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Everyday English每日会话:Pop Singer 流行歌手 -01-7 19::36 来源: Bobby: Do you prefer music your feet or music your head? Kelly: I like both but at different times. Kelly: I like dance music in the morning but songs with nice lyrics at night. Bobby: We are the same then. I love to put some loud funky music on in the morning as I am getting y work. Kelly: And at night I like to sing along with my favorite love songs. Bobby: Music really does have the power to alter your moods then? Kelly: It sure does! Music can make me melancholy or ecstatic! Bobby: I hope that you listened to music that makes you ecstatic bee work and not songs that made you sad. Kelly: My job makes me sad anyway! 鲍比:你喜欢舞曲还是抒情歌曲? 凯丽:我都喜欢只是时间不同 凯丽:我喜欢早晨听舞曲,晚上听词曲优美的歌儿 鲍比:那么我们俩一样我喜欢在早晨准备上班的时候大声放一些节奏强烈的音乐 凯丽:而晚上的时候我喜欢跟唱我最喜欢的爱情歌曲 鲍比:这么说音乐确实能改变你的情绪了? 剀丽:没错!音乐能让我变得伤感或者兴奋! 鲍比:我希望你在上班前能听一些让你兴奋的音乐,而不是让你伤感的歌 凯丽:可我的工作让我很不开心!----------------------------------------------------------------------------- NEW WORDS(生词) 1) Lyrics: the words of a song 歌词 My memory is not good so I prefer songs with simple words. 我的记忆不是很好,所以我喜欢歌词简单的歌 ) Mood: the way you feel 心情 Some days I am in a good mood but on other days my mood is so bad that even my friends run away. 有的日子我心情很好,可其他日子我心情糟糕得连我的朋友都躲开了 3) Melancholy: feeling very sad 伤感的 When I feel melancholy, I get some chocolate and curl up in bed alone. 心情不好的时候我就去拿一些巧克力然后一个人呆在床上 ) Ecstatic: feeling very very happy 感觉很非常非常高兴 I was ecstatic when I heard that I had won a scholarship to study music. 听到我获得了学习音乐的奖学金我万分雀跃 Dialogue(对话) Tina: Jessie! Have you seen the Kylie Minogue's new song? Jessie: I think so. Why do you ask? Tina: I am worried that if my boyfriend sees it, he will fall in love with her. Jessie: Do you trust your boyfriend? Tina: I do, but he gets infatuations singers so easily. Jessie: What is infatuation? Tina: It's like love at first sight. Jessie: I think the only person he is infatuated with is you! Tina: I hope so but just to be sure, I am going to hide the remote control the TV! 蒂娜:杰茜!你看过剀丽·米诺格新歌的录影带吗? 杰茜:看过,为什么问这个? 蒂娜:我担心如果我的男朋友看到,他会爱上她的 杰茜:你信任你的男朋友吗? 蒂娜:信任,可是他太容易迷恋上歌星 杰茜:什么是迷恋? 蒂娜:就像是一见钟情 杰茜:我想他唯一迷恋的人是你 蒂娜:希望如此,可为了安全起见我要把电视遥控器藏起来 流行 歌手 每日 nbsp陕西交大第一附属医院看胃肠胃痛胃病The Wedding DanceThe hand that clasps mine is not that of the child I can still remember,but that of the man he has become.From that hand to his face to the smile he beams at me,he is his father in days gone by.We move gracefully across the floor as his young bride looks on.My new daughter.Oh,how the years have passed.It seems I didn't even notice.One day,I held a squalling infant in my exhausted arms and counted tiny pink fingers and toes.The next,I'm no longer the most important woman in his life.An eftless spin1) and he's taking me across the floor with a flare) like his father's.I wonder if he's looking down on us at this moment as my son' s eyes sparkle3) with his mischief).Suddenly,I'm bent back-ward and laughing like a girl half my age,my young rogue leaning over me and guests applauding.He kisses my cheek and spins me upright a gain.The regretful tears of the past threaten my eyes.No,they are not regretful tears.I have no regrets where this boy--this man--is concerned.He has been,and always will be,my pure joy.Time cannot wipe away the sadness and heartache,but there was never regret.Heartache comes with having children as it does with being alive.If my son is all he wants to be,I have no regrets.As the music slows,his mood seems to waver.Knowing that if I see any of what I'm feeling in his eyes I will surely cry,I move into his arms and rest my head on his strong shoulder.A hush has descended on the entire room;not even the babies are fussing.The gentle piano guides us around the floor,passed faces that have always been near,and new ones destined the same.Their smiles bring one to my face as I realize this is not a day tears.The hand against my back gives me a squeeze.It is a most subtle5) gesture to let me know my new daughter's turn to care him has come.It is not a day tears,but they threaten nonetheless6).I sigh and touch his smooth cheek,seeing the face of a baby,child,teen,and man.Is this