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When was the last time you told your parents how grateful you are just for being their children? When was the last time you told your parents how sorry you are for the troubles you have caused in the past? When was the last time you bought a present for your parents outside their birthday? When was the last time you were on your way home with the thought of seeing your parents?最后一次告诉父母作为他们的孩子你是多么地感恩是在什么时候?最后一次告诉父母你对过去犯下的错误感到抱歉是在什么时候?最后一次送父母礼物(除生日)是在什么时候?最后一次只是为想见父母而回家是在什么时候?Remember, your parents did all this for you, long before you could say a word. They did it, not because they had to, but because they loved you and they will keep doing it forever. For them, loving you is like breathing, how can they stop?记住,在你会说话之前,你的父母为你做了这一切。他们做了,不是因为必须做,而因为他们爱你,以后也会继续做。对他们来说,爱你就像呼吸,他们怎能停下来?。

  • Sleep is essential if you want to live a healthy and happy life. But what happens if you live a hectic life which prevents you from getting your 8 hours? That#39;s when sleep quality over quantity comes into play。如果你想过一种健康幸福的生活,睡个好觉是必不可少的。如果繁忙的生活不能让你睡足8小时,那要怎么办?在这个时候,相比睡眠时间长短,睡眠质量就更为重要了。To make up for lost hours of sleep you must improve your sleep quality in the following ways:为了弥补失去的睡眠时间,你必须要在以下方面提高你的睡眠质量:1. Do Some Light Reading Instead Of Watching TV做一些轻松阅读而不是看电视Over 50% of America switch on the TV before they go to bed. TV disturbs your natural sleep habits by making you stay up longer than you usually would, especially if you are watching something of a violent or exciting nature。超过50%的美国人在上床睡觉前会打开电视。在夜里看电视会让你睡得比平时晚,于是影响了你的自然睡眠习惯,特别是如果你观看的是暴力或惊心动魄的场面。TV also disrupts the natural release of melatonin in the body, melatonin is responsible for regulating sleep cycles and helping you fall asleep at night. The human body is naturally accustomed to feel drowsy when the sun goes down and when it starts to get dark. By switching on the TV you fool your body into thinking it#39;s still daytime, this is caused by the huge backlight in the TV。电视也会扰乱体内褪黑激素的自然释放,褪黑激素具有调节睡眠周期及在晚上助你入眠的作用。当太阳落下,天色开始变暗,人体自然而然会昏昏欲睡。打开电视,你会让你的身体误以为仍然是白天,这是由电视里的巨大背光造成的。Instead of switching on the TV a book, but make sure it#39;s a hard copy not an ebook, as most e-ers have strong backlights. Light ing before bed can help you fall into a deep sleep quickly。选择看书而不是打开电视,但一定要是纸质书,不是电子书,因为大多数电子阅读器有强烈的背光。睡觉前的放松阅读可以帮助你快速进入深度睡眠。2. Avoid Caffeine 6 Hours Before You Sleep睡觉前6小时内避开咖啡因的摄入Having a cup of coffee within a few hours of bed time can have you tossing and turning for hours when your trying to sleep. Coffee isn#39;t the only caffeine containing product, avoid chocolate, tea, pre-workout supplements and soda。在睡前几小时内喝一杯咖啡会在你想入睡时让你辗转反侧数小时。咖啡并不是唯一含咖啡因的产品,请避免喝巧克力、茶、运动前补充饮料和汽水。3. Create A Sleep Inducing Environment创造一个有助睡眠的环境Turn your bedroom into a sleep inducing chamber, turn the temperature down, install proper curtains which block out the light, and if noise is a problem use earplugs. Don#39;t keep pets in the bedroom if they tend to wake you up during the night。把你的卧室装饰成有助睡眠的环境,调低温度,安装合适的窗帘以遮挡光线,如果还有噪音,就戴上耳塞。如果宠物常在夜间吵醒你,那就不要把宠物留在卧室里。