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佛山市中医医院治疗男性不育多少钱佛山新世纪医院看支原体感染专家现如今,“找对象”、“相亲”逐渐成为了一些年轻男女和他们的家长(微)最关心的问题。对女孩们来说,“会不会嫁不出去变成剩女”似乎比找一份合适的、有前途的工作更为重要。健康、正确的婚恋观也许是我们最应该了解和学习的。40,000 people gathered on May 26th and 27th for Shanghai#39;s Matchmaking Expo.However, Yu Bin doesn#39;t expect to find a wife among them. Mr Yu, a 26-year-old policeman, describes himself as conservative and is looking for a woman with ;traditional virtues;. His attendance at the expo, the city#39;s largest yet, is a long shot; he would prefer a marriage set up by colleagues or by his parents. It worked for them 30 years ago, he says.5月26日至27日有四万人参加了上海婚恋览会,但余斌(音)并不期望在其中找到另一半。余先生今年26岁,是一名警察,自认为是一名保守的男人,正在寻找一位拥有;传统美德;的女性。他参加这次婚恋览会(尽管这是上海市最大的一次了),成功找到另一半的机会相当渺茫;他更希望通过同事或父母介绍对象。他说,30年前,父母们的婚姻就是这样建立起来的。On the other side of the vast expo park, Fancy Huang is arguing with her mother. At 25, Ms Huang (who chose her English name herself) is two years shy of the ded age at which she will be branded a shengnu, or ;leftover woman;. Her cousins are all married, so her parents are applying pressure. Ms Huang#39;s mother is stewing. ;Sometimes my daughter says she would rather buy a flat by herself and live alone,; she says. ;It#39;s so bizarre.;在宽阔世园的另一边,范希·黄正在与她的母亲争论。黄女士(她的英文名是自己取的)今年25岁,再过两年,她将会被人称为剩女。她的表兄们都已经结婚了,因此她的父母正在催她结婚。黄女士的母亲焦虑不安。她说:;有时我的女儿说她宁愿自己买一套房子一个人生活。这太奇怪了。;Mr Yu and Ms Huang are just two of the thousands of young people trying to navigate China#39;s modern marriage market. At the expo there is no shortage of assistance. On one stage, a glamorous woman in a fuchsia minidress is hosting a public matchmaking session. A bachelor comes onstage and sings a song to 12 female contestants who hold up paddles with either a smiley or a sad face. Elsewhere, mass speed-dating events are under way. Dating agencies vie for singles to sign up. Their websites are wildly popular in China. One such site, Jiayuan, is listed on America#39;s NASDAQ stockmarket.余先生和黄女士只是数千名年轻人中的两位,他们正在试图摸清中国的现代婚恋市场。在览会上并不缺少帮助。在一个舞台上,一位身穿紫红色短裙的美女正在主持一场大众相亲会。单身男子上台向十二名女嘉宾唱一首歌,然后女嘉宾要么举起笑脸的牌子,要么举起伤心表情的牌子。其他地方正在开展大众速配活动。婚恋公司相互竞争让单身们成为自己网站的注册用户。它们的网站在中国广受欢迎。一家这样的网站——世纪佳缘网已经在美国的纳斯达克股票市场上市。In the past 30 years the Chinese search for a spouse has, like so much else, been transformed. Confucian thought emphasised a match#39;s significance for society rather than for the individuals involved. Though formal arranged marriages were banned in 1950, parents and colleagues continued well into the new century to help couples pair up (some still do).在过去30里,与许多其他事情一样,中国人寻找另一半的方式已经改变了。儒家思想强调婚姻之于社会的意义而不是之于个人的意义。尽管在1950年已经禁止公开的包办婚姻,但父母和同事帮忙相亲一直持续到了新世纪(现在仍然是如此)。The recent decline of such practices, especially in cities, in favour of choosing your own mate, has coincided with huge demographic shifts. China#39;s skewed birth ratio (118 boys to every 100 girls) means that there will be a surplus of about 24m bachelors by 2020. And women#39;s increasing socio-economic freedom makes them pickier when choosing a husband.最近这种情况减少了,更倾向于自己找对象,在城市尤其是如此,这正好赶上了巨大的人口变迁。