day so difficult all mothers?I can't help wondering.As the music switches with ease to the one he chose to dance to with his bride,I turn and find her shy face with my other hand.I can't speak to either,but I know that my heart is in my eyes as each receives my kiss.Walking to the edge of the floor,I suddenly realize I do have one regret today.I regret that my husband is not here to hold my hand.by Melissa K.Beynon 9西安市胃泰价格The word "discovery" literally means, uncovering something that's hidden from view. But what really happens is a change in the viewer. The familiar offers comt few can resist, and fewer still want to disturb. But as relatively recent inventions such as the telescope and microscope have taught us, the unknown has many layers. Every truth has geological strata, and you can't have an orthodoxy without a heresy.   “发现”一词,字面上是指揭开某种视线以外的隐藏的事物不过其实是观察者自身发生了变化很少人能抗拒熟悉事物带来的舒适,愿意扰乱这种舒适的人更少然而,正如望远镜、显微镜这些较为近期的发明所揭示给我们的,未知事物具有多种层次每个事实都有地质层次,没有异端也就无所谓正统  The moment a newborn opens its eyes, discovery begins. I learned this with a laugh one morning after delivering a calf. When it lifted up its fluffy head and looked at me, its eyes held the absolute bewilderment of the newly born. A moment bee it had the even black nowhere of the womb, and suddenly its world was full of colour, movement and noise. I've never seen anything so shocked to be alive.   新生儿睁开双眼的那一刻起,发现也就开始了我是在一天清晨给一头小牛犊接生的时候突然意识到这一点的,不禁大笑小牛仰起毛茸茸的脑袋看着我,目光中透出这个新生生命对世界的一无所知片刻之前,它还呆在母体里某个黑暗而平静的地方,突然,它的世界变得五光十色,变得活泼而喧闹我从未见过任何东西在获得生命时是如此的惊异 8985英语口语:“了如执掌”和“一无所知”英文表达种种 -01-7 18:6: 来源: 1. to knowlearn something by heart 记住;背诵I can recite this poem without looking at it. I know it by heart.我不用看就能把这首诗背出来我已经把它背下来了. to know something like the back of one’s back 了如指掌He's lived in this city all his life. He knows it like the back of his hand.他在这座城市住了一辈子,对这里可以说是了如指掌3. know something inside out 了解彻底She spent twenty years studying the history of London. She knows it inside out.她学了年的伦敦历史对此,她已经了解的十分彻底了. know next to nothing 几乎不了解;几乎一无所知I'm really not interested in politics. I know next to nothing about it.我对政治实在没什么兴趣,对此几乎一无所知5 .not have the faintest idea 一点都不知道'Which is the longest river in the world?' 'I haven't the faintest idea.'“世界上最长的河流是哪条河?”“我没什么概念”6. haven’t got a clue 一点不知道'Can you tell me where Portsmouth Road is?' 'Sorry, I haven't got a clue.“你知道朴次茅斯路怎么走吗?”“抱歉,我不知道” 表达 英文 英语口语 know汉中市第一人民医院肠胃科电话预约

陕西正和医院消化科专家电话地址官网陕西消化病科挂号The process of dying imbues fewer and fewer choices available to us. Even in dying, however, we still have choices concerning how we handle what is happening to us. The following deals with the dying of Jim Molock, a student and close friend of mine.Jim is 5 years old. He is full of life, witty, bright, honest, and actively questioning. He had just graduated from college as a human service major, and seemed to have a bright future when his illness was discovered. About a year and a half and ago, Jim developed a lump on his ehead and underwent surgery to have it removed. At that time, his doctors believed that it was not a cancer .later, more tumors appeared and more surgery followed. Several months ago, Jim found out that the tumors had sp throughout his body and that even with treatment, he would have a short life. Since that time he has steadily grown weaker, and has been able to do less and less, yet he has shown remarkable courage in the way he has faced this loss and his dying. Some time ago, Jim came to Calinia, and took part in a weekend seminar that I had with a review of this book. On this chapter, he commented that, “although we may not have choices concerning the losses we suffer in dying, we do retain the ability to choose our attitude toward our death. Jim has taught me a lot during these past few months, about this enduring capacity choice. Even in extreme circumstances. Jim has made many critical choices since being told of his illness. He chose to continue taking a course of the university because he liked the contact with the people there. He worked hard as a but dog to support himself. He decided to undergo treatment even though he knew that it most likely would not result in his cure because he heard that it