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Paul Farmer the Duke graduate I admire most I think most of you know him 保罗.法默是我最钦佩的一位杜克毕业生我想你们大多数人都听说过他Hes a doctor and a global health innovator He spends his time between Boston, Haiti, Rwanda Hes now trying to fix or completely change the Rwandan health system 他是一名医生 一名全球健康革新者他把大部分时间都花在波士顿 海地 卢旺达他现在正尝试着彻底改革卢旺达的医疗体系I first met Paul in 2003. I went to travel to his clinic in Cange, Haiti and what struck me about that visit was first of all it took us so long to get the 100 yards from the vehicle to his clinic 我2003年第一次遇见保罗 我拜访了他在海地小村康吉的诊所这次访问让我惊奇的 首先是从下车到他诊所的100码距离竟然走了那么久And the reason for that was that Paul introduced me to every single person along the way Every single person 原因在于保罗向我介绍了路上碰到的每一个人每一个人And he introduced them by first and last name he told me something about their family. He asked them about their lives And when we arrived at the clinic 他介绍了他们的全名告诉我他们的家庭情况 问他们生活过得如何等我们到达诊所On the outside, there was this beautiful little trellis with morning glories growing on it When I asked Paul about it, he said, ;Oh, I built that myself 我看到外面搭有长满牵牛花的漂亮棚架我问保罗 他说 ;这是我自己建的;I built it because I wanted the people here to see the beauty in the world that I see and I also wanted them to have a little bit of shade in the sun while they wait to go in the clinic; 我想让这里的人和我一样 看到世界的美丽;另外 这还能为他们排队就诊;提供阴凉之所The very next day, I traveled to another clinic in Haiti It was in Port-au-Prince. It was set up for the same reasons as Paul to give great healthcare to the people of Haiti 第二天 我又拜访了海地另一家诊所这是在太子港 诊所的建立目的和保罗一样是为了给海地民众提供好的医疗The doctors there went for all the right reasons I noticed something very different in that clinic The doctors thought of themselves as health care providers 那里的医生也都出于良好动机但我注意到 这个诊所就非常不同了医生们只把自己当作是医疗提供者And they thought of the Haitians as recipients and consequently even though healthcare was good quality, healthcare was going on there 只把海地人当作是医疗接受者结果尽管同样有高质量的医疗There was a lot of resentment in that clinic between both patients and doctors and experiencing those two clinics one-day right after the other taught me something 但诊所内病人和医生的不满之声却都不绝于耳两天之内连续访问这两家诊所的经历让我认识到201608/457720池州男科不孕不育VOA流行美语 78: HAVE COW / PACK RAT今天Michael到李华的宿舍串门,李华会学到两个常用语:have a cow和pack rat。M: Hey, Li Hua, what are you doing?L: 哎哟,我在找我的眼镜,急死人了,找不到眼镜我怎么上课啊?M: Calm down. Li Hua, don't have a cow. I'm sure you'll find them.L: 你说什么?Don't have a cow? Cow, 这不是"母牛"的意思吗?哎,我这儿是学生宿舍,怎么能养母牛呢?M: No, I said "don't have a cow", it means don't get too excited about something. I'm sure you'll find your glasses if you are patient enough.L: 噢,我懂了,你是让我耐心点儿。你叫我Don't have a cow, 意思就是别着急、别慌,可是,Don't have a cow字面的意思明明是"别有母牛"。这跟"别惊慌"一点关系也没有,好奇怪哟!M: Yeah, it is a little strange, but we still say it.L: 好吧,就听你的, I won't have a cow, 再想想看,我可能把眼镜放在什么地方了。M: Well, where did you see them last?L: 我记得昨晚睡觉前把眼镜放在床边桌子上了。M: Have you looked under the bed?L: 有啊,我在床底下找过了,让我再看看。哎呀,你还真说对了,就在床底下呢!M: See, I told you not to have a cow and I was right.L: 可是,Michael, 你肯定平时也有惊慌失措的时候。比方说,要是我对你说,我把你的电脑弄坏了,你肯定会have a cow。M: Yes, I would have a cow because I can't afford to buy a new one. Hey, Li Hua, You didn't really break my computer, did you?L: Don't have a cow! 我是在跟你开玩笑啦!******M: Li Hua, you really have a lot of stuff. Is that the movie ticket from last week? You even saved that?L: 噢,这是上星期的电影票。你说我这儿东西多啊,那是因为我喜欢把各样东西留起来。你看,除了电影票,我还有报纸杂志什么的。谁知道呢,说不定什么时候会有用呢!M: You're really a pack rat. Look at all this stuff! No wonder you couldn't find your glasses.L: 哎哟,Michael, 虽然我找不到眼镜可能是因为我这儿东西太多,可你也不该骂人啊?干吗说我是rat? Rat 那不是"老鼠"吗?M: No, I didn't call you a rat. I said you are a pack rat. A pack rat is someone who saves everything and has lots of stuff.L: 噢,原来,pack rat是指"什么东西都不肯扔的人"。我什么东西都不愿意扔 -- I guess I am a pack rat.M: My mom is a pack rat, too. We have so much stuff in our house. She even saved every drawing I ever made when I was a kid.L: 原来你妈妈也是个pack rat. 你说连你小时候画的画她都舍不得扔?我倒希望我妈也是个pack rat, 把我小时候画的画啦或者玩过的玩具也留到今天。M: So you can have them here and add to your "collection"? You're really a pack rat, but Li Hua, have you ever thought how difficult it would be for you to move to a new place?L: 说的也是,我什么都留着,东西越积越多,要是哪天想搬家,那可就成问题罗。M: Well, my folks have been in their house for more than 20 years, probably because my mom is such a pack rat, they have too much stuff to even move.L: 什么?你爸妈在一个地方住了20多年,可能就是因为你妈是pack rat,弄得家里东西太多了?Maybe I shouldn't be a pack rat anymore!今天李华学到了两个常用语,一个是to have a cow, 意思是"惊慌失措";另一个是pack rat, 意思是"什么东西都不肯扔的人"。 /200602/3153青阳县妇幼保健站是那里人开的电影学口语 Lesson 2:First meeting【精片断】剪辑自lt; Stuart Littlegt;一家之鼠Mr. And Mrs. Little are adopting(收养) a younger brother for George, but they met Stuart.Mrs. Little: Oh, Frederick, look at them. How could we possibly…Mr. Little: Choose? I know. They are all…Mrs. Little: Wonderful.Stuart: You know what’s wonderful? What’s wonderful is how you both know what the other one is gonna say before you even say it. Not that it’s any of my business.Mr. Little: Yes, that happens when you ’ve been together as long as we have.Mrs. Little: From being a family.Stuart: Family, wow. Well, for a family, you’ve certainly come to the right place. I think we can find just what you are looking for. If you want a girl, Susan can French and Edith can tap (轻叩,轻拍)dance while blowing bubbles(泡沫). Or maybe you wanted a boy.Mr. Little: Actually, I think we were leaning towards a boy.Stuart: Well, in that case, Benny can do handstands(手倒立) and Andy can run 100 yards faster than you can say, “Ready, set, go. (各就位,预备,跑!)”Mrs. Little: You certainly know a lot about everyone.Stuart: That’s what happens when you’ve been here as long as I have. Let’s face it. Not everyone wants to adopt someone like me.Mrs. Little: You shouldn’t worry about choosing. It happens the same way every time. First, you won’t know what to do. You’ll be a bit scared(恐惧的). Then you will meet one of them. You’ll talk to him. Somehow, You just know.【口语财富】1. Not that it’s any of my business. 那与我无关。2. You’ve certainly come to the right place. 你们算是来对地方了。3. Benny can do handstands. 本尼会做手倒立。4. Ready, set, go. 各就位,预备,跑!5. It happens the same way every time. 每次都是如此。 /200604/6474池州贵池区人民医院价格表

池州市中医医院有没有位置池州市青阳医院做b超多少钱选自:Gone with the Wind《乱世佳人》As God is My Witness 上帝作 曾经问过很多人,对《乱世佳人》印象最深刻的是什么?百分之八十的人说 :在电影上半部分结束时,斯佳丽在荒芜的田地里挖萝卜充饥。饥饿非但没有使她垮掉,反而更坚强了她的意志,从而发出了上帝作的豪言壮语。人的一生有起有落,厄运中我们相信自己,相信一切都会好起来的。那么你就成功了一半。上帝作……单词通缉令1. witness n. 人;目击者2. lick vt. 舔;打垮3. folk n. 家属;亲属Scarlet: As God is my 1)witness, as God is my witness, they’re not going to 2)lick me. I’m going to live through this and when it’s all over I’ll never be hungry again. Nor any of my 3)folk. If I have to lie and steal, cheat or kill. As God is my witness, I’ll never be hungry again.斯佳丽:上帝作,上帝作,他们不能将我打垮。我会挺过这段日子,当这一切结束,我永远不会再挨饿。我的亲人也不会挨饿。就算是去说谎、偷窃、欺骗或杀人。上帝作,我永远不会再挨饿。 /200603/536669 advertising words classifieds personals poster promotion billboard leaflet publicity jingle logo slogan media hype market target special spam phrases place an ad launch a campaign reach consumers tv spots tv commercial offer free gifts brand loyalty mail shot advertising agency create an impression brand name selling point ad campaign beginner a: how could we advertise our celebrations to mark the centenary of the founding of the university? B; I’m sure we could get one or two tv companies to come in. perhaps the president could invite them and do an interview. A: that’s a good idea. We could put up some posters in and around the campus with a list of events. It would be quite cheap to do on the campus. B: it will be expensive to do outside the campus. Perhaps we could arrange for some sponsorship. A: we could contact alumni who work for large, well-know companies. They might be able to arrange cheap advertising in exchange for some free tickets. B; good thinking! We should also print some leaflets for students to distribute. A: we should put some information about it on the home page of our university website. When people visit the website, they’ll see the information. B: we could take out some advertisements to local newspapers. I checked the prices and they are reasonable. A; ok. Let’s get to work on our advertising campaign. Intermediate A: there are advertisements everywhere here in hong kong. The city is so bright at night, with all the neon signs. B: I like it. It makes the city feel alive. I like all the different colors and I like the billboards with eye-catching pictures and slogans. A; I think that there are too many of them. I think that companies spend far too much money on advertising. They should have lower prices instead. Then they would see more. B; I see your point, but if companies didn’t spend money on advertising, no one would hear about their products. I agree that some form of advertising can be annoying. I don’t like it when people try to give you leaflets with information about products you have no intention of buying. A; I really hate receiving spam. I also dislike having to listen to advertisements and jingles when they are broadcast in stores or on the subway. B; yes, that annoys me too. With billboards, you can look away, but with broadcasts, you can’t avoid them. I like the way that advertising agencies use comedy in their campaign. A; I like that too. I don’t like the way that advertising campaign often tell you if you don’t buy a certain product, you’re not cool or modern or efficient or something. B: that kind of advertising seems to be very common with brand name products. They are always trying to maintain brand loyalty. /200705/13738贵池区池阳街道人民医院是什么等级青阳医院的营业时间

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