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武汉那个三甲医院前列腺炎武汉华夏男子医院做精液常规检查的费用How to minimise the damage ofBritain’s senseless, self-inflicted blow如何将英国这一无意义的自我打击造成的伤害最小化HOW quickly the unthinkable became the irreversible. A year agofew people imagined that the legions of Britons who love to whinge about theEuropean Union—silly regulations, bloated budgets and pompous bureaucrats—wouldactually vote to leave the club of countries that buy nearly half of Britain’sexports. Yet, by the early hours of June 24th, it was clear that votershad ignored the warnings of economists, allies and their own government and,after more than four decades in the EU, were about to step boldly into the unknown.从难以想象到覆水难收,事情的发展是多么地迅速。一年前几乎没有人能想到,大量喜欢抱怨欧盟规章制度愚蠢、预算庞大、充斥浮华官僚主义等种种问题的英国人,竟然真的会投票退出这个占英国出口近一半的国家俱乐部。然而,4日凌晨,选民们显然已经忽略了来自经济学家、盟国以及本国政府的警告,在加入欧盟四十余年后,即将大胆地踏入未知。We believe that he or she should opt for a Norwegian-style dealthat gives full access to the world’s biggest single market, but maintains theprinciple of the free movement of people. The reason is that this wouldmaximise prosperity. And the supposed cost—migration—is actually beneficial, asLeave campaigners themselves have said. European migrants are net contributorsto public finances, so they more than pay their way for their use of health andeducation services. Without migrants from the EU, schools, hospitals andindustries such as farming and the building trade would be short of labour.我们相信他或她应该选择一个挪威式的交易,这将给予英国进入世界最大单一市场的完全自由,但同时维持人口自由流动的规定。原因是这样做将会使繁荣最大化。而且所谓的成本——人口迁移——实际上是有好处的,那些退欧领导者自己也这样说。欧州人移民对公共财政是净贡献者,如果没有来自欧盟的移民,那么学校、医院和农业、建筑业这类行业就将出现劳工短缺。Preventing Frexit防止法国退欧The hard task will be telling Britons who voted to Leave that the free havingand eating of cake is not an option. The new prime minister will faceaccusations of selling out—for the simple reason that he or she will indeedhave to break a promise, whether over migration or the economy. That is whyvoters must confirm any deal, preferably in a general election rather thananother referendum. This may be easier to win than seems possible today. Whilea deal is being done, the economy will suffer and immigration will fall of itsown accord.持退欧的英国人将会面临的艰巨任务是天上掉馅饼并不现实。新首相将会面临违反诺言的指控——原因很简单,他或她必将违背一个承诺,无论是在移民或是经济方面,难以两全。这就是为什么选民们必须确认所有交易,最好是在大选而不是其他全民公投。这个交易获得成功可能比今天的公投还容易。当交易完成时,经济将会遭到冲击,移民也将自行减少。来 /201606/451079武汉治疗龟头炎的男科医院 No, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is not working for Donald Trump though Hillary Clinton should be forgiven for suspecting that. 不,联邦调查局(FBI)不是在给唐纳特朗Donald Trump)打工,尽管希拉里.克林Hillary Clinton)要这么猜疑也是情有可原的。The reality is more troubling.现实更加令人不安。James Comey, the FBI director, was panicked into issuing his statement by the opposite fear that if he had held back Republicans would have accused him of working for Mrs Clinton. 联邦调查局局长詹姆斯.科米(James Comey)之所以惊慌失措地发表了自己的声明,是出于相反的顾虑——如果他捂住案情,共和党人就会指责他为希拉里工作。Mr Comey, the fearsome sentinel, has over-reached. 作为令人生畏的哨兵,科米反应过度了,Public servants should never take actions that could sway a presidential election. 公务员永远不应该作出任何可能影响总统大选的举动。