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武汉华夏医院专治武汉男性包皮能生育吗武汉华夏医院包皮手术 Beijing could employ controversial measures to control the disputed airspace over the South China Sea, according to an expert with close ties to the Chinese government, as it seeks new ways to assert its authority in the hotly contested region.一位与中国政府关系密切的专家表示,北京方面可能采取有争议的举措来控制南中国海上方的争议空域。目前,中国正在寻找新的办法来维护其在这个存在激烈争议的地区的管控权。Wu Shicun, head of the National Institute for South China Sea Studies, said Beijing reserves the right to impose a so-called air defence identification zone (Adiz) once it had built its second aircraft carrier.中国南海研究院(NISCSS)院长吴士存表示,北京方面保留在建成第二艘航空母舰后立即设立所谓的防空识别区(Adiz)的权利。Although about 20 countries, including the US and Japan, use the zones to control access to their airspace, employing such a measure over the South China Sea, where nine countries have competing territorial claims, would be regarded by Beijing’s neighbours and in Washington as extremely provocative.尽管包括美国和日本在内的约20个国家设立了防空识别区来控制飞行物进入其空域,但在有9个国家提出彼此冲突的领土主张的南中国海采取这样的举措,可能会被中国的邻国和美国视为极度挑衅的行为。Mr Wu, who made the comments at a military forum in Beijing, is not an official government spokesman but he has a record of floating proposals that turn out to be policy. 吴士存是在北京一个军事论坛上发表这些言论的。他并非政府官方发言人,但他过去提出的一些方案最终变成了政策。His observation suggests China is maintaining — or even strengthening — its assertive strategic stance in the Pacific Ocean. 他的言论表明,中国正在维持乃至加强其在太平洋上的强硬战略立场。I don’t think this is just his opinion, one US analyst said of Mr Wu’s statement. 我不认为这只是他的观点,一名美国分析人士在谈到吴士存的话时说。Mr Wu later told analysts his comments had been partly mistranslated.吴士存后来告诉分析人士,他的言论在一定程度上被错译了。Beijing’s experience of employing an Adiz, which requires foreign aircraft to identify themselves, could mean it will refrain from declaring a new one before it can properly enforce it. 北京方面此前设立防空识别区的经历或许意味着,它在能够有效落实之前,不会宣布设立新的防空识别区(防空识别区要求外来飞机通报身份)。When China sought to impose the measure in the East China Sea in 2013 it was immediately challenged by the US, which flew two B-52 bombers through it. 2013年,中国寻求在东中国海划设防空识别区时,立即遭到了美国的挑战,后者派出两架B-52轰炸机飞过了该区域。Beijing was unable or unwilling to scramble aircraft to intercept them.当时北京方面未能或并未打算紧急派出飞机来拦截它们。The construction of a second Chinese aircraft carrier was revealed in March 2015. 中国正在建造第二艘航母的消息在2015年3月曝光。Latest photos show the hull is nearly complete. 最新的照片显示,船体已几近造好。Analysts expect it could be finished by 2018 but training naval aviators and crews mean it may be a decade before it is fully functioning.分析人士预期,这艘航母可能将在2018年完工,但训练海军飞行员和船员意味着,这艘航母可能还需要10年才能充分发挥作用。Tensions have been rising in the South China Sea. 南中国海的紧张气氛一直在加剧。Beijing has been irked by repeated efforts by Washington to test its territorial claims there by moving ships and aircraft close to artificial islands claimed by Beijing.美国多次挑战中国在南中国海的领土主张,派遣舰船和飞机靠近中方宣称拥有主权的人工岛,这些举动已经惹恼了中方。Declaring an Adiz would, in theory, offer Beijing a way to cement further control over the sea, which it claims as its territorial waters. 理论上,宣布设立防空识别区为中方提供了进一步加强对南中国海控制的途径(中方主张南中国海为其领海)。That claim was repudiated this year by an international arbitration court, which ruled in favour of a Philippine challenge to China’s claims in the South China Sea — a decision that infuriated Beijing.今年,一个国际仲裁法庭否定了中方的这一主张,做出的裁决有利于菲律宾对中国在南中国海主张构成的挑战——这一裁决激怒了北京方面。