You can help your brain associate your bedroom with sleep by using your bedroom solely for sleep and sex. Doing work and watching TV in your bedroom can lead to a non-sleep association with your bedroom and you may find it difficult to fall asleep。你的卧室只作为睡眠和性爱的房间,这可以帮助你的大脑把卧室和睡眠联系起来。在你的卧室工作和看电视,会让你无法把睡眠和卧室联系起来,你会发现很难入睡。4. Meditate冥想Clear your mind by meditating 15-20 minutes before you hit the sack. Mediation helps reduce stress and may even reduce cortisol levels. The main cause of long sleepless nights is stress, so get 15-20 minutes of meditation before your head hits the pillow。在你一头扎进枕头前,通过冥想15到20分钟来清空你的大脑。冥想可以帮助减少压力,甚至可以降低皮质醇水平。造成夜里长时间无法入睡的主要原因是压力,所以在一头扎进枕头之前,冥想15到20分钟。5. Train Hard amp; Train Early刻苦锻炼和早作锻炼The easiest way to feel tired at night is to physically exhaust your body, hence training hard. A 45-90 minute workout consisting of resistance and cardio should be enough to exhaust your system。让身体感到疲惫的最简单的方法是在晚上耗尽你的体能,因此要刻苦锻炼。45到90分钟的包括耐力和有氧运动的锻炼足够耗尽你的体能。Training at night has its drawbacks, elevating your heart rate prior to sleeping can cause restlessness in most people. It#39;s common to feel too awake and alert after a good workout, so it would not be wise to workout at night if you aly have trouble sleeping. Avoid training 4 hours prior to sleeping。在晚上锻炼也有其缺陷,在睡觉前提高你的心率对大多数人来说会引起不适。在经过锻炼之后,常见的症状是会保持清醒和警觉,因此如果在晚上你已经有睡眠困难,那么在晚上锻炼是不明智的。避免在睡觉前4小时内锻炼。6. Eat Light At Night晚上要吃得少It#39;s common tradition to have the biggest meal of the day at night in the form of dinner. But for athletes, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts it should be the complete opposite. The first meal and the post-workout meal should be the largest, with dinner being the smallest. As the day progresses you should taper down carbohydrates and increase protein。传统说法是在一天当中吃的最丰盛的一顿是晚餐。但对于运动员、健美运动员和健身爱好者来说应该是完全相反的。一天中的第一顿和运动后的那一餐饭应该说最丰盛的,晚餐应该要最简单。随着夜幕降临,要减少碳水化合物的摄入,而要增加蛋白质的摄入。Eating late at night is a surefire way to cause insomnia. Consuming a large meal prior to sleeping may cause indigestion and stomach aches during sleep. If your feeling hungry late at night have a casein protein shake or a bowl of cottage cheese。晚上吃夜宵是一定会引起失眠的。在睡觉之前饱餐一顿可能会在睡眠过程中引发消化不良和胃疼。如果你夜里感觉饿了,喝点酪素蛋白奶昔或泡一碗奶酪。7. Don#39;t Drink Too Much Water/Fluids不要喝太多的水或液体Drinking too much water/fluids late at night negatively impacts sleep quality. Excess fluids at night can cause you to wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, disturbing your sleep cycle. Taper down your fluids as the day progresses。在夜里喝太多的水或液体会有负面作用,影响睡眠质量。在夜里喝得过多会使你在半夜三更醒来去上洗手间,扰乱你的睡眠周期。随着夜幕降临,要减少液体摄入量。8. Avoid Alcohol避免酒精Even though alcohol is very effective at making you feel drowsy and tired, it#39;s horrible for sleep quality. Alcohol is a natural diuretic, which means it causes your body to excrete excess water, so you may find yourself waking up multiple times during the night to go to the bathroom。即使酒精能有效地让你昏昏欲睡和疲倦,但对于睡眠质量而言,这是很不好的。酒精是一种天然的利尿剂,这意味着它会让你排出体内过多的水分,那么你会发现自己在夜里醒来好几次要去上洗手间。Alcohol induced sleep is not a restful sleep by any means, alcohol disrupts your body#39;s natural sleep cycles, leading to an unrefreshed feeling upon waking。