His lapse was a result of Mr Trump having aly singled him out as part of a rigged system. 他之所以有此失误,是因为特朗普已经指责他是受操纵的体制中的一员。In a country so viscerally divided, neutrality is treated as collusion. 在一个严重撕裂的国家,中立会被视作同谋。On Friday Mr Comey was hustled into making an error.上周五,科米急中犯了错。Autocracies are run on fear. 威权政体靠恐惧维系,Democracies are held together by trust. 而民主政体靠信任凝聚。The reckless timing of Mr Comey’s disclosure that he was expanding the investigation into Mrs Clinton’s emails is what happens when officials wobble. 科米公布他将扩大调查希拉里电子邮件的时机很草率,这是官员们犹疑不决时会发生的典型情况。If Mr Trump wins next week he has vowed to put Mrs Clinton in jail. His supporters chant lock her up at every rally. 如果特朗普下周获胜,他已发誓要把希拉里关进监狱,他的持者在每场集会上都呼喊着把她关起来。If Mrs Clinton wins, Mr Trump will find more Comeys to intimidate. 如果希拉里赢了,特朗普将找到更多科米作为恐吓对象。When one side in a democracy throws around pre-emptive charges of treason and there is none higher than rigging a presidential election the ground on which the law stands shrinks. 当民主政体中的一方先发制人地抛出叛国罪指控——没什么比操纵总统大选更严重的叛国罪了——法律赖以发挥效力的基础将萎缩。It is harder to uphold blind justice, or administer a neutral process, when a storm is blowing around you. 当你被裹挟入一场风暴时,你就很难坚持一视同仁的公正,或坚守中立程序。Mr Trump’s campaign is a howling gale. Mr Comey just lost his shirt.特朗普的竞选活动就像一场呼啸的狂风,科米被刮跑了衬衣。Can Mrs Clinton survive her October surprise? If the question is will she win next week, the answer is still probably yes. 希拉里能挺过这个10月惊奇吗?如果问题是她能否赢得下周大选,很可能依旧是肯定的。Though it is too soon for polls to measure the impact of Mr Comey’s hand grenade, Mrs Clinton’s lead on Friday was wide enough to sustain a couple of points of damage. 虽然用民调衡量科米这枚手榴弹的影响还为时过早,但希拉里在上周五的领先优势大到足以承受几个百分点的损失。If the question is whether she could govern, the picture looks different. 但如果问题是她能否治理这个国家,就不同了。Even a 1 per cent swing against Mrs Clinton could tip the race for the US Senate. 即使希拉里持率%的变化,也能左右对参议院的角逐。Without a Democratic Senate majority, Mrs Clinton’s chances of passing anything will drop. 没有一个民主党占多数席位的参议院,希拉里推动通过任何议案的几率都将下降。Even before Mr Comey’s Halloween gift, it was likely that Republicans would retain control of the House of Representatives.即使在科米送出这份万圣节大礼之前,共和党人也很可能保留对众议院的控制。The largest cost is likely to show up in the wake of a Clinton win. 最大的损失可能要等到希拉里赢得大选后才显现。The narrower her margin of victory, the easier it will be for Mr Trump to spark outrage over a stolen election. 她的获胜优势越小,特朗普就越容易激发人们对选举造假的愤恨,It would also give him more of a grip over Republicans in Congress. 并增加他对国会共和党人的控制力。Legislators respond to feedback from their districts. 立法者需对自己选区的民意作出回应。By Jeffersonian design, the House is where the link between elected and elector is most electric. 按照托马#8226;杰斐逊(Thomas Jefferson,美国第三任总统——译者注)的设计,众议院是民选官员和选民之间关系最具活力的环节。If Mr Trump’s base is inflamed, Republican legislators will take their cue. 如果特朗普的根基选民被激怒,共和党立法者将顺应民意。Most of their voters aly believe Mrs Clinton is dishonest and corrupt. 绝大多数共和党选民已经相信希拉里为人不诚实且腐败,It is no great leap to endorsing Mr Trump’s claim that the Clintons are a criminal enterprise.不需要多大努力就能让这些人相信特朗普所称的克林顿夫妇是犯罪企业。It is hard to talk yourself down from such incendiary language. 