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西安省妇幼保健院肠胃科怎样预约陕西第四医院萎缩性胃炎反流性胃炎食道炎电影学口语 Lesson 9:[灰姑娘]No Time to Dally【精片断】剪辑自 灰姑娘2Prudence: Your highness(殿下), a princess never prepares her own meals. That is not how things are done.Cinderella: There are rules about breakfast?Prudence: Of course, there are rules. But it’s certainly not your fault that you don’t know the traditions of the castle(城堡,皇宫). That’s what the king expects me to teach you.Cinderella: I am sure I can learn it in no time.Prudence: Mm-hmm. Come along. There’s no time to dally. Just do as I say, and everything will be fine.Prudence: The king would be horrified to find the hostess of the royal banquet(宴会) dressed like a scullery(洗碗室)maid(女仆)! A princess must be attired(用鹿角装饰) like royalty.Cinderella: Couldn’t I just wear one of my own dresses?Prudence: Very amusing, Your highness…but it simply isn’t done.【口语财富】1. This is how things done. 事情应该这样做。2. I can learn it in no time. 我会很快学会的。3. There’s no time to dally. 不能再耽搁时间了。4. It simply isn’t done. 这可不行的。 /200604/6485西安交大二附院肠部溃疡性结肠炎结肠炎 VOA流行美语 75: BEATS ME / IN A BIND李华今天在紧张地准备历史课的考试。她在和Michael的谈话中会学到两个常用语:beats me和to be in a bind.M: Hey, Li Hua. What are you doing?L: 我在准备历史课的考试。Michael, 你知道美国总统罗斯福和斯大林第一次见面是在什么时候?M: Beats me. I don't know much about that period of history.L: 哎哟,你不知道我也不会打你呀,你为什么要说:Beats me? Beat不就是打人的意思吗?M: No, I don't mean you would beat me. The expression "beats me" means that I have no idea what the answer is.L: 噢,在这里,beat不是打人的意思。Beats me就是我不知道!M: Right. If I ask you a question like how many miles away the sun is, you might say, "I don't know - beats me."L: 这你倒是说对了,我还真不知道地球和太阳之间距离多少英里。Beats me! 你知道尼加拉瓜的第五任总统是谁吗?M: Okay, that really beats me. You don't really need to know the answer to that question for your history test, do you?L: 傻瓜,我当然不需要知道这个,我是在跟你开玩笑,我学的历史是二次大战期间的美国和欧洲,和尼加拉瓜根本就没关系。M: Okay. By the way, what time is your history exam?L: 哟,beats me! 我把考试的日程忘在同学家里了!M: You left the schedule at your classmate's home? What's wrong with you?L: Beats me! 我也不知道我怎么会忘在他家里的。不过,没关系,我还有足够时间来准备。M: You had better go and check the exam time. If the exam is tomorrow, you're really going to be in trouble.L: 行,行,行。我去查,要是明天就考试的话,那我可真是麻烦了。******M: Hey, Li Hua, did you find someone to help you with that history question?L: 没有人知道罗斯福和斯大林第一次见面是什么时候。我也找不到这方面的材料。而且,考试是星期二,不是星期三。我这下可真麻烦了。M: Wow, it sounds like you're really in a bind.L: 你说什么?我在什么东西里?什么是a bind?M: To be in a bind -- B I N D -- means that you are in a very difficult situation. Your exam is tomorrow and you can't find the material you need to study. Therefore, you are in a bind.L: 噢,to be in a bind就是处境很难。唉,我真是处境艰难。Michael,我这次考试可能要不及格了。你能不能帮我摆脱这个困境呢?也就是 to get out of this bind I'm in.M: Of course, I'm always willing to help a friend out of a bind. You can study your notes, and I can look up any questions you have in your text book. Will that help?L: 我复习我的笔记,然后你帮我查课文里的问题。这是个好主意,这样我可以省好多时间。Michael, 谢谢你,谢谢你。哎,还有什么情况下我们可以用to be in a bind?M: Well, if I have to pay my rent, but I don't have any money, then I'm in a bind.L: 你付房租的时候到了,可是你又没有钱,那可真是in a bind。我来举个例子。要是我在找工作,有个公司要和我面谈,可是我早就和朋友约好那天要一块儿吃饭,我可以说:I'm in a bind吗?M: Yes, you would be in a bind. But you're going to be in an even worse bind if we don't start studying for your exam soon.L: 你说得对,要是我们再不动手开始准备考试的话,那我就会处境更困难了-- in an even worse bind。好吧,那赶快念书吧!I don't want to be in a bind anymore!今天李华学到了一个用得非常普遍的说法:beats me, 意思是"不知道"。李华还学到了另一个常用语:to be in a bind, 意思是"处境困难"。 /200602/3150Coding away, seeing who could go the fastest, write the most efficient code I think you call it today probably a hackathon And whoever lost that contest would have to go down the hall 比赛写代码 看谁的代码最快 最高效今天你们好像把它叫作hackathon(编程马拉松)比赛输掉的人 惩罚是到礼堂And touch mutant frog being grown by the biology department So the personal computer and later when I was working at Microsoft, the internet 摸生物系学生培育的变体青蛙个人计算机及后来我到微软工作时 出现的互联网It really started a communications revolution and I have three young children and as I watch how they use computers and phones today 真正开启了一场通讯革命我有三个孩子我观察了他们如今使用电脑和电话的方式I think the biggest difference between me on campus and you know a generation later is the way you communicate Now one popular way of describing this aspect of your lives 我想 我读书时 同你们这代人的最大差异就在于通讯方式用一句流行话来描述你们生活中的这个方面Is to say that youre connected Some pundits have aly started to refer to you all as Generation C One recent report I think kind of overdid the c-thing 也就是 你们是紧密相互联系的一些权威专家已经开始把你们称作是C的一代最近有一篇报道把C的概念无限放大了By saying that you are connected, communicating, content-centric community-oriented, always clicking It went on to say that for these reasons alone 说你们是联系的 通讯的 以内容为中心的以群体为导向的 总在点鼠标的一代文章继续说道 仅仅根据这些理由You will transform the world as we know it Now of course all this height about how connected you are has contributed to a counter narrative 你们就将改变现有的世界当然 你们这种紧密联系的属性也遭受到了质疑之声That in fact your generation is increasingly disconnected from the things that matter The arguments go something like this Instead of spending time with your friends 认为你们这一代人正逐渐同真正要紧的事物脱离联系相关论述大致如下你们不再花时间和朋友待在一起You spend time collecting friend requests Instead of enjoying that meal, you take a picture of it and immediately send it to your friends on Facebook 而是在网上不断囤积好友申请你们不再享受食物 只是喜欢拍照片然后马上分享到Facebook上201608/457717榆林直肠炎肠炎十二指肠溃疡

陕西西安交大第一附属医院胃肠科地址在哪点击此处下载音频Hello, everyone!这里是广播学口语,欢迎光临!史载西楚霸王破釜沉舟,百二秦终属楚。那么如此壮举在英语里又如何表达呢?让我们来看今天的节目。(音乐)英语里破釜沉舟即:;burn the boat;.烧掉船只,即;背水布阵。自绝退路;。工作上,也是需要这种魄力的,Andy is intelligent, energetic and is y to burn his boat.(Andy聪明热情,且随时准备破釜沉舟干到底。)怪不得他会取得如此业绩。如果;破釜沉舟;精神领会的不好。那有时会真的自绝后路。Think carefully before you resign ---if so, you will have burnt your boat.(你对辞职的事情要三思呀,不然就自绝了后路了)尤其是现在,人才爆满的市场。要找一份属于自己的好工作不容易。(音乐)对于当前的严峻的形势,在校生活的学生只有好好的学习,充实自己才可能有出路。要好好的学习,就得上课专心听课。这里就有这样的一个词组:on the edge of my seat.字面的意思是坐椅子的前沿。坐在椅子的前沿---正襟危坐。当然和懒散地靠在椅子上不一样了。;on the edge of my seat;.就是;专心听讲;的意思。有远见的青年人。绝对不会浪费大学的宝贵时光。he will be on the edge of his seat in the class and goes to the library in his spare time(.他上课专心听讲,课下一头扎进图书馆)。为了将来,我们需要这样的锻炼自己。当然大学里不全是这种自觉的学生,需要老妈耳提面命的人大有人在。;Did you listen to the teacher carefully?; ;of course ,mum, Irsquo;m on the edge of my seat.(;上课认真听讲了吗?;;当然了,妈妈,听得可认真了.;)(音乐)时间飞逝,又临近我们的节目的尾声了,让我们一起回顾一下我们今天的内容了:(1)think carefully before you resign ---if so ,you will have burnt your boat.你对辞职的事情要三思呀。不然就自绝了后路了。(2)Irsquo;m on the edge of my seat.我上课认真听讲.OK. See you next time! /200605/7223陕西市中心医院肠胃科在哪个区 From Confucius to Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the traditional Chinese culture presents many precious ideas and qualities, which are essentially populist and democratic. For example, they lay stress on the importance of kindness and love in human relations, on the interest of the community, on seeking harmony without uniformity and on the idea that the world is for all.从孔夫子到孙中山,中华民族传统文化有它的许多珍贵品,许多人民性和民主性的好东西。比如,强调仁爱,强调群体,强调和而不同,强调夭下为公。Especially, patriotism as embodied in the saying ;Everybody is responsible for the rise or fall of the country;; the populist ideas that ;people are the foundation of the country; and that ;people are more important than the monarch;; the code of conduct of ;Dont do to others what you dont want others to do to you;; and the traditional virtues taught from generation to generation: long suffering and hard working, diligence and frugality in household management, and respecting teachers and valuing education. All these have played a great role in binding and regulating the family, the country and the society.特别是“天下兴亡,匹夫有责”的爱国情操,“民为邦本”“民为贵君为轻”的民本思想己所不欲,勿施于人;的待人之道,以及世代相传的吃苦耐劳、勤俭持家、尊师重教的传统美德。所有这些,对家庭、国家和社会起到了巨大的维系与调节作用。201703/497031西安胃泰专科医院要预约吗