因为酒精作用而入睡绝对得不到宁静的睡眠,酒精扰乱你体内的自然睡眠周期,从而造成醒来时还有宿醉的感觉。9. Go To Sleep When You Are Really Tired当你真的很累时再去睡觉We have all had days where we tried to go to sleep early thinking we will get a nice 9 or 10 hours sleep. 4 hours of tossing and turning later, combined with constant staring at the clock we realize it#39;s not going to happen. Go to sleep only when you start to feel sleepy instead of wasting your time staring at the clock。我们都有过这样的经历,当我们试图早点睡觉时,想着我们能睡个9或10个小时的好觉。在辗转反侧4个小时之后,还盯着时钟 看,我们这才意识到肯定是睡不着了。只有当你开始昏昏欲睡时再上床睡觉,而不是浪费你的时间盯着时钟看。10. Don#39;t Stare At The Clock不要盯着时钟看Being a clock-watcher can actually increase stress and make it harder to fall asleep. Make sure the clock is not visible while your sleeping, if it#39;s a digital one, cover it with a cloth or towel。盯着闹钟看实际上会增加压力,入睡会变得更难。当你睡觉时,一定要把闹钟放在你看不到的地方。如果是一个数码闹钟,要用布或毛巾把它盖住。11. Have A Consistent Sleep Routine坚持稳定的睡眠作息Studies show that people who sleep and wake up at the same time everyday are more rested than those who have erratic irregular sleep patterns. Set your alarm to the same time everyday including weekends。研究表明比起每天睡眠不规律的那些人,每天在同一时间睡觉和起床的人休息的会更好。每天设置同一时间点,包括周末。Studies also show that binge sleeping on the weekend to make up for lost sleep is counterproductive, you should aim to get the same amount of sleep everyday, whether that#39;s 8 or 6 hours。研究还表明,周末沉睡以求弥补睡眠不足是适得其反,应该是每天有相同的睡眠时间,不管是8还是6小时。12. Limit Napping限制打盹时间Napping during the day might seem like the right thing to do when you feel tired, but if you plan on sleeping well at night think again. Napping during the day will interfere with your natural sleep patterns, if you do choose to nap, limit it to 30 minutes per day。当你觉得累了,白天打个盹似乎是可以的,但如果你想要晚上睡得好,请三思。白天打盹会影响到你的自然睡眠模式,如果你选择打个盹,每天限制在30分钟以内。 /201508/390202。
  • Consider the classic hypothetical scenario: Your house is on fire and you can take only three things with you before the entire structure becomes engulfed in flames. What would you take? Laptops and external hard drives aside, people#39;s responses to this question differ wildly. This diversity results from people#39;s flexibility in ascribing unique value to objects ranging from a hand-scrawled note from a loved one to a thbare t-shirt that others might consider worthless.这是一个经典的情景假设:你的房子失火了,在整个房子被大火吞噬之前,你只能带上三样东西逃走,你会带走什么?除了手提电脑和移动硬盘之外,人们的回答可谓五花八门。人们的回答之所以各不相同,是因为物品被附加的特殊价值因人而异,从一张至亲挚爱手写的纸条到一件别人可能认为一文不值的破T恤,都可以是某人心中的无价宝。The critical quality that leads people to treat rookie cards like rosaries is that of the sacred, whereby an object becomes worthy of boundless reverence, commitment, and protection. Actually, it explains one side of the word ;taboo; which few people realize. Taboo, the prohibition of an action based on the belief that such behavior is either too sacred and consecrated or too dangerous and accursed for ordinary individuals to undertake.人们之所以会视新秀球星卡若念珠圣物般神圣,关键是这物件被赋予了无法衡量的意义,所以变得备受尊崇、珍爱和呵护;;实际上,这种情况解释了;taboo(禁忌);这个词鲜为人知的一面。;Taboo;,意为对某种行为的禁止;;因为坚信这种行为要么太神圣要么太危险,做出该行为的普通人会受到诅咒,所以禁止该行为。