这种煽动性言论一旦说出口就很难下台。It would be easier were the target anyone other than Mrs Clinton. 如果矛头指向希拉里之外的任何人,攻击者自己找台阶下台还容易一些。Before re-entering the White House, she would be the most investigated political figure in US history. 在希拉里重返白宫前,她将是美国历史上被调查最多的政治人物,Not even her husband has been the subject of this many probes and subpoenas. 连她丈夫都没受过这么多调查和传讯。If she wins next week, Mrs Clinton will face many more. 如果希拉里下周当选,她将面对更多调查。With the help of WikiLeaks, Republicans believe they have enough ammunition to open up fresh investigations. 在维基解WikiLeaks)的助推下,共和党人相信他们有充足弹药展开新的调查。For ambitious legislators, holding her feet to the coals is a sure-fire route to folk-hero status.对于雄心勃勃的立法者来说,追究希拉里的过错是让自己成为民间英雄的可靠路径。Their unwitting ally is Mrs Clinton herself. 希拉里本人在无意中成为了他们的盟友。It is remarkable that she has not yet promised to sever family links to the Clinton Foundation if elected. 值得注意的是,她还未承诺在当选后切断家庭与克林顿基金会的关系。At the moment the plan is for Chelsea Clinton to take over its day-to-day running. 目前的计划是由切尔西.克林Chelsea Clinton)接手克林顿基金会的日常运营。It is not enough for Caesar’s wife to be clean. 凯撒的妻子是清白的还不够。She must be above suspicion. 她必须做到无可怀疑。The Clinton Foundation fails that test. 克林顿基金会没有通过测试。It has taken billions of dollars from governments, companies and wealthy individuals some dubious. 该基金会从政府、企业和富有的个人那里收受了数十亿美元——其中一些很可疑。That the cheques were made out for good causes is no help. 这些票是为了公益事业而开具也无济于事。To Mrs Clinton’s foes the foundation provides a cornucopia of stories and scandals. 对希拉里的对手而言,这家基金会提供了取之不尽的故事和丑闻。Governments such as Qatar and Morocco channelled money through Mr Clinton, rather than the UN, say, or the Gates Foundation for a reason. 卡塔尔和洛哥等国的政府通过克林顿输送金钱,而不是通过联合国或者像盖茨基金Gates Foundation)这样的机构是有原因的。In their view it provided access to, and possible influence over, Mr Clinton. 在它们看来,这样做能够提供接近克林顿的渠道,甚至有可能获得对他的影响力。He and Mrs Clinton earned big speaking fees from some of the same entities.克林顿和希拉里还从这些实体赚取了巨额的演讲费。In a highly charged environment, Mrs Clinton would take office as the first president since Gallup started polling to have a trust deficit with the American public. 在高度紧张的局势下,如果希拉里当选,她将成为自盖洛普(Gallup)开始民调以来首位与美国公众之间存在信任缺失的总统。Mrs Clinton is both the victim and co-author of her own torment. 希拉里既是她本人所受困扰的受害者,也是始作俑者之一。Every time she took a decision with any bearing on a former donor to the Clinton Foundation, there would be a perceived conflict of interest. 每当她做出一个与克林顿基金会的前捐赠者有任何关联的决策时,外界都会认为存在利益冲突。That would apply even more to entities that have paid private speaking fees to either Clinton. 涉及那些曾向克林顿或者希拉里付私人演讲费的实体的决策就更是如此。Potential conflicts would not just feed the Republican mill. 潜在的利益冲突不仅会给共和党人提供攻击把柄。If a Clinton-appointed regulator dismissed some charge or other against Goldman Sachs, would the Democratic left believe it? If she approved a hefty arms sale to a Gulf state, could it be taken at face value?如果希拉里任命的监管机构驳回对高Goldman Sachs)的这样那样的指控,左翼民主党人会不会信?如果她批准了对某个海湾国家进行大规模军售,人们是否会不加猜疑地看待这个决定?It is not too late for Mrs Clinton to promise to mothball the foundation. 希拉里现在承诺搁置基金会活动还不算太晚。The longer she leaves it the harder it will become. 