would reduce his pain. It did not. And Jim has suffered much agony during the past few months. He decided not to undergo chemical treatment, because he didn’t want to prolong his life if he couldn’t really live fully. He made a choice to accept god and his life, which gave him a full sense of peace. Bee he became bedridden, he decided to go to Hawaii, and enjoy his time in luxury. Jim has always disliked hospitals, so he chose to remain at home in more personal surroundings, as long as he was able, he widely, and continued to write in his diary about his thoughts and feelings on living and dying.With his friends, he played his guitar, and sang songs that he had written. He maintained an active interest in life and in the things around him without denying the fact that he was dying. More than anyone I have known or heard about, Jim has taken care of unfinished business, he made it a point to gather his family and tell them his wishes. He made contact with all his friends and said everything he wanted to say to them, he clearly stated his desire cremation, he wants to burn those shamans, and then have his ashes scattered over the sea, a wish that reflects his love of freedom and movement. Jim has very little freedom and movement now, he can do little but lie in his bed wait his death to come. To this day, he has chosen to die with dignity, and although his body is getting weaker and weaker, his spirit is still very much alive. He retains his mental sharpness, his ability to say a lot in very few words and his sense of humor. He has allowed himself to grief over his losses, as he puts it, “I sure like to hang around to enjoy all those people that love me.” Realizing that this is impossible, Jim is saying goodbye to all those who are close to him. Throughout his suffering, Jim’s mother has been truly great. When she told me how remarkle Jim has been in complaining so rarely despite his constant pain. I reminded her that I never heard her complain during her month of caring him. I have been continually amazed by her strength and courage. And I have admired her willingness to honor Jim’s wishes and accept his beliefs, even though at times, they have differed from her own... Jim has been showing me that his style of dying would be no different from his style of living. By his example and by his words, Jim has taught me how to evaluate my own life. 93363常用英语口语之赞美表扬篇 --7 :53: 来源: 常用英语口语之赞美表扬篇1.You have good taste.你有很好的鉴赏力.You have an eye beauty.你很有审美眼光3.He's a walking dictionary.他就是本活字典.It's very nice hairstyle you're wearing.你的发型很美5.He is reallya heartbreaker.他真是个叫人着迷的酷哥.6.I appreciate your compliment.我很感激您的表扬7.You always know the right thing to say.你总是说话得体8.You certainly made the boss very happy.你确实使老板非常高兴9.You're the fastest runner I've ever seen.你是我所见过的跑得最快的人.You're the kindest person I've ever met.你是我所遇见的最亲切的人.I've always admired your work very much.我一向很钦佩你的工作.Your knowledge of English is really surprising!你的英语知识太让人惊讶了!.You did a good job on that. We're so proud of you.你干得非常好,我十分为你骄傲.I really must express my admiration you competence.我的确对您的能力表示钦佩 常用英语口语西安市人民医院胃肠科价格常用英语900句:关于工作 About Jo -01-7 ::01 来源: 796. What does your father do? 你父亲做什么工作?797. He is a doctor. He has his own practice. 他是个医生,他自己开业798. Do you have any plan your career? 你对未来有什么计划吗?799. I want to be a pilot of possible. 如果可能的话,我想做个飞行员800. I hope that I can get a decent job with a good salary.我希望有一份既体面,收入又高的工作801. I have an interview next week. 我下周要参加考试8. Tom has opened his own business while his classmates are stillslogging away at school. 当汤姆的同学还在学校苦读时,他已经开始了自己的事业8. I like writing, but I wouldn't take it as my career.我喜欢协作但不愿以此为职业8. I worked as an intern in that firm last summer. 去年夏天我在那家商行实习8. He's a very efficient young man though a little proud.他是个很有能力的人,但是有点骄傲8. He made a successful career in business. 他的商务生涯十分成功8. My cousin has just been promoted to the rank of major.我表兄刚被提升为上校8. He is a manager of a famous corporation. 他是一家著名公司的经理8. The statesman retired as the mayor of New York. 那位政治家退休时是纽约市市长8. He was appointed president of the committee recently.他最近被任命为那个革命会的总裁 工作 关于 英语 常用陕西省胃泰医院专家

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