The comments from Mr Wu were made at the Xiangshan Forum, an annual three-day gathering in Beijing that offers a window into the strategic thinking of China’s military.吴士存的言论是在香山论坛(Xiangshan Forum)上发表的,这是一个在北京举行的、为期三天的年度会议,这一会议为外界了解中国军方的战略思维提供了一个窗口。In another apparently orchestrated message to the US, Chinese and Russian military officials held a joint briefing on their opposition to Washington’s plans to deploy an anti-ballistic missile system in South Korea. 中国和俄罗斯军方官员举行了联合吹风会,反对美国在韩国部署反弹道导弹系统的计划——这是对美发出的另一个明显经过精心安排的信息。Seoul requested the Terminal High-Altitude Air Defence system following successive nuclear warhead tests this year by North Korea.在今年朝鲜连续举行核弹头试验后,韩国请求美国在韩部署末段高空区域防御系统(THAAD,简称:萨德)。Cai Jun, a general in the People’s Liberation Army, said Russia and China would hold a second set of missile defence joint manoeuvres next year, following a first round in Moscow in May. 中国人民解放军少将蔡军表示,俄罗斯和中国明年将举行第二轮导弹防御联合演习,今年5月双方已在莫斯科举行了第一轮演习。The drills underline how opposition to the US has driven Russia and China closer together on military matters.这些演习凸显出,对美国的反对如何推动俄中在军事问题上越走越近。 /201610/472145Rise in contamination and dip in ground water levels has worsened the situation.污染物的增加和地下水陷落已让情况变得更糟。Kolhapur (Maharashtra), Delhi: Five years ago, when Ramakant Desai, 55, hired a drilling rig to sink a borewell to irrigate his maize fields, he struck water at 200 ft. Today, the rig he hires must drill more than four times as deep to 900 ft.戈尔哈布尔 (马哈拉施特拉邦),德里:五年前,瑞马肯·德塞(55岁)雇了一个钻工打出自流井好灌溉他的玉米田,他在200英尺深取水。今天,他的钻架必须钻到超过四倍深到900英尺。This is a common story in Desai’s village of Gargoti in the southern Maharashtra district of Kolhapur, as it is 682 km to the north in Jalgaon district’s Bhusaval, where Rajendra Nad, 52, narrates a similar story, complicated by fertiliser overuse. “Overuse of fertilisers has contaminated our groundwater,” said Nad, who farms millet, sorghum and groundnut.这是在马哈拉施特拉邦南部-戈尔哈布尔县-德塞的戈高地村的一个平常情况,在距其以北的682公里处的贾尔冈县的布萨瓦尔,拉金得拉·奈得(52岁)讲述了已被化肥过度使用所困扰的一个类似情况。;化肥的过度使用已经污染我们的地下水,; 种植小米、高粱和花生的奈得说道。In a country where 74% of farmland is not irrigated and water shortages are growing–this report by EA Water, a water consultancy, warns India will become “water scarce” by 2025–depleting groundwater levels add to an ongoing farm crisis. In recognition of groundwater declines, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said his government would spend Rs 6,000 crore on “groundwater management”, but the details are unclear.在一个74%的农田没有灌溉的国家中,水源短缺正在成形-这份报告出自EA water-一家水资源的咨询公司,警告印度到2025年将面对;缺水;:消耗地下水位加剧了正在发生的农业危机。认识到地下水的下降,财政部长阿伦·杰特利称他的政府将花费600亿卢比在地下水管理上,但是细节还不清楚。India draws more freshwater annually compared to any other country–761 billion cubic meters per year for domestic, agricultural and industrial use, according to four-year (2011 to 2015) World Bank data. The scarcity has worsened because more than half of that water is now contaminated, mainly by industry and sewage, sparking diarrhoea, typhoid and viral hepatitis.根据世界四年 (2011-2015年)的数据,在农业和工业用途上,印度与其他国家相比每年抽取更多的地下水:国内每年7610亿立方米。缺水情况已恶化因为超过一半的水受到污染,主要由工业废水污染,引发腹泻、伤寒和病毒性肝炎。With larger population, China uses 28% less freshwater than India与较多的人口相比,中国抽的淡水比印度少28%。A common argument is that India’s growing water use in inevitable. But China, with 1.4 billion people, uses 554.1 billion cubic meters of freshwater every year–that’s 28% less than India.