她拖延得越久,局面就会变得越困难。It is not just her husband’s pride that is at stake, or her daughter’s future. 这不仅关乎她丈夫的荣誉,或者她女儿的未来。This is about her ability to govern America.这关乎她有没有能力治理美囀?来 /201611/475804Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday after meeting in Rome with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, ;I think its an important step here to normalize relations.;以色列总理内塔尼亚胡星期日在罗马会见美国国务卿克里后表示,他认为这是朝着邦交正常化迈出的重要一步。Ties between the two countries broke down in 2010 over Israels interception of a Turkish aid ship bound for Gaza which was under a blockade because of the Hamas militant groups leadership there.2010年,以色块拦截一艘运载救援物资驶往加沙地带的土耳其货船,导致两国关系破裂。当时加沙地带由于在哈马斯控制下而遭到封锁。A senior Israeli official said that as part of the restoration of normalized ties, Israel has apologized for its lethal raid on the ship and agreed to pay million to the bereaved and injured. Also under the deal, the two countries will restore their ambassadors.一名以色列高层官员说,作为恢复正常邦交努力的一部分,以色列已为袭击土耳其货船道歉,并同意为死伤者赔000万美元。按照协议,以土两国将彼此重开大使馆。A senior Turkish official said the agreement also provides for Turkey to deliver humanitarian aid and other non-military products to Gaza and engage in infrastructure projects, including the construction of residential buildings and the completion of a hospital.一名土耳其高层官员说,协议还规定土耳其可以向加沙地带运送人道救援和其他非军事物资,并参与当地的基础建设项目,包括建造居民楼和一家医院。来 /201606/451419武汉治疗软下疳权威医院

武汉市第一医院有治疗前列腺炎吗The president has cancer. 总统患上了癌症。It is 31 years since Steven Rosenberg, a member of the surgical team that removed a tumour from President Ronald Reagan’s colon, made that announcement to the world.31年前,史蒂文#8226;罗森Steven Rosenberg)向全世界宣布了这一消息。他所在的外科医生团队从美国前总统罗纳#8226;里根(Ronald Reagan)的结肠中取出了一颗肿瘤。What I remember, from watching on television, is not only how calmly definitive Dr Rosenberg, chief of surgery at the US National Cancer Institute, was, but how clearly he described Reagan’s condition and its consequences. 当时我是从电视上看到的,我记得的不仅是美国国家癌症研究所(US National Cancer Institute)外科主任罗森堡当时是多么镇静和确定,还有他多么清晰地描述了里根的身体状况及其后果。There are many forms of cancer, he said. 他表示:现在有很多种癌症。As this one had not sp, the president’s chances of living a normal lifespan were excellent. 这种癌还没有扩散,总统活到正常寿命的几率很高。Reagan lived another 19 years, dying in 2004 at the age of 93.里根后来又活9年,004年去世,享年93岁。Harold Bornstein, Donald Trump’s doctor, has been less authoritative. 唐纳#8226;特朗Donald Trump)的医生哈罗德#8226;伯恩斯坦(Harold Bornstein)则没有那么权威。In a four-paragraph letter, addressed to whom my (sic) concern, which he says he wrote in five minutes while a Trump team car waited outside, he described the Republican candidate’s health as astonishingly excellent and said that he would be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.在一封致窝(原文如此)关心的人的总共4段的信中,他称这位共和党总统候选人的健康状况好得惊人,并表示他将是有史以来当选总统的人中最健康的一位。他表示,他是在5分钟内写完这封信的,当时特朗普团队的一辆汽车在门外等候。Hillary Clinton’s doctor wrote a more detailed account, mentioning the Democratic candidate’s underactive thyroid and a concussion in 2012, but said she was in excellent physical condition and fit to serve as President of the ed States. 