伦比的,香味浓郁深沉,从气味就能闻出是不是假货。” /201404/289870福泉市靴脚陆龟咸水泥彩龟安哥洛卡象龟凹甲陆龟红腿象龟价格怎么养Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Holding Group continued its streak of deals yesterday, paying .22 billion for an 18.5% stake in one of China#39;s most popular online sites Youku Tudou. Part Youtube, part Netflix, Youku Tudou offers an array of content from self-produced talk shows and dramas to syndicated foreign shows like The Good Wife, and user created content. 中国电子商务巨头阿里巴巴集团(Alibaba Holding Group)续写了其交易记录,该公司已同意斥资12.2亿美元收购优酷土豆(Youku Tudou)18.5%的股份。作为中国最受欢迎的视频网站之一,优酷土豆兼具Youtube和Netflix的特点,提供的视频内容丰富多样,既有自创的脱口秀和戏剧,也有购买了播出权的海外节目(比如美剧《傲骨贤妻》(The Good Wife))以及用户自创内容。In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Youku Tudou Founder and Chief Executive Victor Koo said the company held talks with a few companies in parallel, eventually deciding on Alibaba after a series of meetings in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong in recent months. Koo spoke about how his company will make use of the funds, the rash of recent deals in China#39;s Internet sector, and the government#39;s recent crackdown on four American TV shows. The following is an edited excerpt of the interview. Reuters在接受《华尔街日报》(The Wall Street Journal)采访时,优酷土豆的创始人兼首席执行长古永锵(Victor Koo)表示,优酷土豆与数家公司进行过洽谈,最近几个月在上海、北京和香港举行了一系列会谈后,最终决定引入阿里巴巴的投资。古永锵谈到了优酷土豆将如何使用这笔资金、中国互联网行业最近的一系列交易以及政府最近禁播四部美剧的问题。WSJD: What was the motivation for taking the investment from Alibaba? 《华尔街日报》:接受阿里巴巴的投资是出于什么样的动机?Koo: When we first really considered a strategic investment, we talked to all potential partners and indicated Youku Tudou is an independently operated company so we were looking for strategic investments to take us to the next step. The strategic investment itself will help us accelerate our progress as well as the whole development of our Internet entertainment media platform.古永锵:在我们第一次真正考虑引入战略投资时,我们就与所有的潜在合作伙伴都进行了磋商,并表明优酷土豆是一家独立经营的公司,所以我们正在寻找战略投资以便使公司进入下一个阶段。这笔战略投资本身将有助于加快优酷土豆的进步以及我们的互联网媒体平台的整体发展。We#39;ve been around now for 7 or 8 years and we#39;re looking at this as an important strategic step to progress us to the next level with financial resources, strategic resources...because we see these opportunities happening around us, we want to leverage the market opportunity that is in front of us. 公司成立至今已有七、八年的时间,我们将引入战略投资视为通过财务资源和战略资源使公司发展到一个新水平的重要战略步骤,因为我们看到了身边的这些机会,我们希望利用摆在我们面前的市场机遇。WSJD: What is Alibaba#39;s motivation for making more investments into media and entertainment in China? 《华尔街日报》:阿里巴巴在中国媒体和领域进行更多投资的动机是什么?Koo: From their perspective, clearly the whole area of as well as entertainment media is a growth sector as China moves to a consumer-led economy. This is an area where traditionally they have not focused, and they really felt that by investing in Youku Tudou they [can leverage that]. I think we have a lot of common vision and common goals in terms of what [the and entertainment industry] can be in China. 古永锵:从阿里巴巴的角度看,随着中国向消费拉动的经济转变,整个视频及媒体行业显然是一个增长领域。这也是一个阿里巴巴之前未侧重的领域,而且阿里巴巴也确实认为,通过投资优酷土豆,他们将能够撬动该领域。我认为我们和阿里巴巴对于中国视频和行业的发展前景有很多共同的看法和目标。