一个普遍的论点是,印度不断增加的用水是不可避免的。但是中国有14亿人口,每年使用5541亿立方米的淡水,也比印度少28%。The consequence: India’s annual per capita availability of water fell 74% over 69 years, from 6,042 cubic metres in 1947 to 1,545 cubic metres in 2011, according to this water policy report of the Delhi government.后果:根据新德里的这份用水政策报告,印度的每年人均用水可得69年来下降74%,从1947年的6042立方米到2011年的1545立方米。“The political economy of subsidies has resulted in unsustainable extraction and use of groundwater and eventually to its depletion,” said Ayan Biswas, a water-management expert. Farmers using cheap, subsidised electricity are encouraged to draw groundwater without restriction, he said.;政策经济的补贴导致了不可持续的地下水开采和使用,最终造成枯竭,; 艾恩·毕斯瓦思,一位水资源管理专家说。农夫使用廉价、补贴电力是鼓励没有限制超抽地下水,他说。 Water depletion in rural India is a result of unsustainable agriculture practices, such as farms in water-scarce regions with water-hungry crops–paddy, cotton and sugarcane.印度农村水资源枯竭是农业实践不可持续的结果,例如在农场缺水地带的耗水作物-水稻、棉花和甘蔗。Groundwater levels “critical” in nine states在九个邦的;危急;地下水位In nine states–in south, west and central India–groundwater levels are now described as “critical”, according to this 2016 Parliament committee report on water resources. “Critical” implies a stage where 90% of groundwater has been extracted, with significant decline in recharge capability.根据2016年议会委员会关于水资源的这份报告,在印度南部、西部和中部的九个邦,地下水位现在被标注为;危急;。危急意指90%的地下水已被超抽的阶段,再补给能力显著下降。As of December 2015, of 6,607 units (blocks, mandals, talukas) assessed, 1,071 in 16 states and two in Union Territories were categorised as “over-exploited”, which means 100% of groundwater has been drawn, with little chance of recharge.自2015年12月起,6607个单位 (邦、省、街区)已评估,1071个在16个邦和2个在中央直辖区已被归类为过度超收,这意味着100%地下水已被抽取,几乎没有补给的机会。Groundwater levels in India are now more critical than anywhere else on earth, IndiaSpend previously reported. More than half of India now faces what is called “high” to “extremely high” water stress, most across the fertile Ganga-Brahmaputra basin, as this graphic indicates.印度的地下水位比地球其他地方更危急,印度数据网先前报导的。一半以上的印度地区面临;高;或;极高;的用水压力,大多数横跨肥沃的恒河-雅鲁藏布江流域,如图所示。Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan have the most over-exploited blocks.泰米尔纳德邦和拉贾斯坦邦有最多的过度用水区。More than half of India’s groundwater is contaminated印度一半以上的地下水受到污染The other aspect of the water crisis is contamination. Surface and groundwater are laced with fluoride, nitrate, arsenic and iron.水危机的另一方面是污染。地表水和地下水含有氢化物、硝酸盐、砷和铁。As many as 650 cities and towns lie along polluted rivers, which contaminate groundwater, according to the latest report of the Central Pollution Control Board.根据中央污染控制委员会的最新报告,多达650个城市和乡村沿着污染的河流,污染地下水。“Poor environmental management systems” in industries lead to toxic and organic waste discharges of water, the report said. This has resulted in “pollution of surface and groundwater sources from which water is drawn for irrigation and domestic use”.该报告中说,在工业的;恶劣的环境管理系统;导致有毒和有机的水排出。这造成了用来灌溉和家庭用水抽取的地表和地下水源的污染。More than half of India’s groundwater is contaminated, according to a Central Groundwater Board report. As many as 276 districts have high levels of fluoride, 387 districts report nitrates above safe levels, and 86 districts have high levels of arsenic, said the report.根据一份中央地下水委员会的报告,超过一半的印度地下水是受到污染的。多达276个县有高浓度的氢化物,387个县报告硝酸盐高于安全水平,而86个县有高浓度的砷,报告中说。