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Meet the hefty members of Britain’s latest fit club.来看看英国最新的健身俱乐部中这些大块头吧。Daisy the bulldog and Poppy the rabbit are among porky pets in the PDSA’s competition to highlight the dangers of animal obesity.斗牛犬黛西和兔子波比和许多其他胖宠一起,都参加了英国人民兽医药房举办的减肥比赛。这场比赛意在呼吁人们重视动物肥胖症的危害。The charity will put 17 pets through a six-month diet and exercise programme overseen by vets, leading to one being crowned a super slimmer.慈善机构将给17只宠物进行为期6个月的节食及运动计划,由兽医监察。比赛最终将评选出一名最苗条宠物。Daisy, from Middlesbrough, weighs in at 4st 6lb, which is 50 per cent heavier than she should be. She has aly hit the tmill in an attempt to shed the pounds.斗牛犬黛西来自米德尔斯堡市,体重4英石6磅(约27.86公斤),超过其正常体重的50%。为了减肥,她已经在用跑步机了。Poppy is a third heavier than she should be at more than 7lb – mainly due to a taste for popcorn.而兔子波比体重7磅(3.15公斤)以上,超过自身正常体重三分之一,肥胖的罪魁祸首在于它太爱吃爆米花了。Other candidates include a cat that can open the fridge and a Jack Russell with a taste for doner kebabs.其他参与减肥的宠物还包括一只能打开冰箱门偷吃的猫、以及一只爱吃烤肉串的杰克罗素。According to the PDSA, pet obesity levels are at worryingly high levels. Around one in three dogs and one in four cats are said to be overweight.据英国人民兽医药房消息,宠物的肥胖水平现在十分堪忧。据说有三分之一的和四分之一的猫都有肥胖问题。Zorro, a three-year-old ginger Tom from Dundee, has a whopping 63cm waist and is double the size he should be, weighing a hefty 9.4kg.佐罗是一只三岁的姜黄色猫咪,生活在敦提市。他腰部巨粗,腰围达63厘米,体型是正常猫咪身体的两倍大,体重有9.4公斤。Devoted owner, Linda Petrie, 51, who adopted Zorro a year ago, now has to use baby wipes to keep her moggy clean, as he struggles to groom himself due to his size.他的主人琳达·皮特里今年51岁了,她是去年收养的佐罗,现在不得不用婴儿湿巾给佐罗做清洁工作。因为佐罗体型巨大,洗澡的时候又挣扎不听话,所以清洁起来十分困难。Linda says that his eating habits have also become a bit of a pain: he is very demanding and often wakes Linda in the middle of the night for his favourite snack, cheese and onion crisps.琳达说,佐罗的饮食习惯也很让人痛苦:他食欲很强,经常为了向主人要自己喜欢的零食、奶酪和洋葱薯片吃,而在深更半夜吵醒琳达。PDSA Pet Fit Club was launched in 2005 and has aly helped 57 dogs, 24 cats and 3 rabbits lose a total of 295kg (46 stone 6lb).英国人民兽医药房组织的宠物健身俱乐部是在2005年创办的,已经帮助57条、24只猫咪和3只兔子减去了总计295公斤的重量。This weight loss is the equivalent of nearly 300 bags of sugar, more than 4,400 sausages, 740 tins of dog food or over 1,000 blocks of lard.这些减去的重量相当于300袋糖、4400多条火腿、740听粮或者1000块猪油。Senior Veterinary Surgeon, Andy Cage, from Dundee PetAid hospital, said that having over weight animals is not just a nuisance, it is also an issue of cruelty.邓迪宠物急救医院的高级兽医安迪·凯奇说,饲养肥胖宠物不仅很令人讨厌、甚至是十分残酷的问题。#39;Obesity is one of the biggest welfare issues affecting pets in the UK today. Sadly, it also means millions of pets are at risk from potentially life-threatening health problems related to obesity. But the good news is that obesity is entirely reversible.#39;“肥胖是当今英国影响宠物福利健康最大的问题。因为,这意味着上百万的宠物都面临着由肥胖引起的潜在生命健康问题。但好消息是,肥胖问题是完全可以解决的。” /201406/304926Silence may be golden, but “the silent treatment” can ruin a relationship, according to a recent study, the online magazine Salon reported.美国《沙龙》网络杂志指出:“沉默是金”的道理没错,但是“沉默对待”却能毁了一段感情。The silent treatment is one of the most common forms of conflict within a relationship, especially a romantic one. Researchers call it the “demand-withdraw” pattern. It happens when one partner repeatedly approaches the other with a request, whether asking for attention or change — or criticism, but is met with avoidance or silence.在一段关系,尤其是爱情关系中,沉默对待是最常见的感情冲突之一。研究者将其称为“要求/退缩沟通”模式。在这种模式下,一方不断提出要求,寻求注意或是希望另一方做出改变,而另一方则沉默或回避。Frustrated by the lack of response, the person who made the demands makes more. The person who withdrew retreats further — initiating a vicious cycle.由于缺乏反馈,于是提要求的一方变本加厉,而退缩的一方则愈发回避,从而形成恶性循环。According to Paul Schrodt, professor of communication studies at Texas Christian University, in the US, engaging in the silent treatment can kill romance.在美国德克萨斯基督教大学从事沟通研究的保罗#8226;施罗特认为,沉默对待将使感情消磨殆尽。Schrodt is the head of a meta-analysis of 74 studies including more than 14,000 participants. The study found the demand-withdraw pattern to be one of the most damaging types of relationship conflict and one of the hardest patterns to break.施罗特领导的一项对14000多名参与者、涉及74个研究的元分析显示,要求/退缩模式是伤害最大的感情冲突之一,也是最难打破僵局的冲突之一。“Partners get locked in this pattern largely because they each see the other as the cause,” Schrodt was ed as saying in ScienceDaily.com. “Both partners see the other as the problem.”