陕西唐都医院胃肠科价格4_02 Airport Check-in I’m checking in. 我要办登机手续. Here’s my ticket and pass-port. 这是我的机票和护照. I have two bags and one carry-on.我有两件行李要托运. I want an aisle seat. 有一件手提行李. I want to sit in the front. 我要靠走道的座位. Can you get me a first row seat? 我要坐前面的座位. How about the emergency row? 紧急出口旁的那排座位. Please try your best. 请你尽量试试. I appreciate your effort. 辛苦了,谢谢你. /200706/14147 007 marriage and dating beginner A: how are you wedding plans going. B: very well. We started organizing everything early to avoid a last minute rush to get things done. The only thing that isn’t y yet is my wedding dress. A: when will that be y? B: the dressmakers said that is would be y in two weeks. A: you’re getting married in three weeks. So that should be ok. So, you’ve prepared the church, catering, transport, hotel-everything. B: yes. We’ve taken care of all of that. We decided not to get married in a church though. Neither of us is very religious. A: which hotel will the reception be held at? B: the palace hotel they’re taking care of the catering, including the wedding cake. I’m sure they’ll do a good job. A; oh, yes. It’s and excellent hotel. A friend of mine had her wedding reception there and said it was perfect, though very expensive. B: yes. It will be expensive, but we think it will be worth. It gives us great peace of mind to know that our reception is in the hands of experienced people. A; I think you make the right decision. Intermediate A: hello mary. I havn’t seen you for ages. Are you still seeing paul? B: no. we broke up last month. I’m taking a break from dating for a while. A: did you break up amicably? Sometimes couples row a lot before splitting up. B: we just decided to stop seeing each other. It was all very amicable. Are you still going out with mike? a: yes, I am. We’re thinking about getting engaged. We’ve been dating for over a year now. b: good for you! Have you seen Kelly recently: is she still dating nick? A; I havn’t seen her for a while. She stopped seeing nick because he was cheating on her. He was seeing a girl form his office. One day, she saw them holding hands and ended the relationship immediately. B; she was right to do that. I heard the neil and tina getting married soon. A: really? They’ve been together for a long time. When are they getting married? B; I think it’s 26th September. I’ll check and make sure that tina remembers to invite you to the hen night. A: tinks….hey, look at that guy over there. I think he fancies you. B: he certainly looks interested doesn’t he? Shall we invite him over to our table. Words Marry marriage propose divorce wedding engagement date fancy hen night stag night wedding dress anniversary separated split up unfaithful romantic kiss row live together flirt Phrases Be interested in sb. Set a wedding date go on a date fall in love have a relationship go out together be seeing someone stop seeing someone have and affair be engaged cheat on someone hold hands /200704/12813十堰市人民医院直肠炎肠炎十二指肠溃疡西京医院消化科



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