中国扭曲的出生率(男女出生比率为118比100)意味着,到2020年,近2400万名男子将成为光混。而随着女性在社会经济方面的自由度越来越大,她们在挑选丈夫时将更加挑剔。Mr Yu, the traditionalist, remains hopeful. ;We just haven#39;t been in the right place at the right time,; he says of his putative partner. Other bachelors are less patient. Last month, the ;Multi-Millionaire Seeking Spouses in Ten Cities Show; launched in the southern city of Guangzhou. Eleven Chinese millionaires are paying a luxury matchmaking agency 5m yuan (0,000) for assistance. One of them, a billionaire, has particular requirements: suitable candidates should be aged 20-26, weigh less than 50kg (110lb) and have no sexual experience. So far more than 5,000 young women have applied.传统的余先生仍然满怀希望。他在谈到自己今后的另一半时说:;我们只是缘分未到而已。;其他单身们就没这么沉得住气了。上月,南部城市广州发起了;亿万富豪十城求偶秀;。11位中国的百万富豪付500万元(合79万美元),向一家豪华的婚恋公司求助。其中一位亿万富翁开出了特殊的条件:年龄20-26岁、体重不超过50公斤(合110磅)、纯洁之身才可入围。到目前为止已有5000多名年轻女性报名申请。 /201208/195844顺德区容桂医院要预约吗 顺德医院网上预约咨询

佛山新世纪医院泌尿科好吗1. You never know how strong you really are until being strong is the only choice you have.1. 不到没有退路之时,你永远不会知道自己有多强大。2. You cannot change what you refuse to confront.2. 你不去面对又怎么能去改变呢。3. No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you are still way ahead of everyone who isn#39;t trying.3. 无论你犯了多少错,或者你进步得有多慢,你都走在了那些不曾尝试的人的前面。4. Life isn#39;t about waiting for the storm to pass, it#39;s about learning to dance in the rain.4. 生活不是等待暴风雨过去,而是要学会在雨中跳舞。5. Letting go doesn#39;t mean that you#39;re a quitter. It doesn#39;t mean that you lost. It just means that you realize in that moment that#39;s it#39;s time to let go and move on.5. 放手不代表放弃,不代表你输了。那只代表你知道在那一刻你该放手了,然后继续生活。6. If you are passionate about something, pursue it, no matter what anyone else thinks. That#39;s how dreams are achieved.6. 如果你想要什么,那就勇敢地去追求,不要管别人是怎么想的,因为这就是实现梦想的方式。7. Give up worrying about what others think of you. What they think isn#39;t important. What is important is how you feel about yourself.7. 不要为别人怎么看你而烦恼。别人的看法并不重要,重要的是你怎么看待你自己。8. You can learn great things from your mistakes when you aren#39;t busy denying them.8. 当你不再急于否认错误时,你就学到了重要的一课。.9. Never let success get to your head, and never let failure get to your heart.9. 不要让成功冲昏了头脑,也不要把失败记在心里。10. Life is short and you deserve to be happy.10. 生命苦短,你应该过得开心些。 /201210/206183顺德区大良医院正规吗?怎么样 If you#39;re ing this, there#39;s a good chance that you have an email account. You may well have several ; perhaps separate accounts for professional and personal contacts.如果你正在阅读这篇文章,你肯定有一个或若干个甚至是不同帐号的私人或办公邮箱。It#39;s easy to assume that we know how to use email effectively: it#39;s been around for long enough. But if you find yourself struggling to communicate effectively by email, these six tips should help:邮件这样的沟通方式早已经渗入到了我们的生活工作中,因此可以说大多数人都能有效地使用邮件与他人交流。但如果你发现自己还没做得足够有效,我想以下这六点可以帮到你:1. Start With an Appropriate Salutation邮件开头称呼要恰当:Some people jump straight into the text of an email without so much as a ;hi;. It#39;s polite to add a salutation, just as you would with a letter. That might look like:有些人写邮件不喜欢加称呼,甚至连简单的;你好;都忽略,直接开始正文内容。