希拉#8226;克林Hillary Clinton)的医生描述得比较详细,她提到这位民主党总统候选人患有甲状腺功能减退,在2012年有过一次脑震荡,但她表示,希拉里身体状况非常好,能够担任美国总统一职。The only problem is that the letter was written more than a year ago.唯一的问题在于这封信是一年多前写的。Do we have a right to know the details of our political leadershealth? And does the same apply to business leaders, responsible for hiring, firing and making potentially far-reaching acquisition and disposal decisions? Should we hear when they become ill?我们是否有权知晓政治领导人的具体健康状况?商界领导人的呢?他们负责招聘和解雇人员、做出可能意义深远的并购和处置决定,当他们生病,我们是否有权知晓?Apple attracted criticism for revealing too little about the pancreatic cancer that killed Steve Jobs, its founder, in 2011. 苹果(Apple)曾因对导致其创始人史蒂夫#8226;乔布Steve Jobs)011年去世的胰腺癌透露的信息太少而受到批评。But other chief executives have kept us up to date on their ailments.但还有一些首席执行官一直及时向外界披露自己的病情。In 2012, investor Warren Buffett announced that he had prostate cancer, that he would have daily radiation treatment for two months, but that his condition was not remotely life-threatening or even debilitating in any meaningful way.2012年,投资大师沃伦#8226;巴菲Warren Buffett)宣布,他患上了前列腺癌,需要连续两个月每天放疗,但他的身体状况根本不会危及生命甚至不会真正影响他的精力。In 2014, Jamie Dimon, chief executive of JPMorgan Chase, announced that he had throat cancer and, five months later, after treatment, that his tests had come back completely clear.2014年,根大JPMorgan Chase)首席执行官杰#8226;戴蒙(Jamie Dimon)宣布,他患上了喉癌,5个月后,在结束治疗后,他表示测试结果显示他已完全康复。Last September, Lloyd Blankfein, chief executive of Goldman Sachs, announced that he had lymphoma. 去年9月,高盛(Goldman Sachs)首席执行官劳埃德#8226;布兰克费Lloyd Blankfein)宣布,他罹患淋巴癌。He said he would need several months of chemotherapy and would cut down on his travel but that he would otherwise work substantially as normal. 他表示,自己需要接受几个月的化疗,并将减少出差,但他表示将在很大程度上像往常一样工作。He said his condition was highly curable.他表示,他的病情是完全可康复的。Not all business leaders have curable conditions. 并非所有商界领袖所患的疾病都能康复。In 2013, SABMiller announced that Graham Mackay, its chief executive, was stepping down three months early after undergoing surgery for a brain tumour. 2013年,SABMiller宣布,该公司因为脑瘤接受了手术的首席执行官格雷厄#8226;麦凯(Graham Mackay),将提前3个月离任。Mackay, who was SABMiller’s leading figure as it turned itself from an apartheid-era South African company into an international brewer, returned briefly as non-executive chairman. 在SABMiller从一家种族隔离时期的南非公司转变为一家国际性酿酒商的过程中,麦凯曾发挥主要作用。提前离任后,他曾以非执行董事长的身份短暂回归。He died that year.他于同年去世。When a previously robust person is suddenly presented with a shocking-sounding medical diagnosis, the desire to keep it private is often strong. 当之前非常健康的人突然被诊断出患有一种严重疾病时,秘而不宣的愿望通常是很强的。What business is it of anyone else?这关其他人什么事?But in these corporate cases, disclosure seems to have been the better option. 但在这些公司的例子里,披露消息似乎是更好的选择。If people in the public eye appear to be under-par, as Jobs did, rumours start. 如果这个人在公众的眼中表现得有失水准,就像乔布斯那样,流言就会出现。It is better to get the truth out.把事实公之于众会更好。Apart from stopping the gossip, talking about illness serves two other positive purposes.除了止住流言,谈论病情还有另外两个正面作用。It alerts people, whether employees or not, to possible problems with their own health. 它会提醒人们(不管是不是员工)关注他们自己可能的健康问题。