Generally, the prohibition that is inherent in a taboo includes the idea that its breach or defiance will be followed by some kind of trouble to the offender, such as lack of success in hunting or fishing, sickness, miscarriage, or death. In some cases proscription is the only way to avoid this danger; examples include rules against fishing or picking fruit at certain seasons and against walking or traveling in certain areas. Dietary restrictions are common, as are rules for the behavior of people facing important life events such as parturition, marriage, death, and rites of passage.禁忌所蕴含的禁律通常包括这么一个观念:违反或者藐视禁忌会令违反者祸患临身,如打猎或无甚收获,生病,流产,或者死亡。在某些情况下,限制行为是避免这些危险的唯一方法,例如制定一些禁止在某些季节或采摘果实,以及禁止在某些区域行走或通过的规定。最常见的是各种饮食上的禁忌,对人们生命中重要事件的行为规范也不少,如对分娩、结婚、死亡和各种个人典礼中的规矩。In other cases, the danger represented by the taboo can be overcome through ritual. This is often the case for taboos meant to protect communities and individuals from beings or situations that are simultaneously so powerful as to be inherently dangerous and so common that they are essentially unavoidable. For example, many cultures require persons who have been in physical contact with the dead to engage in a ritual cleansing. Many cultures also circumscribe physical contact with a woman who is menstruating;or, less often, a woman who is pregnant;because she is the locus of extremely powerful reproductive forces. Perhaps the most familiar resolution to this taboo is the Jewish practice of bathing in a mikvah after menstruation and parturition.除了上述的情况,禁忌所象征的危险可以通过仪式来化解。这常常适用于那些目的在于保护群体和个人的禁忌,因为某些生灵或在某些情况下可能造成的威胁极大且太过常见而基本无法躲避,而人们相信这些禁忌可以保护他们免受伤害。例如,许多文化习俗都要求那些接触过尸体的人参加净身仪式。还有许多文化习俗限制人们解接触月经期的妇女,或者妇(这种情况较少),因为她们身上蕴含了极强的繁殖力。对此禁忌最为人熟知的化解方法也许是犹太人的习俗惯例,也就是月经和生产之后在浸礼池里沐浴。Taboos that are meant to prevent the sacred from being defiled by the ordinary include those that prohibited ordinary people from touching the head;or even the shadow;of a Polynesian chief because doing so would compromise his mana, or sacred power. As the chief#39;s mana was important in maintaining the ritual security of the community, such actions were believed to place the entire population at risk.避免俗人亵渎神灵的禁忌,还包括禁止普通人触摸波利尼西亚首领的头部,甚至影子,因为这会削弱他的;mana(神力);。由于首领的神力对于维持部落的仪礼安全至关重要,所以人们相信,上述做法会危害整个群体(编者注:;taboo;一词源于波利尼西亚文化,所以有关;禁忌;的解释会与波利尼西亚文化里的一些现象联系,在此用与波利尼西亚文化相关的例子来讲明;俗人亵渎神灵被视为禁忌;)。There is broad agreement that the taboos current in any society tend to relate to objects and actions that are significant for the social order and that, as such, taboos belong to the general system of social control. Sigmund Freud provided perhaps the most ingenious explanation for the apparently irrational nature of taboos, positing that they were generated by ambivalent social attitudes and in effect represent forbidden actions for which there nevertheless exists a strong unconscious inclination.人们普遍认为,现今,各个团体的禁忌都趋向于与那些对社会秩序有重大影响的事物和活动挂钩,这样看来,禁忌属于社会管理的范畴了。对于禁忌那显而易见的非理性本质,西格蒙德;弗洛伊德的解释也许是最独到的;; 他假设禁忌源于矛盾的社会态度,进而表现为种种禁忌行为,而事实上,这些行为都存在着强大的无意识倾向。 /201201/168387。