On average, contaminated water caused 10 million cases of diarrhoea, 740,000 cases of typhoid and 150,000 viral-hepatitis cases between 2007 and 2011, the groundwater board said.平均来说,在2007年和2011年间,污染水造成1000万例的腹泻,74万例的伤寒和15万例的病毒性肝炎,地下水委员会写道。Back in Jalgaon, Nad’s village is falling back on traditional methods to fight the crisis. “We are looking at reviving the watercourse, to water pooling,” he said. “Hopefully these will provide water for drinking and crops during dry spells.”回到贾尔冈,奈得的村庄正回归传统办法来对抗危机。;我们正在着眼于恢复水道改为水池,; 他说。;希望这些在旱期将可提供饮用和作物的用水。;Sandeep Pai amp; Prathamesh Mulye write for Indiaspend.org, a data-driven, public-interest journalism non-profit initiative. Visit the website here桑地派和裴卡迈斯穆利为印度数据网撰文,后者是一个数据驱动、倡议型非营利的公共利益刊物。 /201610/471236武汉尿道口被精液弄黏住了

武汉华夏医院治疗前列腺炎要多久武汉华夏医院泌尿科挂哪个好 The first thing you see at this house is a huge yellow banner with the Chinese character for ;slow.;当你望向这座房子,首先映入你眼帘的是一个巨型的黄色警示牌,上面写着一个字——“慢”。That#39;s because 48 cars and trucks barrelled into the family#39;s front yard last year alone.这是因为,单单在过去一年里,就有48辆轿车和卡车飞速撞进了这户人家的前院。According to a report by the Beijing Youth Daily, the house in Heilongjiang, northern China, is situated by a road leading to a highway.据《北京青年报》报道,这座房子位于中国北部黑龙江省,坐落在一条直通高速公路的小路边。The house is by a 90-degree angled junction, so cars can#39;t slow down in time when taking the turn after the highway — and end up crashing through the house#39;s fencing.房子旁边便是一条90度角的交叉路口,车辆从高速路上出来转弯时常常无法及时减速——于是最后便撞倒了房子门前的栅栏。It wasn#39;t always a junction.这里之前并不是交叉路口。The homeowners, 29-year-old Xu Renxiang and her husband, He Haijun, have lived on the plot of lane before the 90-degree road was built.29岁的许仁香和丈夫何海军是这座房子的主人,在路口修建之前,他们就已经在此居住。Xu estimates that more than 100 accidents have occurred in the family#39;s front yard since the road came up some seven years ago.许仁香估计,自从大约七年前这条路修好以后,他们家的前院已经发生了100多次车祸。The couple have banned their daughter from playing in the yard, for fear of her getting hit by a car.由于担心车辆伤害女儿,许仁香夫妇已经禁止女儿到前院玩耍。Officials are reportedly looking into the problem — the county government is doing a safety audit.据报道,有关部门已经开始着手解决这个问题——当地县政府正在进行安全审计。For the moment, though, Xu has barricaded her front yard with bricks, gravel and sand as a buffer, to stop cars from doing actual damage to her house.目前,许仁香用砖块、碎石和沙子在前院筑起一道缓冲的屏障,以防过往的车辆对房子造成实质性的损害。;If we knew that (officials) were going to build the bend in front of our house, we#39;d have built our house a little further back,; Xu said.许仁香说:“如果我们知道(他们)要在我们房子前建这个路拐的话,我们当时就把房子往后建一点了。” /201705/509389武汉青山区男科大夫

武汉大学人民医院治疗阳痿早泄 HONG KONG — Like a diamond ring in the West, the enduring accessory for a Chinese bride is a pair of dragon and phoenix bangles in 24-karat gold, the buttery-yellow version of the precious metal so loved in Asia.香港——如同西方世界的钻石戒指,对中国新娘来说,最恒久远的饰品就是一对以24K金打造的龙凤手镯,24K金这种黄油色的金属非常受亚洲人钟爱。But should love not last, she could liquidate her gold jewelry in a highly transparent and efficient manner in ways that diamonds cannot match.但如果爱不持久,她也可以把她的黄金珠宝透明地、有效地变现,这是钻石做不到的。“Twenty-four carat gold is considered a form of international currency, because it is accepted around the world,” said Kent Wong, managing director of Chow Tai Fook Jewelry in Hong Kong, which introduced the standardization of 999.9 pure gold jewelry in 1984. “Because gold jewelry is sold by weight, customers can sell their gold back to the jeweler, which is common practice in Chinese society.”