孰不知就像在传统的信件上一样,写上称呼是一种礼貌的象征。称呼可以这样写:Dear Sir/Madam 亲爱的先生/女士Dear Mr. Johnson 亲爱的约翰逊先生Hi Sue 苏,你好Hello Fred 你好,福瑞德Your salutation needs to be appropriate. If you#39;re writing to a prospective employer, ;Dear Mr. Johnson; is probably the best way to go. ;Hi Bob; is going to look unprofessional.称呼必须恰当。若邮件对象是你未来的上司,;亲爱的约翰先生;这样的称呼应该为最得体的。像;你好,鲍勃;更适用于随意的场合。But don#39;t assume that formality is always the right answer. If you#39;re writing to a friend of a friend, using ;Dear; plus their surname is going to seem oddly stilted.那么,是不是正式的用语就万能呢?绝对不是。若你给你朋友的朋友写邮件,那用;亲爱的+姓;就显得异常别扭。If in doubt, ;Dear [first name]; will usually work just fine.当你判断不出哪种场合该用什么称呼合适,你可以使用;亲爱的+名;来应付所有情况。2. Get Straight to the Point直奔主题Your correspondent won#39;t want to wade through paragraphs of waffle ; so get straight to the point. If you#39;re writing to someone out of the blue, don#39;t give them your life story before you make a request.相信阅读你邮件的人不会愿意仔细浏览你那空洞无聊的长篇大论,所以你需要直奔主题。如果你想写封邮件安慰某个心灵受伤的朋友,开头先把你的建议亮出来,然后再用你的亲身经历来辅助说明。Getting straight to the point might mean that the first line of your email (after the salutation) looks something like this:直奔主题意味着邮件内容的第一行应该是这样:I#39;m working on an article about Acme Widgets for XYZ publication, and wondered if you had a few minutes to answer the following three questions.我现在正在写一篇要交给某某出版社关于极致控件的文章,不知道您有没有时间回答3个问题呢?Could you supply me with a e for the following project?可否对下面的设计项目进行引?I#39;d like to discuss the revisions with you. Would Tuesday at 2pm be a good time?我想和你谈谈修订的事。这周二下午两点您有空吗?I#39;ve attached the documents you requested at our meeting yesterday.昨天会议上您要求的文件已附上,请查收。You may well need to include more details, but if you put the important point up front, your email is more likely to get a timely response. If your question comes too far down, the recipient may not even realise that you need a reply.当然,你需要再增加更多的细节内容。若将邮件重点放到内容的开头,你将收到更加及时的回复信息。如果你的问题在邮件后头,收信人可能都不会意识到你在等他回复。3. Keep it Short内容言简意赅Try to keep your email as short as possible. Make the paragraphs short, too ; long paragraphs can be difficult to and take in.尽可能将你的邮件内容写得简单明了。文章太长不易阅读和吸收。Do make sure you give enough information for your correspondent to be able to make a decision, if that#39;s required. You might find that it#39;s best to offer this as an attachment ; you#39;ll have more flexibility over formatting, and your correspondent can print out the attachment easily.若对方需要通过你的邮件来做决策,那你一定要在邮件中将相关信息写完整。为了能更灵活地排版,你可以把这些信息作成附件形式,以方便对方将其打印出来。4. Use Numbered Points将内容编号If you#39;ve got several questions or points to make, it#39;s very helpful to number them. This makes it easy for the other person to respond to each one, especially if some just require a yes/no response or a single word answer. For instance:对于那些为了咨询或提供各种问题的邮件,最好将问题一点一点的列举出来,以便于他人对每个问题作答,尤其当某些人更倾向于对问题只回答;是;和;否;的时候。例如:Could you let me know:能否告知:1. How much it would cost for the website design1. 网站设计费用2. How much for the website design plus a tri-fold brochure2. 网页设计加一份三页宣传册的费用3. Whether you could complete 2 by the end of April3. 