  • In November 2009, Brandy Trammell became a homeowner. As she moved into her new house in Laurel, it seemed as though her life was all set up: She had her own place, friends and family nearby, and a speech therapy career that was flourishing.2009年11月,Brandy Trammell成为有房一族。她搬进了她在Laurel的新屋,仿佛她的生活都已经安顿好了:她有她自己的地方、朋友和附近的家人,以及一个蒸蒸日上的言语治疗事业。But it seemed that the guy she always dreamed of sharing her life with was just that — a dream. With every man she dated, something was missing.但似乎她一直梦想的和她一起分享生活的他,还只是一个梦想。每次和她约会的男人,总少了点什么。“So I felt that he didn’t exist. This idea that you’re going to find somebody that doesn’t have that tragic flaw — I really felt that I was going to have to settle,” she says.“所以我觉得那个他是不存在的。关于你会找到一个没有那些悲催缺点的人的想法- 我真觉得我将不得不解决,”她说。The day after Thanksgiving, Trammell sat in her bedroom — the only furnished room in the house — and logged on to eHarmony. She’d had a membership for months but hadn’t logged on since she’d signed up.感恩节之后的一天,Trammell坐在卧室里,屋里里唯一装修过的房间,登录到eHarmony。她成为会员几个月了,但自从她注册之后从未登录过。Bored, she scrolled through the profiles of men who’d reached out to her and responded to a few. Almost instantly, Vincent Russell wrote back.无聊透顶,她浏览着那些向她发出邀请的男人的简介,并对几个作出了回应。几乎是瞬间,Vincent Russell回复了。Russell was visiting family in Norfolk and got Trammell’s message on his smartphone. His friends often joked that he’d been an old man for a long time. He started working full time at 18, putting himself through a computer information degree at American University. He hated dating, and it sometimes seemed as if he’d gone out with “every horrible woman in Washington,” trying to find the right one. He wanted a partner who was y to settle down, have a family and stay in on Saturday nights.Russell在诺福克探亲,并在他的智能手机上获得了Trammell的消息。他朋友经常开玩笑说他成为一个老男人很长一段时间了。他18岁开始全职工作,历经磨练获得美国大学计算机信息的学位。他讨厌约会,有时好像他已经和“华盛顿每一个可怕的女人”约会过,试图找到那个对的人。他希望一个愿意安定下来的伴侣,有一个家庭,并在周六晚上待在家里。After trading messages, Russell called Trammell. They spoke for hours. He called again the next day, and the two made plans for the next Thursday.交换信息后,Russell给 Trammell打了电话。他们谈了几个小时。他第二天再次打了电话,两人为下周四做了计划。She was uncharacteristically late for their date in Silver Spring, and he nearly left. When she arrived, she was immediately turned off: He was in work clothes and didn’t have any of the facial hair he’d had in online photos.对他们在Silver Spring的约会她一反常态晚迟到了,他差一点就离开了。当她到达时,她立即失去兴趣:他穿着工作,没有网上照片中的任何一点胡须。Over dinner she gave him a hard time, challenging him on various points to see whether he would stand up for what he believed in. “Because I had dated guys who were complete pushovers,” she explains. “And I didn’t want someone who’s always like, ‘Oh yeah, you’re right.’#8201;”吃饭时,她没有给他好脸色,在不同方面挑衅他,看他是否会为他的信仰站起来。“因为和我约会过的家伙都是泛泛之辈,”她说。“我不想要一个人总是,‘哦,对,你说得对。’”At a pool hall after dinner, she off-handedly said they should dance when the song “I Call Your Name” by Switch came on. She was shocked, and a little giddy, when he called her bluff and took her hand to dance.晚饭后在台球厅,当切换到歌曲《我轻唤你的名字》时她立即说他们应该跳舞。当他说她虚张声势并拉着她的手跳舞时,她惊呆了且有点晕眩。A week later, he showed up at the movies in casual clothes and with facial hair grown in. Trammell warmed up quickly and tried to show him as much, putting her hand on his leg in the theater. But when it came time to say goodbye, he walked away awkwardly. “Vincent!” she yelled. He came back, asked for a do-over and kissed her.一个星期后,他穿着休闲脸上长着胡须地出现在影院,Trammell迅速升温,并试图尽可能多地向他暗示,在剧院时她把她的手放在他腿上。