“24K金是国际货币的一种,因为是全世界通用的,”香港的“周大福”珠宝的总经理黄绍基说,周大福在1984年引进了999.9纯金首饰的标准。“因为黄金是秤重计价,消费者可以将黄金卖给珠宝商,在华人社会中是常见做法。”Mr. Wong explained that the price of each piece is calculated from the international gold price, based on the gold’s weight, plus the store’s 2 percent commission and a design fee. “As the daily gold price is displayed conspicuously in the shop, there is a high transparency and clear information,” he said.黄经理解释,每件作品是依照国际黄金价格计算,以黄金的重量计价,再加上设计费和2%佣金。“店内公开标示每日金价,所以过程高度透明化,资讯清楚。”他说。The fact that such resale is so easy — along with the introduction of popular motifs like Disney’s “Frozen” and Hello Kitty and improved filament craftsmanship (similar to Florentine style design), as well as burnishing, lathing and buffing techniques — has buoyed sales to China’s rapidly growing middle class, the prized market that retailers around the world hope to capture.因为黄金变卖容易,而且加入了像是迪士尼的“冰雪奇缘”(Frozen)或是Hello Kitty等受欢迎的图案,还有改良过的细线工艺(跟佛罗伦萨风格设计相似),和打磨、车床加工、抛光的技术,带动了中国迅速兴起的中产阶级的黄金交易量,这是全世界的零售商都想抓住的有“钱途”的市场。“Wedding jewelry contributes more than 40 percent of our business, but we want to develop innovative jewelry to appeal to young customers,” Mr. Wong said. “We work with Korean pop stars such as G-Dragon and Lee Min Ho to launch collections targeting young customers.” It is not unusual in one of Chow Tai Fook’s more than 300 stores in Hong Kong, mainland China and Southeast Asia to find 24-karat pendants with the likeness of Marvel Comic characters or necklaces featuring plump, smiling pigs, a fertility symbol popular with brides.“婚饰占我们交易的40%多,但我们想要发展一些创意珠宝来吸引年轻客群,”黄经理说。“我们和韩国明星权志龙(G-Dragon)或李敏镐(Lee Min Ho)合作,发行一些针对年轻顾客的系列。”周大福在全中国、香港和东南亚共有300多间店铺。在店里不难找到漫威漫画主角之类的24K金吊饰;或者是带笑脸的小猪,这是新娘们喜欢的生育的象征。Previously, the limited design potential of 24-karat gold made it more often a choice for wedding and birthday gifts, rather than personal jewelry. The metal in its pure form is very soft, so soft that it can be easily bent, making intricate designs impossible. So, in the past, jewelers generally concentrated on styles involving auspicious Chinese themes, such as the peach for longevity, flower for prosperity and, of course, the dragon and phoenix for wedded bliss.以前,许多人选择购买限量款的24K金金饰当作结婚或生日礼物,而不是自用。纯的黄金质地软,可以轻易地弯折,无法做出复杂的设计。所以以往珠宝商主要将重点放在吉利的中国风图案,像是代表长寿的桃子、代表繁荣的花卉、当然还有代表婚礼祝福的龙凤图腾。In recent years, the development of electro-forming technology to increase the hardness of gold has enabled jewelers such as Chow Tai Fook to set gemstones like rubies, emerald and jadeite in 24-karat pieces, enriching designs and creating much more costly pieces.近年来,由于电铸技术,黄金的硬度增加了,周大福等珠宝商便将红宝石、或玉等宝石镶在24K金的饰品上,丰富了设计感,也做出了更多高价商品。Gold prices now are hovering around ,090 per troy ounce, the lowest price so far this year. In general, prices have been declining since a peak almost two years ago. (Like a currency exchange, there is a selling price and a buying price.)目前金价为每金衡盎司1090美元左右,目前为止为今年最低。大体上来说,自近两年前的高峰之后,金价逐渐走低(就跟货币兑换一样,金价也有买出卖出的价格)。In Hong Kong, gold is traded in tael, or a little more than 1.2 troy ounces. A pair of bangles, each using a tael of gold and created in a dragon and phoenix motif from a simple mold but with a hand-finished design would be priced at around 25,415 Hong Kong dollars (,280), which includes the store’s 2 percent commission and a 690-dollar design fee.