您能否在四月底完成第二点所述工作?It#39;s also useful to list your questions or points as bullets in this way; if you write a single paragraph, some of your questions might get missed.将你的问题或观点用图标的方式罗列出来是很实用的,倘若你用一段话将几个点全部涵盖,那对方有可能会漏看其中的几点。5. Re- and Use Spell-Check重新阅读一篇,校对拼写错误A typo or spelling mistake can turn one word into an entirely different one. If you#39;re using email in a professional capacity, that mistake could be embarrassing ; or even offensive. It might alter the whole meaning of your email: a missing ;not;, for instance, could potentially cause problems.排版或拼写错误有时能导致对一个单词的误解。尤其当你用邮件来沟通专业性内容时,这样的错误就很尴尬,甚至有些失礼。它可能改变你整个邮件的意思。比如:少写了个;不;,就可能会引起某些问题。Spell-check should help you avoid any silly mistakes ; but use your eyes and brain too. There are plenty of words that spell-check won#39;t pick up. If you#39;re emailing from a device with predictive text and an auto-correct feature, make sure you always re- what you#39;ve typed.因此检查拼写将避免你犯这些低级错误,但这里强调;;不仅仅用眼睛检查,还得用大脑思考。有些错误不一定能轻易检查出来。如果你的邮件系统有字句联想功能和自动纠错功能,一定要把写出来的内容再通读检查一遍。6. Make Your Signature Useful充分利用邮件签名Do you have an email signature? (That#39;s the text that appears automatically at the bottom of your email.) Some people don#39;t use one at all; others have a funny e or favorite saying.你设置过邮件签名吗(它将会在你每次邮件内容的下方自动生成)?有些人从来都没有使用过它,但我们也看过一些非常有意思和哲理的签名。Whether you#39;re using email for professional or personal reasons, make your signature useful for both you and your recipient. That might mean:无论你是为了工作还是私人聊天,加注签名对你和邮件接收者都有好处,因为这意味着可以:Giving the link to your website加上你的网页链接Including your work address and/or phone number写上你的工作地址或电话号码Adding links to your social media accounts注上你的社会媒体工具帐号(例如客,微,论坛)Putting in a line to promote your recent book / blog / product宣传你最新的书籍,文或产品If your email provider allows it, you may even want to create several signatures to use for different purposes (e.g. one for emailing friends, one for new business contacts).有些邮箱甚至还提供用户根据不同目的设计不同签名的务(比如:一个对朋友使用,一个对新结识的企业伙伴使用)。 /201201/167913佛山市第四人民医院泌尿系统在线咨询

三水区妇幼保健院不孕不育多少钱 Five decades after the U.S. surgeon general first warned of the hazards of smoking, researchers reported fresh evidence Wednesday of tobacco#39;s devastating toll on the health of the U.S. population─and of the benefits of quitting. 在美国卫生总监第一次对吸烟的危害提出警告50年之后,研究人员周三发表报告,称找到了烟草对美国人健康造成巨大不利影响──以及戒烟有益──的新据 Two studies that looked at the effects of smoking over a lifetime found that both men and women who smoke were about three times as likely to die before reaching age 80 in one study, and 75 in the other study, compared with those who never smoked. Associated Press有两项研究考察了终生吸烟给健康带来的影响,其中一项研究发现,与从不吸烟的人相比,吸烟的男性和女性在80岁之前死亡的可能性提高了两倍,另一项研究则把80岁提前到了75岁。 One of the studies found that women who smoke through their lives lose 11 years of longevity, compared with never-smokers, while men lose about 12 years.其中一项研究发现,与从不吸烟的女性相比,终生吸烟的女性的生命短了11年,而对于男性而言,则短了12年。 #39;Men and women are now equal─they both lose a decade of life from smoking,#39; said Prabhat Jha, director of the center for global health research at University of Toronto. He is lead author of one of the reports, both of which are being published in the New England Journal of Medicine.