但是,当要说再见的时候,他笨拙地走开了。“文森特!”她大叫。他返回来,要求一个过分的举动,于是吻了她。And from then on, she says, “he just really made himself present in my life.” He called every time he said he’d call, and always showed up when he said he would. “I knew from the beginning he was not playing around,” she says. “He was planning on getting to know me and making this happen.”从那时起,她说,“他真的就那样让自己出现在我的生命中。”他说他会打电话来那他每次就会打电话来,当他说会出现时总是会出现。 “从一开始我就知道他不是随便玩玩,”她说。 “他打算去了解我,让一切发生。”After two weeks, he asked whether he could be her boyfriend. “Aly?” she responded. But when he asked again on Christmas, she said yes.两个星期后,他问他是否可以成为她的男友。 “现在就?”她回答。不过,在圣诞节时他又问了一遍,她同意。“I felt like she could potentially be the one I was looking for,” Russell, 30, explains. “And I wasn’t seeing anyone else, so I was like, ‘Might as well make it official!’#8201;”“我感觉她可能就是我一直在寻找的那个人,”30岁的Russell说。“我没有在和其他任何人约会,所以我想,#39;不如让它正式吧!’”But the next couple of months were not as smooth as they’d hoped. She is verbose, and he’s succinct. And while she often tries to swallow issues that are bothering her, he prefers to be direct. As they had their first few fights, neither felt sure the relationship would last. But by March, they’d figured out how to communicate and could sense each other’s dedication.但接下来的几个月并不像他们所希望的那样顺利。她是啰嗦的而他很简洁。虽然她经常试图咽下困扰她的问题,但他更希望直接一点。由于他们前几次争吵,他们一个也并不确定这段恋情是否会持久。但到了3月,他们解决了如何沟通的问题,并能感受到对方的奉献。“He’s a committed guy. He was completely in, and I respected and appreciated that,” Trammell, 31, says. “I hadn’t felt that from someone that I felt the same way about.”“他是一个重承诺的家伙。他完全投入,我对此尊重和理解,”31岁的Trammell说。 “我以前没有从一个人那里感受到我同样感受到的那些。”In October, he invited her to join him on a vacation in Chile. Normally a planner, Trammell was persuaded to let him take the lead. “That was the first time I had to let go and really trust in him,” she says. “I’m very used to co-piloting, so that really solidified our relationship.”10月,他邀请她和他一起去智利度假。通常情况下,规划师Trammell要被说让他带头。“这是第一次我不得不放手,真正信任他,”她说。 “我非常习惯共同主导,所以那真正巩固了我们的关系。”In January 2011, they popped into a jewelry store to try on rings. Trammell thought an engagement was imminent. As months ticked by without a proposal, she tried to push it from her mind. That July, they went to Hawaii to visit friends. At the top of a mountain overlooking Waikiki, he got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife.2011年1月,他们突然出现在一家珠宝店尝试戒指。Trammell认为订婚迫在眉睫。几个月过去了也没有求婚,她试图把它从脑海中抹去。同年7月他们去夏威夷看望朋友。在山顶俯瞰威基基,他单膝跪地,请她做他的妻子。On Sept. 30, they exchanged vows in the courtyard of 2941 Restaurant in Falls Church. The couple once again danced to “I Call Your Name,” and their 100 guests celebrated by singing karaoke.9月30日,他们在瀑布教堂2941餐厅的院子里交换了誓言。这段恋人再次随着歌曲《我轻唤你的名字》起舞,他们的100位客人唱着卡拉OK庆祝。“I had braced myself for a future with someone I could tolerate,” Trammell told Russell during the ceremony. “Oh, you were a welcome surprise! The man for me exists and stands right before me. I need not tolerate you. In fact, I feel incomplete without you.”“我已经和一个我能忍受的人一起拥抱未来,” Trammell在仪式上对Russell说。 “哦,你是一个惊喜!属于我的那个人存在着并站在我面前。我不仅需要容忍你。事实上,没有你我觉得不完整。” /201210/205145。
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