在香港,金价以“两”计价,比1.2金衡盎司多一点。一对有着简单龙凤图案的手镯,每只都用了一两黄金制作,加上手工设计的图案,差不多要2.5415万港币(约合3280美元),包括该店的2%佣金与690美元的设计费。A customer who decided to sell that jewelry back to the store on the same day, as gold prices fluctuate, would walk out with about 20,490 dollars.若顾客想在同一天将那对手镯卖给店家,依金价波动,差不多会拿到2.049万港币。“Our customers won’t need to bring their receipt back, as our maker’s mark is clearly stamped on each piece,” said Hung Lam, a salesman at Chow Sang Sang, another popular gold trader.“我们的客户不用带收据,因为我们每一件作品都清楚刻有制作者的印章,”Hung Lam,热门金饰品牌“周生生”的一名销售员表示。Mr. Wong acknowledges that 24-karat gold jewelry appeals almost exclusively to Chinese customers.黄先生表示,24K金的珠宝几乎都是华人顾客。“We do have some non-Chinese customers, but their appetite for gold jewelry is not comparable to Chinese,” he said, adding that the Chinese also prefer their gold to have a saturated, almost gaudy gold tone.“我们也有一些非华人的顾客,但他们远不及华人顾客那样喜欢黄金饰品,”他说。他同时补充道,华人喜欢色泽饱和、几乎有些艳丽的黄金。“With technology these days, we are able to change the color of 24-karat gold to a rose tint, but Chinese want their gold to look exactly like a gold bar, because this is what it looked like for hundreds of years,” he said. “This style appeals to Chinese because it’s part of our heritage, whereas for foreigners, they don’t have the same sense of historical reference.”“随着现今的科技发展,我们能够将24K金的颜色改成带有一点玫瑰色调,但是华人希望他们的金子跟金条一模一样的颜色,因为几百年以来,金条就是这颜色,”他说。“这种风格非常吸引华人,因为这是我们传统的一部分,但对外国人来说,他们没有这种历史的情感。”Chow Tai Fook has a gold crafting plant in Shunde, a city in Guangdong Province, with six artists producing designs rendered by 3,000 craftsmen working with simple tools such as torches, small chisels and picks.周大福在广东顺德有一家金饰工艺厂,6名设计师负责设计,交由3000名工匠,然后他们用手电筒、小凿子和十字镐等简单的工具工作。Zhang Zhi Rong, or Master Zhang as he is known, is one of the company’s artists who can both design and make his own jewelry.人称“张大师”的张志荣(音)是周大福的设计师之一,他既能设计珠宝,也能制作他自己的首饰。Holding a bangle with a buffed surface, Mr. Zhang used a thin black marker to draw a design of dragons and phoenix onto the surface before beginning to carve into the gold. He also frequently works with gold wires, which he twists and bends into intricate designs, often with a floral pattern.张大师拿着一个抛光后的手镯,在雕刻之前,先用一细的黑色签字笔在黄金表面画出龙凤的图案。他也常使用黄金细线,用细线折出复杂的样式,通常是花卉图案。“We have some commissions and people want special pieces, especially as birthday gifts to elderly relatives,” Mr. Zhang said. “The older generation prefers gold over any kind of precious stones, as the color is considered auspicious and it brings them good luck.”“我们有时会收到委托,制作特别的商品,尤其是给长辈的生日礼物。”张大师表示,“跟其他珍贵宝石比起来,老一辈的人更喜欢黄金,因为黄金色泽很吉利,会带来好运。”Beyond Asia走出亚洲While Chow Tai Fook’s business is focused on Asia, the Shanghai-based gold company Lao Feng Xiang is betting that Westerners can learn to love the Asian style.当周大福的生意主要专注在亚洲市场,源自上海的“老凤祥”金饰则希望西方人也会喜欢这种亚洲风格。Last year, Lao Feng Xiang opened its first store in the ed States — on Fifth Avenue in the midst of international designer boutiques and five-star hotels. “I think if established foreign brands can penetrate the Chinese market, there is no reason why a Chinese brand cannot do the same,” said Wang Eng-sheng, a company spokesman.去年,老凤祥在美国开了第一家店,位于国际精品设计师店与五星级饭店林立的第五大道。老凤祥发言人王恩生说,“我想如果历史悠久的外国品牌能打进中国市场,没理由中国品牌无法做到同样的事。”