For example, the U.S. and Europe have a very developed media entertainment business, but in Asia you look at Korea for example, it#39;s a relatively small country but its culture and entertainment industry has widesp influence in Asia as well as the rest of the world. China has a huge population and a very sizable Internet space...that kind of reach can create a lot of interesting opportunities. With our base, I think whether it#39;s in terms of content and how it ties with Alibaba#39;s businesses in terms of commerce, big data, cloud as well as payment, there are a lot of interesting areas we will explore together. 例如,美国和欧洲拥有一个非常发达的媒体行业;在亚洲,以韩国为例,虽然韩国是一个相对较小的国家,但其文化和业对亚洲乃至全球其他地方都有广泛影响。中国拥有巨大的人口以及相当可观的网络空间,能创造大量有意思的机会。凭藉优酷土豆的用户数,我认为不管是内容,还是在与阿里巴巴的商务、大数据、云以及付业务的合作方式方面,两家公司都有很多可以共同探索的有趣领域。WSJD: What is your view on the recent crackdown by the government on several popular U.S. television shows including #39;The Good Wife,#39; which you feature on your site?《华尔街日报》:你如何看待中国政府近期要求包括优酷土豆热播剧《傲骨贤妻》在内的多部热门美剧在网站下线一事?Koo: Besides our strength in web-based original content, syndication is also an area where we started global syndication earlier than any of our competitors and have the broadest library here. Overall, what we see is that the regulatory authorities are highly supportive of this and of course there may be isolated incidents or content [that have problems] -- that is something that as an industry we need to cooperate and work with under the overall framework here in China. And so we don#39;t see that as a widesp phenomenon. I think it#39;s new enough that we#39;re also having communication [with the government]. 古永锵:我们除了在网络原创内容方面很有优势之外,全球整合动作也比竞争对手们先行一步,而且在这方面拥有最广泛的视频库。总体而言,我们看到的是监管机构对此高度持。当然,一些特例事件或者有问题的内容也是可能存在的,这一行业需要我们在遵守中国整体框架的前提下同心协力、共同建设。因此,我们不觉得此次美剧被下架会是普遍现象。在我看来,这件事尚属首次,我们也在和政府进行沟通。WSJD: What #39; s going on in China #39; s Internet sector now with all these big deals? 《华尔街日报》:伴随着这些大手笔交易的发生,中国的互联网领域将迎来何种时代?Koo: I#39;ve recently talked about the 20 years of the Chinese Internet -- in my view there are a couple of inflection points in these 20 years and 2013 and 2014 is definitely one of those inflection points. I think in five to ten years when people look back [they will see] this is the beginning of the multi-screen age, and mobile Internet and smart TVs, all these things are coming together. 古永锵:我最近一直在讲中国互联网的20年发展史。在我看来,这20年来有好几次重大拐点,2013年、2014年毫无疑问就是其中之一。我认为五到十年之后,那时的人们回看现在这段时期时,会觉得它拉开了多屏时代的序幕,移动网络、智能电视等等事物都在不断涌现出来。So you#39;ve seen an acceleration of industry growth as well as an acceleration of strategic cooperation of different forms, investments, partnerships, acquisitions, and mergers and so forth. These kinds of strategic tie-ups [happen] when you see a market opportunity and a market inflection that has encouraged the key players in the industry to be more open-minded or more proactive in terms of thinking outside the box and being more strategic. 因此你可以看到,视频行业的发展正在加快,不同形式的策略性合作、投资、伙伴关系、收购、合并等等也正在加速展开。当你捕捉到市场机会和市场变化时,这些策略性合作就会发生,要求行业内的重要参与者心态必须更加开放、跳出条条框框的思考必须更有前瞻性、更具有战略眼光。WSJD: How will this affect Youku Tudou#39;s cooperation with other companies? 《华尔街日报》:这将如何影响优酷土豆和其他公司的合作?Koo: Youku Tudou has an open cooperation strategy and that will continue to be the case, so we work with a wide variety of screen manufacturers, whether it#39;s smart TVs or set-top boxes because we have the leading content software service and user base in terms of . 古永锵:优酷土豆拥有开放的合作策略,并且将继续贯彻下去。有鉴于此,许多屏幕制造商都是我们的合作对象,无论是智能电视还是机顶盒,因为我们在视频行业拥有领先的内容软件务和庞大的用户基础。达日县拟鳄龟艾氏拟水龟鼋伯格海角陆龟挺胸龟饼干龟缅甸星龟中华草龟价格怎么养

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