Mr Blankfein said he had felt unwell for several weeks before his lymphoma was discovered. 布兰克费恩表示,在他被诊断出患有淋巴癌的前几周,他已经感觉不舒了。Anyone ing that who felt similarly low might be encouraged to make an appointment with their doctor.有类似不适感觉的人听闻此言,可能会马上预约去看医生。It might also aid their discussions with their doctors about what treatment they need, or if they need treatment at all.这还可能有助于他们与医生的讨论:他们需要什么治疗,或者是否需要治疗。Marc Garnick, a Harvard Medical School professor, wrote that if he had had an octogenarian patient with Mr Buffett’s condition, he would have advised active surveillance rather than radiation treatment.哈佛大学医学Harvard Medical School)教授马克#8226;加尼Marc Garnick)写道,如果他有一0多岁的病人患上了巴菲特那种病,他会建议积极监测而不是放疗。The second and more important reason for knowing about our leadershealth is that it breaks down the idea of the all-knowing imperial boss.了解我们的领导人的健康状况的第二个也是更重要的原因是,它打破了认为老板高高在上、无所不知的看法。Leaders, like the rest of us, are incomplete. 与我们其他人一样,领袖也并非完人。They are not always at their best. 他们并非总是处于最佳状态。Illness reminds us of that. 疾病提醒了我们这一点。A chief executive slowing down while having hospital treatment is no bad thing. 一位首席执行官放慢工作同时接受医院治疗并非坏事。The next breakthrough will be when companies and their leaders feel they can be equally candid abut depression and mental health.下一个突破将是企业及其领导人认为他们可以对抑郁和心理健康状况同样地开诚布公。If chief executives need to step back because they are ill, they should, if they have done their jobs properly, have deputies who can take over, and teams that can take the strain.如果首席执行官的工作做得到位,当他们因为生病需要退出管理职务时,应该有可以接替他们的副手、可以接过重担的团队。The US presidency is the mightiest post on earth, invested with more authority than any reigning monarch’s. 美国总统是全世界最有权势的职位,比任何在位统治者的权力都大。Yet no president can function without a strong team, because commanders-in-chief have bad days too, and they suffer health problems.然而,没有一个强有力的团队,任何总统都是无法正常开展工作的,因为即便是三军统帅也有状态不佳的时候,他们也会出现健康问题。As we live longer and work until we are older, top managers, along with everyone else, will discover there is more that can go wrong with their health.随着我们寿命的变长以及退休年龄的延迟,最高管理者以及其他所有人都会发现,他们的身体可能出现更多毛病。There is no shame in that, provided they have people around them to help manage it. 只要周围有人帮忙应对,这没有什么丢人的。Mr Trump and Mrs Clinton should provide detailed up-to-date accounts of their health, preferably from doctors who can write in measured, professional tones.特朗普和希拉里应提供有关他们健康状况的最新详细描述,最好由医生以慎重、专业的态度写就。来 /201609/466024武汉华夏男子男科怎么样 New Zealanders have voted to keep the same flag theyve had for the past 114 years, rejecting the chance for a new design.投票显示,新西兰人民拒绝更换国旗,决定继续沿用飘扬了114年的米字旗。Preliminary results from voting in a referendum to decide if the flag would be changed were in favour of keeping the old design, which is similar to the Australian flag and incorporates the Union Jack.此前,新西兰进行了是否更换国旗的公投,而初步结果显示人们更倾向于继续沿用现有国旗。新西兰现有国旗和澳大利亚国旗相似,融合了米字旗元素。The New Zealand Herald reported 2.1 million people voting with the result as 56.6 percent in favour of the same flag and 43.2 percent in favour of a new flag.据《新西兰先驱报》报道,共计210万人参与投票6.6%的民众选择现有国旗3.2%的民众选择新国旗。