多伦多大学(University of Toronto)全球健康研究中心的负责人杰哈(Prabhat Jha)说,男性和女性这次平等了,他们都会因为吸烟而损失10年左右的生命。他是其中一份报告的第一作者,这两份报告都在《新英格兰医学杂志》(New England Journal of Medicine) 发表。 Current estimates are that about 44 million Americans, or 19% of the adult population, are smokers. That#39;s down from about 42% of adults in 1965, the year after the landmark surgeon general#39;s report that found smoking caused lung cancer in men. Since then, a steady stream of research has linked tobacco use to heightened risk of a variety of cancers, heart disease and other ailments, as well as death from any cause, among both men and women.现在流行的一个估计数据是,美国约有4,400万吸烟人口,约占美国成年人总数的19%。相比之下,1965年吸烟人口占成年人的比重为42%。此前一年,美国卫生总监发表了具有里程碑意义的报告,称发现吸烟可导致男性罹患肺癌。从那之后,不断有研究发现,不管是男性还是女性,罹患多种癌症、心脏病和其他疾病以及死亡的风险升高都和吸烟有关。 Because women generally didn#39;t become serious smokers until the 1960s, about two decades after men, previous studies had indicated women were at lower risk of death than men. But with 50 years of smoking experience to evaluate, researchers now say the risk for women has pulled even with men.因为在上世纪60年代之前,女性吸烟的程度通常比不上男性(比男性晚了20年),之前的研究曾表明,女性因吸烟死亡的风险小于男性。但有了50年的吸烟经历可供评估之后,现在研究人员说,女性因吸烟死亡的风险与男性相同。 Both studies found that quitting smoking at any time─but the earlier the better─helped offset at least some of the risk of early death. Quitting by age 30 resulted in gaining 10 years of life, compared with those who continued to smoke, Dr. Jha said, while even quitting by age 50 recovered six years of life on average that otherwise would be lost from a lifelong habit.两项研究均发现,任何时候戒烟都有助于降低──至少是在一定程度上降低──早亡的风险,但戒烟还是越早越好。杰哈士说,与一直吸烟的人相比,在30岁之前戒烟可以多活10年,更有甚者,与终生吸烟相比,在50岁之前戒烟平均能多活六年。 Dr. Jha#39;s study was based on smoking histories of more than 200,000 men and women 25 years and older who participated in the U.S. National Health Interview survey between 1997 and 2004. The data were linked to causes of death that occurred by the end of 2006.杰哈士的研究基础是200,000多名男女的吸烟史,这些人年龄在25岁(含)以上,曾于1997年至2004年之间参与过美国全国健康采访调查。上述数据与2006年年底前死亡者的死因之间存在关联。 The other report, headed by Michael J. Thun of the American Cancer Society, used data from that organization#39;s large cancer-prevention studies and other studies of smoking information, with a focus on people who had reached age 55 or older during the follow-up period.另外一份报告的第一作者是美国癌症协会(American Cancer Society)的图恩(Michael J. Thun)。他利用了该协会的大规模癌症预防研究和其他有关吸烟方面的研究,重点关注年龄在跟进期达到55岁及以上的人。 One message from the findings is that #39;in terms of health benefits, it is never too late to quit,#39; said Steven Schroeder, director of the smoking-cessation leadership center at University of California, San Francisco, in an editorial accompanying the papers.在与这两项研究同时刊发的文章中,加利福尼亚大学旧金山分校(University of California, San Francisco)的烟瘾戒断领导力中心负责人施罗德(Steven Schroeder)说,两项研究得到的发现传达出的信息之一是,从健康的角度而言,戒烟永远不晚。 /201301/222684顺德区勒流医院正规的吗佛山治疗早泄的正规医院



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