The brand is among the oldest in China, started in 1848 in Shanghai and now with more than 2,000 stores throughout the country. This year, it opened two locations in Hong Kong, and it also has a store in Vancouver, British Columbia.老凤祥是中国品牌的老字号,1848年于上海建立,现在在全国有超过2000家店铺。今年在香港开了两间店,在不列颠哥伦比亚省温哥华也开了一间店。“We have had plans for international expansion for the past 10 years, and we started showing at the Las Vegas Jewelry and Watch Show eight years ago,” Mr. Wang said. “We are a very well- funded state-owned enterprise, and we have a dream to bring Chinese artistic vision to the world.”“我们过去十年以来,一直都有全球扩张的计划,八年前我们就在的珠宝钟表展展示,”王先生说。“我们是资金雄厚的国有企业,并且有着将中国艺术理念带给世界的梦想。”Its overseas customer base still is largely composed of expatriate Chinese and tourists from mainland China. But “we are adding a new merchandise mix to include 24-karat gold set with jade, colored stones and diamonds to create a broader appeal,” Mr. Wang said. “For 24-karat gold jewelry we also follow Hong Kong’s standards of using .9999 pure gold, and our pricing is competitive with Hong Kong retailers.”老凤祥在海外的客群主要还是华人移民跟中国游客,不过“我们增加了新的金饰种类,把24K金和玉、色宝石或钻石融合起来,以吸引更多客群,”王先生说。“在24K金金饰上,我们还是依照香港的万足金标准,跟香港零售商相比,我们的价格很有竞争力。”Historically, 24-karat gold was popular in the West during Byzantine periods, and now some Western designers, such as Cevherun in Istanbul, have been creating period-inspired jewelry.历史上,24K金曾在西方拜占庭时代很流行,现在某些西方品牌,像是伊斯坦布尔的Cevherun,便开始创作具有历史特色的珠宝。The designers behind Cevherun, Cevat Genc and Ugur Tas, craft pieces by hand using sheets of gold or wire, and even incorporate Roman and Byzantine objects, such as pieces of old coins.Cevherun的设计师是杰瓦特·根兹(Cevat Genc)和乌格·塔斯(Ugur Tas),他们以手工打造饰品,使用金片或金丝,甚至会结合古罗马和拜占庭时代的物品,比方说古老的硬币。“Twenty-four-karat gold has a storied past, since the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire and the Ottoman Empire, perhaps the only consistent th that ran through these civilizations was their used of pure gold for jewelry and adornment,” Mr. Genc said. “It’s seeing a resurgence by jewelers like ourselves coming out of Istanbul with fresh ideas in ancient techniques.”“24K金背后有一段尘封往事,用纯金来制作珠宝和装饰品,可能就是罗马帝国、拜占庭帝国和奥斯曼帝国这些文明的唯一共同点。”根兹说,“有一波像我们一样的珠宝商从伊斯坦布尔出走,以创新的概念使用古老的技术。”Cevherun, which is sold in the ed States through the online retailer plukka.com, uses 999.5 gold. “It’s a soft metal but it’s incredibly tough and ductile, and gold has a luster that does not fade,” Mr. Genc said. “Many of our techniques are the same since ancient times, because the natural properties of gold haven’t changed.”Cevherun在美国线上零售商plukka.com销售,使用的是999.5足金。“黄金是软金属,但质地坚硬、延展性好,黄金的色泽也不会退色,”根兹说。“我们的工艺是自古代流传下来的,因为黄金的特性并没有改变。”Their African Sun disc earrings, (,850), are made by winding very thin gold wire together (the company does not use molds). If placed closed to high heat, the earrings might even melt a bit.它们的非洲太阳圆盘耳环(2850美元)是以非常细的黄金丝线缠绕而成(这家公司不使用模具)。如果接近高温的话,耳环还可能会融化一点。“Working with gold is alchemy, and we want to make objects that will stand the test of time,” Mr. Genc said. “Kings and queens from Cleopatra to Sultan Suleiman have adorned themselves with it. It has always been and is still a form of currency and precious in its history and process. We are so drawn to it for all these reasons.”“在工作中使用黄金,就像是炼金术,我们希望能够做出撑过时间考验的作品,”根兹说。“克娄巴特拉到苏丹苏莱曼时期的国王、王后都配戴黄金,在过去和现在都一直是货币的一种,在历史上来说,黄金十分珍贵。因为这些原因,所以我们非常喜爱黄金。” /201512/414421武汉包皮切割的费用武汉那家医院皮肤科比较好



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