The 18-month process, driven by Prime Minister John Key, cost $NZ26 million (11.9 million pounds).这项公投由新西兰总理约翰·基发起,历时一年半,花600万新西兰元(1190万英镑)。Mr Key said he was disappointed with the outcome, but called for the country to rally behind the flag thats been chosen, to go out and use, to wave it and to be proud of it and to celebrate the fact that weve got an amazing country.总理表示,他对于公投结果感到失望,但他同时呼吁全国“团结一致持现有国旗,走出国门使用它、挥舞它,向全世界展示我们以新西兰为傲”。His government would not return to the issue, the New Zealand Herald reported.《新西兰先驱报》报道,在约翰·基总理的任期内不会再开展有关更换国旗的行动。He also defended the expensive cost of the referendum, saying it had caused healthy debate about nationhood.关于公投高额花费引发的争议,总理表示公投的意义在于掀起了一次关于国家地位的健康的全民讨论。The voter turnout was about 67 percent, with just over 1.2 million voting for the existing flag and more than 915,000 voting for change, Stuff.co.nz reported.据新闻网站Stuff.co.nz报道,目前选民投票率约7%,其中持现有国旗的人数稍多20万,选择更换国旗的人数则超过91.5万。A final result will be announced in about a weeks time.投票的最终结果将于一周后公布。Last year, a competition was held to design options for a new flag for the country, which New Zealanders voted for.去年,新西兰发起了一项设计新国旗的海选,最终选拔出来的设计就是参与此次公投的备选新国旗。A selection committee chose four flags from a vast number of entries, and voting in an earlier referendum selected a black, white, blue and red fern and stars design by Kyle Lockwood.筛选委员会从众多参赛作品中选出了四份作品,在早期的公投结果中,由凯洛克伍德设计的黑白蓝红四色的银蕨星旗胜出,并与现有国旗进行对决。It was that flag that was outvoted in the latest referendum.在开篇所述的公投中,就是这面银蕨星旗输给了现有米字旗。The result has brought the end to the first-ever public vote by a country on its national flag.这是全世界首次针对更换国旗举行的公投。本次投票结果为这场公投画上了句点。来 /201603/433411大冶男科专家

湖北省中山医院不孕不育科The U.S. military said Thursday it struck three radar sites in Yemen in response to missile launches from territory controlled by Houthi rebels that targeted a U.S. Navy destroyer.美国军方星期四表示,美军袭击了也门境内的三个雷达设施,报复最近几天胡塞控制区向美国军舰发射导弹的行动。Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook described the strikes as ;self-defense; in order to protect U.S. personnel and ships.五角大楼发言人库克说,这次自卫行动是为了保护美军人员与军舰;The ed States will respond to any further threat to our ships and commercial traffic, as appropriate, and will continue to maintain our freedom of navigation in the Red Sea, the Bab al-Mandeb, and elsewhere around the world,; he said.他表示,美国将对任何针对美国船只以及商业航行的威胁做出适当反应,继续维护美国在红海,曼德海峡,以及世界其他地区的航行自由。Officials said Wednesday a missile fired in the Red Sea targeted the destroyer USS Mason, which was accompanied by the amphibious docking vessel USS San Antonio at the time. The rocket failed to reach the ships, a U.S. official who asked not to be identified told VOA.有关官员星期三表示,美国海军驱逐舰梅森号在红海受到一枚导弹的攻击,当时跟梅森号在一起的还有美军两栖登陆舰圣安东尼奥号。一位要求不透露姓名的美国官员对美国之音说,导弹没能击中这两艘舰只。The missile launch, the second in the past four days, was from a Houthi-controlled area, officials said. The Houthi movement in Yemen denied any involvement in the first attack on the USS Mason, a few days ago.美国官员说,这是四天之内胡塞控制区第二次向美国军舰发射导弹。不过,也门胡塞反政府武装否认他们与美国海军驱逐舰梅森号第一次遭受的袭击有任何牵连。来 /201610/471543 黄冈红安县治疗包皮包茎哪家医院最好武汉华夏医院割包皮



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