正如施罗特在每日科学网站所言,“这种模式下,冲突双方很容易陷入僵局,因为他们都觉得是对方引起了事端,认为问题出在对方身上。”To break the vicious cycle, Schrodt says each partner has to become aware that they are engaging in the silent treatment. They need to know their role in it and the other partner’s point of view. The person making demands usually feels abandoned; the silent person is protecting himself. Each needs to ask, “Why am I behaving this way? How does my behavior make my partner feel?”他说,要想打破这种恶性循环,冲突双方必须意识到自己正处在“沉默对待”之中。他们应知自己所扮演的角色和对方的想法。提要求的一方总有被抛弃之感,而沉默的一方则觉得一直在自我保护。他们双方都应问问自己:“我为何会如此表现?我的行为又会让对方有何感受?”Opening up打破僵局Schrodt suggests talking with your partner about the demand-withdraw pattern and your own part in it. Then trying to stop yourself next time you start to engage in it.施罗特的建议是:与对方谈谈“要求/退缩模式”,以及你在其中扮演的角色,并在下一次陷入此种模式之前,及时悬崖勒马。A Wall Street Journal column talked to other experts about how to break the silent treatment cycle.在《华尔街日报》的一篇专栏文章中,其他专家就打破“沉默对待”模式也提出了自己的建议。Diana Weiss-Wisdom, a psychologist based in California, advises that partners take a break.美国加利福尼亚州的心理学家戴安娜#8226;维斯#8226;威兹德姆建议冲突双方应先冷静一下。“People have to be calm enough to listen to each other,” she says: “Cool your jets, and come back together at a specified time to talk about the feelings underlying the conflict before you try to solve anything.”她说:“人们只有在冷静之时才能听进对方所说,所以,先冷静下,选个具体的时间点先一起说说冲突时的感受,再试着解决问题。”If your demands and requests are being ignored, you’ll need to give your partner space. Try to engage his or her empathy. “The only way to do this is to use the word ‘I’,” says Fran Walfish, another Californian psychotherapist. Say: “This is how I feel when you pull away.” But be careful to avoid labels such as “selfish”, “rude” and “uncaring”.同样来自加州的心理学家弗兰#8226;沃尔费什则建议:如果你的要求总是被忽视,那么你需要给对方一些空间,试着引起他/她的同情。而这样做的唯一方法就是用“我”打头的句子,对他/她说,“我被你决绝时就是这样的感受”。但是,要慎用一些标签性的词语,比如“自私、粗鲁、漠不关心”等。If you are the one who withdraws, acknowledge your need to pull away, and tell your partner that you need space. “At least the other person won’t feel shut out,” says Warren Kennaugh, a behavioral scientist based in Sydney, Australia. “It’s the non-explanation that drives them to a high level of discomfort.” Try to approach your partner more. “Be courageous about how you feel,” Kennaugh says.来自悉尼的行为学家沃伦#8226;肯诺的建议是:如果你是退缩的一方,那么你需要承认自己在逃避,同时告诉对方你需要空间。至少让对方不再感到被拒绝,因为不解释往往会让对方更难过。试着接近对方,勇敢地告诉他/她你的感受。” /201409/327363

Steakhouses around the world are well-known for touting their authenticity.But this Russian restaurant went the extra mile to show off their chargrilling process by setting an entire billboard on fire.世界各地的牛排餐厅以吆喝牛排的真实性闻名。但这家俄罗斯餐厅付出了更多努力,通过点燃整个广告牌夸耀自己的炮制过程。Passers-by had spent the previous day, in November, bemused by a large photograph of a raw steak, accompanied by no branding or advertising information.But one night, a pair of men dressed in chef outfits and armed with a flamethrower set the billboard alight along eight lines, mimicking the effects of a flame-grilling.去年11月时,过路人看到一大张生牛排的照片,没有任何品牌和广告信息,这让他们觉得很困惑。但某天晚上,穿着厨师工作的两人模仿火焰烧烤的样子,手拿喷火器在广告牌上点了八列火。(Before: The billboard began its life as an otherwise unmarked photograph of a slab of beef)(点燃前:广告牌起先只是一张没有任何标记的牛肉照片)(Bringing the fire: Two men dressed as chefs used a flamethrower to set the board alight)(点火:两个厨师模样的人用喷火器点燃广告板)Though the board was only alight for a matter of seconds before the fire was extinguished, the aftermath left realistic-looking char marks along the meat - giving the illusion that it had been grilled.尽管火被扑灭前广告牌只烧了几分钟,却在牛肉上留下了逼真的痕迹——给别人留下它被烤过的错觉。Although the trails of smoke emanating from the billboard soon faded, the #39;cooked#39; piece of meat was visible to pedestrians and drivers the next day.虽然广告牌上冒的烟很快消退,但第二天行人和司机可以看见这块“熟”肉。The transformed ad also had the details of the Double Grill and Bar restaurant revealed so intrigued viewers could try out the steaks for themselves.变化后的广告牌透露了烧烤餐馆和酒吧的详细信息,感兴趣的观众可以自己去尝试牛排。(Extinguisher: After the flames had burned for a short while, the men put out the billboard using fire extinguishers)(灭火器:在火烧了一会儿后,那两人用灭火器灭了火)(Well done: After the flames had disappeared, authentic-looking whisps of smoke still drifted from the billboard)(大功告成:火焰消失后,缕缕黑烟仍从广告牌中逸出)Taking the credit: After the stunt, a panel was revealed showing the details of the restaurant(结果:炫目表演后,能看到介绍餐馆细节的广告板) /201401/272107

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